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  1. Why such a glum outlook on this. Kim and Rolando were (are) great people and served the ECR well. The new owners may be even better...
  2. Sounds like some of the same projects I'll be working on as soon as the weather warms a bit. inverter-charger cab-cam system chassis lube and oil change inspect trailer bearings, too...
  3. Av8r3400


    What is everyone getting for a lifespan on your truck starting batteries?
  4. Carl - How about a "share your binder" gathering at the ECR?
  5. Av8r3400


    I just received from Don Rowe my Kisea Abso 2000. Hoping for warm weather to get it installed before April... Jack Mayer - You recommended to me once a while back a source for the chrome (stainless?) plugs for shore power and block heater, can you remind me where they come from?
  6. Counting the days to our season opening trip...
  7. Av8r3400


    Thank you all for the input.
  8. Av8r3400

    Rear end questions

    A little off topic, but does your transmission shift through all 18 in normal operation or does it skip up and down if conditions don't need all 18? On topic - I'm following this because I do not have a locker in my truck at this time and this is the one option that I would like to add to the chassis. Is it possible that I could use the existing pneumatic plumbing for the power divider to run the locker? (No additional switches or computer programming needed) Since I'm singled the PD is no longer there and I use that switched air currently for the hitch. I plan to change my hitch air to a constant source rather than switched.
  9. Av8r3400


    Not being an electronics expert, having a "pure sine" wave inverter makes "cleaner" power for use with sensitive electronics? Does this really matter for normal electric use? (EG a window fan, phone charger or even laptop charger I have a new 12v Volvo fridge in there) I could understand if I was plugging in an actual desktop computer or something like that. I see the Kisae model makes a little more (and pure sine) power for only a moderate ($50) more than the Xantrex. Thanks again for taking questions from the extreme ignorant.
  10. Av8r3400


    I'm looking for recommendations and opinions on an inverter/charger for my Volvo. I've had my eye on a Xantrex Freedom 1800 watt model for some time, but I'm curious if there is a newer/better model. What are you all using and what do you like - dislike about it?
  11. Av8r3400

    Cool Truck

    Only if she has her chain drive wallet and engineer boots to match...
  12. Av8r3400

    Trucker GPS

    Love my Garmin DEZL. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010D2URZC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Has a built in Dash-Cam which is mandatory IMO with an HDT.
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