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  1. PacknRat, Oh my that is an old post...we are far past that. We opened a Navy Federal CU account(national and fed gov) before leaving CA. You can withdraw $$$ at cooperating CUs and 7-11. We do have a SD library card, but only because we workcamped at Custer SP for the summer and we were binge watching the series "24" LOL, so checked that out at library. Jim was called for jury duty for the month before we were scheduled to arrive in Custer, but we contacted them and had it delayed. He was scheduled for May, but was never called. We don't own any land there. I understand your thoughts, ESPECIALLY, exiting CA as they don't like to lose taxpayers, but I would take it one step at a time and not rush into buying land. We sold our home in CA and the cars we owned there, so we had no ties. It might be the trickier issue if you own property in CA, IDK since we didn't have it.
  2. I just took the "low flow" regulator out of our current shower head and it greatly improved our shower experience! I don't think there is much difference in water used when I can rinse soap quickly versus having to take all day to get rinsed because of poor pressure.
  3. You can leave your RV at the airport???? Please tell me more.
  4. Our Goal is to hike in every state, so I understand that logic ! We are just now getting to the point after being on the road since 4/25/17 that we are starting to look into volunteering and workamping.
  5. Ya, we try and keep our travel days about the same. We like to get into camp early and get set up. We started out staying 2-3 weeks in places, but found that if there was not enough to keep us occupied that we wished we hadn't stayed so long. Now we are doing a better job exploring the area via internet prior to picking an area to stay. As far as Christmas...we are talking about starting a "Christmas in July" tradition for every other year!
  6. Late is ok! This is kinda the thought process we are having! fly in!
  7. Ya, I know...it is going to stink being in Midwest for a week. We did go in Spring and stayed 3 weeks at campsite in area of each kid, KS and IA. We decided that was a week too long for one and fine for the other as one area we used to live in and have friends there too. Unfortunately, it's a little hard for them to all get together in one place due to work and kids activities. We certainly won't go there every winter. Maybe we will have to start a "Christmas in July" tradition. I'm sure the little kids would love that!
  8. I agree, and I guess some of it will be trial and error and I've always said, there isn't much written in stone. We have discussed work-camping for sure. We just didn't know when we were wanting to incorporate that in our life-style. We do like the idea of eventually immersing ourselves in the culture and daily life of an area for a short period of time. I will check out the link and I know about the other options I think for work camping. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, I'm not sure we want to move weekly. Maybe if it were in the same state that would be ok, but wasn't sure that is what you were referencing. I get the kid that is "too busy". Unfortunately, our kids don't live south...both in midwest. Winter, cold, snow! Maybe, I can become your kid in Phoenix's long lost aunt! Then there are the grands! Gotta see them more often than every couple years! I'm considering to fly in one time for just a few hugs!
  10. LOL! I'm sorry. We went full-time FROM San Diego area!!!! Lived in Carlsbad, CA 35 mi north of SD for 6 years. Had Christmas on alternate dates or via mail a lot! I guess that is why this year we want to be there up front and in person. Don't let it give you anxiety...it doesn't even give me anxiety! That is the first lesson...no anxiety, if you can help it. We have just learned that we go to one state and don't really have time to see all there is to see and think...well "when we come back" . So that is why we are thinking maybe staying in one state a while and do all we care to do might be the answer. Then move on. It is all trial and error for us at this point. If it were just the grown kids, that would be one thing, but those grandkids that tug at the heartstrings. I wish you all the best. Hopefully, you will enjoy yourselves as much as we have! Oh, and you are correct, that area is nice, but stay around Carlsbad. If you are not over 35 feet you can stay right on the beach. Go to O'sullivan's in CB for happy hour and Old California Mining Company on Saturday for $6 killer margaritas! Take care and Happy trails! If you need anymore info about that area, get in touch...I'll fill you in!
  11. Hey Escapees! Well, it has been a while since I've been on here much. We started our F/T adventure on 4/25/17. So far things are going pretty good! We are both still alive, well, and happily married. Any obstacles, we have overcome without much stress - no point, right? We had scheduled several stops in advance prior to taking off, and some for up to 3 weeks in one place because we didn't want to always be moving. Now, we are looking at revamping how we plan and your input, as always, is valuable. Up until now our route was somewhat dictated in seeing family in 3 different states, needing to attend a retirement party in another, going back to see the kids again for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which is the midwest and not a great place to be in winter. After that, we head south and west. We have been considering picking a state and only moving around in that state until we see all we want to see. We have already figured out that we have to look more closely at activities, specifically the hiking and biking, and how much will be available to us AND how far those activities are from our campsite. So, any input on options will be greatly appreciated. Also, how often do you get back to see family??? The area family is in and surrounding areas, really doesn't hold much to do, yet we love seeing them.
  12. Best of luck to you. Yes, living in Iowa and moving to CA and selling as prices were going up sure helped. God did bless us, and for that I'm thankful!
  13. We are still sorta figuring out our monthly expenses and quite frankly haven't kept up with them regularly. We sold our house and are fairly young, retired, full-timers(hubby in late 50's)as of 4/25/17. When we sold our house we put our $ from the sale into a CD and we don't and won't touch it until we are ready to buy a house again. I would have been hard-pressed to use our house $$$ to fund our lifestyle. We had to buy both 5th wheel and truck. We have been fortunate, the truck is paid off and the RV almost paid off. We know that both depreciate enormously when you drive them off the lot, but to us this was something we wanted to pursue. I don't think I could do it with little kids, but you go!
  14. Some of the instructors will come to you for an additional fee which might be worth it. I just went through 2 days of training (2 of us). Our trainer came from Southern CA to Arizona for us. He met us at the dealership when we picked up our rig and left with us when we drove it off the lot. I don't know what boot camp is. We didn't do that.
  15. One, I don't know how old your son is, but you said "little one". With that, I'm guessing he really is not old enough to understand the ins and outs of this decision and perhaps his desires or thoughts should not carry as much weight as yours. If you plan to do, this then I certainly would recommend and RV training school. We did that are are very glad we did. My husband is retired DOD, we sold our house and we are traveling because, like you, we don't know where we want a house, but we also don't have to think about a child in school. You mentioned that he has had to move a lot. How did he adapt? Did he like moving? Was he sad to leave? Does he make friends easily? Do his studies suffer with moves or does he excel? The answers to some of these questions might help you decide whether to find a stable spot long term and just travel in the summer. Remember this is not a decision that has to be made immediately. You can find somewhere close by and just experience the campground life for a while. See if you like it full time? You can take the trailer out on holidays, long weekends and summer break. I have personally found that If I'm that confused and scared about a decision, then perhaps the timing is not quite right. Perhaps you just need more prep time? The snow will always be there! LOL. The mountains aren't going anywhere. Having said all that. You have come to a good place for input to weigh before deciding. Best of luck to you!
  16. We loved that park! I'm ready to go back! We don't plan to work camp immediately, just have fun, but I think we would enjoy it . We plan to look into it later.
  17. Well, folks...We made it to Phoenix, picked up the 5er, the instructor met us at the dealership. We spent 2 long days driving forward/backward/rightward/leftward! I'm still not a great backer and need more practice, but Jim did fine and we both did well with all the other directions. The instructor even had me go through a Wal-Mart Parking lot and park so we could stop for a bite to eat. Yea! I didn't take any cars out! IMHO, the instructor was well worth the $$$. If for nothing else, just peace of mind and doing our due diligence. We spent 2 great days in Lost Dutchman State park(great place) and 1 night at Palms RV Resort (also great) in Yuma. My friend had offered for us to keep the rig at her house upon our return until we "roll-out" of CA for good on the 24th. When we returned and got over there, the driveway was too inclined to get it in without taking off the bumper. We had gone over and scoped out the area before we went and picked it up and we "thought" it would work, but seeing and doing are 2 different things when it's your first rig. We now have it parked in an RV park for a couple weeks(Couldn't find anywhere that would let us store it for that short term). We had checked into RV storage and the RV park option before we left in the event we needed plan B. Actually, I think this will work out better in the RV park as we have all our hook-ups and we can cart stuff over and get set up with all the comforts of home so to speak. We feel we made the right choice for us...it tows great. So here it is...meet Bart & Homer.
  18. IMHO your situation is not irreversible. We are planning to full time, but we have re-assessment dates set. Our first date is 12/1017. That is the first time we can get our money (without penalty) from our investments to buy a house. At that point we will decide whether to continue full-time or part-time. I think many of us in our life-time, if we are honest, would admit we have made some less than stellar financial decisions at some point. It is not the end of the world. You just need to regroup, and decide what is best for you and those you love at this point. Reach out to whatever support system you have, but above all don't be afraid to admit you need to take another route. If 6 months in, I were feeling like you, I'd probably go to plan B, but hey, you gave it a try. It just wasn't all it was cracked up to be for you. Take care and God bless.
  19. Yup whatever "floats ur boat" or "pulls your trailer"
  20. Ya I noticed some of the changes, such as now I can "Quote" and reply from my iPad. I was glad to see that. I've not poked around enough to see what else is different.
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