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  1. Hot Rod

    Jack Stands Under Bed?

    HEY! Since when does owning 8 tracks imply old age?
  2. Hot Rod

    50 or 30 amp?

    ditto Chad. My EU3000 will run one ac just fine along with lights and such, but if you want to turn on a coffee pot, microwave, or hair dryer you need to turn the ac off. And yes, keep the fridge on propane to keep the electric draw down. which you should always do boondocking anyway as it really doesn't use that much propane and saves the batteries/electric for things that need it. The only conversations I ever had with neighbors about the noise of the Honda went like this: (standing right next to the thing) "you mean to tell me the ac is on right now and that is all the louder it is?" "yep".
  3. Hot Rod

    Just statistics.........

    Well since the thread is way off the rails anyway... and since the op brought it up... 35+ years since I was in high school (way out in the country, farm kid like I said) and the principal, gym teacher and shop teacher all had paddles hanging in their office signed by those that had gotten the business end. And you didn't want it from the shop teacher as that one was a custom hand built job full of holes to make it nice and aerodynamic. And the only guns in school were the ones in our gun racks in the parking lot for hunting or target practice after school. Anybody else feeling a connection here? There's some change.
  4. Hot Rod

    Just statistics.........

    True dat. Any real farm kid can jump in and operate anything with (or without) wheels.
  5. Balancing: ALWAYS balance any tire. Particularly trailer tires where you would never feel a bad vibration. An unbalanced tire can cause premature wear, and as pointed out above, damage the trailer. I have never run an unbalanced tire on anything. Any non-hubcentric wheel, and for that matter ANY wheel, should be balanced using a "finger plate" attachment for the balancing machine which grips the wheel by the lug nut holes, the same place it is attached to your vehicle. I never could figure out how balancing by the center cap hole was a good idea anyway... If your tire shop does not have finger plates for their balancer, find a different tire shop, that means the one you are standing in does not care enough about you and your tires to invest a few hundred dollars in good equipment. WalMart: As the owner of my local corner tire shop told my wheel customer: "why the heck would you take your tires to a grocery store to get mounted? They were probably short handed and grabbed somebody from lawn and garden to fill in." This after my irate customer came back from getting his brand new wheels mounted at walmart where they told him all four wheels were bad and would not balance. I sent him to my local guy who of course proceeded to balance the wheels nicely on the first try. And yes, walmart and their lawyers are strictly by the book. If your car/truck came with a certain tire size, and you want to upgrade a size or two, they will not do it. Oem fit only, period. And they are real squirrelly sometimes on even touching a wheel/tire you roll in loose (like your blown trailer tire). I used to run goodyears on my trailers, figuring every supercenter has one in stock if I needed one on the road somewhere. Bad theory, another discussion.
  6. I ran the cooper 215/75/17.5 RM170's on my 23000# triaxle race car trailer. Couldn't have been happier. I upgraded from 16" goodyear that I literally blew one every trip and always carried two spares. Two seasons, 15k miles, on the 17.5's and I literally never even had to add air (using tmps) and could see negligible treadwear. Spare never hit the ground once. Would run them again in a heartbeat. Best money I ever spent on a trailer.
  7. Hot Rod

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    "Not For Hire" is a specific phrase with a specific legal meaning in the trucking industry. It declares that you ARE commercial, but that you only haul goods that you (or your company) actually own. As Phil has noted in the past, Pepsico's trucks are marked "Not For Hire". That phrase is NOT interchangeable with "non commercial". When I was using my truck and trailer for my business (complete with dot numbers, cdl, and all the miserable accompanying paperwork) I was "not for hire". Now that I only use the rig for travel and not for the business, it is registered as a non-commercial truck (Ohio language) and has not one sticker on it. In my opinion putting anything like "registered rv" or "not for hire" on your legitimate motorhome is akin to walking down the street wearing a Tshirt that says "No officer, I'm not doing anything wrong right now. Really. Honest. Trust me." It begs the LEO to wonder why exactly you feel the need to advertise that.
  8. Hot Rod

    My Build

    WWW.PUREGAS.ORG nice map showing all known non-ethanol stations, marinas, etc. The marina will be your most expensive choice.
  9. Hot Rod

    Sliding windows in sleeper, which way?

    The weep holes have to be at the bottom, and the outside pane needs to be at the front. RV windows are right or left side of the unit and not reversible. Put it on the wrong side or upside down and it will leak.
  10. Hot Rod

    Loading motorcycle into toy hauler

    Full dress Harley. ONE TIME I only used front straps. Moving campgrounds in the Keys. Only about 20 miles and low speed, figured why bother with the rear straps. Rear of bike had shifted over about a foot, luckily I had about 13" to the wall because it didn't quite rub. Never again, don't care how short the trip. Condor chock bolted down using the quick release floor bracket. Two 2" straps pulling the forks down and forward into the chock. Two 1" straps from rear floorboards angled to the rear, figuring the biggest strain is braking, not acceleration. And a fifth strap straight back from the rear wheel to a solid mounting point through the floor tied to trailer frame. That fifth strap is the one that saves the bike in the truck/trailer front end collision. I built 3' folding ramp extensions on the toyhauler door to lower the angle. But really, as noted above, it just takes the confidence (ie balls) to go up or down at a brisk enough clip to maintain stability and balance and skip the air gap at the bottom of the ramp. Real bikers never put their feet down anyway! Did I mention the Condor is the best chock in the business? A little pricey, but you can ride your 1000# loaded dresser right into it and jump off while it stands up nice and straight to tie it down.
  11. Hot Rod

    Semi's and movies

    songs: Gearjammer, George Thorogood (odd none of the truck song lists mention this one) Highway 20 Ride, Zac Brown Band the Bandit, Jerry Reed (or anything from the smokey and the bandit soundtrack) Movies: Over The Top, Sylvester Stallone White Line Fever, Jan Michael Vincent (for you cabover fans) Blacktop, Meatloaf Duel, Dennis Weaver (childhood favorite) Maximum Overdrive, Emelio Estevez (horror, but hey, the monsters are trucks) Vacation, the new one, (gotta count this one for Norman Reedus as the scary/nice guy trucker) TV: BJ and The Bear Movin; On
  12. Hot Rod

    Jegs Tools

    Haven't used your specific Jeg's tool, but in general they sell decent quality stuff. Their target market is weekend racers and shadetree mechanics that also buy race car parts from them, and they are good for that level of use. Professional mechanics are going to buy Snap On, not Jeg's. But for the frequency of use any of us will need, perfectly good quality. That said, I NEVER buy the bargain basement electrical tools. Spend the money for a name brand like DeWalt and such. I have had great luck with cheap air tools, just not electric. My story on that: way back in the day when we were traveling and selling parts on the hot rod show circuit, I had my buddy the tool guy order me a couple of cases of sawzalls to sell as a joke. We sold them as a "top chop kit, only $39.95". Which got a lot of laughs and actually sold a handful. Then one day back at the shop I needed a saw and my DeWalt wasn't handy so I grabbed one of the "top chop kits" to saw off the stainless exhaust pipe on my dually. Burned up three of those "kits" to cut one pipe. So no bargain basement electrical tools.
  13. Hot Rod

    Of Community Interest....

    The admins need to use a little good old fashioned common sense. While I supposed technically commercial, I would think that the vast majority of members here would welcome the sort of educational videos Jack has been making since (as he pointed out) LONG before it was a business. Those same videos have been a great help to members over the years, and are from someone directly living the lifestyle. There is a BIG difference between something like that and say an advertisement for Camping World or some such. A few folks just need an excuse to hate somebody else. Everybody chill.
  14. Hot Rod

    Good news for HDT's in CA (maybe)

    Ohio is the same. No vin change, just the classification on the title. And no inspection either, just an affidavit from the owner that 4 of the 6 items required to be a motorhome have been installed. Walk into the county courthouse with the old title and the affidavit and walk out 10 minutes later with the new title in hand. It sounds like that is the exception rather than the rule as states go from folks comments on here though. So it IS the position of the hitch, and not the physical fact of a fifth wheel.
  15. Hot Rod

    Nice to meet fellow HDTer's

    That is definitely convenient if you are doing some wiring and not too expensive to add while you are at it. I've found that once the electricians are there, usually not a big deal to have them add something extra for cash for time and materials. Glad to pocket a little extra on the job. I've got a 35 amp plug (plenty here in temperate Ohio, but maybe you want 50 amp for Vegas heat) and a sewer hookup to the septic tank, and it makes it REAL nice and easy when the trailer is parked between trips.