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  1. Good news, glad to hear it. Hope you are up and running with a fresh oil change today.
  2. Good luck Mr. Jim. With all the parts on hand it's an easy one day job. Hope the missing nut is not too far upstream from the turbo or in the cooler.
  3. Have you spotted any black smoke out if the stack? Does it look as though the turbo is original?
  4. I get free steps every time my Mother in Law rumbles down the hallway past my room.😂
  5. Parrformance

    First HDT

    Maybe 300k on the second d13?
  6. Have you checked to find a used one and just replace it? It can bench shacked for proper operation, by applying sir to the inlet port.
  7. In my home town, an RV would have to park on the outer ring as the RV lanes are the first spots you come too upon entering the lot. These spots, well marked with signs and paint on the asphalt, are always two deep with cars and pickups. The vast majority of Tv's I come across, are far more polite and respectful than their counterparts in cars.
  8. This must be what they meant by "Your Off Your Rocker"👨‍🦳
  9. Volvo dealer in FL. Had refurbished original housings at a very good price. $250 each I think. They looked brand new.
  10. The Prius is a great idea, the vast majority of Prius owners on the other hand....
  11. Mr. Solo, I was just sharing what we do, not concerned at all about the photo, or where/how you parked. I like parking way out and like you We love Cracker Barrel. I am sorry you took it the wrong way. No judgement here, unless you drive a Prius.
  12. The Prius says it all. I do however park like the Prius owner does as I stick out as well. I arrive after "normal" dinner hours and park out as far as possible. Normally taking up 7-8 spots or so. When we stay at Cracker Barrel we eat dinner AND breakfast, as this is a favorite spot to eat, and we are thankful for the parking courtesy. Now back to the Prius, Prius drivers by in large do not move over for road cyclists. They are too important to do so. The compounding issue is they are very quiet running, and when they come up and pass within two or three feet, they scare the excrement out of you. But they are saving the world so there's that.
  13. I have a local shop, called Rubber and accessories. It's in Lakeland Florida. I suspect that there's other places like this in other communities but they always have the O-rings I need on hand.
  14. Still using a pull behind hitch, so my perspective is limited to what I have read on this forum. Following Flori-dah's rules I have no load bearing hitch:(
  15. We need to get us a convoy.... Never seen a rubber ducky who couldn't swim 🐤
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