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  1. Hot Rod

    Pigeon Forge

    I stand corrected. That one was REAL fun on the motorcycle trip last year! However my detailer has been giving me grief for grinding all the chrome off the bottoms of the pipes on my full dress Harley.
  2. Hot Rod

    Pigeon Forge

    I've not been on 339, but from spending a lot of time in that area in past years that definitely cuts through some hilly parts. We used that same I-40 exit to run 321 into Gatlinburg on the motorcycles last year. It was a lot of fun on the motorcycles. If I were coming in from the east I'd use 411, it runs through a (relatively) flatter part of the area and drops you right into Sevierville to pickup the parkway to wherever you are going. That said, assuming you are a skilled driver any STATE route should not be too much of a challenge. Stay off the local roads with the full rig.
  3. Hot Rod

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    As to the interchangeability with oem "dually" pickup wheels the OP asked about. All trailer dual wheels will have the 8x6.5" (8x165.1mm) bolt pattern. The offsets may vary slightly from one oem brand to another and vs. a trailer wheel, but all are close enough to not know the difference in this sort of application. The only practical difference is the center bore. Chevy/GMC 2000-older is 4.56" (116mm), Chevy/GMC 2001-2010 4.60" (117mm), Dodge all years 4.77" (121mm), and Ford 1998-older 4.88" (124mm). All the newer Ford/Chevy/GMC use a metric bolt pattern and are not compatible. All the oem pickup dually wheels will have an 80psi rating matching the load range E tires that would be the max those came equipped with. We have been selling aftermarket aluminum dually (pickup) wheels for 20+ years, and on the past occasions we have run into guys that wanted to run aluminum wheels on their tandem dual equipment trailers they have all been the larger 4.88" hub equivalent to the 1998-older Ford. I had not run into a past customer with a tandem dual fifth wheel RV, those are relatively rare. Scrap kind of surprised me with the sticker on his wheels with the 4.75" center bore (pilot diameter) on his wheels. Which made me curious so I did a little online research, and can't find anything at all on dexter wheels, either they no longer make wheels or that was just a sticker they put on another brand of wheels back then. There is a "Dexstar" (kind of a ripoff name) which makes trailer wheels out of Elkhart. They list part numbers for both the 4.88" center bore I am used to and the 4.75" center bore on Scrap's trailer. So I would definitely suggest you mic the center hole on your wheels before buying a spare.
  4. Hot Rod

    State and National Park Max RV/HDT height

    Every one is different. I've had state parks where I had to drive down the middle of the road on the main road in and out to keep the trees off the trailer, and others with wide grass mowed by all the roads and no trees overhanging. Agree with some above that the highly forested parks are much more lax with their tree trimming. Google earth is your friend.
  5. That makes sense, we spent most of our time over the years in Marathon and points south. Once in a while as far north as Islamorada.
  6. Having worked in propane for a big chunk of my life, the recertification dates and stamps are a joke. All that is required is a leak check of the valve (with soap) and a visual inspection of the tank itself for any corrosion, dents, gouges etc. You know, common sense. All the exact same things that are supposed to be checked each and every time the tank is filled anyway. Unlike a welding cylinder that is hydrostatically tested. The date just gave us an excuse to not fill the beat up rusty unsafe old tank that the customer with no common sense expected us to fill for him. You could stamp a date on it yourself and nobody would ever call you on it, they would still continue to fill or not fill the tank based on it's condition when you bring it in like always.
  7. We go to the Keys for December every year. Yep, campsites are almost ALL over $100 unless you are staying the month. The state parks are nice and a bargain at $28 per night, BUT you need to be on the website at 11 months months out (the farthest they allow reservations) in order to get popular dates. I've never heard of Kings Kamp in all the years we stayed down there, but the thing you have to watch out for is there are a bunch of "campgrounds" where the same dilapidated campers have been on blocks since the 70's and are basically trailer parks but being a "campground" bypasses a bunch of rules. Nothing against trailer parks, it's just not where I want to go on vacation. Our favorite: The Fish Camp at Geiger Key. Sites right on the water, off the beaten path but only 10 minutes from Key West. And the onsite restaurant has the best hogfish sandwich in the lower keys. We were able to stop in and negotiate $500 cash for the first week of December as they had a few open sites.
  8. Hot Rod

    Pigeon forge after christmas

    A break from the Florida heat? December in Florida IS a break from the Florida heat! When we go to Florida in December all the locals are wearing sweatshirts and stocking caps at the beach.
  9. Hot Rod

    Options for family of 6

    True dat. In the tow vehicle with the driver you have at least the split second warning of impending trouble or a crash. Imagine lying on the couch watching tv with not even that split second warning and suddenly the trailer is whipping side to side or upside down with the furniture flying around.
  10. Hot Rod

    Teflon pad

    I never had a problem with the standard ones, always work fine on my older trailersaver. BUT others have reported issues and need the thin one.
  11. Hot Rod

    Gen use at truck stop

    The average death by generator you read about is some dumbass running it in their living room when the power goes out and they want to watch tv in bed, NOT by a permanently mounted and properly exhausted rv generator. An APU is just a generator and a few other nice things all tucked into one simple package, nothing magical about it. Yeah, if you have your bedroom slide out directly over the top of the generator exhaust like the typical fifth wheel and no stack it is likely you are going to get some fumes inside, slide seals are far from perfect. Not the generators fault.
  12. Hot Rod

    off topic AC/heat pump replacement

    I can't speak to the Dometic, but we did install a Carrier 15k heat pump on a race car trailer and were very pleased. Worked good and never let us down. From working in the propane business Carrier was always a quality unit in the furnace business, so I figured it would hold true with their RV unit. Noisy like all the rest of the rooftop units though. I like Rod's suggestion of the mini split if it is feasible in your situation. It relocates the hot/noisy part of the unit to somewhere other than your living room or bedroom.
  13. Hot Rod

    We lost the Bandit

    X2. Grew up on those Smokey and the Bandit movies. Once upon a time we broke down and limped into Texarkana for parts. We walked from our motel to the local beer store and bought a 12 pack of whatever they had just so we could say we "got beer in Texarkana". Been laughing about it ever since. Sad day.
  14. Hot Rod

    CSX Train Hits Semi at Crossing

    It's these kind of morons that make me shake my head every time I see one of those "Bad crossings kill good drivers" billboards that other public safety morons put up to protect us from ourselves. There are no "good drivers" that get hit by a train. Consider a train. It is 13 feet wide, 16 feet tall, a mile long, with a blindingly bright light, an earsplitting horn you can hear from miles away, literally shakes the earth on approach, and runs predictably down these two shiny metal things we call railroad tracks clearly marked by a funny looking distinctive X shaped sign. If you get hit by a train you are not a "good driver killed by a bad crossing", you are a moron and we thank you for cleaning out the gene pool. Sorry, those billboards have been a pet peeve of mine for many years.
  15. Hot Rod

    Dropped Trailer-Segue

    Just say your new thread, which my last comment fits better here. Copied from what i just posted on the old thread: I guess I'll have to agree to disagree with the rest of y'all on the padlock. All of my padlocks at home, office, gates, and all trailer hitches and doors are the same keyed alike master locks, and every vehicle key ring has a padlock key on it, so there is no hunting for keys. The extra 5 seconds or less it will take me to unlock a padlock worries me far less than the absolute disaster of a trailer coming unhooked while rolling. But everyone should definitely use the procedure they feel is safest for their own situation. And I absolutely agree with your insurance comment. If I don't think I can get the truck unhooked quickly enough, I'm grabbing the wife and walking away to call the insurance agent. In most cases (an hdt with the hitch way way back is probably an exception) you are going to have to drop the landing gear to be able to get the truck out from under the trailer anyway or else the trailer is just going to land on the bed, and that will take FAR longer than any lock/bolt/pin on the hitch head. I can certainly see the pin/bolt vs. a padlock, it is still a positive stop that does not allow the hitch to open.