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  1. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    I was talking to a couple that were looking at bigger but the went with molded fiberglass. They thought quality was more important than the size of the trailer.

    I've been thinking how much the factor of the overhang played a part. Added to the overhang the force is introduced much higher up than say a bumper pull with a similar overhang.
  3. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    The only advice I can give regarding dealer is "generally speaking" I've found small dealers outside the major urban areas to be better. If you are not hands-on then there are allot of advantages to a new trailer with an extended warranty. If you are hands-on there are allot of advantages to quality built used. My $0.02......I don't think there is much quality in new $20,000-$30,000 trailers. Have you looked at the molded fiberglass trailers like Bigfoot, Escape Trailers and others http://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/ On last word......before buying the people here would be happy to help you figure out how much your tow vehicle can pull.
  4. Wood Deck - distance to stack

    Try a search for "generator wall thimble" and look for images. You'll find lots of dimension. There are more than a few ways to do it depending on air circulation, heat shielding and insulation. I've used Roxul/Rocwool in the thimbles I've made. It is a very good insulation and unlike fiberglass it allows water to pass through. Wrapping the the exhaust or intumescent paint will allow the wood to be the closest. Asbestos is not longer used......look for "glass felt insulation". If you use inumescent paint use a dark color (black) as it attracts dirt and is very hard to clean
  5. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Hi Things that come to mind.... What do you have for clearance between the trailer and the top of the rails on the 2008 pick up now? When I look at the specs for a 2008 F350 it lists the open tailgate to the ground at +/-35" . The 2017 F350 4x4 show as 37"-38" If you've flipped the axles and then used the bottom hanger bolt this will increase the torsion on the hangers/frame. The hangers many need to be boxed in and the frame strengthened. Options I can think of: - Raise the pin box or a maybe a flatter pin box - Larger wheels/tires on the trailer. - Custom springs with more curve. - Riser Blocks between the springs and axles. - Longer (stronger) spring hangers - Flatdeck or RV hauler body - Lower the truck......a Google search will tell if "lowering shackles" are made for the truck you are looking at. FYI...F450 has a better turning radius than the F350......but the F450 has slightly less GVWR
  6. Ramp Question

    VHB (very high bond) tape may stick to the HDPE. Shorter strips of HDPE is better as it needs room to expand and contract Can a strip of (black) HDPE be bolted to the side of the steel deck and another block to the end of the ramp that would slide across the deck? Gluing is HDPE is possible but it needs to be flame treated. Finding a glue that will bond alum to HDPE maybe an issue.
  7. Refrigerator failure

    Welcome to the forum. Good to have you here. Not cooling in the fridge is a common issue. Check this video out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3K0fQxqiuc
  8. RV heating concept

    People on Truck Conversion and 4x4 forums have done this.
  9. RV heating concept

    A residential (96% efficient) condensing 80,000BTU boiler that would heat both the trailer and the HW would use less power and propane than a common RV (76% efficient) propane furnace. I would have installed one in our trailer but the issues I ran into were: -time it would take to install the PEX (3/8" easiest to bend) tubing under the floor. - did not have enough wall space to keep the max temperature of the rads below 130F. - using fan forced air rads (at 180F) drove up the 12V power consumption
  10. Jack Blocks

    I made 8" 12" and 16". What heights are you looking for?
  11. Restoration work begins ...

    For info on the slide seal this talk to these people http://uni-grip.com/ Once you know what you want order the seals from these people. http://www.cleanseal.com/adhesives.html Don't know the type of brakes you have but for upscale disc Dexter make calipers with 4 pistons/caliper Tuson makes an ABS system http://www.direclink.com/ I've done a re&re on ceilings by cutting door (1/8" ply) skin, gluing 3/8" foam to it and wrapping it with vinyl. It is important to wrap the vinyl around the edges with the same tension . I've finished the structural parts of my re&re now I'm into the electrical....today I was running the wires so that the outside lighting is on 3 way switching. For solar the first part of this webinar is interesting. At 6:56 it looks at solar to DC (battery charging) as well as solar directly to AC which is worth looking at if there is enough residential power use (fridge / boiler / mini split AC) during the day.
  12. Jack Blocks

    Apologies for missing this....... De-burring the holes (didn't want the little ones to get cut) took hours. Holes were added to reduce weight of the 1/4" alum. plate. If I made more I'd make them with 1/10 the number of holes which would add 3-4 lbs. Anderson makes these buckets .....my $0.02 is they need to sit on plywood. https://andersenhitches.com/Products/3608m2--trailer-jack-block-2pak.aspx
  13. Restoration work begins ...

    If there's room something to consider is a residential condensing (95% efficient) boiler for both heat (under floor or rads) and hot water. http://wholehousecombi.com/ https://www.bosch-climate.us/files/75H995235a_01.17_GreenstarNSC_Brch-Web_US_1.pdf
  14. The manufacture's output rating is based on a test (1kw / square meter) number. Panels may receive both direct and reflected (snow, water, glass) sunlight.
  15. Slideout Leak

    Use clear caulking like Proflex. That way if you can see dirt behind it you'll know it is leaking