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    My apologies for misidentifying the brand of the hitch and all of the offense it has caused. Weather it is a Hensley, CR, Reese, ET, or whatever, the name doesn't matter. The weld failure is unacceptable, considering the lack of strength in the front part of the frame on the coach.
  2. Forum acting up or is it just me.........

    Side note: I'm also an Apple convert. I use Safari here and always on my Apple machines and have never had an issue. On my Windows machines (when I'm forced to use one) I only use Firefox due to MS Internet Exploder's excellent virus downloader capability.

    I would think the pin box or the front frame (Lippert is always touted as on this forum terribly made and weak) would fail before being able to upset the HDT. The mass and low CG of the HDT should have helped to stabilize the trailer had the hitch not failed. This is one of the reasons I chose to move to an HDT. I take the photos to mean the pin box and front frame (Lippert is always touted on this forum as terribly made and weak) were stronger than the Comfort Ride Hitch. Which, from what I have read here, is not a resounding endorsement of (at least this particular) CR hitches.
  4. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    Sounds like paying a lawyer would have been a helluva lot cheaper...
  5. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    ...and he needs an HDT to do it? That must be a really specific fetish market.
  6. Messing with a warranty sales man

    This is a pretty good one from a local radio host calling back a IRS scam call... http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3327326/3327326_2017-03-31-222926.mp3
  7. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    I had decent (aftermarket) brakes on my Dodge. They couldn't stop my trailer worth a damn. They don't hold a candle to the old-school giant drums on my Volvo.
  8. Gas or Diesel

    This guy lost all credibility to me long ago with his ignorant, patently false, rants against HDTs.
  9. Messing with a warranty sales man

    I've been known to box up a rock and put the postage paid slip on the outside.
  10. Sorry, I was in the bathroom... Got mine here. They had the best price.
  11. East Coast Rally January Update

    I got the call, too. We are all set up and excited to join the throng...
  12. Big day tomorrow!!

  13. Big day tomorrow!!

    Welcome to the dark side. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope to receive your complimentary toothpick and chain-drive wallet.
  14. Parts find and spares

    Whats the asking price for the DPF?
  15. Progressive bait and switch.

    I work with auto insurance companies on a daily basis. By far the two worst insurance companies to deal with on getting a claim paid are GEICO and Progressive. Ironically these two seem to have the biggest advertising budget with characters, animation and childish antics.