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  1. What's this sealant?

    It is just spray foam, should be able to buy the black stuff at Home Depot, but any flexible spray foam should work.

    Another option is DirectNOW with an ATT account, doesn't count toward your data usage and you can stream all day/night with NO impact to your plan. I have had good experience with it and I just plug my iphone into the TV via a little HDMI dongle that I bought. Works most places (as long as you can get a bar or two of LTE).
  3. Buying a cover

    Park one side up on 2 or 3 sections of 2x10. You will need them to level once you hit the road anyway and having one side higher will solve that pooling issue. Alternatively, if you have hydraulic levelers use those to make one side higher than the other.
  4. All DC dead in Class C

    That did it. Replaced the breaker and everything works as expected. Genny is purring like a kitt...err...well, it’s running. Once I got into the system i was impressed with how it was set up. There is a breaker between the alternator and batteries, one between the converter and batteries and one between the batteries and coach, who knows, might keep me from burning up sometime. Appreciate the input. Often find it helpful just to write something out, generally makes me think of something i may have missed.
  5. google security

    A lot of times a security question can be compromised by what is called "social engineering" this is often done on Facebook as part of some "tell me what animal I am" or "who are my best friends" those things ask seemingly harmless questions which drive to "what street you grew up on" "name of your first grade teacher" etc. Giving them your phone numbers ensures that you have control of when/where your account is accessed from. two factor authentication is the future and we should all be glad.
  6. Buying a cover

    Another challenge with tarps, which you may have considered is wind. I'm no master, but I've never been able to get something tarped good enough that wind wouldnt' eventually shred the tarp and sometimes, as a bonus, slap whatever I was covering enough to scar it up. I can't imagine the moisture thing woudl be a big deal the way you are thinking about covering it. For that matter could maybe last one winter uncovered, but I'd bet even a tarp laid flat would be better than nothing.
  7. All DC dead in Class C

    The the first time it turned over a few times then kicked the breaker. After that first trip the breaker would immediately trip upon hitting the “start” button. I got a replacement delivered today (we just got back home and it was waiting from Amazon) my hope is I replace the breaker and the gen starts up like normal.
  8. All DC dead in Class C

    Got it! I understand what you were saying now. Thanks!
  9. All DC dead in Class C

    Not sure I follow on starting the gen first and transferring power? It is an on-board gen that pulls it starting cranking amps from my house batteries. Im thinking the original breaker “kick” damaged the breaker as it kicked again while running just lights. Am I wrong to think that these things eventually go bad like GFCI outlets or AC breakers?
  10. All DC dead in Class C

    I’m thinking starter because it only kicked the breaker when trying to start. Sounds like it might be pulling more amps than the circuit is set to provide. Kinda cold outside to guess and YouTube myself through fixing it, might actually have to pay someone to fix it.
  11. All DC dead in Class C

    Reset those busses and stuff came back on. Tried again to start genny and everything died again. Had to reset again. Sounds like the Genny starting is tripping those “breakers”?
  12. Just stopped to make some breakfast/lunch and went to start the genny and it spun for a while and then the CarbonMonoxide defector beeped and no lights, no gauge panel, no nothing. My batteries are alive and well as my solar and inverter are still going strong. I checked outside and it appears that there are some big inline “buss” that appear to be like breakers, I pushed those buttons and one sounded like it might have reset but no power. Any ideas?
  13. I hadn't really thought about this before but I saw a Class A absolutely destroyed after a rollover the other day along side the interstate. It made me a little sick thinking about the folks in the back.
  14. How Much Weight Can We Pack On A Slideout?

    I'd bet dollars to donuts that this post is spam, clickbait likely put by someone trying to add "inbound links" for Search Engine optimization.
  15. How Much Weight Can We Pack On A Slideout?

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