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  1. Parrformance

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    My son and I will be heading to Windrock ORV in TN, and a side trip to Bardstown KY for a few beverage tours on Tuesday morning 11/13-11/20.
  2. Parrformance


  3. Parrformance


    How many miles have you driven with 70 psi? Have you lowered the steer tires at all?
  4. Parrformance

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    So Lance A Lot, would you then say that a TT is more like a semi trailer as the frame is inline with the hitch? I have purchased a suspension hitch for the HDT, in hopes of preserving the trailer, and keeping things in the cabinets more or less in a similar position they started in when leaving my home in sunny Central Florida. The suspension hitch should reduce some of the fore and aft shock of the trailer due to the arc of travel, but more so it will provide a float of the tongue in reference to the rigid hitch on the HDT. Am I expecting to much from this hitch? https://www.amazon.com/Torsion-Suspension-Receiver-Towing-Pintle/dp/B01N7AXNFI
  5. Parrformance

    New battery time....

    My local Interstate battery dealer does in house re manufacture of batteries. I have not needed new batteries for the truck as of yet, likely next fall though. I would not be afraid to use his Reman as I have had great luck with his batteries in my lawn tractor all the way through my lineup to the wife's VW Jetta. The VW battery, car is 13 years old saves me $120 dollars every time, they have all lasted as long as the original did. Huge price savings.
  6. Parrformance

    Professional Soldering

  7. Parrformance

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    I would like to see a photo or two of how this valve was plumbed in.
  8. I think I would stick with your wet bolts in the situation you are in. I would however maintenance/replace them every year or 18 months. I did not notice a significant difference with the Nevr Fail bushings and the originals. If they last twice as long as the factory ones I would bet you would change them every 12-18 months.
  9. Parrformance

    Frame tensile strength

  10. Parrformance

    Wisconsin hdt regulations question

    A 780 will be nearly 30 feet front bumper to hitch, add a 30 foot TT and you are already at 60+feet. How long is the boat? I built a deck on the 780 I own and carry my Jeep on it, pull a 30 foot TT behind, overall length is about 63 feet.
  11. Parrformance

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

  12. Parrformance

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

    WD40 will however rejuvenate the rubber rollers in you printer so it will pick up the paper out of the tray much better.
  13. Parrformance

    T2000 Bumper Hitch Help Needed

    Bolt to frame, weld everything else IMHO.
  14. Parrformance

    Air leaks in my Volvo

    Push pull fittings have replaceable o-rings.
  15. Parrformance

    Bush Repairs

    Everything I do is "Jerry" rigged, Jerry is the name of the guy that taught me how to weld.