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  1. DavidCD

    Clean Up That DoDo

    Most dog owners manage to follow the camp ground rules regarding pets but it seems there is always one jackass who thinks the rules don't apply to them. Besides not cleaning up after there animal some people seem to think it's OK to let their dog run loose through the park. Our dog is always on a leash or a lead anytime she's outside but she's been jumped by loose dogs several times. It really pisses me off.
  2. Yeah - it seems that many of these municipalities are rather casual about how they determine what is a "pit bull" - actually, if you want to split hairs, there is no specific AKC breed named "pit bull" - there are Staffordshire terriers, various bull terriers and bull dogs - but, I'm sure that if you tried to argue the point with the officials in one of these municipalities it would just inflame the situation. The state of Ohio has a catch-all clause : "breed of dog commonly known as a pit bull." - so, that would be any dog that any common person might call a "pit bull" - I guess it's all in the name. I've been bitten by dogs twice: once was a collie and the other was a cocker spaniel.
  3. We got our dog as a puppy from the Humane Society shelter 4 years ago. They said she was a 'black mouth cur' mix; our vet says she's probably part boxer, and I've heard all sorts of other theories including casual acquaintances that say, "Oh, she's a pit bull". We've been traveling with her for the last year and haven't had any problems renting camp sites and staying at RV parks all over the eastern part of the country. This week we're getting ready to travel to Missouri and have learned that several municipalities have ordinances that outlaw the possession of a "pit bull" (and some other breeds) within their municipality limits. A few internet searches reveal a whole world of fussing about this stuff - it's called "Breed Specific Legislation". It's not just Missouri, it's all over the county - usually at the municipality level but there are some counties that have instituted bans also. The wording of the ordinances generally state that the local animal control is authorized to seize your dog if it is one of the offending breeds and then you are required to pay a fine and remove the animal from their municipal limits. There are also a few horror stories about euthanized dogs just to make it feel more drastic. Has anyone here had problems with their dog being seized or threatened seizure by the local municipality while staying short term in an RV park?? DCD
  4. Thanks to everybody for your feedback / recommendations. It sounds like mixing in the old gas (I'm talking about less than a gallon) the next time I fill my 35 gal tank on the truck will probably do fine.
  5. We've been traveling with a couple of generators just in case we wanted to do some off grid camping but, haven't had the need for them. We haven't used any of the gasoline we have in the gas container for the generators and the gas is at least a year and a half old - maybe two years old - I can't remember exactly. I do make it a point to add Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer to this can when I do put gas in it. My question is - how old is too old when you have unused gasoline stored like this? I just tried to take this old gas to the local semi-annual hazardous waste collection but they said they couldn't take it. A couple of quick internet searches resulted in a wide range of suggestions - the most expedient being to dump the stuff in my truck's gas tank during the next fill up. That sound's great if it doesn't screw up the fuel injectors. Has anyone here put old gas in their vehicle gas tank?
  6. Hey BigJim, Thanks for your reply. If you're up there near Memphis I'm sure you get much colder temps than we do down here in Texas. So, have you been able to use your grey/black tanks all the way through the winter? I've put a couple of gallons of the pink RV antifreeze in each of my tanks but it sounds like that's not going to be very effective once we put in several gallons of waste water. DCD
  7. MnTom : Thanx for the "open sites" report - I'd like to head that way but, we're holding in here for grand parenting requirements. I used to work out of Port O'Connor years ago (offshore crewboat skipper) - how did PO hold up under the hurricane this year? I heard that Rockport & Fulton really got trashed. DCD
  8. Mntom: Thanks for the AF dilution chart - yep, it does look like the stuff goes flat pretty quick when it gets mixed with water - We also have stayed in our TT in temps down to the mid 20s and didn't have a problem but, the weather guys are now talking about temps in the upper teens with 25 mph winds - I suspect those temps & wind chill will go below the safe limit. Well, it may be a long, cold week ... Thanks again. DCD
  9. Thanx for your feedback SWharton - Yeah, the RV park is leaving their water systems turned on but, I insulated their faucet & supply pipe at my site and enclosed the connection in a cardboard box (the connection is under a slideout so the box should stay dry). So, all the RV supply stores are closed for the weekend and it's a too late to order anything online so, the only thing I have to work with is the the pink RV antifreeze and, if everything gets frozen, my wife's hair dryer. DCD
  10. OK - We're currently staying at an RV park in College Station, Texas ; apparently we didn't go south far enough to avoid the freezing weather - the forecast is for nighttime temps in the upper teens/low twenties for the next 3-5 days. Our Puma travel trailer does not have an enclosed underbelly nor, insulated tanks and we're trying to make use of the onboard plumbing. I've encased the water supply hose in insulating foam tubes and wrapped the fresh water and lowpoint drains. I have read comments on from campers who have used their exposed tanks and valves during freezing weather by pouring a gallon of the pink RV antifreeze in each tank after each dump and storing their dump hose in a plastic bag inside the RV to keep it from freezing and getting brittle. So, the local weather guys are now saying it might get a bit colder for a bit longer than they originally forecast (I want their job - they can say anything an still have a job the next day). The label on the antifreeze bottle (the pink, SuperTech antifreeze from Walmart) says it is "formulated to provide complete protection to -50°F. Some slush may appear at approximately 0°F, but this is not harmful to your water system." The wording on the label makes it sound like I'll be OK; however, I have just read some comments saying that the pink antifreeze looses its freeze protection when it gets mixed with water (although water is one of its ingredients) . That being the case, then there must be some dilution factor beyond which the pink stuff no longer provides any freeze protection - does anybody know the ratio of pink antifreeze/water that will still provide freeze protection to 20°F ? Has anyone else used their exposed tanks during freezing weather by adding antifreeze to the tanks? Thanks for any feedback. DavidCD
  11. Spoke with the Escapees mail room this morning. They are currently shut down due to the hurricane flooding in and around Houston. It sounds like US Postal service, UPS, and Fedex in Houston are all closed because of the flooding so Escapees can't very well forward anything through the Houston facilities. The Escapees folks advise that they are going to wait until Wednesday and see what the situation is and will send out notifications via email and/or Facebook to advise what may be done with the mail.
  12. DavidCD

    VIP211k Receiver

    Thanks to everybody for the feedback. I found some small bungees with little metal hooks on each end - the hooks insert into the venting slots that run along the sides of the 211K and the bungee is passed thru the wire shelf & under the receiver with the remaining hook inserted into a vent slot on the other side of the 211K. Running the bungee below the receiver will avoid the heat that's produced from the top side.
  13. DavidCD

    VIP211k Receiver

    Hi all - I have the VIP211K receiver and it's depth dimension is wider than the narrow shelf in our travel trailer so I installed a wire shelf up high near the TV/entertainment center. The 211K sits up there OK and the cabling & power cord are readily accessible. I need to come up with some sort of tie down to keep it in place while we're traveling. the 211K generates a lot of heat when it's operating so, I'm hesitant to use nylon or polypropylene straps. I could put them on when traveling and remove them when camping but, that's a pain and it would only take one forget to cause a problem. Does anyone here use tie downs for their electronics equipment ? If so, what is a good option that will handle the heat? Thanx.
  14. DavidCD

    Texas Domicile Question

    We just sold our place and are putting whatever we're going to keep in storage - we've got to be out by the 1st of May. We've got an Escapees membership with mail service and are planning on going full time in our travel trailer. I have started changing addresses on our various accounts and have found that some of these firms do not want me to use a personal mail box as an address. I've managed to get a couple of them to take the Escapees address when I told them that was a close as they were going to get to a permanent address. On other accounts, I just changed the mailing address and left the residence address alone (for now). Me question is, have any of you who are on Social Security/Medicare had any problem using the Escapees mail room address as your primary address? I've looked at their online address change page and they have a place to enter a new mailing address but then they ask if this new address will also be my residence. I'm hesitant to say it is my residence if they do an address verification and decide it's a mail box. Thanx for any info. Dave
  15. DavidCD

    Domicile Pros & Cons

    10 years ago we sold our house, put everything in storage, and set our mailing address to be a mailbox in a nearby UPS store. We went hob-nobbing around the country with our Casita travel trailer for a couple of years and didn't have any problems with banking, insurance, prescriptions, etc. We'd call the UPS store periodically and they would forward our mail to wherever we were at the time. We didn't have any problems using the mailbox as our "permanent" address. So now, we've again sold our house and are putting everything that we haven't sold or given away into storage and are preparing to go full-timing in a larger travel trailer (this one has a slide out that's bigger than our Casita was). We've signed up with Escapees and have their mail service set up forward our mail and are getting ready to hit the road again but, now I'm reading that the mail service address may not be accepted by our financial and insurance providers because of Patriot Act compliance. !! Has anyone here had their accounts restricted or insurance denied because they don't have a "bricks and sticks" address anymore? We bank with Wells Fargo and the vehicles are insured by State Farm.