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  1. Hmm .. Ok, Looks like get to crawl under, will wait until it warms up a bit.
  2. I have 2007 Volvo 670 last run I was on the wipers worked fine, but the washer pump has quit. Will be checking fuses, but I didn't see one for the washer fluid, only for the wiper motor itself. Any suggestions before I start randomly pulling and testing fuses? Is there another area other than middle of the top of the dash fuse panel? Thanks in advance.
  3. New tires on the truck, hauled and unloaded hay. Wife was impressed with the ride after new tires were installed all the way around, replaced a bad cab bag. Good run for the trip to Flandreau, but on the way home the washer fluid pump died, so something else to add to the list. Good luck on the projects everyone! Staying isolated, and getting projects done! WIN and WIN!
  4. Ok, I am looking for something to record, and has decent video for backing up to hitch as well. My wife was riding with me one day and saw some of the special stupid that is occurring on the highways now, her comment was get something set up to record before we go anywhere.
  5. What are you looking at for a cab cam system? Are you recording? I am looking at adding some additional insulation to get things a bit more quiet during travels, it's ok now, but would like to dampen the noise levels down a bit more, I figured since I am ripping things up now anyway, it's the right time to do it.
  6. Yes, mine is doing a bit of work now, but eventually it will be pulling a trailer. It does sound like we'll be doing a lot of the same work, we get up to 35 this weekend. Truck goes into shop for a new windshield next week Wednesday, hated seeing that new crack show up after warming it up last week. But it was working hard this summer hauling hay to the farm for winter. Just part of the price of business, hopefully I will be able to write it off.
  7. 2020 a new year and time to continue projects! Will be starting 2020 with a new windshield to be installed next Wednesday. Next month if the temperatures start to warm up, the power inverter will be installed. And finally a jackalopee box will be installed once that is done. 2019 was a fresh set of tires all the way around, and full fluid and filters maintenance.
  8. Most any kind of rock will do so, epecially if it is cold and then 'super heated' with a fire in the center. Even granite will explode, all it takes is a bit of water in any crevice and you have a bomb. I would recommend some good solid pieces of steel instead. if you absolutely need to use rock, make sure to dirt piled up on the inside area of the ring to protect the rocks, you want it about a foot thick, that should help reduce explosions. I'd place sod on the outside to be safe as well.
  9. thanks everyone for the word of wisdom, Yes it looks like it may just be time to get some 'jewelry' for the truck. Being in South Dakota, and wife still working FT, it means snow is just a going to be a way of life for a while. I have cattle as well and this isn't just an RV truck, it still hauls several truckloads of hay, and farm equipment. So it seems it is time to get a few more items for the truck, some decent fenders for drive wheels and some good chains for it as well. Thanks all, Chuck
  10. castlewood57

    Fun in the snow

    Ok, I have a Volvo 670 we had 17" of snow dumped on us, took front end loader and moved snow for about 5 hours. Wanted to move truck to clean around it and tires just spun. found tow hook but no pins, being on a farm I found something that would work as a pin temporarily. So now i am doubting whether tow hook is right, and I know I definitely need a pin. Does anyone have pictures, and where to buy these items at? It was a long day, and didn't like having my own highway through hell episode just outside the front door of my house trying to pull the truck with the tractor. Tractor didn't like pulling that much and spent a considerable amount of time just spinning on ice. Time to get correct tools for the job, starting with hooks and pins. Thanks, Chuck
  11. For what it is worth, they will not recharge battery backup batteries, AND with the battery backups we were using during an emergency test, the battery backup units would constantly chirp with the modified sine wave inverters. Again another take it for what it is worth , they work well with basic things but ... Next one I purchase will be a full sine wave.
  12. Keep us updated on what you find out.
  13. Thanks for the information all, I live on the east side of South Dakota, and we can have great weather on one side of the state, and all h@ll breaking loose on the other side of the state. So chains it is. and now the next question... how much clearance would you need for snow chains? Also hadn't heard about drag chains, a new nugget of knowledge to remember. We'll be running either i29 north and south or I90 east and west until we retire full time. So we are definitely running on the northern tier of states until later on. Thanks all!
  14. So while everyone is ducking inside to hide from the heat advisories, thought I would quick post this, since I ducked inside for a bit as well. For those that venture into snow areas, what do you use for traction in snow? I am going with fairly aggressive tread pattern, but I know that doesn't solve everything. I've seen chains, ratchet cleats. Whats being used? Any horror stories of items to stay away from? Thanks everyone, finally have my 2007 Volvo!
  15. castlewood57

    Applying Decals

    Definitely water and a bit of soap to help squish things around, makes it much more mobile. Cool temperatures really help as well, and as mentioned before always in the shade. Good luck on the project!
  16. A quick question - how much does a complete windshield replacement cost?
  17. Posting this since it is a manual, and I need an automatic. I do not know seller or the truck. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2281009518877815/?ref=messenger_banner Seller's Description Very nice truck 800,000 miles deleted Cummins 13 spd fridge TV inverter tri pac apu like new tires and brakes truck needs nothing ready to go to work. Only reason for selling is I bought a pre elog. Seller's name is Greg Larson.
  18. Thanks for the info! Its going to take some time to hunt something down, and I am seeing a lot of people upgrading, I don't mind doing a bit of work on an older vehicle especially if it is electrical. Just need to find something mechanically sound and I can build up from there. Would love a 780, but need something for work for a couple years, then the 780 becomes a possibility.
  19. Has anyone run into issues getting sensors and parts for the earlier Volvo auto trannys? Starting to look, don't mind starting out with something older since we have a fairly active market for race car haulers.
  20. Sorry to hear about the problems. We had a house that we rented out for a while, renters had started trashing it, got them out. I couldn't believe in just a couple weeks what they had done. I will never have rentals again as well. Good luck on the repairs and hopefully they won't be as bad as expected.
  21. We are starting to earnestly look at larger campers now, in particular the Montana High Country 384, anyone have any experience with it? Also since it is a longer camper, we went from 21' to 28' ( that seemed giant in comparison), but for living space and after a weekend of rain camping one weekend we decided on definitely needing more space, and walking space for the pups. I know we're out for alot of State and National parks with something this size, but willing to compromise and camp nearby. Thanks everyone!
  22. Absolutely agree with you richfaa . It's defintely a boom/bust operation along with the economy. There are so many brands and models and everyone's tastes change so quickly that they are fighting that aspect as well, again high demand for some, while others languish on the lots.
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