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  1. Thanks Darryl ....that was very kind of you!! It's frustrating to have to depend on my kids for help with computers The FL60 ebay listing is #263995105926
  2. Due to some recent health issues we have decided it is time for us to postpone our plans to go fulltime and put our truck and trailer up for sale. We looked long and hard to find our future "home" and regret seeing it go but it is something we have concluded it is best for now. I have listed them on Ebay and will begin to place adds on other sites as well as include more info here as soon as I can figure out how to include pictures. Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks, Phil 8four7-309-0two45
  3. Thanks Joe.... very helpful info....I appreciate the feedback and will try to get our ducks in a row.
  4. Thanks FL-JOE....I appreciate the feedback. The title is not "open", it is filled in with my name. I purchased the trailer from a dealer in TX in May 2017 and yes it is still in the same status today. When I walk into the DMV to title it they will simply title it for $95.00 (and give me the option of purchasing a plate for it or not) and charge me sales tax on the purchase. I have done this two previous times in the past with two other 5th wheel campers and at least four cargo trailers ....they do not require me to purchase the plate if it is not driven on the road. When I called Oregon DMV two months ago and explained the situation they told me to come into their office and they would issue me a temporary tag for transport ($30.00) from Illinois to Oregon so they could physically verify the VIN number then they would title it and issue me a two year plate if I wanted a plate. Seems all states have their own rules....
  5. That is correct....we are both still working age.... 60 and 56
  6. Thanks Kirk.... I appreciate the help.... this is all new to us and lots to learn. You are correct, I never titled (therefore registered) the trailer in Illinois simply because we had plans to move to Oregon. My thoughts were since the trailer was parked stationary in Illinois and no plans to move it until the move to Oregon, why title in Illinois when I would just have to turn around and title in OR at a later date. I even called the DMV in OR and they said they would issue me a temporary plate for travel to OR when that time came. But then when OR move fell off the radar because of work and family issues we ended up moving to WA. But that also changed as of a couple months ago and now we are looking at TX or AZ. Our life is somewhat complicated at the present time and still both working fulltime trying to determine where to ultimately reside. It sounds like even though I know we are not going to continue to reside in IL maybe I should just go to the local DMV and title the trailer in IL so I can get a title and plate so the trailer can be moved around. I know all I have to do it walk in and they will title it even 18 months later, all they want is the 6 3/4% sales tax. But then when we do establish the new state of residency I will the just have to re-title in that state. I guess that was the reason I was asking the original question. I hope my ramblings made sense....
  7. Thanks guys.... and you are probably correct, I don't have a clue what I am doing. I will spend some additional time reading up on the subject. I have probably not given enough information in my question. The trailer was purchased through a dealer and delivered to our site with a 30 day dealer tag and parked since purchased....never moved. I will continue reading on the subject.... thanks much!
  8. Hello everyone, Last year we purchased a 2008 5th wheel trailer while living in Illinois. I didn't title it because we were planning to move to Oregon....but now we are not sure about that move....we are actually looking at Texas or Arizona or Washington. In Oregon there is no sales tax so I figured no reason to title in Illinois thinking we were looking at Oregon, but in Oregon you have to have the vehicle physically there so they can verify the VIN. I am looking for the best option to title/register so I don't have to keep changing no matter where we ultimately live. I have heard several states mentioned being good for different reasons. I know some choose SD, Florida, Texas, and even Montana. Do all these states charge sales tax? I have been reading through some of the previous post on this issue but haven't figured it out yet. Any comments would be appreciated....thanks much!
  9. leavingsoon

    Need help with air hook up on my TSLB hitch

    Thanks guys!.... that's what I needed, helps me to make sense of it. Phil
  10. leavingsoon

    Need help with air hook up on my TSLB hitch

    Hey guys, I wasn't really sure where to post my question but figured this group would have the knowledge I need. I have a used TSLB trailersaver hitch installed on my truck but the hitch didn't come with anything necessary to hook up air to it. The people who installed my hitch to the bed of the truck installed a switch on the dash and tied it into my truck air supply system. But the switch was an old faulty switch that doesn't hold air (will leak down)....and they had no knowledge of this model hitch and how to hook it up. Can I get some advice/tips on what I need to do and/or what parts I need to purchase to make the two air bags function? I'm not familiar with how to install the system, I took it to my mechanic and he said he doesn't know anything about it.... but he said if I could get him the parts and some instructions he might could help me out. Do you guys have your hitches tied into the truck air supply? Where can I purchase a new switch? Do I need any type of pressure gauge? Thanks for the help, Phil
  11. leavingsoon

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    Thanks to Alie & Jim I found this conversation. I am wanting to add the 3rd airbag to my TSLB hitch but was shocked when I saw the cost from TS. Was hoping to find it elsewhere but I seem to be learning that the kit is only sold thru TS??? Thanks, Phil
  12. leavingsoon

    Adding the 3rd air bag to the Trailersaver TSLB

    Thanks!.... I will reach out to him. Phil
  13. I am interested in adding the 3rd airbag to my TSLB.... I see it online at the Hensley website.... but the cost seems out of line. I can't seem to find it for sale elsewhere though?? Anyone know where I might find it? Thanks, Phil
  14. leavingsoon

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Thanks guys.... I appreciate all the comments and tips. I guess sometimes you don't know what you want/need until you learn what you don't want/need first. As of yet I still have not even tried my "new to me" truck. It is still at the fabrication shop having a hauler bed built (job changes have delayed the need for the completion of the truck). Lord willing I will be picking it up in the next few weeks and before summer's end I will have an actual towing experience to evaluate. If it turns out the truck is not going to meet my needs I guess I will consider it one more mistake in my long list of lessons learned the hard way I'm hoping that since we only need the truck to relocate the 5th wheel RV trailer every now and then that it will be sufficient for us at this time. And if in the years to follow find ourselves actually traveling more I suspect I will be more anxious to move up to one of the big boys. I will keep you posted on what we learn as the next couple of months pass.
  15. leavingsoon

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Thanks for the tip Glenn....when the time comes I have made up my mind to stay with years prior to 2007....I don't want to deal with the newer emission trucks. I actually like the 1999-2003 years best