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  1. very nice setup...I havn't seen many floor plans in the ~30 RV area that has "good" deskspace. We looked at a THOR ACE 30.3 which has a small area in the bedroom that could be retrofitted as a work area
  2. I am not FT yet but I worked from my rig the last 2 weeks in december. Are you sure about the speeds of 500k to 1Mb/sec being sufficient for your work ? I am using a VDI ( Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ) for work and that can get painfully slow below speeds of 2 Mbit/sec.. I can only imagine a RDP connection being more painful. I use between 300MB and 900 MB of data per work day so that might give you some insight on what plan to get.
  3. Maybe people here work remote jobs from their rigs and would like to share their workstation setup. I am always looking for ideas on how to setup a designated area to work from. We are currently in the market for a new (to us) rig and are looking for inspiration. We looked at a 30 foot CLass C Jayco and a 31 foot Class AThor A.C.E Currently we have a 25 foot THor Freedom Elite and I have a setup that works but its kind of a pain to set up take down. This is my current setup
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