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  1. As mentioned check square and no obstruction If no issues there... Sounds like you need a new actuator. They are pretty easy to replace. Then bleed it out. Probably have to open the belly up to access it. Can order one probably from Lippert.
  2. billr


    Always have a Battery Minder on when not driving. If power is avail, only when dry camping no power. Annual level and terminal cleaning Batteries last about 7-8 yrs for me
  3. Just finished a conversion for a friend and doing another soon as they wanted to ditch Direct. Thought an update on this might help with future searches Was a fairly simple process. Call Winegard tech support and they walk you through checking the direct traveler and programming box to see if it’s possible. Verifying model antenna and software in box. Order new LMB arm with Harness and a new reflector. They will confirm the P/N req. The cost for their kits were $279 plus tax and shipping this was from Winegard The conversion was simple and had great instructions Final step was a little tricky with the way to program the box but was fine Found 110, 119, and 129 first time They kept it simple with a couple of Wallys setup and activated with Dish outdoor Pay as you go account. Did learn if activating two Wallys, each needs to be activated on the # 1 receiver cable then moved to other location as receiver 2. This link I found on a few searches here was very helpful. https://rvseniormoments.com/tech-docs/dish-tv-for-rvs/directv-to-dish-travler-conversions/
  4. When we didn’t have auto levelers, I made a level board/ramp of sorts. Three boards 2x10s One long enough to be under both tires enough to make it easy. Then two more screwed on top. Shorter lengths. All with 45* cuts on ends to allow ease of climb. Back up on one board one tire, other tire on groundO. Or same tire up two boards, other tire still on ground. Or, rear tire on third board and other tire on first Gives you three heights to adjust till level. small increments. Very easy. Quick. Can also add a separate board in front so front tire is on a board two. Gives a more fine tuned adjust. Rarely was needed. Used this setup over 20 years on three diff trailers. Never an issue
  5. billr

    Brakes Frozen

    A bar and big ol hammer through wheel hole smack the drum.
  6. We have a hopper 3 with traveler and DPH42 Tried to covert our Wally pay as you go acct but Dish wouldn’t do it. They set up home acct in our Fifth wheel. Sent a tech with a new Hopper 2 joeys and an EA ground dish. We were up and running. I then converted over to the traveler. We change locals with zero trouble using text msg. I have a template to start the text. Takes 2-3 min tops. Done. Used to call but way too many questions etc.
  7. We have the Hopper 3 and yes we can. You just will have it saying searching for signal. Just press DVR and your set.
  8. Good luck Nigel! This is a nice build very clean rig!
  9. Any portable solutions other than a manual setup dish to work with a Hopper 3 setup? Currently run on traveler. Not looking at this time to use a manual setup antenna. Guess a Wally would be needed to use the pathway then?
  10. It’s possible the cut off switch isn’t killing all take offs from the batteries. You will need to look at how they wired in the switch. There are several connections to the batteries some factory some by others. If you can cut off all loads you should have better luck keeping the batteries up. Setting up a powered charger is good idea. Solar panel also.
  11. Would like to see a pic of the thru the wheel strapping. Wonder if your using the ratchets on chocks?
  12. Best $200 or so spent on new specs! It’s like you just found your glasses when you get new glass!
  13. If you only broke the main leaf just put in the new leaf using the rest of the stack. Should be fine. At least to get you going. I had same failure years ago and all they had was the single main leaf. Re strapped the old stack and it lived one in the unit for 10 yrs and traded. Good luck.
  14. Spoke to a dish customer care case manager , she said she specializes in the service tough issues and they track and make recommendations to fix things. I guess. 🤔 She also works the RV side of Dish support. Was very familiar with the Hopper and traveler setup. Told me she’s has spoke with many people with the same issue in homes as well. Even her home Recommends activating Prime Time Anytime and not set each show on networks if you tape a lot. We do. Said the timer can get corrupted easily and cause a software issue and conflict which puts a reset in place. The multiple ones are caused by the conflict not clearing on the reset. So far after 3-4 days of setup like this we have not seen the issue return She said if we do see it disconnect the coax from receiver and reconnect it usually stops the repeat reset that time She also said in DRV then prime time then timers at top review them if any stuck in there then delete them they can cause issues I did have one from a month ago that was there that shouldn’t have been Maybe this will help someone else.
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