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  1. Just found a hole in the roof of my house. It's leaking into one of the spare bedrooms.
  2. Thank you guys! I will keep you updated as I go through the process.
  3. Right. We already picked the 5th wheel. Just a process before we get it.
  4. Well. My husband is military. So every 4 years there's the potential to be moved or not. So kind of the first one. Lol
  5. Kirk, I am wanting a new one but I am open to used one. DuneElliot, the new ones come with the brake controller. I'm just stuck between a 2015-2017. I have no clue. I had my heart set on the one I test drove, it was a 350 SWR king ranch, but I'll need the DWR. So do I go with a new one or used? I am stuck.
  6. Of course on the diesel part. And okay. So a fixed hitch will work just fine with the long bed? Also, should I need to add anything to the truck? Like accessories wise, I know some come with standard stuff but will I need anything extra. This truck will also be my daily driver.
  7. Greg, So a 350, long bed. I test drove the 7.3 diesel and loved it! Is there anything else you recommend, on the truck subject??
  8. Another question! It's a 5th wheel, weighs about 15,500 lbs all together, like total loaded weight. I am looking at the Ford F series, I like the 250s but I think I might need to go up to the 350 since the max for a 250 towing is 16,000. Would that be the best? And should I do the 8 ft bed, or stick with the 6.5ft bed? And we want the crew cab, what are your guys' thoughts about the different layouts of the trucks and what not?
  9. Right. Our real estate agent said that. The closing could take from 30-45 days. So that's good for us
  10. Holy crap! Congrats on that! Lol. I just want to make sure we don't forget anything or put it up too soon and is not be ready if it sells the same day. Lol
  11. That is what I am afraid of that's why I'm putting off putting our house on, because our real estate agent said that she sold a house here in 12 days. So yeah. We are gonna get rid of most of our stuff before we list it
  12. Thank you so much! We have already started selling our things. We have way more than we thought we did. So it's going to be a process.
  13. Hello, My husband and I are in the process of purchasing our first RV to live in full time. Is there any advice that you may have or are willing to give to a couple like ourselves? What to do and what not to do? We have chosen our RV already, just waiting on our house to be put on the market before we can actually purchase. If you have any questions about the situation, let me know. I want all the information I can get and need to know. Thanks!
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