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  1. Av8r3400

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    Open hood. Climb up and stand on engine. Gregg did a video on this a while back. I can't find it now...
  2. Av8r3400

    2 stroke Diesel is KING.

    The Cummins-Achates engine is a 4-cylinder, 8 piston version with 14.3L displacement meant for military use at first.
  3. Av8r3400

    2 stroke Diesel is KING.

    Go to the YouTube channel given. There is a lot of technical data and information given. These engines are producing a fraction of the NOx and CO2 compared to the current generation of engines. Which makes the eco-radicals happy. CARB is actually putting money into the venture. This engine only has three (3) cylinders. They contain 6 opposing pistons. Yes there are two crankshafts, but since there are only 3 cylinders the crankshafts are shorter. Will the two weigh less than the one longer one? No, probably not. But the weight of the cylinder heads, camshaft(s) and all of their associated gear will make up the difference and more. Not to mention that a four-cycle engine has 80% of it's moving parts in the valve train, these are all eliminated. But, will this go anywhere? Probably not. At least not without the politicians (read: corruption) involved.
  4. Av8r3400

    2 stroke Diesel is KING.

    I can see cost being an issue, at first at least, until production is ramped up. Weight however, I don't believe is an issue. A similar displacement inline 4-stroke diesel would weigh more because of the weight of the heads and valve train.
  5. Av8r3400

    An honest question about dash cams and the GPS in it.

    I have a Garmin dezl GPS/Dash Cam. You can control what you want included on the recording. I choose to not include speed or an in-cab microphone. Too much information, IMO.
  6. Av8r3400

    2 stroke Diesel is KING.

    Moving ahead with it, too...
  7. Av8r3400

    2 stroke Diesel is KING.

    Amazing. That would truly be the next step. Something workable with our current infrastructure and would take efficiency to the next level. It would put all of the coal powered, electric, politically correct junk science (eg the pyramid scheme of Tesla) out the window.
  8. Av8r3400

    Centramatic Balancers

    That's why I'm asking about the rings. I've heard good things, but wanted to hear from this group. The amount of beads (recommended by the tire seller) I have always questioned. They never were smooth running. I don't drive the truck enough to make me want to go to the effort to fix the issue.
  9. Av8r3400

    Centramatic Balancers

    I have beads in the tires of my won-ton and that thing shakes like a (something that shakes a lot) going down the highway. I've been very DISsatisfied with these in that application. It is a 25 year old, 200k mile, farm truck, however. I was surely not doing that on the "big" truck. I wanted to know if Centramatic rings are also a snake oil ripoff. Thank you for the endorsements! I will definitely consider them with the new front tires going on soon.
  10. Av8r3400

    Centramatic Balancers

    Is anyone running Centramatic balance rings on their truck? Can you share your experiences and thoughts on these? Thanks.
  11. Av8r3400

    Steer tire life (sidewall cracking)

    I'm also contemplating new steers for the trip to the ECR in April. Does anyone have any photos (or link) of what they consider acceptable checking versus un-acceptable checking? I'm showing some circumferential surface checks (similar to Jeff, but not quite as open) on the sidewall down by the lettering on both my steers and drivers (recaps) both less than 5 years old. I'm thinking "better safe than sorry" but don't want to just throw money away....
  12. Av8r3400

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    I have a 1/2" high toque DeWalt. It is a very nice impact but is definitely not strong enough to break loose a HDT wheel lug. But-- I will most likely never touch a wheel lug on my truck. I don't have any of the tools or skills to do anything with the wheel once it's off. That's what I pay Coach Net or the Tire shop for.
  13. Av8r3400

    East Coast Rally mentors

    It's only our second year, but we would be happy to help!
  14. Av8r3400

    Veterans Day

    Lest we forget all those who are still battling their physical and psychological wars earned in their service, we send our thoughts and prayers.