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  1. Parrformance

    Volvo VNL Hood Latch Assembly

    The lower latches were so gummed up with old grease, the jaws would not close. I removed the lower assembly, cleaned them completely in my parts washer and reinstalled. Cleaned and lubed the cables, and now I make sure that the jaws are closed tight before closing the hood. I do still have to go to the drivers side and click the hood closed like Gregg showed in one of his videos. The passenger side closes and latches just by shutting the hood, I still check it though. The drivers side latch still pops open on occasion, I have ordered two new Dorman kits(the spring the plastic piece, and a new nut) Kit#315-5507. I will install these this weekend and check alignment of the assemblies as best I can.
  2. Parrformance

    Volvo VNL Hood Latch Assembly

    https://www.amazon.com/yjracing-Release-Latch-Upper-20498998/dp/B07B3PWHK2/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= Part is cheap enough.
  3. Parrformance

    Volvo VNL Hood Latch Assembly

    I am not sure if I need to replace the upper latch assembly, or just make an adjustment to the hood latch set on the driver side of the truck. I have had occasion when stressing the frame of the truck on an off camber road/ground the hood latch will release letting the hood pop up/loose on the driver side. Cleaning the 12 plus years of impacted grease out of the lower assembly has helped, but still needs attention. Thoughts?
  4. Parrformance

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    A blown head gasket can throw clouds of white steam as well, looks like smoke from behind.
  5. Parrformance

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Somehow this does not seem pleasant, but to each his own I guess
  6. Parrformance

    Cab Air Bags on Volvo

  7. Parrformance


    I travel with the HDT through Atlanta 4-6 times a year, I agree with going dead through the middle. Just plan for some slow travel, relax and pay attention. Two pairs of eyes make it easier, most of the signage is painted on the road surface. Follow the I 75 South signs:) The wife and I are planning on driving the 35 grueling miles from our house to the Tampa RV Super Show on Thursday, January 17th, we have planned to spend the day and would love to join some fellow HDT'ers for coffee or lunch/supper if possible.
  8. Parrformance

    Cab Air Bags on Volvo

    Step 1 should be spray the top bolts liberally with penetrates a couple times a week for a couple of weeks. Otherwise your steps will/should work. Do not overthink it it was not very tough.
  9. Parrformance

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    I suspect that you should make time to come to the RV Supershow in Tampa January 16-19th, seems as though there are several trucks coming to it.
  10. Parrformance

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    Never get down that way, and the truck looks way better from a distance:) We kept all the costs of the truck and deck to a bare minimum, it works for us, but it sure is not as impressive as all the rest of the trucks on this forum.
  11. Parrformance

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    I was able to fill out the affidavit, take photos of the truck with no commercial hitch and send to the regional area boss-man for Tampa. The local tag place called Tallahassee and they gave them a number for the local/regional supervisor. I included a photo of my earlier setup with a truck camper loaded on a gooseneck trailer along with the Jeep. The Redneck setup of the gooseneck scared the fellow enough to approve the Motorhome registration me thinks:)
  12. Parrformance

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    That's what she said, oh wait....🤣
  13. Parrformance

    Volvo Workstation and Child Latch Car Seats

    We have used the workstation a total of once in the two years of owning the truck. What is your expected main use of the work station? With the work station down you could mount seats directly to the bench's on each side of the table, and use the table when the kids grow out of the car seats.
  14. Parrformance

    Getting ready to head to Arizona

    I prefer to use the RV roll up mats for my Georgia creeper. They can also be used as an RV mat:) https://www.amazon.com/Reversible-Mats-159183-9-Feet-18-Feet/dp/B0042U4YFQ
  15. Parrformance

    Alternator charge gauge/amp meter

    I bought a cheap 12 volt splitter on Amazon, it had a bonus volt readout on the plug. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07919SSGH/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1