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  1. That's it.... thanks Kirk Wood The top valve on my system was leaking.... I'm just glad I was using the air first before pumping the antifreeze thru it. Thanks to all for your help. Phil
  2. Yea.... was glad to find the problem and realize won't be a difficult fix when warm weather comes . Hey Ray.... great illustration.... if I knew how to post a picture I would show you. My set up is only two valves (not shutoff's....rather like a divert'er is what I would call it) and they are located at the T's in your picture, then the vertical line does not have a shut off in it. Thanks guys!
  3. I disconnected the two shutoffs and did discover that one was faulty.... so I just used a flex water line to tie the system together. I needed to get the coach winterized and will work on replacing the valve next spring. Thanks for the help, Phil
  4. Thanks guys! I can't find a third valve and the owners manual does not mention anything about operating a third valve during the winterizing process. The picture in the owners manual shows the exact setup I have under the sink. There is a horizontal water line for the cold at the bottom and a horizontal water line for the hot at the top, each with a shut off, and then a single vertical line tying the two shutoffs together. I have turned the shutoffs so they are both vertical to the vertical line. I have also posted on the Teton owner's forum and there is a gentleman there who has indicated to me that he owned a 2008 in the past and this is the same setup he had. He also says I have a leaking valve because when he winterized his coach in the past there was no air escaping into the water heater tank. So I guess I will either play with the valves some more and see if I can correct it or just go find 10 more gallons of the pink stuff. Thanks guys! Phil
  5. Thanks for the response. Yes....the valves were both horizontal and I turned both 90 degree to be vertical now, just as the manual says to do. There is no other valve in the line and the manual doesn't mention anything about a third valve either. I removed the cover in the sink cabinet to expose the backside of the heater and there are no other valves or water lines going into or out of the heater except the cold and hot water lines. Someone suggested to me that it sounds like I have a leaking/faulty shut off valve??? I'm beginning to think it might have to be that....I can't think of any other reason. Phil
  6. I am in the process of trying to winterize our 2008 Teton but have run into a problem I can't figure out if I am doing something wrong. I have been following my owner's manual but can't figure out the by-pass water heater process. I have drained the hot water heater but have not put the plug/electrode rod back in yet....I was actually planning to leave it out and just replace with new next year. Plus I wanted to leave the plug out so I could be sure I was properly bypassing the water heater when I go to run the antifreeze thru it. I have turned the cold and hot water lines to by-pass (both vertical) as the manual picture instructs but the system will not pressurize with air because the air is continuing to be released out of the electrode rod plug. Is it suppose to do that? I would have thought that if I was by-passing the water heater there would be no air coming out of it??? Am I suppose to plug the hole? Does that mean when I try to pump the pink stuff thru the lines I am going to have to fill up the water heater?? I double checked the pictures in the manual and I made sure I have the valves turned as described in the manual. Later I did go ahead and re-install the electrode rod just to see what happens....the system pressurizes properly with air now. But this makes me think I will end up having to fill up the water heater with pink stuff unless there is something else I am suppose to be doing??? I removed the plywood cover in the sink cabinet to expose the backside of the heater in order to see if there is another valve there....but none. What am I doing wrong??? Phil
  7. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    Dave that's just too funny ..... after 40 years of cabinetmaking and cutting things too short I decided to purchase a wood stretcher for those mistakes. We are going to be moving to the Seattle area next month, maybe I can come see you sometime. I purchased a small welder last year because I wanted to start learning how to weld....but I can't figure out how to turn it on. You teach me to weld and I will cut your boards for the deck. Phil
  8. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Hi all.... I have learned I will be working in Kent .... so I am going to start my search around that area and then spread out from there. Thanks for all the feedback!
  9. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Ouch.... 3+ hours is a drive I can't do .... Thanks for the head's up
  10. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Thanks!.... looking for a land owner who has space to rent is the way I am leaning. We have done that multiple times over the years as we have moved around from location to location and always worked out great for both party's. I think commuting nowdays is just as much a part of life as a cell phone. I don't care where you live and work around the Chicago area EVERYONE drives 30-90 minutes just to go to work. Is the winter weather around the Seattle area going to be anything like the Chicago area? Thanks for the tips
  11. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Thanks guys for the continued comments!.... very helpful in learning a new area. I have a son who is stationed there at Ft Lewis now, he moved there just a few months ago....I have him beginning to look for us also.
  12. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Thanks Don What about Gold Bar Nature Trails??.... I saw an ad on CL ....looks like it is less than an hour away.
  13. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Thanks guys! I will check out the campground locator. At this point in time it looks like I will probably be in either the Kent or Bellevue area. I don't mind up to a 90 minute commute one way to work each day....been doing that for the last 20 years around the Chicago area. Should I expect the cost of living in the Seattle area to be greater than Chicago?
  14. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Hi all, I am not really sure where to post/ask this question but figured I would try this section. Because of my work it looks like my wife and I will be moving soon from the northern Illinois/Chicago area to the Seattle WA area. We live in our 5th wheel fulltime and both still work fulltime and we will be looking for a place to park our camper. I will probably start looking for options on CL, campgrounds, people's property, etc. We are more interested in a rural setting and don't mind a commute (been doing that for years around Chicago so we are somewhat use to driving). After we learn the area and determine how long we will live there we may be interested in purchasing our own property to live on. Any suggestion or contacts would be appreciated....Thanks!
  15. Can the hitch be installed behind the axle?

    Thanks GeorgiaHybrid!....I missed seeing your post earlier. This is the exact info I was hoping to find. The old service body has just been removed from the truck and now able to see the frame rails so I am finally getting closer to installing the hitch. Phil