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  1. billr

    A Bittersweet Farewell

    All the best Mike and Christine in your next chapter! Was always a pleasure having you visit us on your way through the Soo.
  2. Cool info thanks !!
  3. Thanks! I’m leaning towards a Traveler install. And set up with new hopper and run three TVs. I need to see how that setup will work. Read on here where there is a switch that is avail to keep the std LMB setup I think? Wondering what other units I’ll need to connect to the Bedroom and outside TVs
  4. I looked through a bunch of posts but still looking for some advise on this dish set up for two TVs. It comes with two Wally’s as well. Im aware only one sat at a time and watch channels on each tv that are on same sat. I heard this unit won’t receive sat in eastern US? We would need the Pathway 2 to get both western and eastern arcs. Is it just we would be limited to some channels or no service in the east with tailgator? Is it a better option for us to get the pathway since we travel more east of the Mississippi? Florida more. ? Thanks!
  5. billr

    Trailer TPMS not reaching cab

    Pin box as suggested is good spot on a fiver. There’s 12V in the junction box right there to tap off of. I leave mine powered all the time. For sure check it’s compatible. So many vehicles now have interference with the signals TST now recommend repeaters on all systems. Now the systems all come with repeaters included.
  6. billr

    Tire Pressures

    Carl what Shorty said. Maybe jump up next line on chart for safety margin. For example, on our DRV with 17.5 G114s our heaviest tire req 100 psi on charts. I run 105. Keeps that total rise down a fair bit. Less a kaboom if ever happens. If you do need 120 or 125 indeed then no worries. That’s Cold press set. Heat induced rise is accepted by mfg. What you see is normal.
  7. billr

    Florida Residency Assistance

    You might start with the Canadian Snowbird association. They might be of help.
  8. billr

    LCI Centerpoint Airbag Suspension

    We had Trail air CP on our 05 Mobile Suite it lasted about 6 years. Then it blew air bags from chaffing when the non greasable bushings wore out. They don’t make replaceable parts at all except bags. We found good used units swapped parts over got two more years then started seeing it stuck over like before not recentering. Finally ditched it went to standard steel dexter equalizers. I would avoid them. Morride independent suspension is a great system. Proven. Cost to have them install is I think around $3-4K. Check with them No more shackles, axles, springs etc.
  9. billr

    2015 Smart car Brabus question.

    Good advice not to ignore it! Take it from me having records of the service will save your bacon if you have a failure during warranty and other obvious reasons. We lost an engine with a blown head gasket last year on our 2011 Smart. When the head gasket went the antifreeze abd syn oil mixed causing the oil to congeal all through the eng. Kaput!! Was in last month of 2 year Ext warranty. They tried to deny but in the end replaced with new engine at their cost of $10k. 😳 Proof of service was a big deal. I had even done my own services. But that was a battle with them but records meant everything. I think in the future dealer service while under warranty will be my plan.
  10. billr

    moving to New Brunswick...

    No info on NB but there are no issues in Ontario.
  11. billr

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    This fellow was towing a paddle boat on a trailer behind the fiver too when stopped. Just sayin. May have drawn attention to length.
  12. Tractor Supply. Where I got what I used. Simple 3-4” pulley.
  13. billr

    Thinking about anti freeze

    Sorry if I misled anyone on the Color remark. I was meaning to say stick with what the Manufacturer spec was. My old truck was the standard Green Glycol. Test every year for SCA. Only once needed the additive.
  14. billr

    Thinking about anti freeze

    LOL 😂
  15. billr

    Train horns

    Love train horns! 😎 have had them for years.