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  1. Hi Tex! Just a few ideas: Monthly stays at private parks are cheaper than daily/weekly rates (usually roughly half) and let you slow down the pace a bit. We try to do monthlies as much as possible. Researching DOES take up a lot of time. I'm very thorough because we absolutely must have solid cell signal and a really big site, and I don't want to get stuck in a site we don't like for a month. What resources are you using? I start with Google and rvparkreviews.com to both find parks and check ratings. There are others, too -- Campendium, campgroundviews.com, and freecampsites.net are useful. There are also some Facebook groups dedicated to park reviews - https://www.facebook.com/groups/WheredYouStayRV/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/rvparkrecommendations maintain files on lots of parks that you can search. Unfortunately it just takes time, but once you get more comfortable using search tools and finding a method that works for you, it'll get a bit easier. Don't trust the park websites - look for images on Google and GoogleEarth. Explore other states. As someone else already stated, you can get a nice site in parks in TX for $400/mo. Unfortunately, we've found that AZ is expensive and pretty booked up in the winter. NM or NV might be better. The farther you get from major tourist attractions or big cities, the cheaper things will be (generally). The basic TT membership does save you money but is difficult to manage when you have to work as you do AND only get 2 weeks in at a time, AND can only book so many weeks ahead. There are upgraded memberships you can buy (NOT @ retail price from TT, but through resellers) that will allow you to stay longer, not have to move outside of the system, and make reservations further in advance. I echo the Escapees parks. We stayed at North Ranch in Congress for 6 weeks (in winter) and it was very pleasant. That also puts you only an hour from Phoenix area for shows/sales. Besides TT and Escapees, other $$-saving memberships include PassportAmerica (10%-50% off nightly rates) and Good Sams, usually 10% off the nightly rate. If you're reasonably self-contained, take a shot at boondocking (camping without hookups). There's loads of state and federal land out west, some with basic services like toilets and waste disposal. Freecampsites.net and Campendium are the best resources I've found for finding those. Burnout is real. Hang in there! Or, if it's not right for you, take some time off the road to regroup. There's no right or wrong way to live. -Andrea
  2. FYI, we stayed at Grand Ole Resort last year for 2 weeks. They do have a few spots you'll fit in. Be aware that for the past 2 years, the park has flooded dramatically -- most recently last month: https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2019/02/23/goodlettsville-flooding-nashille-weather-trailer-park-rv-swift-rescue/2967849002/
  3. We're going to try to make it this year! Registering soon... Can't wait to meet up & do some off-roading!
  4. We had a mini-HDT get-together last week here in Tucson --- the Tilleys, the Gells, the Reinigs, and the Rainvilles.
  5. We've been at Enchanted Trails for 3 weeks. Yes, the traffic noise is loud near the front of the park, but with the temps what they have been, the windows are shut so it's not disruptive. The staff and guests have been friendly. On-site propane fills and small RV repair service. Nearby Love's for cheap gas. We'd recommend staying here. Try to see if they will put you in spot A-1 (shown here) -- it's the end of a dead-end row, so plenty of room for trailer & truck.
  6. Amazing work! From the layout to the woodworking to the inspired electrical panel. Is there a thread where you describe more of this project?
  7. We've banked with USAA for years. Not only do they have excellent customer service and great rates for a variety of products, but because they only have locations in TX (mostly near San Antonio, where the HQ is), they refund ALL ATM charges. I need to remember the grocery store cash back tip, though, as I do worry about skimmers somewhat.
  8. Whoops. Thought I'd posted, but I guess not... We're at the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort in Hermon, Maine (just outside Bangor, an hour from Acadia) all summer. Most sites are long pull-throughs and can accommodate our rigs with no problems. Stop in and see us! https://pumpkinpatchrvresort.com -Andrea
  9. Fryefarm, I had the same issue. Had been doing allergy shots every 3 weeks for a decade. (I had tried going longer or stopping them several times over the years but no luck.) When I told my allergist of my plans to travel and asked what to do about shots, he said "Well, you'll have to stop." Surprisingly once I did stop getting the shots I did not have a major reaction. So that might be the case for you, too. Try here - http://www.allergyasc.com/locations.html - a friend goes to this practice and I think he self-administers.
  10. We're stationary until mid-January at a nice country park near Conroe, north of Houston. Would love to get together with others in the area after Christmas.
  11. We want to tour the mines, and are planning at this point to be at Hutch on 10/1.
  12. We'll have some assorted odds & ends of stuff for sale - battery box cover, 8-foot antenna mast pole, stepstool, bike cover, small dog crate, pots & pans, etc. Not sure if Shawn has any other tools or materials he's willing to part with.
  13. Ya'll are cracking me up. I had no idea there were so many comedians in the group! Guess we missed out by not attending happy hour... we'll rectify that this year. Shawn & I were newbies at National last year. I must say I'm a non-mechanically-inclined introvert as well, and the size of the group was a bit intimidating, but we managed to strike up conversations with some of the newbies as well as some of the more "experienced" attendees. Hoping to refresh those acquaintances and make new friends this year. We'll probably pull in a week early, too. Big5er didn't mention Elvis; I'm crushed. This little bugger loves attention everywhere we go.
  14. If Independentlady wants to return to the East Coast, she can do so and still be a fulltimer. Fulltime living in an RV can mean many different things, including exploring a single region like New England. There's enough history, geography, wildlife, architecture, food, etc. to keep one busy for years and years! We're hoping to spend next spring/summer/fall exploring just a portion of the area. Independentlady, these links might help: http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/rvroutes.htm - Specific pre-planned routes in the eastern half of the country, mostly N-S http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/ - great place to look for things to do in any state https://ourfutureinanrv.wordpress.com/temporary-stuff/long-term-lots-and-exit-strategy-ideas/ - this blogger shares his thoughts on alternatives to traveling full-time -- great list For the winter months, Austin and the hill country area of Texas is temperate but not desert-dry. There are relatively cheap places to live in the area, especially as you get further out from the bigger cities. I know it's not as far east as you said, but it might be a good parabolic detour on your trip east. (And no alligators ) Haven't spent much time in the Carolinas in the winter, but the climate data is here - http://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/south-carolina/united-states/3210. Looks like it gets mighty chilly in Dec./Jan. - do you have a four-season rig? There are other Escapees Parks beside the ones mentioned here. https://escapees.com/support/parking/rainbow-parks & https://escapees.com/support/parking/skp-co-ops. Sounds like a great place to start for an instant community feel. A final thought - have you considered heading into Canada in the summer? The dollar is at a favorable exchange rate, and there is LOTS to see and do in the Canadian provinces in the northeast, with a similar climate. Quebec is beautiful, and I've heard wonderful things about Nova Scotia. Happy travels!
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