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  1. bipeflier

    Dometic RM3862

    The power switch in my eyebrow panel quit working this summer. New panel was only about $16. Took the old panel and used contact cleaner on the switch and now works fine. I've got a back up now.
  2. bipeflier

    Re-packing wheel bearings

    If it were mine with only 3000+ miles since the last service, I would not repack at this time unless there are signs of brake issues or grease leaking. In my opinion some folks are wearing the axles out just taking them apart. I do my 5th wheel at approximately 20k miles.
  3. bipeflier

    UK couple travelling America in rv top tips

    With that kind of budget, I would be buying a good tent and camping equipment, then renting or buying a SUV. Even $5000 won't buy much in the way of a reliable SUV.
  4. bipeflier

    Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Fuel. To enjoy what you already have.
  5. bipeflier


    My take on tipping is this. If a server just "does their job" as would be expected, my tip, if any, would be nominal. If on the other hand, they ensure my drinks are refilled, ask if the meal is satisfactory, attends to us if we want desert, then the "standard" 15% is left. My usual method is to reward whomever has gone the extra mile to make our dining experience good. Recently at a small pizza place in Ellis, KS, we had an extraordinary pizza. Lots of toppings, and very flavorful. When paying, I left the standard tip on the bill and then asked the clerk to let me meet the pizza chef. An energetic young lady came out to meet us. We complimented her on the pizza she had prepared and gave her a $5 tip personally. She proved she was a valuable resource for that restaurant. We will definitely eat there next time through.
  6. bipeflier

    Echo Bluff State Park, MO

    Newest Missouri State Park.
  7. bipeflier

    Monthly Electric Rates

    From the Texas Public Utilities website: RV and Mobile Home Parks Owners of RV and mobile home parks may bill their tenants for electric service using either the Public Utility Commission's rules Section 25.141 or Utilities Code 184.033. RV and mobile home park tenants may be charged a fixed rate for electricity based on the average cost per kilowatt hour for the park over the past year. The park owner may not make a profit on the sale of electricity to park residents or include charges for the cost of electricity for the park's common areas. If the power company supplying electricity to the park increases its rates after the park calculates its fixed rate, the park's owner may recalculate the previous year's average charges using the new rate and calculate a new fixed rate to be charged to residents. Disputes In the event of a dispute between the tenant and the owner regarding any bill, the tenant can file a complaint with the owner. The owner has 30 days from the date of dispute notification to investigate and report the results to the tenant. If the tenant is dissatisfied with the results of the investigation, the owner shall inform the tenant of the Public Utility Commission of Texas complaint process, giving the tenant the address and telephone number of the commission's Customer Protection Division.
  8. bipeflier

    Rear Bumper Caps

    I quit using the bumper due to rusting, I had the bumper and caps drilled and used a pin to hold them in place. I now use a section of 5" square PVC "post" from Home Depot with one cap glued on and the other with a pin. I drilled a 2" hole in the center of each cap for air flow to keep the hose dry. It is attached to the frame beside the sewer outlet so it is handy. I used "plumber strap" for the attachment.
  9. bipeflier

    Starting to look for a new 5th wheel Help!

    GD makes a pretty good unit.
  10. bipeflier

    One less attraction to see

    It doesn't take all kinds, we just have all kinds. We really don't need them all! Total lack of a sense of humor I guess.
  11. bipeflier

    Removing Vinyl Stripe

    Razor blade then plain old gasoline to remove the glue.