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  1. jblo

    Leveling trouble with high clearance 5th wheel

    JohnRushing, Hope you get help from LCI--the AutoLevel will not work if off level to much either f/r or s/s. Message should pop up "Excess Angle" Manual mode might work, but answer is still in correct blocking under front legs.
  2. jblo

    Leveling trouble with high clearance 5th wheel

    So he is quoting the mfg numbers? 17k Gross, might have over 3400pin w/o toys. But the problem is that the LCI will NOT auto-level if the front is too low when trying to start the process--has happened to me couple of times on the up-slanted pads to the rear, will get ERROR! message. Answer it to put more blocks under the legs before lifting off truck. There is a height as Jim above said that will work. Short of that, find another site....
  3. jblo

    Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Than is quite an impressive task...what 5er do you have?
  4. jblo

    travel I 10 thru el paso

    Just made the return trip, and went thru EP, not around--Monday at noon. Was pretty easy, but the west side has a LOT of construction going on. I did chance upon a 7-11 station on the south frontage road somewhere about 3 miles east of downtown that had diesel for $2.52 and was not hard to negotiate with my fiver. About 4 miles further on was a Loves at $3.39...gotta love GasGuru.
  5. jblo

    flip tire on the rim

    The diagrams on the duallys does not take into account not all wheels (if polished alloys) can be used in all positions. Most duallys have a plain steel wheel on inside rears; the one polished side wheels have to stay in place/side x side to keep polished side outward. This complicates dually rotation if doing front to rear...not quite an answer to the question, but something to consider.
  6. Kirk, FYI--Cruiser RV is a division of DRV/Heartland and owned by Thor. At the price point, I would expect the Cruiser to be a tad better than some of the competion, but have no direct experience with them. But hear a lot of negative comments about Thor products...Explore USA (old Marshalls RV place) isn't too far from you? Have you looked there? Joe
  7. Feel the same way, with the same 'home' situation.
  8. jblo

    Medicare Advantage Plan Recommendations?

    Might check out BCBS--little expensive but accepted every where we have used it.
  9. jblo

    Toll road privacy

    Not worried, just aware...
  10. Kind of what I am talking about--if they don't consistently work with truck/alloy wheels, very easy to get marks on the finish. But his 350 would have had 17" wheels--surprised they had a problem. Good that they got the polishing done. Very difficult to get tire shops to take real care with these polished alloy finishes.
  11. J Have tried to use the ST directory, lots of things to go wrong with that when considering I have to work with 19.5s on the truck and 17.5s on the trailer--the Yuma shop is a Pep Boys? and several I have tried don't mess with the high pressure tires. Passenger and light trucks would work fine--any 16/17/18/20s--but they don't like 100-125psi stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Did a deal with Sailuns from SimpleTire and it worked just as they advertise. Ordered them on a Monday, were in my drive on Wed. However, I have been charged from $15/tire to $35/tire to mount tires not bought from the tire shop doing the work. Also, you are tasked with finding some place that can handle 19.5s/17.5s, not to mention MH tires. These deals can work, but occasionally have found myself wishing I had just gotten an 'out the door' price on tires from the shop doing the work.
  13. I used Wolfhawk back in '16 when we went to Alaska. Got info from Wolfhawk about what I needed to do. Stopped at a FFL/Pawn Shop in Bellingham, WA, and had my Glock shipped to Wolfhawk. Worked just fine, except to Canada, I must have looked guilty, as they sent the trailer to the bullpen and took the keys. After about an hour of nervousness, they gave us the keys back with no comments, and away we went. Picked up the gun at Wolfhawk and stayed in AK about a month. Coming back, stopped again at Wolfhawk and shipped it to Great Falls, where I picked it up. Can be done if all rules are followed--the overriding item to be obeyed is that the package CANNOT be opened by anyone other than yourself. Kind of a hassle and shipping/ins not cheap, but got it done. Remember, no guns, no ammo of any kind. If you want to mess with long guns, go for it--can be done. Handguns, NO. Wolfhawk is in Tok, AK--everybody goes thru Tok, so it isn't out of the way. He has a small business out in the woods (house) that he works out of. I will do this again if we go back in '20.
  14. Man, haven't been around POC since around the 70s--hope the fishing is still good. I have found most of the national discounts do not live up to the hype if you take time to research suppliers and local pricing. For 22.5s on MHs, might be best, but have found it very easy to beat discounts off LIST PRICE by shopping local tire shops for truck/fiver tires. Also, the discount at Premier Tire in Livingston is their discount to Escapees members, not an Escapees discount--I worded it wrong. Have you checked with www.trailertiresandwheels.com ? Joe
  15. jblo

    Power Volt brand batteries

    "Electrical stuff is always a challenge to me." I feel your pain. Since the trailer is used, the previous owner is probably the one who put them in. If you are going to be plugged in every night, they should be ok to keep the RR running all day just fine--if you determine they are both in good shape. If you aren't going to be plugged in each night, you will need to consider a gen or solar to keep them up...most everyone with a RR and wanting to keep it running well, have put in 4 batteries. 6 volts are generally considered to be better than 12 volts for long-term use. It really all comes down to how you are planning to use the trailer. Keep asking...we'll do what we can to help.