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  1. Just drove back to Texas from Arizona on Interstate 10. Regular gas was around 2.15 to 2,25 per gal. Diesel was 3.09 to 3,29 per gallon. Now I am no mathematician, but it seems crazy to buy a Diesel truck with that much difference in fuel prices, initial costs and maintenance cost. I am trying to figure out which gas engine truck to pull a fiver (12500# loaded). The ford V10 would seem to be the best option but i am not sure that it is even available in the F350 Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Many years, many RV types but this bad boy is complex.
  3. AHA! problem solved, well kinda anyway. The dog house was not in position and therefor leaking hot air through like crazy. Still seems odd that Ford would not set up the AC to allow some venting into the foot well. Thanks for all the help Guys.
  4. So just purchased a 2003 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 38' on a Roadmaster chassis. The previous owner really didn't know a whole lot about the technical aspects. After getting it home and going through everything I have a million question about the systems and operation of the coach (not the driving ) There are many things that I have no clue about. What I need is someone who is very familiar with this or similar coaches to spend an hour or two going through everything with me. Any suggestions and or advice will be appreciated and rewarded in Heaven I'm sure. I live in NW Austin Texas in case you know someone.
  5. Thanks P&P, I will take a look at that but it seems like there should also be a way to direct the A.C. to the footwell. The vent is there ??? Cheers
  6. When driving my 05 Coachman concord my legs get so hot from the engine heat. The engine is not overheating at all. With the Air conditioning running full bore there is almost no flow from the floor vent unless the selector is on floor position,of course this is for heat not AC. Surely there must be some way to get more air flow to the footwells . It's hard to believe that everyone with this E450 set up doesn't have the same issue. All any advice will be very much appreciated.
  7. Thank you both we just got back. Everything went smoothly and your advice was used all the way. We didn't quite stay 24 hours even though we did get a beachfront spot. Hot,hot,hot had a very nice dinner at the Blue Marlin restaurant (fantastic coconut shrimp) breakfast tacos this morning and got the co back to Prescott. Did I mention it was Very hot down there. Now we defiantly know the ropes and when not to go. Looking forward to another trip in November. Thanks again.
  8. Hey y'all planning a trip down to rock point (Puerto Penesco). Anyone have any advice, best RV park, fishing spots, vehicle insurance. Also taking our pooch and have his veterinary records so I think that's all we need. Also will stop and check out the Organ pipe cactus park. Any and all advice Will Be Appreciated, Gracis amigos
  9. Everything else works as in all 12 volt circuits when not hooked to 110vac the only other clue is that the rear vue camera is not working either (screen embedded into sun visor. That may just not work I haven't checked for voltage yet though. It's a Mystery alright.
  10. Hey Y'all, weird thing, the in dash (original) radio only works when I have 110vac power either from shore line or generator. I can't find a switch anywhere I have checked fuses on the chassis. Anyone have any clues what or where to look. I have also checked through my manuals to no avail. ???? Cheers
  11. Gracias Amigos. As usual all good points to consider. Thank you.
  12. Hello again Lads and Lasses. I am considering a Open Range residential fiver that wieghs in at just 11900# dry but has 3 axles. Will this help it ride smoother or track better when being towed ? In other words is this a good thing or is it just 2 extra tires to buy amd maintain. Any and all comment will as always be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  13. Thanks a lot for your responses (is that a word) I will check into the afore mentioned units. What's still a mystery to me is the "Inverter" thing Champion has a regular Rv ready 4kw genny that will run for 12 hours on a tank for half the cost of the Inverter 3.5 KW. Think I'll call Champion and have someone explain the difference. I already have 1 Honda I2000 so I could get another it just seems sill to run 2 motors when 1 will do. Thanks again
  14. Hello gang, after getting some great advice from y'all on my first post (advice on quality brands) I have narrowed my search down to a few manufacturers and I feel much more confident and knowledgeable when I look at used fivers. So Thanks My new question is about Generators. I hope to spend at least part of my travels Boon docking and see the need to have a Generator. So my question is this, is it worth paying a whole bunch more for a unit with an on board genny or would it be better (and less expensive) to have a good size (7-8KW) portable either chained in the truck bed or on the back trailer hitch of the fiver. Sure will appreciate your thoughst and advice. Cheers.
  15. Thank you so much for your replies, I have checked into all the information and manufactures you have suggested and joined\downloaded the RV consumer group reports. Fascinating stuff, I had no idea there were so many brands of fifth wheel. Also amazing to me was just how much a "top tier" fifth wheel can cost new and "previously owned" I visited an RV dealership this weekend with new informed eyes and can certainly spot the quality versus the mediocre. So again thanks you guys I shall continue my quest. Cheers
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