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  1. National Rally Flea Market

    We'll have some assorted odds & ends of stuff for sale - battery box cover, 8-foot antenna mast pole, stepstool, bike cover, small dog crate, pots & pans, etc. Not sure if Shawn has any other tools or materials he's willing to part with.

    Ya'll are cracking me up. I had no idea there were so many comedians in the group! Guess we missed out by not attending happy hour... we'll rectify that this year. Shawn & I were newbies at National last year. I must say I'm a non-mechanically-inclined introvert as well, and the size of the group was a bit intimidating, but we managed to strike up conversations with some of the newbies as well as some of the more "experienced" attendees. Hoping to refresh those acquaintances and make new friends this year. We'll probably pull in a week early, too. Big5er didn't mention Elvis; I'm crushed. This little bugger loves attention everywhere we go.
  3. Homesick, Help!

    If Independentlady wants to return to the East Coast, she can do so and still be a fulltimer. Fulltime living in an RV can mean many different things, including exploring a single region like New England. There's enough history, geography, wildlife, architecture, food, etc. to keep one busy for years and years! We're hoping to spend next spring/summer/fall exploring just a portion of the area. Independentlady, these links might help: http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/rvroutes.htm - Specific pre-planned routes in the eastern half of the country, mostly N-S http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/ - great place to look for things to do in any state https://ourfutureinanrv.wordpress.com/temporary-stuff/long-term-lots-and-exit-strategy-ideas/ - this blogger shares his thoughts on alternatives to traveling full-time -- great list For the winter months, Austin and the hill country area of Texas is temperate but not desert-dry. There are relatively cheap places to live in the area, especially as you get further out from the bigger cities. I know it's not as far east as you said, but it might be a good parabolic detour on your trip east. (And no alligators ) Haven't spent much time in the Carolinas in the winter, but the climate data is here - http://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/south-carolina/united-states/3210. Looks like it gets mighty chilly in Dec./Jan. - do you have a four-season rig? There are other Escapees Parks beside the ones mentioned here. https://escapees.com/support/parking/rainbow-parks & https://escapees.com/support/parking/skp-co-ops. Sounds like a great place to start for an instant community feel. A final thought - have you considered heading into Canada in the summer? The dollar is at a favorable exchange rate, and there is LOTS to see and do in the Canadian provinces in the northeast, with a similar climate. Quebec is beautiful, and I've heard wonderful things about Nova Scotia. Happy travels!
  4. FULL TIME vs full time

    We're full-time. Sold the house and left "home" 8 months ago. I'm semi-retired (e.g. currently unemployed) while DH works 9-5 from the rig to support us. Deets: https://40foothouse.com
  5. Interesting to read all of the responses with the whys and wherefores. Our situation: DH still works 9-5 from the trailer as an IT manager. That means the majority of our joint site-seeing can only be done on the weekends. In order to allow DH to explore the area, and because monthly rates are roughly half daily/weekly rates in most RV parks, we tend to stay a month at a time in each location. We are also attending some rallies for shorter periods. So for 2017 we'll likely end up at 16-18 RV parks this year. I track all parks & expenditures on an Excel spreadsheet, so it's easy to count them up. (I do NOT count single overnight parking stops, we do a lot of that on travel weekends but I don't track it.)
  6. Osteoperosis and an HDT

    We had a PetLoader for our older dogs; it is a terrific product.
  7. Hi LizD. I hope you don't get too discouraged from the tone of most of this advice. It sounds as though you have done a lot of research and prep and are more prepared than many who embrace the full-time RV lifestyle. I know a large number of folks who started full-timing with a lot less in the bank, and they are loving life. Prepare for what you can, and give it your best shot. RE: the "RV lifestyle" -- there isn't (just) one. It's what you make of it. With your interests, and the attitude you project, I think you will do great. I hope to meet you on the road! -- another 43-year-old unemployed full-time RVer (who is extremely lucky to have a spouse who works for $$ and insurance!)
  8. East Coast Rally

    Picked up a nail? Man, your luck needs to change!
  9. Hot Springs NP, AR

    I'm in Hot Springs now at a private resort. For those wondering, the area is beautiful in the spring!
  10. Novice full timers

    As another newbie FTer, I just want to express my appreciation to those of you who replied with suggestions. I'm taking notes!
  11. Full-timing since 12/25/16. Still getting organized and settling in!

  12. CLASS OF 2016

    We squeaked in under the wire for the class of 2016! My intro: In July DH and I were planning to sell our tired S&B in Detroit and have a new one built on the other side of the country. I was oh-so-ready to quit my unsatisfying job, and he'd gotten approval to work remote at his current job. While trying to finalize floor plans, he had an epiphany: if I can work remote from X, I can work remote from A, B, or C, too! So we decided to accelerate our retirement "plan" and shift gears into moving into our camping trailer to travel instead of buying a new house. In 6 months we did a huge amount of work on the trailer as well as finishing (most) of those house projects that had piled up in 16 years. We sold or gave away almost everything, and on Christmas Eve we finally left the empty house and headed south away from the ice & snow. We made it to San Antonio on New Years Day and will be here at least through February. Because of all the projects we weren't able to put the house on the market until we left, but we had 2 offers within 48 hours, and hopefully the sale will close early next month. DH (Shawn) works fulltime as an IT manager. I'm going to be pursuing part-time work as a grantwriter and keeping house. We plan to travel leisurely around the country, moving about once a month or so since DH only has weekends to either explore, relax, or drive. We have a little 20-pound chi mix with an adorable underbite named Elvis. We're in our 40s with no human dependents. Right now we have a 2011 Cedar Creek Silverback 35TS which is comfortable enough but doesn't fully suit DH's desire to have a private office space and room for a toy like a Polaris Razor. Therefore we're looking to possibly get a DRV Fullhouse JX450 or possibly a Spacecraft this year as they have the only configuration that we like. We tow with a Volvo 730 big rig, and I drive my Nissan behind (for now). See you on the forums and hopefully on the road! -Andrea Blog: https://sturburbia.wordpress.com
  13. See article - http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/business/nearly-grand-design-rv-trailers-recalled/article_ace0b407-8b7f-528d-8a4b-8a0b3f881431.html
  14. Landing a Remote Job - Lessons Learned

    Thanks; I appreciated many of these tips.