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  1. Hi Daniel..... my wife and I are in the same position. We have looked at a lot of Class B's and after about an hour in them, we can see they are too small for full time. We had hoped to get a B so we wouldn't have to have a toad, but it doesn't seem to work for us. So, we're looking at small (24' or less) class C's so at least we have breathing room. We also looked at holding tank size, thought maybe we could get a composting toilet or one of those dolly things. Then we could get a hydraulic ramp for my scooter for transportation, then maybe an outside shower.... finally, we realized that by the time we got the B to a workable unit, we had converted it to a class C anyway. I'm sure it can be done, but I after 47 years of marriage, I don't want it to end over a stupid RV.... good luck and keep in touch so we know what you decided..... Jeff and Diane Houselessnothomeless
  2. I think the problem isn't that the public won't pay for it, look at what we are paying for the junk out there now. I think most companies are playing the "going green" game and charging waaaay too much for an item because it is "green". If you compare the cost of using aluminum, or quality construction traits and then figure the cost of the recycled plastic (which according to industry records cost less than either aluminum or good wood) you can see that a decent RV made with recycled plastic would be very comparable in price. I think the root of the problem is in the "planned obsolescence" that the American public has grown to accept. And that better day in a crappy RV could result in enough stress to put you in that hospital bed, LOL
  3. Thanks to you all... I have ordered the rod from Amazon. Thanks again. The original was only 6" so hope this one fits. I have been told many times that Atwood does not need an anode rod. Does anyone know why they sell one for that heater? It says right on the package that it's 1/2" pipe fitting specifically for the Atwood Water Heater. Just curious... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  4. Hello all, I am having a tough time finding an anode rod for my Suburban SW6D water heater. I did a google search, and a lot of "Suburban 6 gallon anode rods" showed up. Only, they are all 9 1/2 inches long, while mine is about 6". When I ask the dealer if it will fit, I get a resounding NO..... wonder why it was listed then???? Anyhow, can anyone tell me a mail order site to get one? I would like the aluminum one as the magnesium one lasts about a third as long. I know, it's doing it's job, but I would like the aluminum one.... Thanks for the help... Jeff and Diane Houselessnothomeless
  5. apopj

    Roadtrek group?

    Hmmmm, went to the FB page, clicked download packing list, filled out two lines, got a Thank You, but no packing list??????
  6. Thanks for bringing this subject up, it is one I have never thought of, even though I have Jury Duty the 20th of this month. As a retired LEO, they usually don't call me, but I have to be available just in case. Thanks again.... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  7. Nice item, thanks for sharing.... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  8. It seems that the number one enemy of any RV is water. Manufacturers us water-soluble glues, cheap composite boards for the walls, wood studs and rafters, and paper for wallpaper. It seem like they are doing everything they can to further planned obsolescence. But, what if.... Why not make the wall studs and roof rafters out of recycled plastic? Why not make the entire roof one piece out of molded recycled plastic? Why not make the ceilings out of recycled plastic? And, are you listening auto makers, why not make the sills on the vehicles out of recycled plastic. I mean, they are building entire cars out of plastic, guns out of plastic, boats out of plastic, why not recycle some of those billion water bottles and make our products last longer and save the earth at the same time? I know someone will say it's the wrong plastic, or it would be cost prohibitive, or some such nonsense. But, why do our RV's that have much less materials, much less labor, and much less longevity cost more than it would be to build a house? Use the correct plastic. Make the correct molds. Use the correct adhesives (much of your auto isn't welded, it's glued). Make these things last. But again, why use profits to make them better when we buy the junk they already make? Guess it's up to us to force the change. Just wondering....... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  9. And STILL we buy this crap... who's worse, those who make it or those who buy it knowingly?
  10. Does anyone have opinions on which is the best type of Slide Out mechanism on an RV. After watching lots of videos, there seems to be a few that seem better than others, but would like to know what the group things. I am curious as to which is the most reliable, best seal, least maintenance required. Thanks for the help... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  11. How about this idea.... Don't buy an RV unless it is correct from the factory. I don't mean items that fail after a period of time, I mean units that come with broken slide-outs, missing pieces, items not installed properly. Until we quit saying stupid things like "it's been back several times, been in for warranty work for 5 months, but that's to be expected with a new rig" why should the factory, Tiffin or any other, care what we think. It's obvious to us, surely it is to them, that we consumers will buy anything that is hung before us, as long as there is a "warranty", even if we can't get anyone to handle that "warranty". I mean, if you had an item that was consistently broken, but you knew you could sell as many as you could make, would you spend profit money to get it corrected???? Ask Harley-Davidson how well it worked. After awhile, people quit buying Harley, the factory almost went broke, woke up and fixed the problem and now are the major motorcycle manufacturer in the world. It's our collective fault that the industry is the way it is, let's wake up and do something..... Dr. Jeff Popa HouselessNotHomeless
  12. Just a quick comment..... when a dealer offers "semi-synthetic" oil, which is a mix of regular and synthetic, ask them what the ratio is. Most of the time they will say something like 30%, or 50%. Ask them if they are sure. MOST will not know for sure. In actuality, by law, there is NO MINIMUM amount of synthetic only a maximum of 30%. So, a dealer could add ONE DROP of synthetic and sell it, legally, as semi. Go full synthetic or full regular and save the money. Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  13. Welcome to the group! Where you are, we have been.... in fact, some of us still are. The "BOSS" and I are members of the Class of 2018. Still week-ending, but working on selling the house, getting rid of the accumulated junk, and buying a motorhome to live in. Lots to do, but worth it for the end result. Again, welcome... Jeff and Diane Houseless Not Homeless
  14. I am planning on doing a lot of boon docking. I would think the ability to take the cassette into a restroom to empty would be easier than packing up and trying to find a dump station. Also, since it uses it own fresh water to flush, you would not be using your drinking water in such an inefficient manner. That is the main reason for the cassette over a marine toilet. Perhaps I am wrong, hence the post on this site... and if no manufacturers use a cassette, guess it would become a moot point. They really seem popular in Europe and Australia. Guess they say, "millions are happy with cassette toilets, why use the marine type" ..... thanks for the input.... Jeff and Diane Houseless Not Homeless
  15. Well, after research, it seems composting may just be too much. So, my next question is... does anyone have experience with cassette toilets? Is it possible to get one installed aftermarket or must they be factory installed. If so, which factories install them as an option? It seems, to me, that it would be easier to remove the cassette from outside the RV and simply carry it to a toilet at a rest stop and dump it. But again, don't know enough about it... Thanks Jeff and Diane Houseless Not Homeless
  16. Here is my initial try at a Travel Log..... I will copy as double sided, probably eliminate one of the People pages and then have it spiral bound (perhaps 100 Pages) at Staples. Travel Log - PDF.pdf
  17. Kirk, you brought up a very good point that I never once considered, Jury Duty. I was just called up (but I won't get actually called as a Retired LEO they tell me to leave the first day) and if I were traveling, I would have to come all the way back here, even if just for one day. So many things to consider, not just turn the key and drive off into the sunset.... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  18. OMG.... does anyone know how much crap you collect after 47 years of marriage.... Wait! Of course you do, we're all in the same boat.... We've started the countdown and are seriously downsizing, after a few half hearted attempts. I have over 100 Harley shirts, 70 Harley books, a complete woodworking shop in my workshop, two roll about with tools, where does it end??? Give me strength to keep what I need, donate what I don't, and the wisdom to know the difference...... Jeff and Diane HouselessNotHomeless
  19. apopj

    SunSeeker 2860DS

    I ran the portable scales for a few months years ago. Of the about 30 micro-Class C's, every one was overloaded. I even did one that was on a demo ride with nothing in the tanks, nothing in the cabinets and 1/4 tank of fuel. I believe there were some very serious recalls back then, as in they had to buy them back at full purchase price. I am sure some were great, just never came across them.....
  20. I had planned on doing that, but instead of re-inventing the wheel, thought I'd throw it out and see if it had already been done... but thanks for the reply
  21. I wasn't sure where to post this, so here it is.... Years ago (1984) I purchased a Camping Diary/'Log in order to keep track of expenses, rate campgrounds, places gone, people met with addresses, and so on. I would like to find another for our Full Time travels. Has any one sat down and made a spread sheet for this? It would be nice if it were also modifiable to fit each situation. I'm thinking: Fuel Costs Gasoline/Propane, Campground Fees/Amenities/Ratings/GPS Co's, Mileage a day, Fuel Mileage, Food Expenses In House/Restaurant, Maintenance Costs, Medical Supplies, Entertainment Cost, Souvenirs/Gifts, Clothing/Shoes, and so on.... Thanks for looking, hopefully something will turn up. Jeff and Diane Houseless Not Homeless
  22. I've been "retired" from the JOB since 2002 but almost immediately started driving a school bus for the local schools (by the way, this is a GREAT job for retirees.. off week-ends, off holidays and off ALL summer.... $20 an hour, work about 4 hours a day (actually driving about 1 1/2) and the option to be paid year around. And, they train you for free... look into it!). I will officially retire again at the end of the school year 2018. We are currently playing the "down sizing game" and getting house ready for sale. Probably get a tiny storage garage to put some stuff in until we're sure this is for us. That fall colors tour sounds great. We did a Northeast tour last year in the fall during break and it was amazing. All these years and we're just now starting to see and appreciate what has always been there for the viewing. Thinking of joining the Escapee's.... see you're a member, Walt. What do you think of it???
  23. apopj

    SunSeeker 2860DS

    Thanks Al, yes, I learned about the overloading back in the 80's when everyone was putting MHs on the tiny Toyota trucks. They were overloaded as they came from factory, BEFORE ANYTHING was added inside.
  24. apopj

    SunSeeker 2860DS

    We are looking at the 2860DS for full timing. Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, reviews, etc on this unit? It really looks well put together and the space seems perfect. Decided a Class B is really too small for FT so this is our latest option. Thanks for the help.... Jeff and Diane
  25. I would love to throw my hat into the ring. The "Boss" and I are planning on pulling the sticks and bricks pin about August of 2018 and hit the road in a motorhome. Think it would never be too early to start learning, making plans, and meeting our "classmates"...... Jeff and Diane
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