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  1. Technically, the receiver or frame - the part with the serial number on it - IS the firearm as far as Federal Law goes. So if it wasn't legal to ship the gun, it wasn't legal to ship the frame. And if it IS legal to ship the gun, there's no need to disassemble it. Everything else, other than the frame, is just gun parts, and anyone can buy them mail order from places like Brownells or Numrich.
  2. I have the same problem with my Remington 11/87 shotgun with a two round magazine extension. Her Majesty's Canadian Government, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that the presence of two extra rounds in the magazine has magically changed a perfectly innocent sporting firearm into an item of pure evil.
  3. A: He didn't say long guns, he just said guns. B: He didn't say western Canada, he just said Canada. My understanding is that when you fill out the Canadian forms at the border, you have to give an acceptable reason. Protection from dangerous wildlife is a perfectly acceptable reason out west. If you're crossing from Maine into the Maritimes, I'm not sure that will fly. "Protection from dangerous wildlife? What dangerous wildlife? We don't have dangerous wildlife here in Nova Scotia!"
  4. With E-Z Pass, at least here in NY, it also pays for toll BRIDGES. So it can still be useful to people who don't drive the interstates. As far as them tracking you, I saw a Law and Order once where they convicted the guilty guy cause they checked his E-Z Pass records and used that to prove he wasn't where he claimed to be when the murder happened. Note to self: Remove the E-Z Pass transponder from my car before driving off to kill someone who annoyed me.
  5. IL's system is compatible with the E-Z pass system used throughout the northeast. My NY E-Z pass worked fine all the way through PA, OH, IN, and IL last time I passed that way. I understand it's NOT compatible with either TX or OK. If you are going to be buying a NEW truck to use with the Airstream, look into NationalPass: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NationalPass
  6. I recommend #9 birdshot for dealing with wasps. Or rabid butterflys! Everybody wants to defend themselves, but nobody wants to accept the reality that you probably have to severely hurt your attacker. So they're looking for the "magic bullet" that will somehow accomplish both. Just saw a report that the Chief of Police of Oakland University in MI is issuing hockey pucks to all students and staff for self-defense. He assures them that throwing hockey pucks at armed felons will "cause a distraction". Well, I guess it will, if you count "uncontrollable laughter" as a "distraction" . . .
  7. I remember reading about that. IIRC, the couple HAD a gun of some sort on board, but it was locked away someplace unloaded because they frequently had grandkids along, or some such. A gun is useless if it isn't IMMEDIATELY available.
  8. Nothing works 100% of the time. The very BEST handgun calibers/bullets will give you 90% one-shot stops. Which means they will fail 10% of the time. The other thing to keep in mind with pepper spray is that it is no longer considered non-lethal, it is LESS-lethal. Spray a guy with pepper spray in the face, and - blinded and in pain - he stumbles into traffic and is hit and killed, he's just as dead as if you had whipped out a gun and shot him. And you will be legally required to justify WHY you sprayed him.
  9. Actually, wasp spray not only is "not much", it's NOTHING. There is absolutely NO documented evidence that it will stop another human if he is attacking you. Here's a news story about an intruder who was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife by a wife while he was struggling with her husband, AFTER he had been sprayed with wasp spray, which had no effect. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2529190/Intruder-killed-Crossfit-owners-planned-abduct-rape-wife-attacked-hours-earlier.html Here's a link to an explanation by a chemist who works for one of the pepper spray manufacturers: https://www.sabrered.com/blog/why-wasp-spray-won’t-work-self-defense-against-humans-chemist-explains-0 Here's some links to some YouTube videos demonstrating just how useless wasp spray is for self-defense: Wasp Spray for Self Defense Debunked! Pepper Spray vs Wasp Spray
  10. Don't Chris and Cherie from TECHNOMADIA hang out here? Why don't you try a private message to them?
  11. Are you willing to think outside the box? How handy are you with tools? There is a very active group of people who convert Cargo Trailers into campers. Some are very minimalistic, some can be quite elaborate. You can see a ton of examples on this site: Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers - Cargo Trailers
  12. You know, I remember seeing a Volkswagen Beetle with Hawaiian plates running around near a college campus in upstate NY, and thinking, "How cool is that!" Having Guam plates on an RV on the mainland would be even cooler!
  13. Perforated steel planking developed in WW2 to construct temporary runways. Wikipedia has a short article on it with pictures under it's correct spelling, Marston Mat, although it's common to also spell it Marsden.
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