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  1. Does anyone use the healthcare options through Escapees? If so what is your experience? Thank you........
  2. Hello, we will be heading out in July as full timers. We are going to set SD as our domicile. My biggest concern is medical insurance for myself. My husband has Medicare but I am only 61 and will need something. I have contacted some agencies and googled my fingers numb but keep encountering that individual health insurance is not available in SD. Has anyone used an agency that they like and would recommend? Thank you so much, Debi
  3. Hi, we will be heading out in July to get set up in Texas for FT. Just curious how far in advance do you typically have to make reservations for the monthly sites in campgrounds? Thanks!
  4. Hello, we are planning to go FT in August this year. We currently reside in California and plan to settle in Nevada once we are done with traveling. Has anyone set up their domicile in Nevada? Trying to determine if best to set up everything in Nevada from the beginning or start in Texas/SD and then change to Nevada once we do settle down after traveling. Thanks for your input.
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