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  1. Thinking about anti freeze

    Sorry if I misled anyone on the Color remark. I was meaning to say stick with what the Manufacturer spec was. My old truck was the standard Green Glycol. Test every year for SCA. Only once needed the additive.
  2. Thinking about anti freeze

    LOL 😂
  3. Train horns

    Love train horns! 😎 have had them for years.
  4. Thinking about anti freeze

    SCA test and can put additive in if needed. No need to dump the fluid too often. Also there’s a filter in the system. Have read to keep same type coolant as original Green or red.
  5. FB, HDT did I miss something

    X2 what Chad, Henry, David said. I went, I saw, I posted. Got flamed for not agreeing with one of the originators of the group. Seemed like they were more interested in their own narrow opinions. I left. Took a week to get convinced. JMHO.
  6. Campground cable and Routers

    The park has to have digital services for you to get internet modem from them. If it’s analog cable tv then no internet. Requires you to set up a stand-alone account with cable provider Good thing is not much left in analog cable. Most are converted. Just because there’s a cable at the site it could be Sat TV provided from the park basically they are their own cable provider. No internet then.
  7. Smart to TH tiedown

    Sorry they are indeed 2”. http://www.uscargocontrol.com/Towing-Auto-Hauling/Wheel-Straps-for-Auto-Hauling/Car-Carrier-Strap-w-Swivel-Hooks-Fixed-Rubber-Blocks-Rat_2
  8. Smart to TH tiedown

    3” straps. Us cargo for mine too. Cut off excess strap. Burn ends. Been using over tire straps with the rubber blocks for 10 years.
  9. Smart to TH tiedown

    Tie the wheels and tires only not from suspension. No real frame avail anyway. On the trucks we use car hauler straps over the tires to points on bed. You’ll need to see how it lines up for you. Have seen guys use tie downs through spokes in wheels. 5k chains or any chains not req. 😳 4 straps and you should be fine. Enjoy!
  10. Not level

    I don’t have front air ride on our truck ( too old) but can the front level valves cause this? Bags leaking?
  11. CG in or around San Diego

    San Diego KOA is nice and offer monthly stays. In a Chula Vista. Not far from base. Need to check rates.
  12. Mobile Suite Delamination

    Ask DRV. They may have insight on repair. Or call Paul Cross at Indiana Interstate RV repair. He will know for sure
  13. Costco 24DC Interstate Battery

    Good info Yarome! Thanks
  14. Volvo Oil Stick Length For Full

    I bought new dip stick from Volvo a few years ago. Broken top. Wasnt much. Around $40 I think.
  15. Pilot/Flying J Credit Card

    Carl the discount at FJ with the FJ card is based on what Good Sam membership you have. We get 8 cents off the cash price swipe at truck pumps like David said. We have lifetime GS membership. It’s a bit lower with other levels. We do have to go in to get receipt. We also set up auto pay to not be limited monthly on amount. When we are rolling we can hit limit on a rare occasion. Also hard for us to pay bill on road due to Canadian. We also prefer the convenience of FJ and fresh fuel. Smaller station are a royal PIA for us. We may be paying 4-5 cents more from our experience in the end. Your value may be better with the 5% off though.