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  1. ALLOY

    What is This Grate For?

    On ours there is a large open area behind the grill that with the addition of hinges and a catch could be used for storage.
  2. ALLOY

    Slide out awining

    There is a slide topper that has extending arms that turns it into an awning. Someone here may know the brand/type.
  3. ALLOY

    backing a fifth wheel vs motorhome

    I grew up pulling bumper pulls and sometimes long straight (box) trucks then four years ago started towing a 5th. We have both a 32' O.A bumper pull and a 35' OA 5th.....like towing the 5th allot more. If I jump from backing the bumper pull and then to the the 5th I have to remind myself to turn the 5th sooner and to turn harder. Going forward turning the 5th is similar to a strait truck while the bumper pull is more of a sweep as the articulation point has the trailer following a wider radius. Biggest difference is the blind spot. There is no blind spot backing a straight tuck but the the blind spot can be on either side when backing a trailer. A back up camera and possibly side camera are something to consider. If you don't have a truck check the turning radius. There is a difference between a F350 and F450 (smaller) but I don't know about other makes.
  4. ALLOY

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    On trips longer than 1 week Sept. thru April we'll carry 50-100lbs of extra propane.
  5. ALLOY

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    It is aesthetics. Wet smooth plate and wet diamond have about the same friction so the non-slip coating is more (like a boat) important. The sole of a shoe also makes a difference. Hard sole shoes on wet diamond is like walking on ball bearings. The diamond hides weld distortion better but in some instances I've seen the the top of the diamond rusting where the coating has worn off.
  6. ALLOY

    Dynamat in our truck

    Sound dampening films are not created equal. Some are mastic with a peel and stick film. Compare the weight/sqft before buying. I have used both Noico and Sound Down https://www.amazon.com/Noico-deadening-automotive-Insulation-dampening/dp/B00URUIKAK http://www.soundown.com/Section%202%20PDFs/2.3%20PDFs/ECO%20damp%20full.pdf With these products the whole surface does not need to be covered as the purpose is to reduce the vibration of the metal. Another product that works just as good is Silent Running paint coating. Multiple coats is needed so I'd buy a gallon to do a HDT firewall. https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=11904
  7. ALLOY

    Water tank

    Pulled out the 70gal that was next to the front pass through and installed two 120gal tanks over the axles. Edit....would air from a compressor contaminate the water?
  8. To get the side to side weights I've been thinking of putting (using Bigfoot Leveling) the trailer up on blocks equal to the height of a wheel scale. Each wheel would then be weighed one at a time. Renting a wheel scale is $50.00/day.
  9. ALLOY

    Vanleigh Fifth wheels

    Comparing dry weights it would seem that Vanleigh places more emphasis on finishes. Similar to GD Solitude but the revers of Northwood Arctic Fox
  10. ALLOY

    Tesla battery for RVing

    It would be great if warranties backed up the claims of cycle life over 3000 ( twice FLA ) or if there was real life instances of it happening. Lithium is superior technology but longevity and performance below 35F prevented us from buying it.
  11. ALLOY

    Tesla battery for RVing

    Couldn't find any reports of RV lithium outlasting FLA nor do Lithium battery warranties back up the claim. Edit: To ensure Lithium batteries in electric vehicles last X number of years the batteries are oversized. As the batteries age the commuter automatically changes the amount of capacity used.
  12. When choosing a controller check that the lug in the controller will accept the gauge of wire from the panels to controller.
  13. ALLOY

    Tesla battery for RVing

    My preference was Lithium but I ended up with FLA. Couldn't find a Lithium system lasting longer than FLA.
  14. ALLOY

    Pure Sine Wave ----- Size

    600w and 3000w
  15. ALLOY

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    Another option would be to have them throw in or discount upgrades (suspension, storage trays, batteries, slide toppers, fan covers) and/or wholesale discount on any item in the store.
  16. ALLOY

    My Build

    Couple of issues I've seen with solder. The acid/flux travels 2"-3" up inside the wire which over time corrodes the wire. If there is ever an issue with the terminal especially at fuse connections (these work by generating heat) the solder melts.
  17. ALLOY

    Ideal Alaskan RV?

    FYI...... http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/stay-away-foil-faced-bubble-wrap
  18. ALLOY

    10ga wire help mystery wires

    A tone generator is very useful tool.
  19. ALLOY

    Brand New Trailer and Need a New Water Pump?

    Always a good idea and it is is easy to add a check valve after the pump. https://www.homedepot.com/p/SharkBite-1-2-in-Brass-Push-to-Connect-Check-Valve-U2008-0000LFA/202721919
  20. ALLOY

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    The height is important determining the construction of the roof is bigger factor. Some manufacture provide drains at the corners of the panel to minimize the water/dirt collecting along the edge. Sloping the panel is a good idea but try a water spray test before choosing the amount of slope. A slight increase in the slope can make all the difference depending on what coatings are on the glass. Rain X may help.
  21. ALLOY

    Truck bed install

    With plastics some are made to keep things sliding like Delrin, Teflon, Polyethylene and Nylon swells in water.
  22. ALLOY

    Truck bed install

    I've used both 3/8" convevor belting and 1" Fir (softwood) on flatbed decks. The deck with belting was held on with Ubolts. Before tightening there was 1/8" gaps between the frame and deck. The deck with Fir had more weld distorsion (1/4"-3/8") and it was held on with Ubolts.
  23. ALLOY

    Dryer... Gas or Electric?

    Info I found said a dryer is 40k btu/hr. Also said the line cannot be smaller than 1/2" Propane has 21k btu/lb. Instead of making the 30' run up to the front of our 5th my though is to run a 3' or 4' Class 3 propane hose outside with a QD (BBQ hook up) that can be hooked up to our onboard tank or a bottle with a Class 2 hose. Inside there would be a propane alarm that controls a 12V solenoid.
  24. ALLOY

    Dryer... Gas or Electric?

    Where does the reluctance to use propane come from? Maybe gas refrigerators, but if that appliance is dealt with I would think wiring/batteries and brake fires contribute more to the number than propane does.
  25. ALLOY

    Alternator defective?????

    Appologies wasn't meaning to apply that anything was said.