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  1. Allen when you change the bags will you let me know how long it takes.  I have a few to do.


  2. Not sold 100% on Webasto yet, getting parts in US is an issue and using this product at high altitudes is also an issue. My normal range is 6,000 to 8,000 feet. Will keep this unit in mind, just starting my research. Dennis
  3. I am researching diesel fired cab heaters to use in my basement of the RV to stop water lines from freezing. The RV is used in -15 degrees temps so this could be a very useful heater to help keep the rest of the camper warm. My question has anyone used these if so which brand? They appear to run on 1 gallon for about 24 hours plus some 12v draw. Webasto Happybug (China) Superfastracing Espar Airtronic D2 Planar Others????
  4. Sorry not at this time, just too nice of a truck with such low miles and runs great. Check back with me later. Dennis
  5. My build uses treated 2"x4" wood secured with long U bolts about every two feet; built over 15 years ago doing fine.
  6. Hi Steve, I should be all signed up, packed and ready to hit the road Saturday. Please confirm I made the list. Dennis
  7. Will there be rig weighing done at this rally? If so do we need to register? Dennis
  8. Splendide 7100XC Washer-Dryer Combo- Ventless Platinum Very lightly used unit for sale; new on Amazon for $1341.71. $850.00 obo takes this unit. Will take this to Hutchinson, KS 2019 Rally Oct. 13th - 19th More pictures upon request. Max Spin: 1200 RPM; Cycle: 10 wash/3 (+2 auto) dry Max Wash Capacity: 15 lbs.; Max Dry Capacity: 11 lbs. Super-silent technology Automatic water level control Dimensions: 33-1/8" Height x 23-1/2" Width x 22-1/4" Depth
  9. Glenn I also agree this is a connection issue and or bad cable. Loosen the cables wire brush and sand off the terminal ends. Make sure you reinstall with some dielectric grease, it makes better electrical contacts and reduces corrosion. If you want to know if it you key switch causing the issue purchase a push button tester from Harbor Freight $10; turn on key and start truck at truck relay. Let us know your outcome. Dennis
  10. So I should install my 48" replacement muffler recently purchased from Volvo for $65.00 and call it good?
  11. Cotreker

    back up Camera system

    I went with Rear View Safety; upgraded to the 9" monitor with two wired camera's. Pretty high quality equipment, I was even able to upgrade the warranty term to two years. The camera's even have a speaker build in but I do not use this feature. You can force the camera on when connecting to the turn signal line. I am able to back up to my trailer with one and view traffic behind the trailer with the second.
  12. Rick, Brad, Jacolyn and other friends Sheri & myself met at the WCR; we are registered. Well I am coming for sure still need help selling this to Sheri (help Jacolyn). Dennis Westminster, Co
  13. Thanks all, I will for sure purchase the 2-part clear.
  14. I am going to give this method a try, I have watched a number of Utube sessions on how this is done. Just need to order a two pack of the gloss clear cans. Will take some before and after shots. Cannot look any worse.
  15. Imurphy907 what brand locker are you going with? Any idea on cost yet?
  16. When the snow flys in Denver I load up and hit the mountains with the snowmobile trailer connected to the Volvo. My truck is tandem so I carry two sets of chains and should really carry one spare set and so should you for $70 at Volvo. Last year I got more practice than I wanted ontop of Rabbit Ears pass in the parking lot. Both sets of chains put on and then had to drop the sleds out of the trailer to lighten up the load. Parking lots do not get plowed right after or during a strom. So chain up and lock up the tandems and try not to stop until you see a good parking spot. I am looking into adding Limited Slip Diff but have not done much research on cost nor difficulty. To date I have really not chained up on the highway only locked up the tandems and the truck will go right up the pass just fine. Granted I am NOT pulling a 5er behind me so my not be same your you guys. Install LED lights near your tires for seeing what you are doing with the chains, also carry a few blankets to lay on the snow. Lastly, make a 12" rod with hook to catch the back side of the chain connector. Head lamps are also very helpful. When parking in deep snow I put the front end on 3/4" wood so the front end does not drop down. Dennis Denver / Deep Snow Today it hit 100 degrees
  17. Thanks! - Looks like a real good deal; later I can add LED.
  18. Hi Alan, does your 2012 run DEF and if so any issues to date?  What year did Volvo start using Def if you know this?



  19. Will you please share where you purchased your replacement housings from and cost. My polish job made improvements but new ones are needed. Brad I have to drive at night after playing hard during the day. On the fog lights do you have lamps in both positions? I only have lamps in one. Thanks, Dennis
  20. Try this one, I would like a 6 pack for finders fee. Smile https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/32305227/2015-volvo-vnl64t780
  21. Pictures please I am looking for a friend of mine. dennislynton@gmail.com Thanks Dennis
  22. How much are these joyfull motors?
  23. Hi Tim, Real nice truck very much like mine. My build article is attached in my signature line. Good luch with the sale, just my 2 cents, I think your price is low so it will make someone even a better truck. Dennis
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