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  1. Chiefneon, Believe I answered your email--you interested? Twotoes, The antenna needs to be on top of the trailer, or somehow above the roofline. The one I have in use was on the ladder top but I knocked it off going under branches. Now have it on an extension pole and can lower it for travel.
  2. Have a complete, new in box, opened for inspection only, WeBoost 4G-X RV. Have one already in Suites, was going to put in truck, changed mind. Would like to get $340 inc shipping. Any interest, email me at joedobry at gmail.com
  3. Just finished 3 1/2 weeks in Denver, then headed south. Couple good days, then the cold caught up with us. Using a heated hose + a heat tape on the drain lines/sewer hose has kept us in operation. Couple of days, the spigot froze and we had to use blow dryer to thaw it out. Now in Weatherford, TX, area--spigot froze last night but got thru that. Now have everything 'winterized' and see how it works at 19-20d tonight.
  4. No other experience, except for Cagle Recreation Area near Lake Contoe, TX. Sites were $18, $9 for Golden Age Passport. Then they tacked on the $11/day electric cost. That was last year, I think it has gone up some now.
  5. Been in Denver since 2/2--hope to be heading south on 25 on Monday about noon. Should be ok over Raton by that time....?? Had to clear about 8" of the white stuff off the roof/slides this am, luckily got it done before the wind started--whistling around Prospect RV park since about 11am.
  6. As of today, it appears to still be available. If you get to look at it, examine closely for any signs of it being in high water. Several floods in that area recently. Remember, PPL is a consignment outfit--they don't own the trailer. You can make any offer you would like to, and they would have to present it to the owner.
  7. Off the subject, but on the Costco at Bellingham--was returning from AK trip and came thru the border crossing near there...cars were lined up at the crossing and had to wait a while. After crossing thru, the outside lane never moved as much as the inside lane did. Farther on, the traffic hangup was all the BC license plates turning into the Costco...
  8. Might look this review service over for some ideas around Livingston: http://rvservicereviews.com/StateList.asp?Submit=&sortby=location&state=TX&search=&CategoryID=&ZipCode=&Miles=&SearchState=&KeywordState=
  9. Glad you got the deal set for the exact truck you want. Off the subject--back in '09, I went shopping for a new F450, found it at Planet Ford in Houston. Main office was a zoo, they even have a soda/snack bar and other gimmicks. Tried for about 30 minutes to get hold of a salesman, finally gave up. About a week later, stopped in a Waxahachie Ford and told them what I was looking for. After looking at my trade, we worked a deal that was ok to me, but truck was at another dealer. 2 days later, went to pick it up and it was same truck I had looked at in Houston....
  10. Members of both--will be getting over $1k back from Sams, includes the 5% on fuel, about $200 from Costco. Mostly for fuel purchases at Sams, which usually has diesel...I prefer to shop at Costco, as the merchandise appears somewhat nicer. Like the eating choices better at Costco. Seems easier to find the Sams, tho.
  11. Have you checked with Dave Smith Motors in Kellog, ID? They will pick you up at airport and fix you right up. Not much further to ID as to Houston/Livingston. 100s of Rams on the ground there.
  12. My B-I-L in OKC is putting his former towing truck up for sale--if anyone has interest in a pre-emissions GM Duramax, this is a pretty well-cared for truck. 2005, 3500HD 4X4 Dually Duramax. 56,000 miles. He has always garaged it, never damaged/wrecked. Used to tow a Jayco Designer for summer trips. 2 years ago he bought a Dynamax DX3 MH and pretty much stopped using it except for trips around town. It is white in color, I think it is charcoal cloth interior. He takes care of his stuff, includes an in bed tool box and fiver hitch. If anyone might be interested in it, give me a call at 817...239...0514 and I will give you his contact info. Joe
  13. Greg Young, RV Solar, 484-883-7686. Recommended installer by AMSolar in Springfield, OR. Greg finished the wiring of our entire trailer instead of just the fridge. Good work. He is working out of New Braunfels I believe, comes to the rv site. www.rvsolarsolutions.com greg@rvsolarsolutions.com
  14. Suggest you check closely for spaces approaching/ past Ft Stockton, the oilfield is still pretty active out that way and lots of workers using the RV parks. Past FS, the activity drops off rapidly. Kerrville is nice stop; Junction has a city park with free camping/no hookups but quiet and safe. South LLano State Park in Junction is nice, but not sure it has been reactivated since serious flooding.
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