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  1. Toy Hauler Ramp

    hmmm......the spring would mean there is less side to side strength which is needed to suspend the door along the edges. My next thought would be to suspend the door from the back edge. Any chance the manufacture would provide drawings/details of the door?
  2. Horst Miracle Probes

    I'm trying my best not to ....my guess is it will be 40% new.
  3. Jack Blocks

    There's a picture at the top/start of this thread. The top is welded but the bottom comes off for nesting. Edit: I'll look for or take some more pictures
  4. Horst Miracle Probes

    iSeres by Techedge is an alternative to Horst and SeeLevel https://tankedge.com/products.html We needed a system that would monitor 2 (120g)water, 1(120g)black, 1(120g) grey and a 1 (29g) propane tank. The iSeris was the only system that would do it. The new tanks in our trailer are made with 3/8" HDPE. The Moda technology that both iSeres (analog) and SeeLevel (digital) use does not work through 3/8" plastic. iSeres make PVC internal sensors for use with plastic tanks that are over 1/4" thick.
  5. Toy Hauler Ramp

    If the build of the door checks or is reinforced the chain and eye bolt idea that dennisvr uses is the best. Cable may stretch allowing the the door to bounce. If the strength of the door is a concern expand on dennisvr idea and use 2 eyebolts and 2 chains on each side to reduce the point loads. One of the chains on each side will need a turnbuckle. A high tech solution is 1/8" Amsteel rope. It is good for +/-2500lbs and has less stretch than cable.
  6. Electronic systems, cheaper quality along with fewer people with hands on skills will sustain the new market.
  7. Toy Hauler Ramp

    Each door is built differently. When we looked at used toy haulers on some the perimeter frame on the doors had twisted where the cable attached breaking the sealant on the outside. We didn't look long at Toy Haulers so I never found out if these doors were screwed and glued or welded. Some of the alum is .040" which is hard to make any connection to.
  8. Toy Hauler Ramp

    I agree. A door that carries a 2500lbs vehicle should carry 1250lbs at the center of the span. Wood blocks or slide stabilizer under the outside edge will work https://www.etrailer.com/tv-Demo-Stromberg-Carlson-Trailer-Jack-JB-20.aspx Do you have a link to the kit or the part number? I'd like to see what it entails.
  9. The only way to get at the wiring for the slide switches (to install relays) in out trailer was to pull the Norcold N821 fridge out. Now that it is out I'm thinking of upgrading the cooling unit. It looks like there is more than one company building upgraded cooling units. Does anyone have experience with one or the other? P.S We dry camp, use a ARP and the DW says we don't need a different fridge. Thank you JT
  10. Using Dielectric Grease

    I started using it to prevent corrosion/rust after drilling through a painted metal. My preference for T-gei is that it is a single application even if the fasteners have been removed several times it stays on. It stands up to heat and does not contain water like grease does. Any type (ferrous and non ferrous) faster are easy to remove after 5-10 years. I remember a job that required thousands stainless (3 days time) 3/8" bolts with nyloc nuts...We started using an impact but the extra speed caused nut galled to the bolt.....Tgel came to rescue....years later we did a re&re and removed the bolts easily. It also work great on the screws in cord ends.
  11. Using Dielectric Grease

    I have 2-3 tubes of dielectric grease but I rarely use it. My go to is Tef-Gel. used it on DC electrical and fasteners for 20 years. Found the TG01 syringes are the easiest to use. A tiny amount is needed on No.6 - No.10 electrical panel screws....a dab the size of this...o . It does not conduct electricity. http://www.tefgel.com/contain.php?param=tefgel_price I also use Deoxit grease on electronics and LED wring that has low amperage . Deoxit conducts electricity. http://store.caig.com/s.nl/it.A/id.2852/.f
  12. Fish Plates (DollyTrolly?)

    The post(s) don't need to be very long (12" -18") but it needs to be 1 1/2" or 2"sch 40 alum pipe and fixed firmly or lateral (scenario that GeorgiaHybird mentions) failure will occur. Connecting the post together in a H format will also add lateral support. Holes can be drilled through the web of the ramp at both ends so the cable passed through and crimped in place or shackles may fit.
  13. Fish Plates (DollyTrolly?)

    How about an inverted king post. The post could be a slipped into a pipe socket and once folded out the cable would hold the pipe/post in place.
  14. Good or Bad Idea?

    Allot depends on the location of the intake vent and wind direction. There won't be a fireball but it is possible to have heater misfire over and over causing the heater to cycling. Not being in the trailer while it is going down the road there is no way of knowing if this is happening so we leave the heater and HW tank off when on the road.