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  1. Do you have to be a member of FMCA to purchase Coachnet? This sounds like the way to go for me. Thank you all for the replies.
  2. My Good Sam Roadside Assistance program is coming up for renewal and I called the Escapees rep to find out if their program would cover my HDT. They said that since I am towing a large TT that in the event of a breakdown they would have to send out 2 wreckers, therefore I would need to have 2 policies, one for the HDT and one for the TT at $99 each = $198. This compares with my current Platinum GS policy at $149, which covers my HDT, multiple RV's, both motorized and non-motorized ,all kinds of other trailers, and both of my other automobiles. At this point I can't see any benefit to changing to the Escapees program as much as I would like to support them. Do any of you with HDT's have experience with the Escapees program, and do you have 2 policies? I'm getting ready to purchase an additional new TT so I will have 2 TT's until I sell the one that I have now and this is a non issue with my GS policy, but I don't know about the Escapees, maybe they would want me to have 3 policies? All comments pro and con will be appreciated.
  3. I have the same issue. Here is my simple low cost solution. Get a combination hand held lever action air fill with gauge that has a 2ft. Extension hose with a "lock on" air fill chuck. Lock onto valve stem and fill tire while truck is running. You can control air pressure with the lever to let off air rapidly if you have to to keep the truck compressor runnning. You will get the hang of it after a few tries. I'm at the HDT rally right now and if you are also here and want to look at my set up I'll be happy to show it to you .
  4. AMEN to that. I have the Hayes air brake controller with the proper size wiring and a military style magnetic trailer plug (EZ Connector). Also have air disc brakes on all wheels on my HDT, so it stops good even without the trailer brakes. Not to mention the fact that you usually have a 2 speed engine compression brake for the hills with an HDT.
  5. There are a lot of advantages to an HDT towing a larger TT or 5er. One reason that I seldom see talked about is trailer brake failure. So many things have to work prior to the trailer brakes actuation. 1. TV brake actuator has to be adjusted properly and actually function. 2. Usually a 10 gauge wire has to be separately run for both 12V positive and 12V Negative all the way from battery to EOH trailer brake actuator as most TV use a smaller gauge wire. 3. The EOH trailer brake pump has to work properly. 4. The brake signal wiring has to have flawless connections all the way including the problematic plug. 5. Trailer brake flexible and steel lines have to be leak free. 6. All brake wheel components have to work. Everyone should take their TV and trailer out to a non traffic area and disconnect the trailer plug and practice stopping the trailer. This is your plan B for when you are driving and your trailer brakes fail to work. You are probably going to wish that you were driving an HDT if it ever happens to you. Of course, you can leave a whole lot of extra room, however, that won't matter if someone pulls out of a side street in front of you etc. Get your HDT as soon as you can.
  6. You don't say how long you were in the 5er, however, some factors must have played into your decision to change into a MH. I think that the whole RVing thing has various stages of ones personal "evolutions". Some people go back and forth between rigs trying to find their "perfect " rig. Most of us make some changes each time we upgrade to our next rig based upon our own experiences with our existing rig. Each person should first decide how they would like to travel based upon what they like to do while they are traveling. For example, I like to fish mostly on beaches and my wife likes to take long walks on the beach. I'm also a retired mechanic and wanted to have a lot of tools with me. This pretty much eliminated a 5er and a MH. I wanted to make sure that I had enough truck so that i could feel safe doing it. I decided on a truck towing a large TT. I started out wth a Dodge 5500 with a service body for my tools and an Excel TT that weighed 15K. This worked out pretty good for 2 years until I got my New Horizons TT which weighed in at 24K+ this made my gcvw 42K which was over the Dodge specs. I changed to an HDT Freightliner M2 with a gcvw of 72K and now I'm riding high like in a MH , but have the added safety of having the easily serviced engine in front of me. It works for me as I am able to carry my 300# electric beach fishing cart in the back of the truck.😎 Hang in there you can always change rig types, sooner or later something will fail on all types of rigs.
  7. I would have to say YES. I never heard of this before and I wish I had known about it in my previous life of pulling heavy equipment trailers that had 30 ton pintle hooks on them. We had air brakes on our trucks so it would have worked if they were available back then. One more reason to read these posts, I'm always learning about something new to me.
  8. I like the 2 5/16" ball hitch as the connection as it is more solid and quieter, however, the highest rating for this size ball hitch is 30K lbs., but the highest rated trailer tongue connector is only 25K lbs. Therefore if you want a higher rating use the pintle, it is also a little easier to hookup to when backing up by yourself. Just be ready for the slight movement clank noise on starts and stops if not using an Air Safe hitch.
  9. Very nice, have you got a side shot? What is your OAL?
  10. Waaaay better and a whole lot safer. Really nice setup and looks just like what the OP had in mind.
  11. Here is a picture of an M2 Freightliner pulling a 33' box TT with a 5 ' tongue. It has 3,400 lbs. Of tongue weight with a 30K 2 5/16 ball hitch. It's on a custom made Air Safe hitch designed for 30K @ 3,500 lbs. Of tongue weight. Air Safe is now in the process of building a new even larger capacity one due to the demand of people wanting a large TT instead of a 5er so that they can utilize their truck for their individual uses. This FL has an 11' Knapheide KUVCC service body . It also has 2 custom rear tool boxes and a custom box for the rear ramps on the PS. It is 25' OAL without the 3" square hitch shank plugged in which adds 1 more ft. Total OAL hooked up is 64'. FL GVWR is 36,500#, GCVWR is 72,000#. Air ride autoleveling suspension, no WD needed. Will be at HDT rally in Hutchinson in October, suggest that you come. Steve will be there with his "King of TT's" 48' Rig as well. Hope to see you there. BTW, I have a brand new 30K Torklift rigid mount receiver and 2 5/16" ball hitch for a Freightliner chassis if you don't want to get an Air Safe and end up with a FL.
  12. Looks are deceiving in pictures. The A-Frame tongue is 2" x 8" x 3/8" wall box tube and protrudes 5 ft. Out from the box, which gives it the maximum turning radius for tight turns. The main frame has a 12" heavy duty I-beam on top. This TT weighs 24,500 loaded and the Bigfoot hydraulic leveling system lifts it off the ground without flexing. It has 3 Moryde 9K "IS" disc brake axles. This one is priced at $225K from NH.
  13. Thanks to all that replied. I just finished up my trip to Moryde. I had them do a complete service on all 3 axles. Got all bearings repacked, new disc brake pads, and alignment. I also replaced both rear axle tires and added the new spare tire into the mix. I just finished a 350 mile run from there and everything seems just fine now. Their opinion is that the rear axle tires on a triple will wear much faster so I will be a lot more diligent about rotating the tires.
  14. Here is the New Horizons Travel Trailer
  15. I'm pulling a 24K+ 3 axle TT with an HDT. It has 3 Moryde "IS" 9K axles with disc brakes and Goodyear G114 tires size is 215/70R 17.5. New TT has 20K miles on all original tires. Approximately 4K weight on each of the tires on the front two axles and only 3K weight on each of the rear two tires. Rear two tires have only 1/2 of the tread left and all 4 of the front ones look almost new. Rear tires are wearing very even, but twice as fast as the front ones. TT is set up for level tow using a 30K Air Safe 2 5/+6" ball hitch. TT tongue weight is 3,300 lbs. It tows straight with no noticeable wag. All of my previous trailers only had 2 axles and I never had an issue like this before. Has anyone got an answer for this? I'm getting ready to replace both of the rear tires in about a week.
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