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  1. Dave, do I need to collect from you at the upcoming rally? It is for my retirement fund.
  2. Some of this was actually fun to read but maybe time for this thread to end. Just back from Boyd lake one night get away, parked next to a small van conversion he liked my rig. I still charged him $2 to take a picture of it.
  3. I have the Volvo D12 with 10 speed. What I know now after driving it for 2 years; I wish for a D13 or larger and a few more gears, maybe even the I-Shift if the price were right. I still like what I have and it rocks pretty well in the mountains, if at sea level it would be fine. Keep asking questions and take many for a test drive; sometimes not so easy.
  4. Hey Big5er I just ordered one per your recommendation $77 well spent. Just good peace of mind and I have to leave the truck in remote locations for 5 to 7 hours. Don't want anything taken out and don't want anything put into my tank.
  5. One phone call and I found out the bad news, the Maxhorse engine had very bad design issues and almost took the entire company down. EGR and exhaust issues which put out all kinds of check engine lights. They made 65,000 of these and shipped as many as possible off shore. Today these sell for about $18,000 and this truck is listed for $49,000. My hunt continues.....
  6. If you have owned or currently own a International Pro Star Eagle + semi I would like your comments. Recently I found the following and I don't know much about this brand however I really like the options and need them in my next truck. 2012 Pro Star + high end trim package 250k miles 16' custom bed Double Lockers ****** 10 Speed Ultra shift auto (wife could drive )** 13L 475/1650** (my truck 12L manual) No Def but has a regen system? Is this correct????________ 22.5" wheels (I currently have 24.5") All aluminum How do these turn compared to a Volvo? My truck is 300" wheel base this is a bit shorter. ________ My plans take off the RV 5th wheel hitch and put my slide-in camper on the deck. In the future put on the 5th hitch and purchase a 5er. My trucks go off road in deep snow, I chain up and really like the double lockers. I would be the 3rd owner it needs front tires.
  7. New starter now installed along with the solenoid (one on the firewall) covered my bases. Ended up getting the difficult bolt free with a 1/2" 17mm short impact socket (6 point) and pray bar. With just the right sections and process I got hold of it and it came loose. Nothing easy about this job, sometimes I do like a challege and I got one. I added a few more tools to the box as a result of doing this job. My connections were all cleaned and coated with Dielectric Grease.
  8. Looks like I am about to purchase one more really nice tool unless you happen to have an electric high impact wrench I can use for 30 seconds? If so dinner.
  9. Update, spent 3 hours busting the bolts loose only got the front two free. The back one is very tight, can not get a bar onto it due to the long lenght of the extensions. My older air gun and electric torque gun will not break them free. Good excuse to purchase a new Kobalt impact wrench it does 600 ft bl's which should do it just fine! Put some Kroil on the bolt to make it release, hope it works. Next update coming soon when it is off and back running.
  10. Thanks Jack great details, I will build one. My RVS system has a limit of only 3 camera's a few more should work fine. I will start sourcing some CAT 5 cable.
  11. Fixed, disconnected ground this reset the display. I had peviously disconnected the ground when attempting to change out the starter. The display must not have liked the power surge. Now to get the starter off and replaced.
  12. Jack can you please explain how you add more than 3 camera's to this system since the limit is three. I think you do some type of a switch system.
  13. Check out Rear View Safety, high quality products. I use two camera's and 9" monitor all wired. Camera's are night capable and have speakers.
  14. Since your batteries are difficult to reach I am only guessing that you are not adding distilled water on a regular basis? Have you tested the acid with the floating balls menthod? My guess is that the acid level is low and the plates have been damaged. Terminals need some TLC, when replacing make sure to use plenty of dia-electric greese. Your application is a good one for AMG type batteries, they need no water, well worth the money.
  15. Cotreker

    Value of Truck

    I had my HDT appraised by Deep Space Lighting on this site. He did an extensive job and professional write up. My insurance company wanted this in order to insure the truck, my semi is a little unique (pictures in tag line). Well worth the money spent, I will use this to support my future sale if ever. Dennis
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