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  1. jorddarb

    Full-timing and Military Memorabilia

    Gave most all of it away. Records are already digitized. Kept some of the newer uniforms for hunting. You can accumulate a lot of stuff in 31 yrs.
  2. jorddarb

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    Been there got the t shirt and the bent tail gate. 🤦‍♂️
  3. I love your truck but I can’t get anywhere near your purchase/original asking price. I wish you luck in the sale.
  4. jorddarb

    Tricare suppliment

    I’m a little confused too. I am under the impression that Tricare for life is secondary to Medicare.
  5. jorddarb

    VA clinics

    In my experience no there is not. I believe it is tied to funding per assigned patient at Each facility. We have been asked to register each time. We have also used the travel coordinator at out VA home to get appointments at different VA clinics, but the process can be slow.
  6. jorddarb

    Local CG Needs To Change To Workcampers

    I believe USACE Parks use independent contractors at some of their parks. Some of the Forestry parks do as well. They all have government supervision to ensure they meet the terms of the contract.
  7. jorddarb

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Yes and you are correct unless you are sc for dental issues caused by trauma.
  8. jorddarb

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    I retired from the Army Feb 18. We are currently enrolled in the West Region our daughter is in east. Most of our routine care we get at the VA. Tricare would be for urgent needs if no VA is near. I can even use the VA for dental, but getting an appointment at our “medical home” in Kansas didn’t fit in with our plans this summer
  9. jorddarb

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    This whole insurance thing makes my head hurt. I retired in Feb 18. My wife retired in Dec 14. We are both in the VA system with over 50% service connected disabilities. I still pay for Tricare Prime so it will cover my daughter in her last year of school. She ages out in Feb 19. We are full time and I wonder if Tricare select would be a better option for us after my daughter is no longer eligible for prime. As stated above I am a little miffed that we have to pay at all, but all things considered it is cheaper than the civilian health insurance. The new choices of dental and vision are a good thing, but further complicate the whole thing for me.
  10. Good luck Chip..hope to see you on the road
  11. IMHO It is a personal choice and one must plan for that choice. My bride and I had a plan and were able to retire “early” her 2 yrs ago at 49 and me just this year at 50. If you want to retire early plan for it, if you want to retire when your 62-67 plan for that as well.
  12. jorddarb

    2011 Volvo 780 FOR SALE

    Yes thank you.
  13. jorddarb

    2011 Volvo 780 FOR SALE

    Do you have pictures of the interior?