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  1. leavingsoon

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Thanks guys.... I appreciate all the comments and tips. I guess sometimes you don't know what you want/need until you learn what you don't want/need first. As of yet I still have not even tried my "new to me" truck. It is still at the fabrication shop having a hauler bed built (job changes have delayed the need for the completion of the truck). Lord willing I will be picking it up in the next few weeks and before summer's end I will have an actual towing experience to evaluate. If it turns out the truck is not going to meet my needs I guess I will consider it one more mistake in my long list of lessons learned the hard way I'm hoping that since we only need the truck to relocate the 5th wheel RV trailer every now and then that it will be sufficient for us at this time. And if in the years to follow find ourselves actually traveling more I suspect I will be more anxious to move up to one of the big boys. I will keep you posted on what we learn as the next couple of months pass.
  2. leavingsoon

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Thanks for the tip Glenn....when the time comes I have made up my mind to stay with years prior to 2007....I don't want to deal with the newer emission trucks. I actually like the 1999-2003 years best
  3. leavingsoon

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    Thanks guys!
  4. leavingsoon

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    Thanks!..... I measured the wheelbase centers and see I have 33".... so I will go with the 80's then. I guess on paper the 85's would squeeze in there but seems too tight for real world driving.
  5. leavingsoon

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    Ok now after reading a little more about the current Goodyears installed and replacing with the Sailuns of the exact same size (235/85R16) I am being told the Sailuns are actually about 1" taller?? I'm not sure my trailer setup will tolerate a taller tire. There is only 2 1/4" gap between each of the three tires (at two spots) as it is now. With a 1" taller tire I will be closing the gap down to potentially 1 1/4" correct? That seems awful close to me?? Should I use the 235/80R16's instead? My current Goodyear weight capacity is 3,750 per tire.... the Sailun 235/80R16's are still greater than that at 4,080. I did like the 85's more at 4,400
  6. leavingsoon

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    Thanks guys....I appreciate the explanation. I looked at my rims and don't see any visible markings/labels to indicate the the PSI rating....but it says on my VIN sticker 110, and since the current Goodyear tires are 110 wouldn't it be safe to assume the rims are good for the same tire replacement?
  7. leavingsoon

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    I'm finding the ST tires....but not the LT like I currently have on the trailer
  8. Hello all, It's come time for me to replace the 11 year old original Goodyear G614 RST LT235/85R16 Load range G tires on our triple axle 2008 Teton trailer. They still look great but know I am past the date code (3307) expiration time. I have done alot of reading here and other forums and decided to go with the Sailun S637 as my replacement. I'm staying with the factory 16" rims but having a difficult time finding the exact LT235/85R16 size. Can anyone point me to a suggestion where to look for best prices? Thanks!
  9. leavingsoon

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Hello BlueLghtning....sounds like your truck is working out well. As for me, still have my 2000 FL60 and want to see if it is going to do what I want it to do. I think the HDT is in my future but have to become convinced I really will use it and that the Teton is being moved around alot. Right now it is stationary most of the time and the MDT meets my needs for a heavy hauler but also a basic pickup truck function. With the short 138" wheelbase it makes driving anywhere very simple. I'll keep you posted when I take the plunge
  10. leavingsoon

    Sailun tires

    Hi everyone, We are getting ready to move our RV across the country and I need to start looking for a new set of tires for our 2008 Teton Experience triple axle. The 16" tries on now are the original ones and still look great but are aged out. Seems like the Sailun tire is getting alot of praise for the value, is that still the experience of those who have tried them? Thanks!
  11. That's it.... thanks Kirk Wood The top valve on my system was leaking.... I'm just glad I was using the air first before pumping the antifreeze thru it. Thanks to all for your help. Phil
  12. Yea.... was glad to find the problem and realize won't be a difficult fix when warm weather comes . Hey Ray.... great illustration.... if I knew how to post a picture I would show you. My set up is only two valves (not shutoff's....rather like a divert'er is what I would call it) and they are located at the T's in your picture, then the vertical line does not have a shut off in it. Thanks guys!
  13. I disconnected the two shutoffs and did discover that one was faulty.... so I just used a flex water line to tie the system together. I needed to get the coach winterized and will work on replacing the valve next spring. Thanks for the help, Phil
  14. Thanks guys! I can't find a third valve and the owners manual does not mention anything about operating a third valve during the winterizing process. The picture in the owners manual shows the exact setup I have under the sink. There is a horizontal water line for the cold at the bottom and a horizontal water line for the hot at the top, each with a shut off, and then a single vertical line tying the two shutoffs together. I have turned the shutoffs so they are both vertical to the vertical line. I have also posted on the Teton owner's forum and there is a gentleman there who has indicated to me that he owned a 2008 in the past and this is the same setup he had. He also says I have a leaking valve because when he winterized his coach in the past there was no air escaping into the water heater tank. So I guess I will either play with the valves some more and see if I can correct it or just go find 10 more gallons of the pink stuff. Thanks guys! Phil
  15. Thanks for the response. Yes....the valves were both horizontal and I turned both 90 degree to be vertical now, just as the manual says to do. There is no other valve in the line and the manual doesn't mention anything about a third valve either. I removed the cover in the sink cabinet to expose the backside of the heater and there are no other valves or water lines going into or out of the heater except the cold and hot water lines. Someone suggested to me that it sounds like I have a leaking/faulty shut off valve??? I'm beginning to think it might have to be that....I can't think of any other reason. Phil