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  1. This sounds like an awesome way to deduct using your rv as a tax write off.
  2. If your looking for a ford Woodhouse in Blair Ne. will beat anyone's price. Believe me
  3. Never mind figured it out! Thanks
  4. Thanks HamRad! Dumb question here but what is LNB and how do I know what I have? Do I go to ebay and order a portable dish made for dtv?
  5. No we will not be turning off service in the s&b.
  6. Hello all, I have been reading and studying posts on this site for some time. It is finally time for my first post. I have direct tv at home and I would like to also have it in my camper. Is it as simple as taking one of my boxes from home and getting a satellite dish or what is the procedure for getting it in my camper. My wife and I will be living in our camper for a couple months so we can get away from adult children as they are moving in with us for a few months while their house is being built. Thank you in advance for any help on this subject. We will be staying a few miles from our current home.
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