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  1. 24k gross less PW of ? = maybe 19k on axles? 6x4080 = 24480 24480 less 19000 = 5480 / 6 tires = 913lb/tire over capacity. Seems like plenty to me, if you can't fit the 85s in.
  2. Talked to them today, seems to be working out...just have to send in the old hopper/joeys and start over. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I'll let you know what professional cooperation I get from them.........
  4. Mark, Guess I'll call Dish and try to tell them what I am going to do, and see what they say...Can anyone tell me if I can use my 211z receiver and the Carryout without any other devices, in home or not?
  5. Dutch, I have the 211z receiver in the trailer, but the hopper is in the house. So, will the Carryout work with just the 211z? Or do I have to take the hopper also? Is it going to do any good to call Dish and ask them, 'cause a lot of the times they just don't understand portable sat antennas. Thanks, Joe
  6. How is it that the Carryout works otherwise? Pardon my goofiness, but I am technically challenged. It has worked fine previously doing the switch checks, and as far as I know, it is a single LNB. The reason I have the Carryout is because I could NEVER get a dish manually lined up on a tripod.... Thanks, Joe
  7. Been using a 2TB powered HD for some time--works just fine. Believe it is a WDigital. I don't think the HD will work by power of the sat.
  8. Mark, Why is this? You are saying a Carryout won't work without having a home unit? Or what is the problem? Thanks, Joe
  9. I can do that, but how does Dish operate without a home unit? Do they understand I will only have the one receiver and it is not in a house? Thanks
  10. We will be out of our house and into the trailer on 5/30. We have had Dish service at home (hopper/joeys) and a Winegard Carryout/211z receiver in the trailer. Things work pretty well as we go on trips, but now that we won't have house service, what do we do to continue Dish service thru the Carryout? This has probably been answered sometime back, but not good at searching past posts. Any advice will surely be helpful and appreciated. Have just gotten mail-forwarding set up thru Escapees, at least that part is underway... Joe
  11. jblo

    Leaking water hoses

    If I had to replace a hose yearly because it was deteriorating, believe I would stop buying them. But, have had a white water hose with blue stripe that I believe is a Camco, and no problem with it for over 10 years. Maybe quality has gone down. Joe
  12. jblo

    House is sold, what now?

    Thanks all for the replies. I have a lot to learn and little time to do it. Not having too much luck shucking stuff as yet, but guess we'll get serious about it soon.
  13. I have been reading a lot here for several years, but guess most of it didn't stick as we weren't ready to get out of the house. Well, we thought it over and decided to sell. We have been towing an RV since '79 and never had to worry about where we were going to go home to--the house sold in 1 day for full price and now we have 36 days before closing. Live in TX, want to stay around but not buy a house. I do contract work off and on and will probably put the trailer somewhere near when a job comes up--mostly in TX & LA. Thought I was ready, but now that it is going to happen, not so sure. Had a garage sale, got rid of quite a bit, but nowhere near enough. Will be boxing up 'stuff' that we haven't learned we could do without. So, I think I will be working thru Escapees for the mail forwarding, and using that address as long as we don't find an RV Port Home we like. My first question is about medical insurance--we are both on Medicare and use a local 4-county supplemental health plan--but it won't work once we have the Livingston address. Anyone have a suggestion as to who to check with about supplemental policy that will be useful in Texas and elsewhere? I have insurance with NatGen thru Good Sam for the fiver, but probably won't be able to use TX Farm Bureau after the 'move'--any thoughts on vehicle insurance? Appreciate any advice from you veterans. Thanks, Joe
  14. jblo

    Looking at Forest River 387MKOK

    Call/email the dealer on RVTrader--they should be able to read off the package sheet. It they won't cooperate, you sure wouldn't want to buy from them. FR seems to have their share of problems, and hit/miss on warranty service--some people have said they are great, others,,,
  15. jblo

    fifth wheel hitch purchase...weight rate

    Would suggest a 16-18k B&W Companion as they are easy to use if you have the underframe portion installed--the B&W allows for a flat bed when not towing. 2-piece for easy removal, and has movement front/rear and left/right.