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  1. Av8r3400


    Over-length question for the group: I have heard of people being stopped and fined for over length. Not often, but it does happen. Has anyone ever been stopped and pulled out of service until a commercial operation can move the (non-commercial) vehicle out of the jurisdiction? We are currently under 65' so I have no worries, but we would consider a different trailer someday that may take us over that limit.
  2. Av8r3400

    Hood Release Cables

    Thank you, Pete! Video saved!
  3. Av8r3400

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    I will never say never. I'm too much of a rookie to be that confident. The DW and I do work as a team hooking and unhooking the 5er, so there should be at least two sets of eyes looking at the hitch before anything moves.
  4. I heard somewhere that there are still Meritor Automated transmissions being installed in new busses. I don't know if this is true or if they are similar to the Freedomline transmission, but I was told they are still supported in that application in the US.
  5. Av8r3400

    Hood Release Cables

    The outer part of the cable, the threaded end is very rusty and one side is broken off, being held with zip ties. The inner cores look okay, but the outer on one side is very sketchy.
  6. Av8r3400

    Hood Release Cables

    Who out there has replaced the hood release cable(s) on their Volvo? What kind of job is this? I've noticed that mine are less than good looking at the latch under the hood...
  7. Av8r3400

    Park snobs?

    Roger, I think I like you a little more every day...
  8. Av8r3400

    Rated HP @ 2000 RPM

    HP means almost nothing. Torque is the number and that will peak at 1200-1400 in most HDT engines, and where you operate most of the time.
  9. Yes, it's definitely worth the upgrade to the premium software and control.
  10. Av8r3400

    CB Radios and Antennas

    I got a Cobra 29 off Amazon and plugged her into the OEM wires and antennas in my Volvo. It works acceptably. Like Carl said, most of the time it's turned off because the constant unpleasantness broadcast by the other operators.
  11. Av8r3400

    Red Flyer's Elevator

    Where do you stay at Airventure? We are there for 10 days every year. My wife and I volunteer at the Ultralight field, and camp across the street from the barn.
  12. Av8r3400

    Staying powered up?

    My HDT does have a master switch that I shut off for long term parking at home. During the research phase of our HDT buy, I learned of mystery parasitic draws that a master switch eliminates. So, I'm pretty religious about shutting off the master. I have never had a failure to start (battery wise), even in the cold of our Wisconsin winter. Just when we are out and using the rig I leave the master on and this is when the issue arises. Been way too busy this summer to take it apart and get the batteries load tested.
  13. I'd be interested in an HDT-UTV rally... Although my rig may be too "Geezer" for you guys.
  14. We have a CanAm Defender 800. This is more utility than sport, but I can speak to the quality of this rig's build. I am still very impressed with how well it was made compared to some of the other offerings I looked at. We needed a 12' garage for this to fit, however. If you are planning on putting one in the trailer, be sure to test fit it before committing.
  15. Av8r3400

    Staying powered up?

    Thank you all for the info. I’ve never had a fail to start, but I guess a good load test of the batteries is in order to check their health. They aren’t old, but not new since I’ve owned the truck. Maybe it’s time to pony up for a new set...