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  1. The more I think about it the more I think you'd be money and stress ahead to just rent a vehicle and use AirBNB for your stays. But that's just one man's opinion
  2. Another thing to consider with CruiseAmerica is that they have the most basic of everything, the materials are all terrible (even when new) no awning, no slides, nothing. I'd look at RoadBear, El monte as they have better options.
  3. I can’t imagine how long the list of “don’t do this” and “do things in this order” would be if I were to rent out my rig. Would probably be enough to turn off any potential renter.
  4. That tour sounds great, I might try that next time. We always stay at the RV park in Pacifica, it is literally on a cliff overlooking the Ocean, amazing location (it is a bit pricey however). We then catch the subway into the city and ride the cable cards or Uber around to whatever is on the agenda for the day. I wouldn't drive any kind of car into the city, with parking and hassle taking the subway or Uber is cheaper and way less stress.
  5. +1 on Tow Haul if you have it, game changer on downhills. Don't ride brakes (also as mentioned above) hit them hard, slow down, stay off of them for 45 seconds if possible.
  6. I did the roof of my BT Cruiser with amazing results, it still looks great. I just re-applied yesterday and decided to do the entire awning, side walls, etc. I can't say enough good things about this product (not affiliated in any way).
  7. I know it isn't a trade, but if you got even a borderline good deal you shouldn't have lost much value on that Rubicon, throw it on Craigslist and you'll get what you ask within reason. Is it a 2018 JK or JL (they made both).
  8. Sounds like your tax guy saved you from paying some fees on top of the taxes owed if/when you are audited. If you live in it full time you can't deduct the entire expense of the RV. THere may be some small percentage that could be deducted but I doubt it would be worth the flag it would put on your file at the IRS.
  9. It is an amazing product, can’t go wrong with it. Our house isn’t huge but had dead areas even with a high end single router. Moved to google Wifi and have blazing fast service in every square inch of the house.
  10. Clearly this is all personal preference but having done 90% of this trip multiple times (minus the trip through Napa) I think you are hitting the high points if you are fast travelers and just looking to give things a quick look. Grand Canyon is a good example, if you want you can walk up to the South Rim, look over, soak it in a minute and then get back in the car and go. You could also spend a week hiking the different trails and taking in all the different views, depends on how you want to do it. One thing I would recommend is to not sell yourself short on the return trip from SF to LA. That, along with the Yosemite valley, is the highlight of this trip. The drive down CA 1 from SF, through Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur (if open) and down to Santa Barbara, etc. is amazing, absolutely breathtaking drive with plenty of places to pull over and just look at the pacific from a cliff high above. Give yourself time to enjoy this. Also, I just realized you said May so the pass won't be open from the back side of Yosemite, might make more sense to head up the east side of the Sierra (through Lone Pine) all the way to Tahoe and then down to Yosemite. You will love this trip, even if you don't get to sleep a lot, you can sleep when you get home 🙂 Don't be afraid to boondock a night or two along the way, don't get caught up spending a large part of your day finding a campground if you are just going to sleep and move on.
  11. I've met this guy several times, he is a multiple time world champion whitewater kayaker and a pro fisherman (think the bar is pretty low for that one, just get some sponsors). You can hear him say that the park brake is on, but apparently just failed when the dog bumped it into Reverse. This would be terrible, good on him for taking it with a smile and having the confidence to show his failure publicly.
  12. Assuming you are planning on heading West and not going straight south, I'd go I-64. Unless you hit it at rush hour (don't) then I suggest driving directly through the city, I have never had an issue in my class c towing a Jeep.
  13. This stuff is amazing. Have been using several years around my house and on our RV. If you want to see how it works simply spray some on any outdoor concrete and let it dry then check back after a few rains, amazing stuff.
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