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  1. RV Camping Jam

    Already done that.
  2. RV Camping Jam

    RV Camping Jam Group of Texas musicians with RVs want to plan an RV Camping Jam in the Texas Hill Country (Kerrville) on the Guadalupe River. You're invited - at least one member of each vehicle/trailer must be a musician or singer. We love everything from Rock'n'Roll to Bluegrass to Acoustic to (insert your love here). We'll do both acoustic and electric. We'll grab one end of a great multi-featured RV site that has just about every feature, including swimming in the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country just to the west of Kerrville, TX. Don't be shy - let me know if you want to join this, the first annual RV Camping Jam. What's on your wish list?