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  1. Toy Hauler Ramp

    I should have said, my idea for using the tubing would run vertically along the sides of the door, keeping the center unobstructed. Also, my door uses a "watch spring" hinge for operational assist rather than a recoiling cable or some other means to that the weight off the door to open and close.
  2. ET hitch handle mod

    X2 Love my ET hitch, hate the stubby little handle. See it in this video. I have a 1/2" breaker bar that I keep in the basement of the camper to operate the handle, but it would sure be easier with a "proper" size handle on the hitch head.
  3. Toy Hauler Ramp

    Yup. All these comments are reenforcing my original thoughts: This shouldn't be an issue. Especially if I do a load spreading mount like I described...
  4. Traveling through Ontario Canada

    Why would it matter if my permit is in my wallet? I sure as HELL am not going to surrender my wallet to some border bureaucrat. I will pull and DISPLAY an additional photo ID they ask for it, but definitely won't give it to them. They already have my passport in hand which is a legal photo ID.
  5. Toy Hauler Ramp

    The stand idea is okay, but would require leveling the door and a bunch of messing around to set up. Stay cables are pretty simple and the deck would be level if the trailer already is. There would be some playing around to make them up originally, but once made, it would be quick to set up at camp. I"m thinking along the lines of instead of the small 4" long, aluminum "U" shaped cable bracket mounted to the door, making this from 1 x 2" x 3/16" wall steel tube, miter cut at the ends for looks, with a port in the middle for the cable to attach through. I could make these tubes 36 or even 48" long to distribute the weight on the side of the door, using four bolts on each side. Thoughts? Comments?
  6. D - Ring location

    Jeff - With the straps shown in your link, if you put the hook through a plain hole in the deck, aren't you just tip-loading the hook, which is a sure way to have a failure?
  7. Anheuser Busch preorders 40 Tesla Semi's.

    I've often wondered why we haven't seen this.
  8. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    Dolly, though I appreciate your brand of dry humor, I got a completely different message from the article. The reason why I included a reference to you in my earlier post is that your activities with your horse are purely for recreation. Unless I am wrong, you are not competing with Dolly at shows, rodeos, races or other prize money making events. Just trail riding and the like. I took the article as aimed primarily at people who are transporting animals (or other cargo) to use in competition events. But, maybe I'm very wrong.
  9. Toy Hauler Ramp

    The kit quoted to me was right from the manufacturer and was a new door and the stay cables. Something like $4200.
  10. Toy Hauler Ramp

    There's a lot more experience here than I have on my own, so I want to pose something that I saw on Facebook and have been thinking myself, for a while. I have a toy hauler without the rear patio option. I didn't want the expense or the loss of space for the railings and stairs. My UTV just fits in my garage now. However, I've been thinking of putting on stabilizing cables to use the ramp as a limited patio. I don't want to have a party with 20 people on there, I just want the ability to sit on a lawn chair with my DW and a cold beverage, above the bugs. I don't want to add the railings and all that, either. My dealer says this is impossible and will wreck the door, I need to buy the complete patio door kit, to the tune of several thousand dollars. I feel the urge to call shenanigans on this. As a recovering engineer, I can't wrap my mind around how a ramp that can hold a 2500 pound load between the ground edge and the hinge, but can not hold a 500 pound (at the very most) load from stay cables at the mid point. I would even be open to making the cable brackets longer than the small u-brackets normally used. What I mean, instead of a 4" long u-shaped bracket why not make the bracket 24 or even 48" long. 1 x 2 x 3/16" is 3 pounds per foot, making a 4 foot piece only 12 pounds (24 for both sides), yet adding considerable strength to the door frame. Has anyone done this or had a look on the inside of their own ramp/patio door to know what the difference in construction is? Thoughts or comments?
  11. Anheuser Busch preorders 40 Tesla Semi's.

    Corporate "green" write-offs...
  12. LOL... Very nice looking truck. I had to zoom in- - I thought it said "Slutty" on the corner of the hood. She is a little slutty looking... Hahaha.
  13. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    I believe this article is couched in that the vehicles they are describing are in the use of hauling livestock, some also containing living quarters. I believe this article is aimed at the people Phil is constantly describing who are, in fact, involved in commercial enterprise: competing (with animals or whatever) for prize money. These operations have always been commercial. They have (IMO) fallen into a grey area that wasn't enforced uniformly. Our (My) vehicles are recreational vehicles. Some, with spaces for additional recreational cargo (toy and Dolly haulers). I didn't read anything in the article that gives pause to my personal legality.
  14. Definition of an RV

    Really? A few HOURS in advance - to scope the place out to find a competent employee? Wow! I guess you really are a government worker. Do you even see how silly that reads? I stayed away from the big office for that very reason and went to a little local DMV, open 2 days a week, right at their 7 am opening time to get there before the crowd and speak to the person like a human, as we were both fresh and not rushed or pressured. Walked out 10 minutes later with a title and plates as I wanted.