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  1. Thanks masterdrago. That must be it. It did have something to do with the defrost cycle. Everything was pretty iced up.
  2. I'm not sure exactly what the service tech ment with his "high level (limit?)" switch, but I think it was associated with not closing the door properly.
  3. Thanks to all who offered advice and pointed out educational aids. I'll be sorting things out over the next couple of months before we head to AZ and Quartzite gathering. We'll be hanging with the Boomers so if you are in the area drop by. Best, Ken Smedley
  4. I'm looking for someone who will install customer provided solar panels and provide other components for the 3 or 4 panels I have. My coach is a 2006 Monaco Diplomat with the standard 4 - 6V battery configuration and 2500 W Modified wave inverter/charger. The panels are 220W at 34V. I will need mounting hardware, controller and appropriate instrumentation and likely new batteries. Any advice welcomed.
  5. We have the newer version of the 197 and our fridge side went out this summer, freezer was fine. Got a service tech out and he identified a "high level " switch had gone south - not a resettable thing. He replaced the switch and life was good again. Cost us about $180. All work was done through the front so fridge didn't have to be removed (Thank goodness!). Find someone who services Samsung, it's not exactly a DIY project. Good luck - Ken/Wobblywheels
  6. My Atwood 10 gallon direct spark water heater is having trouble lighting. It starts up but immediately goes out, repeats for 2 more times then locks out. I've cleaned all the contacts and tube, igniter elements and anything else I could get to. I couldn't get the flame to stay lit until I whacked the gas valve several times. I'm suspecting the gas valve is having some solenoid valve issues. Is this valve rebuildable, or must it be replaced (mucho $$$)? Ken S - Wobblywheels
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