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  1. My bumper pull hitch is 20ish inches high, same height as my Dodge one ton hitch , I have only scraped once on a very steep driveway, while bobtail. To do it over again, I would put the hitch 2-4 inches higher, and use a drop hitch if necessary.
  2. Congrats Lance, enjoy the meds. I hope you heal quickly, try not to over do it. Michael
  3. MI MH N N Web Site MI_CDLManual.pdf MI_257.49a.pdf MI_RecreationalDouble.pdf MI 257.49a exempts RVs from special licenses. MI Recreational Doubles define the rules for towing double trailers. "R" endorsement required if pulling two trailers Start here, from the resource guide.
  4. I would agree with that assessment👍
  5. That big Cat pulls a huge wake behind it, may have pierced the Polar Vortex.
  6. Glad you are home safe Dave, hug Miss Donna and kiss Newt for all of us.
  7. Woodford's Reserve:)
  8. Thank you Mr. Jon, no rush. I am just trying to decide the best course of action for maintaining the batteries.
  9. I have an inexpensive Schumacher battery charger that charges until the batteries are full than drops to a maintenance trickle charge, it is not plug and play but is working well enough for now. I have mounted it to the battery box, I just plug it in where we park the truck and turn it on.
  10. Ok so this may be specific to my 2006 Volvo 780. I have a 1/2 inch receiver hitch lock manufactured by Bolt on my Dodge. The concept is the lock can be keyed to the ignition key so only need to carry one key. So if you are with me so far, I came across an open box Bolt receiver hitch lock from Amazon Warehouse Deals. The price was so low, I figured l would just add it to what ever else was in the cart. The lock arrived, I set it on the work bench and figured I would get around to keying it to the Dodge. A year later or so I was looking for a lock to secure the ball into my Gen-Right hitch, remembered I had purchased the Bolt lock. In trying to decide did I want to add the Dodge key to the Volvo ring,(defeating the purpose of the keyed alike lock) I noticed the Volvo key for my HDT was very similar to the Dodge key. It happen to be a aftermarket key by Axxess #19R2, Google says this is a Chrysler Dodge Jeep key. So for those that have a Volvo using this style blank, you can purchase the Bolt products for Chrysler and key them with your Volvo Key. That is all for now you may return to your regularly scheduled activities.
  11. May I ask what amperage your kill switch is designed to handle? Perhaps you could share if you have had any detrimental affects with the truck CPU units being unplugged for long periods of time?
  12. Love the antiseize analogy, great mental picture. Still laughing.
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