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  1. No, that was just a wild guess....I was under the impression that RDP could work over relatively low bandwidth, but since then I have found that it is highly variable....depends on what you are doing on the remote screen, lots of screen refreshes mean more bandwidth.
  2. That's exactly what I do, a Cisco/web-based VPN and then RDP. I am using a prog called Glasswire, it's free and no malware, is awesome at tracking your bandwidth, but even more interesting is it tells you what apps, protocols, etc. are being used. Software has all been programmed to call home (looking at you Microsoft!) so much that I think my strategy is to use the built in Glasswire firewall to block ALL connections and then I'm in total control of data usage with no surprises. It looks like I use about a gig of data per day for work, so I'll need minimum of 25 GB a month. I think I can manage that without risky unlimited Verizon plans or the "unauthorized" resellers. Thanks to all of you that replied, nice to meet some other full-timers and wannabees!
  3. Thanks much for you input! Hoping some more telecommuting folks can chime in on their experiences too....
  4. Hello all, so happy to find this forum. I am in need of honest answers on whether to start full-timing considering my situation. This is a long post and I'm grateful to anyone that can help. I work in IT and am able to work from anywhere, as long as I can connect through a VPN to my company, and then I use RDP to connect to my work computer. I'm unsure at the moment how much data that takes up, I am measuring it over the next few days. As far as bandwidth needed, I'm guessing that I would need the equivalent of consistent 500k to 1Mb/sec connection from 9-5 Monday through Friday. I have bought and read Technomadia's book, which was wonderful but a little discouraging. I will most likely be a temporary full-timer, ranging somewhere between 6 and 36 months. That can change at any time if I get laid off or work telecommuting policies change. So, upfront costs that cannot be sold/recouped to some extent are an issue. However, I am willing to spend up to $1,000 if needed. I also may hire the Technomads for a consultation on my best options. The idea is to stay in one spot for a week and then travel/sightsee on the weekends. I won’t need internet access while we are moving (although that would be a plus!) My boss will expect to see me logged in most of the time (9-5 Monday-Friday). An occasional dropped connection is ok if I can reconnect, but I don't want to be in a panic trying to find usable public wifi on very short notice. Also, other than logging into work, I can live without much Internet access (streaming, surfing, etc.) Questions: If I go with Technomadia’s recommendation of 2 cell providers (likely Verizon and AT&T), plus Wifi with booster, what are the odds that my required connection will be available and reliable? Also, on a score from 1 (easy) to 10 (hard), how much planning and hassle will be involved? If 1 has a good chance of happening, how much will I be restricted to certain parks with good wifi, or urban areas? How often would I need to head to a library/Starbucks etc.? I barely know a flathead from a Phillips screwdriver….not a chance I’ll be drilling holes in RV roof, running conduit, caulking, etc for antennas. Any way around this, or is it possible to hire someone to do it? Assuming I can get all the above done, what am I looking at for monthly expense? I had hoped to stay around $200 a month but I sounds like a Verizon unlimited alone (if I can get one) is around that. Thanks much in advance. I’d love to fulfill my life-long dream of seeing the States!
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