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  1. drzcharlie

    Exploring Arizona

    Exploring Arizona - Our latest blog entry takes us to Winslow, Az., Homolovi State Park and the Hopi Ancestral Pueblo Ruins, and then to the Grand Canyon. Read about our explorations here (photo Rich) Admins this is a non-monetized blog: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/05/exploring-arizona-standing-on-corner-in.html
  2. drzcharlie

    "Meow Wolf"

    We visited "Meow Wolf" while we were in Santa Fe. What is it? Check it out here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/05/exploring-santa-fe-meow-wolf-what.html
  3. My wife and I continue our travels in New Mexico. We recently visited "Kasha-Kutuwe Tent Rocks National Monument." I have completed a blog entry about the monument and you can find it HERE (Photo Rich). (Mods - please note* this is a NON-monetized blog. We don't make a dime from it.)
  4. Please provide a link where you best think the blog post links fit. I will gladly post there. Thank you, I will post there when I have a blog entry which happens to be right now.
  5. Due respect to RVParkReviews. We use them too. However, as pointed out in the body of this thread sometimes reviews aren't always posted pending changes that suits the owners or friends of owners don't agree with the campground. This is precisely why I chose to do campground reviews within my blog. Admittedly this feature does not draw huge numbers of views nor should it. But where our review shines is an honest appraisal of the strength and reliability of AT&T and Verizon signals. Ok, enough said by me. I will be posting in the correct thread as per the thoughts of the majority of folks on this thread.
  6. Please provide a link where you best think the blog post links fit. I will gladly post there.
  7. Please provide a link where you best think the blog post links fit. I will gladly post there. For the record, I only posted the link. I did not post a lengthy blog entry. This in turn keeps bandwidth usage down for the site. As an Escapee member I thought I was entitled to post our experiences and of course I do it without bad language or at the expense of others. After all, I assume that we all want to share our experiences with other full timers? Or, am I wrong? From my perspective (and I don't wish to fan the fire any higher) this seems like a "Get off my Lawn" kinda thing. In the interest of camaraderie I will capitulate and move any further blog links to the correct thread.
  8. You agree? funny, I am a full timer, I provide these as a way of helping my fellow full timers find adequate camping spots and things to do in the area once we they get there. Is that not in the spirit of a full timer? I can post in the blog section but it isn't working correctly. For the record what I do is a hobby, not an income.
  9. We just pass on our own experiences and we also have a page on our blog that we rate the campgrounds we've visited. The blog is non-monetized and we do this as a hobby.
  10. My wife and I are full timers just a couple of months shy of a full year on the road. We actively seek cheaper venues to stay at. Our latest blog entry (non-monetized blog) reviews a State Park, a Corp of Engineers Park and a County Park all of which should fit the budgets of those seeking either full or partial hook ups when they camp. You can see the review here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/04/hords-creek-lake-c.html Enjoy (photo rich).
  11. I understand....lol. We frequently driveway surf at my brother in laws in Rio Vista (south of Cleburne) and have never explored Ft. Worth or Dallas. It was time to start.
  12. We finally got around to doing some exploring in Ft. Worth. Our goal was to find free and cheap things to do. Check out our blog entry here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/04/exploring-fort-worth-texas.html
  13. drzcharlie

    The King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas

    A birding trip is next on my list when we get back here.
  14. My Wife Martha's favorite photos from our first 10 months on the road full time. Most of these activities were free or low cost. Enjoy. (Mods, this is a non-monetized blog for everyone to enjoy.) http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/03/marthas-favorite-pictures-from-first-10.html
  15. We visited the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas the day before yesterday. Big? Yeah, bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Blog entry is here (picture rich): http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-worlds-largest-ranch-king-ranch.html enjoy!