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  1. Anyone who would like pics, send me your direct email. joedobry at gmail.com and will send them to you. rpsinc, you are absolutely correct.
  2. Did you go thru with the DRV purchase? If not, sent you a private message.
  3. Going to be moving to a motorhome in the near? future. We are FT in a DRV Mobile Suites 38RSSA, and having thoughts about how to go about buying MH/selling fiver and 450. The DRV is a 2015 with full solar setup, dishwasher, fireplace, residential fridge, Morryde IS, Traveler Sat set up for Dish. If anyone here is thinking about a newer/larger setup then currently owned, and our fiver would possibly fit, would appreciate a call to talk it over. Currently trying to determine trade-in values on both, lost on what the market is for this type of swap/trade. As always, an owner thinks everything is worth more than the buyer, and the buyer thinks just the opposite. Phone is 817--239----0514. May not answer an unknown number, just leave a message, I'll call back. And thanks. Joe
  4. Kirk, Coach Specialists list only a 'Drop-Off' place in Waco--not sure what that means--phone # is the Mansfield shop. The shops are in Mansfield and Plano, was just at the Mansfield shop looking at a MH for sale.
  5. Both my DL and CCL are the Escapees mailbox number w/street address in TX. Have had no problem with these for any purpose, including firearms. Was thinking about changing to SD for possibly lower insurance rates, but not with this info.
  6. Have you purchased a fiver?
  7. I believe Sailuns are made by Cooper to their specs in China...I have had excellent wear/mileage out of their 17.5 tires.
  8. You should be satisified with the Sailuns...had a set of 17.5s that performed for 1000s of miles, inc AK trip. Went with the trailer when traded and still had like-new tread.
  9. MikeW, Were you not able to check the payload sticker on the truck before purchasing?
  10. "Unfortunately trailer manufacturers "spec" tires that fit the intended vehicle's unloaded weight. That was confirmed (in person, "eye to eye") with a mfgr's rep (Jayco). " The tire(s) have to be able to support the axle weight ratings....the axles will be supplied at a rating that covers the GVWR less the tongue weight. GVWR, not unloaded weight, is used to compile the least acceptable tire rating. Believe this to be FHWSTB? or NTTS? rules. These numbers will all be at minimums, not any higher. If you want more tire capacity, you have to be willing to do the research and come up with tire that others have generally had good luck with. If you want tires to last longer, besides the normal alignment/air pressure, etc, then choose a tire with a lot of extra weight capacity for your trailer. You can't know this without a valid weight on the axles, and a lot of RVers never make the effort to confirm where they are in tire capacity vs actual as-towing weights.
  11. whj469. Do you have shiny metal rods extending from frame to slide side when extended? If so, that is the ram part of the hydraulic cylinder.
  12. Never thought about that possibility...
  13. This will also work for re-registration yearly for full-timers--online forms to re-register, then 3 days for inspection when back in state.
  14. Mark, Not questioning the numbers, but wonder about the process of how you came up with them? Seems every fiver I have ever moved the hitch position forward, affected the front axle weight more. Been a long time since I messed with levers/fulcrums... Joe
  15. Eric 1234, we have had the RSSA for 2 years now, it is every bit of 39' + from ladder to nose. We can access the bathroom and the bed, but not the bed room. Right side fridge opens, but not the left or bottom freezer. Towing at total of 57' combined. We previously had an 05 36 TK3 for 10 years. We do not have a problem in having slides open in rest areas, just have to pick right spot. Second the suggestion to check with RollingRetreats for advice/pricing, but they do not take other than DRV in trades. Might also check with Sunshine RV in Havasu City, much closer, or RVs4Less in TN. Whatever, if you order, be sure you get risers installed to clear the 450. Access to washer/dryer in the RSSA is tight and behind the toilet, not easy to fix if they go bad.
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