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  1. Can you share the link to which model you are looking at?
  2. Dust in the wind, Phil.
  3. This is a apples and onions comparison. Just about every note above can be argued, but it isn't worth the effort as Phil has proven. My first hand experience shows me where the accuracy is. Agree to disagree -- To each their own.
  4. Lights and direct link work flawlessly. Lights I had to figure out the colors for my trailer, but after that it's all good. For the record the running light lead was long enough to reach the ICC post in the Jackalopee.
  5. Henry, We are leaving his afternoon and I hope to get some video for you.
  6. Ray, you are very much correct. I was being a smart a$$ with the 4' remark, to show how ludicrous Greg's 3' comment was. I think (hope) he knows this. From his pervious comment history, it can be inferred that Greg hates HDTs and is a staunch advocate that a pickup can do the same job only better and cheaper. My opinion and experience differs greatly from this position. To each, their own.
  7. Headed out again this weekend with the HDT and 5er.  I think I have the camera working and will try again for some video footage of the hitch working.

  8. Sure, but it will take you at least 4'. The stopping is not the ridiculous part. The idea that only an additional 3' is needed is. I've towed trailers for over 30 years. I have experienced electric trailer brake failures. They do happen. If you are reliant on electric trailer brakes to control your vehicle, you are gambling not only your life, but the passengers with you and all of the other lives around you on the highway. If you're comfortable with that gamble, that's your choice. I'm not, so I chose another option to handle my heavy trailer, something that will control the trailer without the need of brakes in the event of a failure. I've towed my current 5er with 3 different trucks. My modified '94 Ram 2500, my father-in-law's '16 Ram 3500 dually and my '12 Volvo. Both Rams are easily over powered by my trailer without the use of the electric brakes. The Volvo isn't. For me that makes for an easy choice. Not to mention I have less than half the cost of my FIL's dually in my Volvo.
  9. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read on this forum.
  10. I "rented" out my 730's sleeper for the week of Airventure (Oshkosh airshow) to a friend. And he's still my friend. He said it was very comfortable. He didn't use the upper bunk, just the work station bed. He did repeat several times how quiet it was, compared to his old slide in truck camper.
  11. I saw the aftermath of a 8V92 Detroit out of a fire truck that ran away on wood smoke. Zooooom, bang! I forget how many pieces of crankshaft there was...
  12. I will also admit the "mattress" on the bunk is terrible. It's at best described as a 3-4" thick foam pad. It's better than sleeping on the floor, but not by much. It's on par with the folding upper bunk in our Volvo 730. When we picked up this 5er, the dealer put the ladders for the HappyJack and the loft bunk on top of the rear bed. By the time we got home the ladder had bounced off the bed, scratching the cabinets and wrecking the rear screen door. We will not store items on top of the mattress.
  13. I have one in my 5er. It works great, and we love it. There is plenty of room to get my 2015 Can-Am Defender Under it.
  14. Henry, how far did it crank? Do you think any bent rods or crank shaft?
  15. Thank you.