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  1. Our 2017 Expense Sheet

    This is very good information, as we will begin our travels on April 1st. Just one question, how many miles do you travel and how long do you generally stay in one location? Happy new year.
  2. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year and Safe Travels to one and all.
  3. Class of 2018

    We will be joining the 2018 group on April 1st. We have the house for sale, and we've rented a small storage shed. We have been de-cluttering for months, and have begun selling our furniture. We like everyone else have acquired a lot of "stuff" through the years. We have made a sizable dent in the inventory, but will be making some harder decisions on what to "save" and what to part with in the next few months. Darlene is already retired and my last day of work is 3/29/18. We will unplug the motor home and head to Florida on 3/30/18 first to set up domicile, then off to Disney with the grand kids. After Florida we will slowly make our way West. Hope to meet some of you on our journey. Merry Christmas and save travels during this holiday season to all.