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  1. Thank you all for your "cash back" advise. I knew you would come thru with all the answers we needed. It is nice to have a 'family' out there that can help when needed.
  2. We opened an account at the First National Bank of Livingston when we set up our domicile. We also have an account with TD bank, but there aren't many branches, I guess. The credit cards are from Capital One and BOA.
  3. We have been on the road since September and have been using the cash from the yard sale. What is the easiest way to get cash while on the road? The 2 credit cards we use don't have a cash back option, banks won't cash a check if not drawn on their bank. We received a debit card from the bank in Livingston when we opened an account there, I have used it a few times, but I don't like using debit cards. When I use the debit card at an ATM, I get a charge. Any suggestions? This topic may have been asked and answered, but I couldn't find a thread.
  4. pharvey

    Winter Reservations

    Thank you all for your advice and words of encouragement, like "don't panic", "you're doing just fine", "be flexible and have fun". I have read responses to other questions from most of you so I feel I already know you and appreciate your wisdom. We have no specific state in mind for winter, so may continue west after visiting Livingston. We have family in TX and Yuma, AZ. We will continue the way we have been traveling and extend our stays where we can. It's reassuring knowing all this support is available to us newbies. Thanks again. See you down the road and safe travels.
  5. My husband and I sold our home in August and 'hit the road'. We had mapped out a few stops as we headed down the east coast then we were going to 'wing it'. After talking to a few couples in our travels, one couple being Escapees, we were informed that we should have had our winter reservations made by now. That was worrisome to us as we were 'winging it' with no real direction. Any suggestions what late comer newbies do now to find a place to settle for the winter? Between our lateness and the hurricanes on the coast, how does one find a place to stay or will we have to keep moving in order to find available sites? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We were also trying to fit a trip to Livingston into our plans to make Texas our domicile state. I guess we still have a lot to learn about this new lifestyle.