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  1. Av8r3400

    hat's off 2U

    One trip in the won-ton pulling the 5er was enough for my DW. She came around very quickly to the idea of a HDT. Now she drives it as much as I do, if not more. For her she feels it is far easier, safer and more relaxing to drive than the pickup ever was.
  2. Av8r3400

    Amber running lights

    Rick: One of my clearance lights is dim compared to the rest. Do you think that's just corrosion in the harness?
  3. Av8r3400

    New to the fold!

    Oh, boy! New kids to play with... Welcome!
  4. Av8r3400

    Last ECR Update

    Picking up the Arctic Fox this afternoon from an oil and grease job and taking her over for a new set of tires tomorrow in preparation for the trip! Planing to roll out bright and early next Friday...
  5. Whoo-Doggie. I'd like to see the RV hauler that would fit a 16V-149. 1600 hp, 4,600 pound-feet of torque, weighing 11,000pounds.... This is just a "little" 16v92...
  6. Av8r3400

    Last ECR Update

    Is there a truck-wash in the Crossville area?
  7. Thanks Roger. See you in a couple weeks!
  8. Last year at the ECR someone mentioned a website listing Walmarts and other locations that allow overnight parking (not camping...). I have lost the link. Can anyone help with that?
  9. Av8r3400

    HDT Jeep Hauler

    One of the nicest in the community, Brett.
  10. Av8r3400

    New shoes

    Has anyone heard of Falken tires? One local supplier suggested them. Drives for $365 + installation Steers for $355 + installation (About the same price as Simpletire)
  11. Av8r3400

    New shoes

    Moresmoke - Those were the exact tires I was looking at on that website, too. I do want to try to find something locally though, for installation purposes...
  12. Av8r3400

    New shoes

    I totally agree, Moresmoke. I will NEVER wear out a set of tires on this truck. They will age away first. And the slight decrease in fuel mileage will not make any difference. My main concern was and still is the noise factor. Having had big "mud" trucks in my younger years I know what listening to droning tires sounds like and confirm to not wanting that in my old(er) age.
  13. Av8r3400

    New shoes

    That is the main concerning question. Will open shouldered tires be objectionably noisy. Thank you for addressing this, Dennis.
  14. Av8r3400

    New shoes

    I think I’m going to get some new shoes for the Arctic Fox before we leave for the ECR. I have Michelins on the steers and recaps on the drives now. I don’t think I can justify the $$ for Michelin steers, so I may just go with a less premium tire there, but my real question is for the drives Has anyone put “traction” oriented tires on your drives? I’d like to do this unless someone can dissuade me from the idea. I don’t have a locker in the rear and do get off pavement on occasion and would like a little better grip than what I have now.
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