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  1. Dave, Another suggestion for RV Park is Rivers Edge in Winterhaven, CA. Just off I-8 and probably about as close to Algodones as you will get without boon docking. They are so close to Yuma there that they operate on AZ time. LOL Joe
  2. Oh Ya, that would be fun to watch. What I saw happened in the old Bellingham Costco and they just didn't have the room. The new store, open a bit over a year now, is a lot bigger so they can stock more product such as milk that goes so quick. Those folks will fill a shopping cart with nothing but milk. It is still a zoo if you don't get there early and get out before the cross border crowd hits. Only reason I sometimes visit that store is that being a larger store they carry some items that the more local, Burlington, WA, store just doesn't have the room to carry. Joe
  3. Sorry Barb, but you are wrong this time. People from Canada wearing funny looking head gear hit the dairy section of the Bellingham Costco like flys on a Gut Wagon. I've seen this. Watched Costco put out a pallet of milk and before they could load another one, it was gone. Not one person that was not wearing the funny head gear got anything off that pallet. Talking with friends that live in the area, they tell horror stories about dealing with the people from across the border at that Costco. At one time there was even a petition going around to try and get Costco to designate 1 day a week for NO CANADAIAN CUSTOMERS TO BE ALLOWED in the store. Joe
  4. I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun and laughs around the campfires. Wish I could be there with you, but not in the cards again this year. Hmmm maybe if I do a rain dance, or 3, you won't be able to light the desert on fire. Naww that just wouldn't be right.🍸 Joe
  5. Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS Joe
  6. While it's not quite Yuma, we will be in Tampa area of Florida for Thanksgiving. Only supposed to be in the low 80's there.🌞 Just returned from 10 days in Hawaii where it was in the mid 80's every day. Joe
  7. Dave, All I can add to that is this, AMEN BROTHER BEN. Having driven a Highway Striper for well over 30 years, I can't begin to count the stupid things I have seen on the roads. That said, while I have NO desire to see someone else get hurt, I will act in a manner that protects me and mine first. FLAME ON if you like. Joe
  8. Striper

    Winter Haven FL

    My Bad, sorry I missed that they were looking for Florida. Joe
  9. Striper

    Winter Haven FL

    Rivers Edge in Winterhaven
  10. I also just had cataract surgery. Right eye was done long ago and they did it for distance, so when they did the left eye last month I told them to do it for distance also. I do not need glasses to drive, etc now, but I am ordering glasses with progressive lenses so that I don't have to carry readers with me and will continue to wear glasses. That will help me remember that most of the things I get involved in REQUIRE eye protection. Joe
  11. First you have to get them off their fat butts and out of the office away from the donuts.
  12. Thanks Sue, Sorry to hear that, always thought she was a neat lady. Joe
  13. Hey Guys, Good to see that some of the group is on the move. LOL Hope Sandie is over her cold by now though. That said, sure don't hear much from the group anymore. Have been thinking about everyone a bit lately and wondering what everyone is up to. Also wondered if anyone has heard anything of Denise? Seems she just dropped off, and out, of everything a while back. Current plans have me in the Yuma area sometime this winter. Lots of short trip going on for us but mostly up here in the PNW. Joe
  14. Funny, but somehow I thought you might. I have a couple other pic's from that day and you are in almost the exact same pose.🤭 Joe
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