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  1. I have read on another forum (IRV2) that if you full-time, your RV IS your home, thus 'away from home on business' is not applicable. As mentioned above, try whatever you want to, but trying to take 8x8 space in an 8x40 ft space as exclusive 'business-related' does not sound like it is a viable approach to writing off expenses. On the other hand, if you can do it correctly, a 20% space use writeoff would be a nice deal? Myself, would not try it, too many risks for not enough reward...
  2. Lots of 'gotchas' in these policies--even my Ford ESP PREMIUM policy on wife's MKX got me on definition of 'trim' piece vs 'functional' piece. Wouldn't it be great if it were all "What you see, is what you get"? Instead of what you DON'T see WILL get you. Even looking at all the fine print, it is difficult to determine exactly what they are allowing/disallowing.
  3. jblo

    New tires

    Getting hard to stay current on all the RV sites........so much to read, so little time. Joe
  4. Excellent advice. Extended warranties (service policies) are all written as to make it most difficult for a claim to be submitted correctly, and for the customer/owner to have any confidence the claim is going to be approved. Many, many posts on all RV forums about problems with claims. I saw today on a tv ad an offer to get an extended warranty on your vehicle that could have up to 150k miles on it. Can you imagine all the 'outs' written into that scam offer? Many recommend putting the cost aside and add to it in a savings account, then draw on it when repairs are needed.
  5. jblo

    New tires

    Been a shop/truck stop in UT known for finding 'problems' with tires and selling new ones, just was wondering where this was. Dan, That's a beautiful pic of the truck/trailer bringing out the colors...was that Lost Dutchman Campground?
  6. jblo

    New tires

    ronbo, That tire shop wasn't in Utah, was it?
  7. jblo

    New RV tire changeover ?

    Off topic, but... For anyone with 16"/8lug axles--it is a simple change over to 17.5" wheels. The 8lug pattern is 8x6.5; the only thing to be sure of is the lug bolt size, probably 1/2", for the wheel bolt holes. Other size lug bolts would be 9/16". TrailerTiresandWheels.com can size your wheels/tires, mount and balance them, and ship to your location. The 17.5" tires are normally smaller in overall diameter, or so close as to make no difference. A 17.5" tire with a wheel that can support 120/125psi (4805lbs/tire) is one of the best upgrades possible to make to fifth wheel safety and tire life, in my opinion.
  8. jblo

    Original Dinette

    Former Suites had pedestal table/chairs and they NEVER moved while traveling, even on roughest roads. Possibly because they were on carpet. Agree with table/chairs are better for some people for comfort.
  9. jblo

    New tires

    Dan, 3 of the 4 tires had similar scuffs/cuts/indents. Some days, the individual tread surfaces were at different levels--very distinctive. I feel fortunate to not have had one strip off while towing at speed. GY makes a LOT of these tires, but even considering the volume, seems to be a consistent problem with the 114s. Not worth depending on GY to make good on any damages. But, at 4 years/lots of heavily-loaded miles, might have happened with another brand. Joe
  10. jblo

    New tires

    If I had 3 axles, the entire situation would be different--DRV pushes the 2x8k axles (at least now they are putting 9k on) to the limit before they go to 3 axles.
  11. jblo

    New tires

    Dan, This is wingnut60 on the other forums...can't seem to get my username changed here to be consistent across the forums. Joe
  12. jblo

    New tires

    I also was looking to put Sailuns on, but they do not have a recommended installer in the area. Had great luck with them on my last Suites. One thing I did was go to 235s instead of 215s for the available load factor, but still with the same psi. I think you will be well-served by the Sailuns. Assuming the Sailuns or my Coopers will last the 4 years, I can buy another set for the cost of the GYs. The 114s were all dated 01/14, and just finished putting 15000 miles on them--but having seen the pics on other forums, it got to be a constant worry (would have been the same with another brand, same circumstances) and just needed to quit worrying. Had had the suspension serviced in Sept by Morryde and they said alignment was ok, so it wasn't that causing the odd tread patterns.
  13. jblo

    New tires

    Couple on the Thor DRV and one the IRV2 forums. Not meaning to dis GY, but obvious mine were having belt problems. Lots of 114s around not having any trouble. Kind of odd, but had tread separations on 2 of 4 on Michelin XTAs? (LR Js) that were on my old Suites. Just thought for 1/2 price of GYs, I'd give the Coopers a shot. Also upped rating from H to J Found one on DRV Owners Group...one of mine was really looking funky and this pic scared the heck out of me.
  14. jblo

    TST Tire Monitor

    colobear, Fudge 'em each with 5-7lbs added to each reading?? Then the limits the same way. But, right, not good to have to worry that way. Have had TST system for over 14 years and they are generally very reliable. Service now that Mike Benson is back is exemplary. Have the flowthu sensors, (10) going to get the color monitor soon. Joe
  15. jblo

    New tires

    My '15 Mobile Suites tires were GY G-114s--each time I looked them over, the treads looked odd, but in different places each time. Have read many posts on other forums about tread separations on these tires and they are 4+ years old. Decided to replace them--wanted Sailuns like I had on old Suites, but could not come up with them easily in Livingston. Checked with Premier Tire in downtown Livingston--got 4 Cooper RM170s/LR J/60006lbs each for $990 mounted, balanced, taxes and old tire disposal. This included a $25/tire Escapees discount. If any of you are in the Livingston area and are shopping tires, might want to check with John Crenshaw. He is familiar with RV needs and has a large toyhauler. Thought this might help someone later. Joe