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  1. MikeW, Were you not able to check the payload sticker on the truck before purchasing?
  2. "Unfortunately trailer manufacturers "spec" tires that fit the intended vehicle's unloaded weight. That was confirmed (in person, "eye to eye") with a mfgr's rep (Jayco). " The tire(s) have to be able to support the axle weight ratings....the axles will be supplied at a rating that covers the GVWR less the tongue weight. GVWR, not unloaded weight, is used to compile the least acceptable tire rating. Believe this to be FHWSTB? or NTTS? rules. These numbers will all be at minimums, not any higher. If you want more tire capacity, you have to be willing to do the research and come up with tire that others have generally had good luck with. If you want tires to last longer, besides the normal alignment/air pressure, etc, then choose a tire with a lot of extra weight capacity for your trailer. You can't know this without a valid weight on the axles, and a lot of RVers never make the effort to confirm where they are in tire capacity vs actual as-towing weights.
  3. whj469. Do you have shiny metal rods extending from frame to slide side when extended? If so, that is the ram part of the hydraulic cylinder.
  4. Never thought about that possibility...
  5. This will also work for re-registration yearly for full-timers--online forms to re-register, then 3 days for inspection when back in state.
  6. Mark, Not questioning the numbers, but wonder about the process of how you came up with them? Seems every fiver I have ever moved the hitch position forward, affected the front axle weight more. Been a long time since I messed with levers/fulcrums... Joe
  7. Eric 1234, we have had the RSSA for 2 years now, it is every bit of 39' + from ladder to nose. We can access the bathroom and the bed, but not the bed room. Right side fridge opens, but not the left or bottom freezer. Towing at total of 57' combined. We previously had an 05 36 TK3 for 10 years. We do not have a problem in having slides open in rest areas, just have to pick right spot. Second the suggestion to check with RollingRetreats for advice/pricing, but they do not take other than DRV in trades. Might also check with Sunshine RV in Havasu City, much closer, or RVs4Less in TN. Whatever, if you order, be sure you get risers installed to clear the 450. Access to washer/dryer in the RSSA is tight and behind the toilet, not easy to fix if they go bad.
  8. jblo

    Tailgate Question

    Odd on your newer Ford longbeds--on my '17, I can turn the truck completely lock-to-lock with the tailgate down. B&W puck hitch, Morryde pinbox.
  9. I would think that moving the hitch forward any amount would add weight to the front axle--just about every weight I have seen has been higher on the front axle when hitched over unhitched. But should never add weight to one side only--bad numbers. Also, DEF is 9.1 lb/gal--heavier than water--if I remember, that year GM DEF tank is close behind the right front tire?
  10. Agree with the above, but to combine a Thor product with the IH Maxxforce is a double whammy....
  11. Eric1324, Please go thru with the contact to Alicia at Rolling Retreats--she probably knows more that anyone out there what is doable on an order, plus they make sure it is RIGHT before you take possession. And you can get a lot of Elite options on the Mobiles. I am towing a '15 38RSSA with a '17 450 and barely getting by without risers. Alicia won't let you order w/o the 2" risers, might consider the 3" but 4" probably not needed. It going to be a heavy dude, probably around 19500 as delivered, and no way to put the gen in the rear.
  12. Glenn, Don't know what area you need to be in, but this last Feb we stayed at Prospect RV Park in Wheat Ridge. It is just off I-70, Exit 266, easy access. Propane 1/2 block down W 44th. Very friendly people and reasonable costs. They stay booked pretty well, so suggest early reservation if you think it fits your needs. http://prospectrv.com/ We are going back to Denver in June and will try to stay there again. No frills, fairly close spaces, but good people--pet friendly if you have those. I think they can have room for the truck, but check.
  13. Kirk, That was my mistake--got the address at SKPs, but did not get it changed on DL--guess if office had been open in Livingston, it would have worked. Guess I worded it wrong as if I had the address change with DMV, would have cleared up everything.
  14. Just had my 450 shocks delivered to me by Amazon Drone--not....whatever happened to that, just a publicity stunt?
  15. Only passing on my experience when moving address from Burleson to Livingston/SKP park. Cost me an extra trip because I did not have a Polk Co address on my DL. And, the DL office in Livingston was closed at the time due to storm damage....just my normal luck.
  16. New cars/first registration only usually don't need inspection--next year it will.
  17. Grassy, Is this the website you tried to contact: https://www.rvcomfortsystems.com/# They are still in business, far as I know.
  18. One thing might cause a problem for you--you cannot register a vehicle in a county in which you don't reside, at least that is what the Polk Co (Livingston) told me. Had to get DLs changed to Livingston SKP address BEFORE I could register vehicles in Polk Co. Someone might want to correct me if my info is wrong.
  19. jblo

    Rob Walker

    The leaking slides issue is not with the roof of the trailer or slides--on many of the newer ones, the slide floors are not sealed well and water runs down outside of slide and go behind the bottom flange where it is screwed to the floor. If you don't inspect the sides and ends of the slides, water may get to the open grain of the floor and rot the wood. Depending on delivering dealer and how well he does the PDI, you may or may not be affected by this. DRVs aren't the only ones that have this problem, just check some other owners forums. Couple of dealers are mentioned often about being the best ones to take delivery thru.
  20. Looks like they only have the one battery, rest are solar and survival/minimalist items. Would not think the one battery is their own make? Are lithium batteries like LA types, very few actual manufacturers?
  21. Chiefneon, Believe I answered your email--you interested? Twotoes, The antenna needs to be on top of the trailer, or somehow above the roofline. The one I have in use was on the ladder top but I knocked it off going under branches. Now have it on an extension pole and can lower it for travel.
  22. Have a complete, new in box, opened for inspection only, WeBoost 4G-X RV. Have one already in Suites, was going to put in truck, changed mind. Would like to get $340 inc shipping. Any interest, email me at joedobry at gmail.com
  23. Just finished 3 1/2 weeks in Denver, then headed south. Couple good days, then the cold caught up with us. Using a heated hose + a heat tape on the drain lines/sewer hose has kept us in operation. Couple of days, the spigot froze and we had to use blow dryer to thaw it out. Now in Weatherford, TX, area--spigot froze last night but got thru that. Now have everything 'winterized' and see how it works at 19-20d tonight.
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