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  1. drzcharlie

    Cashmere and Wanatche, Washington

    Martha and I are way behind on blogging. We finally finished the last of our Washington stays near Cashmere and Wanatchee. While there we visited the Cashmere Pioneer Museum which was an unexpected and well curated display and also we visited Leavenworth, Washington where the whole town is built around the Bavarian theme. While there we visited the "Nutcracker" museum. Yes, it's a thing. (Mods this is a non-monetized blog) Read about it here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/08/visiting-cashmere-and-leavenworth.html
  2. drzcharlie

    Orcas Island Part 2

    We've finally caught sorting photos from our trip to Orcas Island. Part 2 of our blog can be found here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/08/orcas-island-washington-things-to-see.html
  3. Martha and I have been chilling on Orcas Island for nearly three weeks. We have enjoyed our stay here at our incredibly wonderful and dear friends place. Our blog is about our stay here on this beautiful island in the San Juan chain in the Salish Sea. Join us on our venture and read about it here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/07/orcas-island-wahington.html
  4. drzcharlie

    Pacific Coast Highway

    We just completed our trek up Highway 101. We use google maps a truckers atlas to verify route restrictions and clearance issues and this trek was no different. I can tell you that you will have no problems if you follow the truck routes. As others have pointed out the lower (southern) part of 101 has some restrictions. But once you are past Porterville, CA you can travel the entire route safely. Keep in mind, there are a lot of tight spots on the route. One worth mentioning is near Redwoods National Park. There are giant redwood on either side of the highway and the road is not very wide though them. Just expect to do a lot of slowing down. We are 56' from front bumper to end of our toad and we had no issues. Our trip took us to Orcas Island via the Anacourtes Ferry. Safe travels and enjoy.
  5. drzcharlie

    Marthas Thoughts on Traveling on Highway 101

    True about the signs, It's easy to let your eyes wander to the views. One word signs get your attention. My favorite is "Rocks," Umm are they on the road,? are they falling on the road now,? are they doing a chip and seal? A little more info would help. My next favorite is the speed signs that seemingly double the size of the speed. You will have normal signs that say 55 and when they want your undivided attention the increase the font to look like 55. I have never seen this before. I have to admit it's effective. Besides, 101 is one curvy and hilly road with absolutely stunning views. They gotta get your attention some how.
  6. Martha and I continue our trip up the Oregon Coast. This blog entry is about Gold Beach, Port Orford and Prehistoric Gardens. Tomorrow (the 29th) we continue north up the Oregon and Washington coasts where we will load the "Beast" onto an ocean going ferry for the trip to Orcas Island. (Mods, this is a non-monetized blog): http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/06/gold-beach-oregon-prehistoric-gardens.html
  7. Martha gives her thoughts about traveling up the Oregon Coastline on Highway 101. (mods, this is a non-monetized blog) http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/06/random-thoughts-about-driving-101-up.html
  8. Martha and I continue our trek up the left coast. We've stopped at some pretty awesome places and the scenery only gets better as we move up the coast on Highway 101. Check out our newest blog entry here (Mods, this is a non-monetized blog): http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/06/eureka-california-trinidad-california.html
  9. drzcharlie

    One year on the road - Martha's Perspective

    Thanks Kirk, Pat and Pete
  10. Martha and I have wandered further towards the west coast. Our blog entry this times takes us to California to Porterville, Sequoia National Park and then to Tuttleville Recreation Area. We loved Sequoia National Park. Read our blog here (mods this is a non-monetized blog): http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/06/success-lake-sequoia-national-park.html
  11. Martha posted our latest Blog Entry. We celebrated 27 years of marriage and one year on the road on June 1st. Martha gives her thoughts on how she feels about RV'ing as a full time lifestyle. (Mods this is a non-monetized blog) Check Martha's blog entry out here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/06/celebrating-27-years-of-marriage-and.html
  12. drzcharlie

    Exploring Arizona

    Exploring Arizona - Our latest blog entry takes us to Winslow, Az., Homolovi State Park and the Hopi Ancestral Pueblo Ruins, and then to the Grand Canyon. Read about our explorations here (photo Rich) Admins this is a non-monetized blog: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/05/exploring-arizona-standing-on-corner-in.html
  13. drzcharlie

    "Meow Wolf"

    We visited "Meow Wolf" while we were in Santa Fe. What is it? Check it out here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/05/exploring-santa-fe-meow-wolf-what.html
  14. My wife and I continue our travels in New Mexico. We recently visited "Kasha-Kutuwe Tent Rocks National Monument." I have completed a blog entry about the monument and you can find it HERE (Photo Rich). (Mods - please note* this is a NON-monetized blog. We don't make a dime from it.)
  15. Please provide a link where you best think the blog post links fit. I will gladly post there. Thank you, I will post there when I have a blog entry which happens to be right now.