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    radiant heat for floors

    I've used/installed Danfoss electric underfloor to warm up a bathroom floor also sidewalk/driveway snow melt. I've not seen it used for heating. It would use up a good chunk of a 50amp service. https://www.danfoss.com/en/products/floor-heating-ice-and-snow-melting/dhs/electric-underfloor-heating/electric-underfloor-heating-mats/
  2. X2. The latest model is ARP4.0.
  3. An ARP with the fan option will start a fan. https://www.arprv.com/
  4. An abortion fridge works the best when on propane because the flame produces more BTUs (evaporates more liquid) than the electric elements do. If you want a top quality 12V or 110V fridge take a look at these. http://www.engelaustralia.com.au/products_category.asp?pid=11
  5. ALLOY

    Heating the basement

    It is more complicated than one of these http://ventedcatheater.com/2.html but less complicated than a Webasto/Espar. Our 35,000btu Suburban draws 9.2 amps and the 10,300btu Propex draws 2.2amps. The exhaust temp on the Propex is 20 degrees lower which makes it more efficient and the fan it does not produce a high pitch whine. Manchester, Flame King and Sleegers make ASME propane tanks that can be permanently install and do not need testing after 10 years.
  6. ALLOY

    Heating the basement

    I had Bosch - Wallace - Webasto - Espar - Propex o nthe list when I was looking for back up heater for the Suburban furnace. The primary concern was low amp draw, after this noise and installation. At +/- 200W ( through an inverter) draw and very little noise a Bosch Buderus condensing boiler is ideal but the install was going to be hundred plus hours on a trailer that is not used more than 30 days during the winter. https://www.bosch-climate.us/files/75H995352-_New_SSB_Residential_brochure_8-30-17_US_1.pdf Wallace is less amp draw than Webasto/Espar. Price and a tank with fill/venting kept me from choosing one of these. https://www.scanmarineusa.com/wp-content/uploads/30GB-2018s.pdf Price, low power and noise is why I chose the Propex. The difficult part was finding a location that kept the heating ducts and the exhaust as short (less than 6') as possible. These are the valves. The ducting for the Suburban and Propex is 4" metal. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LPPF0S6/ref=twister_B01NASOMOX?_encoding=UTF8&th=1
  7. ALLOY

    Heating the basement

    As Vern said I've run two 3" furnace ducts into the basement. Each has a knife (dust collector) valve so heat only goes into the basement when needed. We also have a Propex 2100 propane heater that is ducted into the basement and a boot drying locker. We have 2 direct vent heaters for use outside but these never come inside the trailer.
  8. How will SOC/voltage of each bank be determined? The voltage will vary depending on load and while under different states of (bulk, absord, float) charged. A battery balancer or a 12v to 12v charger would take the worry out of connecting the banks. The batteries will be in boxes and vented to the outside?
  9. ALLOY

    cable sizing

    I prefer to use tinned marine cable as there is no capacity lost to corrosion over time. If there are tight corners I'll sometimes use Superflex or 2 smaller cables such as two 1/0 wires instead of a single 4/0. Having the proper stranding in the cable (22-26ga) ensures the best ( a good crimper is needed) contact between the wire and the inside of the terminal when crimped. The temperature rating of the insulation will affect the capacity
  10. ALLOY

    Hot Skin

    What was the cause of the leak?
  11. ALLOY

    Generator noise reduction

    I've build sound enclosures that have reduced engine noise to a hum. To go further than that is exponentially more $. Tuning the insulation to the type of engine, air sealing, baffling, isolation and correct grade of muffler is what I've seen missing from many enclosures.
  12. Compare the specs with a model from a Yamaha dealer to make sure the Costco model is identical.
  13. ALLOY

    Another CG Ettique Question

    We had a neighbor that used sunflower seeds in a bird feeder to attract Blue Jays. On a couple of occasions the neighbor asked if we had seen any rats. "Rats are everywhere" I said. Sometime later another neighbor was told that our backyard was infested with rats. After giving the neighbor a 15 minute video recording of their bird feeder at night the feeding stopped and we never heard about rats again.
  14. FYI....as the temperature drop these type of coilers become more troublesome.
  15. Slowly spinning the real with an Ohm Meter connected to the input/output of the reel may show if there is a bad spot.
  16. ALLOY

    How to remove over spray

    The aluminum wheels I've had are powder coated which if it is a good quality coating the Acetone will not affect. Try some Acetone on a rag and rub along an edge of the painted surface. A stronger thinner like Lacquer Thinner or Gun Wash may remove the over spray faster. Thin Nitrile Gloves do not stand up to Acetone/Lacquer thinners but the orange/black (Marigold) rubber gloves do.
  17. As you mentioned if the AC loads are not balanced in your RV the increased (resistance) load on one leg may be more than the electrician is using to conduct the test. It may also take time for heat (resistance) to become an issue. If you have an idea of the amperage your RV draws on L1 and L2 this information would be helpful to the electrician. Other staying at the site may not load the neutral enough and for long enough to cause an issue. A thermal (FLIR) camera is a good tool for issues like this.
  18. ALLOY

    Steel or Aluminum Drom box

    When aluminum is that much less expensive than steel I wonder what is missing. If the openings for the latches hinges were cut/drilled into the steel after painting it will start to rust quickly
  19. ALLOY

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Chlorine pucks for pools are slow release......I wouldn't used them in a FW tank.
  20. A small circulation pump controlled by a timer will pull water from the hot side of the bathroom plumbing and pump it into the cold side.
  21. Would it work to mount the exterior unit to the pin box with a dust cover while on the road?
  22. ALLOY

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Remember reading somewhere that Honda use a pure sine wave inverter.
  23. ALLOY

    What is This Grate For?

    On ours there is a large open area behind the grill that with the addition of hinges and a catch could be used for storage.
  24. ALLOY

    Slide out awining

    There is a slide topper that has extending arms that turns it into an awning. Someone here may know the brand/type.