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  1. True story, I once passed a Ram 1500 shortbed pulling a fifth wheel and a PONTOON boat. Going 45 down the interstate with the nose pointed at the sky.
  2. I am sure that is the government reasoning for you. Every commercial truck needs an ifta sticker, whether or not you actually purchase any fuel is irrelevant...
  3. Hot Rod

    Smart tires

    Per the "ultimate wheel and tire plus sizing guide" that stays on my desk as the "bible" in the wheel business: The 175/55/15 size is recommended for 5.0" to 6.0" wheels. Out in the real world any tire will certainly squeeze onto a 1/2" narrower wheel, only possible adverse affect is the tire may crown slightly on the narrower wheel and may show minor premature wear in the center of the tread. And I do mean minor, most would never notice the difference in tire mileage with the limited miles most of you are putting on. Should be no clearance issues with the 175/55/15 on the front as that was an oem front size on some models (with a 195/50/15 rear)
  4. That's no joke, and something to take seriously with cargo like that. Up here in the northern Ohio snow belt we tend to throw weight in the backs of the pickup trucks (and car trunks) in the winter for traction weight. Most folks us sandbags from the hardware store, but me being young, foolish, cheap and working for the propane company I grabbed a 24x36x2 concrete slab we used for tanks and tossed it in the back by the tailgate for traction. Then proceeded to get in that front end collision. The thing flew up just missed the top of the bed and hit the cab about 2" below the window and pushed the sheetmetal in 4". 2" higher it would have gone through the window and killed everybody. Lesson learned. So secure that heavy cargo even if it is inside and not going to fall out.
  5. Wow, she had to drive a Miata for 25 years before you ponied up for a new one? Better sell more hitches!
  6. Hot Rod

    Its a marathon

    Sympathies from a fellow landlord. Sadly folks that have never earned and owned anything of value have no respect for anything of theirs or yours. I just spent $25k last year on a house that was completely trashed by what I thought were good tenants. No malicious damage, just complete neglect. I think we replaced everything except the roof and siding. Some of these folks think it is easier to move every year or two and leave the mess for the landlord instead of cleaning up after themselves. But hey, the rest of world think we are rich privileged fat cats since we own a rental or two.
  7. Hot Rod

    OT: Computers

    I can't speak to macs, but if you decide on a windows based machine I can heartily endorse Toshiba. My first Toshiba laptop was off the shelf and got me through 5 years until it started getting slow and battery ready to crap out and I decided time to upgrade. I went with a custom built to order Toshiba in 2010 that was pretty much top of the line at the time with a core i7 processor. I am typing this on the same laptop from 2010 and it is still going strong and trouble free and will still do anything I need it to do. It was about $1000 at the time and a little pricey, but has born out well. I just priced a new top of the line custom built Toshiba with the best core i7 processor and the biggest solid state drive and came in about $1700. I think not bad given 8 years of inflation. I have not pulled the trigger yet because while I would like a new computer, this 8 year old job is still doing well and it is still hard to justify replacing it.
  8. Not exactly hdt, but this is what I picture whenever I see some dumba$$ hauling a fifth wheel with a 1/2 ton shortbed truck: I'm thinking Phil would throw away the key on this one.
  9. Hot Rod


    Don't forget to stop at the Alabama welcome center to see the rocket.
  10. Hot Rod


    We go from Ohio to Florida and it is always a coin flip whether to take 75 and Atlanta and the 50 miles of traffic and white knuckles, or 65 and a longer buy nice calm drive. 65 is a breeze, you skip Jellico mountain, skip Knoxville (rush hour there is no picnic either). skip Atlanta, 231 is nice drive through the Alabama countryside and Nashville is never a problem. I never take the Atlanta route unless I will hit that stretch at night. Nashville is a breeze on 65, trick is if you start in the second lane from right where the road starts to get wide and stay there and never change lanes it will run you right onto all the correct ramps through town to stay on 65 coming out the other side.
  11. Hot Rod

    Coach Batteries

    I know this is sort of off the topic, but that is not really true any more. That perception goes back to the days when American companies sourced China goods exclusively to get a cheaper product to sell here and of course when you are only interested in price the quality suffers. The Chinese can and will build the highest quality product you want. It all comes down to the specifications required by the customer. For example China will build a tire either the absolute cheapest (and poorest quality thereby) way possible, or they will build you the best tire in the world. It just depends on the specs and quality control required by the American company contracting them to build it. In my business of custom wheels I used to buy exclusively American made wheels (American Eagle), and just assumed that in the wheel business you had to open every box and inspect the wheel before selling and possibly fix imperfections and accept a certain amount of returns for issues like pinhole leaks. Until I started to try some China wheels. Far better quality control, never have to inspect the wheels, and no returns for defects. Price being the same, and quality being better, now all the wheels we sell are Chinese. Not proud of no more American wheels, that is just the facts of our business. So don't assume poor quality just because it is China, you are entirely correct in your battery example, you just have to know what you are buying and find that quality product.
  12. Hot Rod

    Pigeon Forge

    I stand corrected. That one was REAL fun on the motorcycle trip last year! However my detailer has been giving me grief for grinding all the chrome off the bottoms of the pipes on my full dress Harley.
  13. Hot Rod

    Pigeon Forge

    I've not been on 339, but from spending a lot of time in that area in past years that definitely cuts through some hilly parts. We used that same I-40 exit to run 321 into Gatlinburg on the motorcycles last year. It was a lot of fun on the motorcycles. If I were coming in from the east I'd use 411, it runs through a (relatively) flatter part of the area and drops you right into Sevierville to pickup the parkway to wherever you are going. That said, assuming you are a skilled driver any STATE route should not be too much of a challenge. Stay off the local roads with the full rig.
  14. As to the interchangeability with oem "dually" pickup wheels the OP asked about. All trailer dual wheels will have the 8x6.5" (8x165.1mm) bolt pattern. The offsets may vary slightly from one oem brand to another and vs. a trailer wheel, but all are close enough to not know the difference in this sort of application. The only practical difference is the center bore. Chevy/GMC 2000-older is 4.56" (116mm), Chevy/GMC 2001-2010 4.60" (117mm), Dodge all years 4.77" (121mm), and Ford 1998-older 4.88" (124mm). All the newer Ford/Chevy/GMC use a metric bolt pattern and are not compatible. All the oem pickup dually wheels will have an 80psi rating matching the load range E tires that would be the max those came equipped with. We have been selling aftermarket aluminum dually (pickup) wheels for 20+ years, and on the past occasions we have run into guys that wanted to run aluminum wheels on their tandem dual equipment trailers they have all been the larger 4.88" hub equivalent to the 1998-older Ford. I had not run into a past customer with a tandem dual fifth wheel RV, those are relatively rare. Scrap kind of surprised me with the sticker on his wheels with the 4.75" center bore (pilot diameter) on his wheels. Which made me curious so I did a little online research, and can't find anything at all on dexter wheels, either they no longer make wheels or that was just a sticker they put on another brand of wheels back then. There is a "Dexstar" (kind of a ripoff name) which makes trailer wheels out of Elkhart. They list part numbers for both the 4.88" center bore I am used to and the 4.75" center bore on Scrap's trailer. So I would definitely suggest you mic the center hole on your wheels before buying a spare.
  15. Every one is different. I've had state parks where I had to drive down the middle of the road on the main road in and out to keep the trees off the trailer, and others with wide grass mowed by all the roads and no trees overhanging. Agree with some above that the highly forested parks are much more lax with their tree trimming. Google earth is your friend.
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