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  1. Grey Water Dumping

    We are set up to run shower water to 3 places, grey tank, black tank and outside.
  2. Moki Dugway - OK for 30' 5th-wheel?

    It looks like the logging roads we use....which were made for trucks longer and heavier than we are towing our 35' 5th.......allot depends on pin weight that keeps the rear wheels stuck to the ground
  3. Bleeding brakes

    Just for fun....turn the battery (if you have one) disconnect off and/or all the power off to the trailer and pull the plug out of the breakaway switch.....the brake actuator should still run.......if it doesn't that something needs to be looked at. Things I've found: - brakes connected to the wrong side of a disconnect - the loose brake wire in the bottom of the battery box. - a wire for the breakaway that had fallen/pull out the butt connector and was wrapped in electric tape. - on our own trailer the plastic broke.....keep a spare screwed to the wall in the front storage now. The breakaway this is something that if you are driving regularly should be tested a minimum of once a month. We test it every time before we tow.
  4. Bleeding brakes

    The vac won't pull fluid through the pump in the actuator.
  5. Want to add work lights

    The wire size calculator above is for a one sided circuit using a fixture that is grounded to the chassis. If a wire (positive) is run from the panel to the fixture and a 2nd wire (negative) runs back to the panel .....or the length of wire (negative) that is used to ground the fixture to the chassis needs to be added to obtain the correct wire size. If the input voltage of the LED fixtures is say 9-18 volts a 10% voltage drop is O.K. Bit of trivia.......marine (tinned) 18/2 to 12/2 will fit through a PG9 (3/8"NPT) strain relief while 10/2 needs a PG11 (1/2"NPT) strain relief.
  6. Is there a voltmeter on the batteries that indicate the batteries being at different stages of charge/discharge?
  7. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    I've TIG welded 1/4" long crack next to the handle on a 110Yo ERIE pan with SS rod....but a 4" long crack?? ..welding will do more damage than the fix. Brazing may work but only in an oven. To do it with a torch the ends of the crack need to be drilled or the crack will run soon as torch hit it. Lots of excellent pans on Ebay I have a some Erie, Griswold and Favorite Piqua ware. The Piqua are just as good at a fraction of the cost.
  8. What do you get when testing each leg (to ground) in the receptacle that the shore power cord would be plugged into..... ......looks like you found the issue faster than I could type
  9. Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    When we started winter camping we wouldn't use the water system because of flushing and refilling antifreeze in lines. We changed the system so the water lines are sloped toward the low point drains, the HW tank and back to the FW tanks. Setup/take down for winter trips takes 10-15 min. Installed one of these frost free valves on each side of the trailer which are great for the shoulder seasons. http://www.woodfordmfg.com/woodford/Wall_Faucet_Pages/Model-22.html
  10. Palomini laminated roof

    Up here we have Escape trailers. http://escapetrailer.com/
  11. Palomini laminated roof

    Fiberglass is a sheet that glued on vs. Casita and some others are made so the roof is one piece. http://www.fiberglassrv.com/
  12. Palomini laminated roof

    Believe the roof material is EPDM Anything made up of multiple layers can be termed "laminated"....be is screwed - glued - bolted - welded.
  13. Generator Set-up on TT

    Building an extended run system for two H2000 is one of the best things we did. We bought the caps on Ebay. The set up is like the one below but with primer (outboard) bulbs for each engine and we use 2.5gal gas cans instead of 5gal. http://www.genxdirect.com/b-e-r-g-s/bergs-i/ipi-bergs-2-dual-generator-extended-run-fuel-system-tank-included-part-hnd1-2000id/ We try to buy premium gas that doesn't have methanol and we carry fuel stabilizer.
  14. Brakes in 35'-42' 5r

    Drums heat up and expand away from the brake shoes. ....on long down hill grades it is best the keep the application force below 10%. Rotors (disc) heat up and expand toward the brake pads. Titan Kodiak has cylinders on one side. Dexter has 2 cylinders on both sides of the disc. Tuson ABS is another option.
  15. BC Hwy 99 to 97 from Vancouver and other passes

    The section from Pemberton - Lillooet is also know as the Duffy Lake Rd. When we are doing a trip up North we take our time driving 99 North and come back on Hwy1 Fraser Canyon south. Both are scenic drives. What the Duffy has in twists and turns makes up for in the lack of congestion (rat race) and commercial vehicles that Hwy#1 has. Edit: Added links http://www.hellobc.com/british-columbia/transportation-maps/driving-routes.aspx A side trip to Gold Bridge? http://www.hellobc.com/british-columbia/transportation-maps/driving-routes/74/duffey-lake-hurley-river-road-loop.aspx