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  1. Yes!! What a story Jim! Head you stuck yo it your patience is huge! I resemble that part Milk crate test drive. Lol mine was a Camp chair!
  2. Thanks. It’s really bugging me I can’t seem to get this in. I have elev avail to adjust it gets signal. It’s not skewed very much. I tried to do more but loose other sats. I’m sure it’s me the rookie. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Thanks I have tried some more and still not getting green check on 129 Signal locked. Around 45-50. I am using phone app to get close and got all three but 129 still a problem. Trees blocking me on EA but I’ll have to maybe get creative.
  4. Thanks Mark I have. Lock on 129 but no green check. It’s red x. signal 35
  5. We run a Hopper on Dish with traveler and Dph42. in RV. All good parked here. Moved into house and set up and aimed manual dish first time. Set up in house for summer and can’t get thru trees for EA but good sky to WA. I bought proper WA Dish with Hybrid three LNBs. Mounted on house. 110, 119, 129 signal is tad low. 45 and down to 35 some times on all three. tried for higher but had to balance We are located in UP Michigan Sault Ste Marie All programming comes in and guide builds. Locals come in good. Have 110 and 119 with green on diagnostics page other is redX. All three show locked. Issue is several channels only come in SD like NBCSN and a Fox sports ESPN, HGTV and more Locals are in SD because we are on WA HD on locals are on EA We did get all programming In HD except locals on the traveler. Signal was around the same. is there a certain sat I should focus on to get these in HD? It’s a battle to get more signal on one and not loose on others
  6. Good job Jim the new A/S expert! Go to Volvo for the Reman XY.
  7. June 21st is the current close date at boarder.
  8. Hey Jim while it could be related to the power supply if you have never changed the XY it would be a good choice. Those guys work hard and wear. It was a fix to several nagging and one stranding faults. recommend both.
  9. Hey Jim Tranny power supply. Runs from battery to ECU on tranny. Common issue on old A/S. I had issues years ago ended up being the XY shifter and Eaton suggested changing the power supply as well. No more issues again. Good thing is you know how to pull the floor panel up to get access. Both easy change. Go for it. Power supply wasn’t much and XY was a Reman with core was not terrible.
  10. We have had GS platinum since 2008. Had to have platinum even then to get HDT covered.
  11. billr

    ECR Do-Over

    Sorry for sidetracking on this thread. 😊 We are in Soo Canada. Koassm.com not trying to advertise just answering the question. 😎
  12. What ever you decide Vern, you’ll succeed! all the best!
  13. billr

    ECR Do-Over

    We would love to have you guys too Nigel! Looking fwd to things getting better. Hoping everyone stays safe.
  14. billr

    ECR Do-Over

    We sure hope we can open Ralf. Closed till May 12 now. Hope we recover in June and on. But nothing for sure right now. Hoping you can come up this season.
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