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  1. I've tried to clean and wax the exterior of me Hitchhiker. Washed with heavy duty cleaner and rinsed. Three coats of auto wax left cloudy shine. Want to try 303 products, of which there are many. Which should I do first, and how? Thanks
  2. Would like to buy a 50 amp surge protector for our 5th wheel in the Wichita, Ks area. Can be contacted at
  3. Ever use it on the roof? Wondered if it could be used on the roof after it was cleaned well? Know it won't shine like the sides because of the rubber surface, and the stains from years of mildew, but wondered if it would seal or should NOT be used. Hadn't seen this mentioned in any reply.
  4. We parked beside another 5th wheeler this past fall. He had a 2004 unit and said he had fully cleaned the unit, then used ZEP the bought at Home Depot to apply five coats. He said it didn't require buffing and was very easy to apply over the gel coat including the decals. His unit looked brand new. The ZEP is a floor product available through Home Depot, and other locations on the internet, but when I checked, there are numerous products. I'm wondering if anyone else has used this product, and can give any details on the specific product to use? I plan on getting our unit ready for full time use this May, and want to be sure I use the correct one.
  5. Yes, getting with the Escapee mail service is the easiest way to do. That is what we did in Texas, and took perhaps 20 minutes. Then get with the Florida Driver's license division and apply for a replacement, giving them the new mailing address, and it shouldn't be an issue at all. Good luck.
  6. Yea, we are watching the weight issue, especially putting very much weight in the front of the trailer. And of course that's where Hitchhiker puts the storage for under the trailer. So that's where we're putting lawn chairs and lighter items. Canned goods, tools, and heavier items are being placed in cabinets in the rear or under something in the back of the trailer to offset as much of the weight as possible. That, and we don't carry any liquid when pulling the trailer down the road. We try to keep as much weight behind the trailer tires as possible. We keep the truck tires at max and keep the speed down to 60 mph. So far, so good. Of course we bought the truck first, then the trailer. DUH!!!!!! Thinking of loading a Jeep or something on top of the rear of the trailer like they showed in the slide show in the boot camp. (HA HA) That, or cutting out the back of the trailer and making it a toy hauler. (More HA HA) Now wouldn't that be something??????
  7. Was actually wondering if someone had an idea of what system is best when traveling across the states, and especially the least expensive system that provides the best service.
  8. I appreciate all the comments. We went ahead and purchased a 2013 Hitchhiker when it came into Kansas RV at Chanute, Ks. Didn't plan to do so until Spring, but didn't want to pass it up and risk not running into one. Took it to the bootcamp in December and officially became Texans. Pretty smooth process. Did have some problems getting extended warranty coverage started, but "got er done". Now in storage until we hit the road in June. Did convert the queen bed to king, and plan some other minor changes to accommodate our lifestyle. Was a little worried when we went through the Smart Weigh program, so added a heavy leaf to the springs of our Chevy 3/4 Duramax, So feel pretty comfortable now. Plan to go to San Antonio first to visit relatives, then prepare a map of all the states where we have relatives, classmates, and other friends, and make good on all the promises we made in all our Christmas letters through all the years and go visit them. Getting excited. Want to locate some type of "slightly used" TV antenna service to take along on our trips so we don't miss our favorite shows though. Suggestions?
  9. We've owned 5th wheels before, but just used them for weekends and vacations. We retired in 2012, and after having dreamed of full time RVing for over 20 years, we're going to do it next spring/summer. Sold the house; bought the truck (2500HD Chevy 4WD diesel) and will buy the 5th wheel in April or May. Plan to go to Livingston right away to establish domicile, then hit the road. Would appreciate any tips, advice, warnings, etc. We're not "babes in the woods" but sure not anywhere near experts. Our last 5th wheel was a Hitchhiker, and we enjoyed it. We don't plan on doing any really cold weather, but you never know. Would appreciate recommendations on brands and makes to avoid. Probably will get a 30-34 foot with 2-3 slides, good used or new within our price and weight range. We have no real travel plans, just want to see as much of this great nation as possible, and meet as many good Americans as we can before it's too late. We always bought our trailers here in Kansas, but might be open to something there in Texas. But definately want something with a warranty, or where we can get an extended warranty coverage. I'm not much of a mechanic.
  10. We will start our journey as full time RV travelers next summer. We have owned 5th wheels previously, and dreamed of full time for over 20 years. We plan to establish domicile in Texas first thing, then start our journey. We're nervous, but excited. We would appreciate tips and advice on beginning the process. We plan to stay in Livingston for the first month to get things arranged so we don't have to rush and forget something. So we're open to all suggestions.