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  1. Anheuser Busch preorders 40 Tesla Semi's.

    I always thought walmart was on the right track with their electric/gas turbine prototype truck: https://corporate.walmart.com/_news_/news-archive/2014/03/26/walmart-debuts-futuristic-truck
  2. D - Ring location

    Check these out: http://www.snappinturtle.com/kits/low-profile-2-wheel-bonnet-kit-e-track/ http://www.snappinturtle.com/race-car/low-profile-tire-block-strap-w/ratchet/ Either style would work on a car with tight confines like a smart. Does not have to be for e-track, if they don't have a configuration you want in stock they will build it for you. So dream up your ultimate strap set up. No skin in the game, just a buddy of mine. Have you thought about aircraft track set flush with the bed? There was a bed build on here a while back (drawing a blank on the name) where he built a custom bed with aircraft track every few feet. tie down anything, anywhere.
  3. Goose box?

    We also had an old Farmall H that would need crank started when the battery was dead (more often than not, dad was cheap and who needed a new battery if he had me to crank it). No problem in my youth, too lazy for that sort of thing in my old age.
  4. Goose box?

    As noted above a gooseneck is a major pain to line up to (without a spotter), and you have to jack up the trailer WAY farther to clear the ball. Also gooseneck adapters are very hard on the trailer frame and may void your warranty. The use of an air hitch is HIGHLY recommended with an mdt/hdt to protect the trailer and contents. I have the same Trailersaver hitch with both fifth and goose heads, and while that would be the best way to use a gooseneck hitch, it does not solve your problem of having the big ugly hitch assembly sitting right where your front tires need to roll. What is the overall width of your tractor? Is it narrow enough that the you may be able to load it a little off center so that the front tires miss the hitch assembly going up the ramps? Is your tractor a model that may have also come with a wide front end? For example I have an old Allis Chalmers C with the wide front end, and have seen others with the tricycle front end. Maybe easier to convert the tractor?
  5. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    The article just says the same things I have said on this topic all along. A lot of folks who thought they were ok or in a gray area because they think they have a racing "hobby" are and have been "commercial" all along. Nothing really new here. EXCEPT the possibility of having to install an ELD to be allowed to continue the trip. There have been plenty of folks handed an armful of tickets for not having all the required licences/paperwork/equipment for a commercial vehicle, and one not uncommon penalty was being placed out of service on the spot for 10 hours for not having a log book. After the 10 hours you could continue on your way with your armload of tickets (assuming you have the appropriate license to operate the vehicle in question). But now the author (I think correctly) brings up the possibility that once the DOT officer deems your rig commercial and requiring an ELD that you may not be able to proceed on your trip AT ALL until one is installed. Phil or Chad, since you are in that business, have any of your training classes covered that yet? If you find a commercial truck without an ELD does he get a ticket and go on his way, or is the truck out of service until one is installed?
  6. Thinking outside the box

    A couple of years ago the torque convertor went south in my Topkick in southern GA, and I was under a time constraint to have the trailer in Daytona for the Turkey Run. Let me tell you it is not easy to get a "normal" truck that can tow a fifth wheel camper. I am of the opinion that is it straight impossible to rent a ldt/mdt/hdt setup to pull an rv fifth wheel. Same with hiring somebody to do it commercially, the only guys setup to do that are in the drive away business coming/going from Elkhart. Or expensive specialty haulers that are likely not even sitting in the same state you need them to be at the time. Every RV dealer has a truck that can move a fifth, but none of them seem to be willing to be hired to move somebody else's. So the SECOND day spent all day on the phone was calling every campground in a fifty mile radius to find some bored old coot (no offense to us bored old coots out there) willing to make a few bucks cash for a day on the road moving my camper. Even that is not so easy as you may think. I finally did find one bored old coot to do it, but the experience to get it done was not fun. On the other hand, you CAN rent a tractor at your nearest Penske rental dealer just about anywhere and anytime. And there are literally millions of "for hire" truckers out there capable of hooking up to a trailer setup the same as a semi trailer. And virtually none available to pull a trailer setup as an RV trailer. At least that was my experience.
  7. Truck frame extention pics

    Big difference between towing a big bumper pull trailer with a pickup truck, and pulling what is effectively a "bumper pull" setup with an hdt. In the first case your trailer far outweighed your short wheelbase pickup, in the second case your long wheelbase truck will outweigh your relatively small fifth. The other posters example of backing like a bumper pull was to illustrate the lateral swing your setup will have to help maneuver the trailer while backing. The lateral swing will push the front of the trailer around with far far less steering the truck vs. a fifth mounted over the axles. That was all. On my mdt I wish I have put the hitch back 3' or so instead of my setup over the axle.
  8. Lowering the exhaust stack yourself

    You can eliminate all those problems (except for the pissed off bicyclists) by going horizontal out the side of the bed like a diesel pusher. Plus no soot under the truck to ruin your day when you have to work on it.
  9. battery/gen slide trays for sale SOLD

    Be sure to post pictures!
  10. battery/gen slide trays for sale SOLD

    looks like Jeff will take them. I'll repost if that changes. That was my plan to put my Honda in there as well. Didn't end up being enough height on my bed build to make it work. Jeff- I replied to your pm.
  11. battery/gen slide trays for sale SOLD

    I picked these up in Elkhart several years ago and did not end up using them on my project. $30 each shipped. Really just covering my ups costs to get them to somebody on the forum that can use them. brand new minus shop dust. larger one is 30" wide and 28" deep outside, and 27 3/4" wide and 20 3/4" deep inside the tray. small generator or four batteries?? smaller one is 16" wide and 26" deep outside, and 14 1/8" wide and 20 3/4" deep inside tray. two batteries?
  12. Random travel thoughts

    Yep, SEMA week. Not going this year, but have attended many years and exhibited a few times. We are in the wheel business, and yes, the big wheel / (relatively) low profile tire look is in, and the big balloon tire look it out. For better or worse. 26x16 wheels with a 40" tire. And the big ugly decals are just for the show. The product sponsors pay big money to build/enter those trucks to showcase their wares, and expect big exposure for it. You have to be in the business to attend and get a ticket to the exhibit halls. But if you are a custom car/truck enthusiast and you are in the area, the outside exhibit areas and common areas between the halls are chock full of hundreds of the best custom vehicles and while not necessarily open to the public they do not check for badges until you try to enter the actual exhibit halls so basically anybody can check out all the outdoor exhibits for free. Also the SEMA cruise and SEMA Ignited show across the street Friday night is open to the public.
  13. Staying in a parking lot

    They say not to use the leveling jacks on asphalt because it can damage the surface. I've seen the small round feet punch right through hot asphalt. Not something the property owner will appreciate on their expensive parking lot. We've been to a number of venues (fairgrounds/racetracks) over the years that require wood blocks under everything on the asphalt for that reason. As mentioned above, proper precautions with a portable or permanently attached wood block or pad will lessen that chance.
  14. Volvo 780 - $29,000

    It looks like I could get my Harley on that deck with the railing gone... do you know how far from the cab fairing to the railing, and how much clearance between the trailer and the railing when turned 90 degrees?