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  1. We're in Salome/Brenda AZ for the winter (20 minutes from Quartzite). The park we're staying at is about 2/3 full, with quite a few leaving in February. There's room at every RV park near here.
  2. I'm so grateful to see this topic brought up! Our youngest son, Jon, has Down Syndrome. He will be 37 in June, and we are looking at the possibility of full-timing with him. As much as I dislike labels, I would say that Jon's disability is moderate. He is capable of spending time without supervision. He is relatively self sufficient, loves music and movies. He loves to travel, but is not a big fan of boondocking. One thing I especially appreciate about the Escapees parks is that many (if not all) allow 3 adults without additional charges. We will be keeping our house for now, (just in case) but are excited at what lies ahead. Wonder if there could be a BOF group for families like ours?
  3. Personally, we don't use placemats in our travel trailer. We just set our plates on the table and eat. Our table is smaller than the one with the u- shaped dinette, and 3 adults are able to dine in comfort. I suppose there must be RVers who actually use placemats, but for the most part I think the manufacturer 'stages' the decor for brochure photos with vases of flowers, placemats, etc...
  4. New this year is the Nash 29S with full size bunks. Nash is built as more of an off road trailer, sits higher off the ground and has the same heavy duty frame as all Northwood products. http://northwoodmfg.com/travel-trailers/nash/nash-29s/
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