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  1. Since we are boondocking I decided to have a little fun with the blog today. http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2017/10/things-ive-learned-on-way-to-sewage-dump.html
  2. Hello all, Martha and I are riding out a windstorm on Cape Hatteras. So, tonight I am catching up on our blog. You can view our new blog entry here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2017/10/cape-hatteras-national-seashore-and.html
  3. Sometimes as full timers we forget to live, breath and enjoy. Martha and I are finally getting better at it but we had a lot of challenges thrown at us in this, our fifth month full time living on the road. We have finally realized that we can't always be working on the coach, cooking, cleaning and not breathing, living and enjoying our surroundings. We blog and if you start at the beginning of it you will see, it took a long time for us to settle into the lifestyle. Yesterday we took a break to visit "Freedoms Fortress" Old Fort Monroe. Take a peak at our blog and tell us what you think in the comment section. We'd love to hear from you. "Freedoms Fortress" Old Fort Monroe.
  4. Our Journey Towards Full Time RV Living

    I loved my bikes. But it was time. Martha and I visited "Freedoms Fortress" yesterday. It was an interesting experience. Take a look at our blog to learn more. Fort Monroe - Freedom's Fortress
  5. Our Journey Towards Full Time RV Living

    It was a sad day when I sold my bikes. At 68 my body is a mess so It's likely a good thing to not have it anymore.
  6. Class of 2017

    We started full time on June 1st of this year. We are just 21 days into our fourth month and we love it. If there is a mistake to be made we've done it. If there is an expense we could have avoided, we didn't. But, we're loving it just the same. Check our blog at: www.wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com Make sure to leave a comment and let us know how were doing with the blog. If you have questions do the same. Charlie an Martha
  7. Our Journey Towards Full Time RV Living

    We are now working on our fourth month on the road. Check into our blog and see the latest blog posts at Wandering Tootsies)
  8. Digitizing documents and photographs

    We did our own scanning. We scanned over 3500 photos (26 years worth). The images an documents were placed into Dropbox and backed up on a external hard drive. We ended up with one shoe box of "keep sake" photos and overall we ended up with three book storage boxes of documents that had to be retained like (IRS records).
  9. Class of 2017

    Congrats Dune! We leave in 81 days, 9 hours and 19 minutes. Not that I'm counting.
  10. I'm interested I will contact you via PM.
  11. Nice No Heads Up on change

    OK, this sucks. Go back to the old format.
  12. Class of 2017

    We are selling things, setting up garage and estate sales and intend to be out of Fayetteville, Arkansas by June 1st I think that is 86 days from now. Woo Hoooooo
  13. What have you done to your MH today?

    Yesterday I removed the ornate and rather restricting window valances from our Newmar Northern Star and then replaced the tail light bulbs on the coaches to LED. Talk about night and day difference. I also ordered a new Progressive Industries hardwired surge protector. It should be here Monday (tomorrow) and I will get it wired up. After that we are free to camp.
  14. I am looking for a USED tandem tow dolly. It must have hydraulic brakes and preferably a rock guard (the guard is not a deal breaker). Please contact me at drzcharlie@gmail.com.