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  1. Av8r3400

    DEF tank door

    Thanks, Dan! That's awesome!
  2. Paul, I hope you can get the vertigo sorted out, that's not fun at all. I hope we will still see you next year at the ECR, with or without the big truck!
  3. A blessed and safe Independence Day to everyone!
  4. Av8r3400

    DEF tank door

    My truck does not have the "door" over the DEF tank cap and I want one! I've been trying to search the inter-webs to find one but not having any luck. Thoughts on what to call this thing or maybe a part number to look for?
  5. Signed up and looking forward to the trip!
  6. Does the registration fee include camping?
  7. Av8r3400

    National HDT Rally

    We’re going to try real hard to make this happen, too!
  8. Look on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/avonpicturethis The Bus Grease Monkey. He does all sorts of videos on Detroit powered busses for conversions.
  9. My '94 Ram doesn't do that... No new trucks for me. Ever again.
  10. ^^^ x 5 If my mom were still around I'm sure she would have some choice words about the decision, but would want to go for a ride in it anyway!
  11. 550 hp in a Smart. Now we’re going somewhere... https://youtu.be/8Mv7zLhtN68
  12. Roger, do you really want us to answer that question?
  13. If you can embrace the technology of the new engines, hot rodding has gone to the next level.
  14. This is actually a K-series Honda engine going into it. When it's done, it will probably be in the 600-700 hp range.
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