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  1. Also, yes we are looking to lower our monthly costs. However, we are also looking forward to having so much more freedom. We can literally move our home. We are talking about visiting state parks on most weekends. We love that we would have the option to move our home to change our scenery. We also think it will be a good experience for us to learn to live simply. A mobile home would not be a good fit for us. Thank you everyone!
  2. Thank you all! My husband has been looking into generators and using a device that will kick in if the power goes out. He said he has found a few. This would add a safety measure for our pets. Anyone ever heard of such devices before and if they are reliable?
  3. I really appreciate everyone's help so far. It's good to know there is support out there
  4. The Dallas Fort Worth area. There are a lot of parks to choose from, but many have a rule for no dogs over 20 pounds. Our dogs are larger than that so it has limited us some. However, yes! If anyone has recommendations for the DFW area for RV parks it would help a lot!
  5. We are in Texas, so we usually have very mild winters. The RV parks we are looking into have full timers who have stayed there for years.
  6. Al Florida, Thank you! What would be your recommendations for the best starter RV? The best way to avoid one with problems?
  7. Hello all, Me, my husband, our two dogs, and our two cats are looking to full time RV. We would be the commuting type though because we need to keep our jobs. Our home has been a lot like in the movie "the money pit". We are so tired of it. We are considering getting the repairs done and sell our home as we have a bad taste in our mouths from this home, our first home. We have looked at so many RV parks and some look okay. It looks like our savings would almost triple. My questions are this: Is it safe to leave your RV (in our case a travel trailer) unattended several days a week for about 6-8 hours while we work? I worry about the safety of RV parks. Also, leaving my animals when we are at work? We would definitely take advantage of the opportunity to travel but mostly we would stay put due to our jobs. What do y'all think?
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