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  1. Claudia Duske

    Yuma RV Lot: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD! FINALLY....

    Just posted newest up to date photos of lot in edited post. Thanks for looking!
  2. (Given the hurricane activity in Texas and Florida this season, Arizona might be a safer bet!) Bargain hunters, you will not find another prime location lot improved to this degree for this price in the Yuma Foothills! We are serious and need to get this lot sold! Lot is in Phase 29 of the Foothills between the two golf courses and is zoned multi-use for RVs, manufactured or stick built construction. It has been improved with raised walls, large entertaining patio, mature landscaping on drip irrigation, two full hookups and small shed. It sits among very nice homes on a quiet street just two blocks from the edge of the desert to the east and all its activities. The neighborhood is a mix of full time residents and seasonal visitors and has always been extremely safe and very friendly. Most are original owners and almost all are stick built construction. The lot has sewer, water, cable and APS for electric. The shed is 8x8 on cement pad with lots of shelving for storage and a water softener. Also included is an outdoor table and six chairs and a lovely full size cement fountain, all of which sit behind a privacy wall. We can offer immediate possession under a rental agreement until a close of escrow so you can arrive in Yuma knowing you have a beautiful spot for your RV this season! Repeat: we must sell this season so please make us an offer and we may surprise you! Thanks for looking! Latest pictures (Nov. 14th) may be found on Craigslist at: https://yuma.craigslist.org/reo/d/rv-lot-offering-tremendous/6387928232.html or : http://itchyhitchwhatsnew.blogspot.com/2017/09/rv-lot-huge-loss-for-usoffered-at-58000.html The park model pictured has been sold and removed. Email me: claudia85367 at gmail dot com
  3. Claudia Duske

    Update: Yuma Lot for Sale, Very Motivated!

    Thanks Smitty! At the rate we're going we may still own it in five years so keep my number handy! Of course by then with any luck, the market will be fully recovered and they will be selling for $100,000+.
  4. Claudia Duske

    Update: Yuma Lot for Sale, Very Motivated!

    I just wanted to offer a quick update as to the situation in Yuma at the current time. For those who are not real familiar with the Foothills, I can't stress enough the micro nature of the market for lots. Although it is all known as the greater Foothills area, each phase and neighborhood has taken on different and widely varied characteristics. All of these affect pricing. We have had several people comparing our lot to others available in older sections that are selling for as low as $40,000. Truly, only a few blocks of comparables should be used to establish value as the sections are so different. Our area continues to be built upon to the point where many previous RV lots now sport very nice seasonal or full time residences. These homes are selling between low $200,000 to the $300,000 range. I can guarantee that if you buy that $40,000 lot surrounded by old mobiles and double wides you will not be able to build a stick built home and ever come out with it holding any sort of value. In many of those sections you can drive long blocks and only see a few stick built casitas or homes (the rest being RV lots or mobile homes), whereas in our area the vast majority are now stick built homes with large and expensive RVs parked alongside. On some streets surrounding us, probably 70% of the lots are now totally built upon, as the RV only lots continue to dwindle every year. I don't know where Yuma's next expansion for RV lots will occur but I do know it will not be any closer to the mountains, the BLM and all the desert fun that is to be had only one long block from us. We're it. We are in the section that is now rapidly building out and there cannot be any expansion east from here. Ever. It's state trust and BLM and bombing range. We have seen a natural progression of what has transpired since we have owned this lot since 2005 when it was just dirt. Mostly the lots were used exclusively for winter RV parking. Then a couple years down the line and folks started building small accessory RV buildings or casitas. Then a few full sized homes started cropping up, then more. There is an evolution to the way most folks RV, especially if they fulltime. The proximity of being shoulder to shoulder in RV parks gets wearing after a few years. People think about slowing down, particularly for a portion of the year where they know they can depend upon great weather and low cost of living. They like having space around them and the potential to do as they please. The people and neighbors grow on them and a few years later they think of building a winter home and just using the RV during the good weather. Our lot makes a good RV lot but will at some point in the future probably be built upon just like many others. If a buyer looks upon it as not just an RV lot but as a potential building lot for their future years, it may make more sense. As an aside, I checked today to see that we were in line with the financing we are offering as compared to bank financing. Since the great recession there are not many banks willing to do lot loans but there is one here locally which will consider it. They require 25% down; an appraisal; loan is fully amortized for 10 years; interest rate is currently 7% and their loan fee is 1% of the loan amount. By contrast, we can finance this with no qualifying and no fees, for much less down, and at a lesser rate of interest for up to 15 years if fully amortized. There are other scenarios we can consider if a buyer is trying to have a lesser payment but they would involve a balloon payment. We are also still interested in trading for Wisconsin property, which could include a rental, vacant lot or land, or a cabin. I would encourage any who have been looking at this ad and thinking "maybe" to give us a shout soon. There is a good possibility after this year that we will remove it from the market and just sit on it. Yuma is showing signs it could be on the verge of a turn-around in values and may only get more expensive with the coming years. Finally, I wish to thank all of you who have read my posts and continue to look at it and I'm most happy to address any and all questions. I am not on the forum that often so email or PM me will work best.
  5. Claudia Duske

    Update: Yuma Lot for Sale, Very Motivated!

    Update...Update...Update! We have sold the park model and reduced the pricing; the lot is now offered as an improved RV lot (but still zoned for stick built or manufactured home) with two hookups. The park model should be removed within a month. Price: $79,000, will finance long term (15 years) fully amortized. There aren't many RV lots left in this desirable area for sale at this point (most have been built on) so those in the area are invited to stop by and take a look. 14702 E. 52nd Drive. You can email me at claudia54981atgmaildotcom with questions. Thanks.
  6. I thought starting a new thread would be prudent on selling our Yuma lot. Previous discussion has been here if you are interested: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=113372 We have arrived on the lot and the unit is available for showing anytime. While we have an RV we plan to park here for a few months, it is not our intention for it to be a permanent situation and the lot and Dutch park model will remain for sale. The previous Zillow page is still available for viewing at: http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/14702-E-52-ND-DR-Yuma-AZ-85367_rb/?fromHomePage=true&shouldFireSellPageImplicitClaimGA=false&fromHomePageTab=buy To recap: Foothills lot with 2007 Dutch park model, full hookup spots, lovely central entertaining patio and privacy wall, mature landscaping in one of the best phases of the Foothills. We are willing to finance long term. We will also consider a rent to own situation. Most recent price on the lot was $89,900 but we are very motivated to sell. If you are in the area and have interest, please email me directly at claudia54981atgmail dot com and I will get back with you with my phone number. I am not on the forum that often; thanks for looking.
  7. I apologize you are having problems making contact! For public purposes I use itchyhitchatyahoodotcom or you can also PM me off this board since I rarely am on the forum. Please let me know how I can help with any questions you may have. Thanks. Claudia
  8. Claudia Duske


    Sorry Rod, must have been half awake when I read that and skipped over your dates! Unfortunately, we have our lot for sale so can't commit to rental that far out. You are welcome to check with me right before those dates if you don't find something and I can let you know how things are for us renting. itchyhitchatyahoodotcom. Looking this far in advance though you should have no problem finding one.
  9. Claudia Duske


    I can help you out for the rest of January but my lot is already rented for Feb & March. If you are in Yuma now and just want a place to land for a spell while you obtain something longer term contact me via PM. You can see much more info on the lot on this thread: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=120887. You'd be the only one there.
  10. Claudia Duske

    Yuma lot rental $325/mo.

    Lot is now rented for months of Feb-March but December and January are still available or later in April till ?
  11. Claudia Duske

    Yuma lot rental $325/mo.

    Thank you Daryl & Rita.
  12. Our lot is for sale but our normal tenant will not be coming to Yuma this season so the lot is available immediately. 50 amp full hookup, including water and sewer. Tenant pays electric and garbage, $325 month. Lot has mature landscaping, large patio with firepit, table, and is very private; you will be the only renter there as we do not rent out the park model. Very nice area extremely close to BLM for recreation. Pets upon prior approval. See thread of park model for sale for $89,900 farther down for full details and pictures. itchyhitchatyahoo.com for email inquiries or you may PM me. Thank you.
  13. Renee, Thank you for being so kind as to recommend our lot. It's appreciated!
  14. Yuma has had a hard time recovering since the great recession. Excess inventory refers to the fact that there are more sellers wanting to sell than buyers willing to buy. Hence, a buyer's market. But everyone knows if you are looking for a property for yourself the sale is generally driven by emotion. Does it appeal to you? Can you picture yourself there, enjoying the patio with friends; margaritas and 70 degree temperatures on Christmas day? Next day you jump on your ATV and go two blocks to access the desert where you run all day, visiting ghost towns and vistas opening to 70 mile views. After that you need to run into Algodones because your old crown fell off and you can have it replaced at 1/3rd the price and while you're there you might as well pick up your year's supply of that daily med you need, also at about 1/4th the price and without needing to see your doctor first. And Bob, while I realize for 13 years you may have been able to do that from that RV park you're in, you're also 10 foot from your neighbor and being told what you can and can't do while you are there. Some of us just like to know the dirt beneath our feet is our own and especially some of us RVers who like the fact of a "home place" and being able to store some of those things we can't take on the road with us. Some of us like the idea of neighborhood and being able to party and connect with those who've surrounded us for ten years. We never were one much for RV parks; if we couldn't be boondocking we figured owning the land was the next best thing! And it was! There's a lot to recommend Yuma to the RVer. They've been coming there for a long time and will continue to do so. Regardless of markets, some properties always will sell. We're hoping ours is one of them. Thank you for the compliments about it being nice, Moisheh. There's someone out there who will love it I'm sure. It's a great spot and a really happy, light, bright little house! We wouldn't be selling if we could use it.
  15. Edited this post to get it to top of board and it didn't, so this is a bump. Thanks for looking.