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  1. billr

    Surge protectors and adapters

    I have always had hardwired surge protector. Not hard to install if you have some elec skills. Or any RV dealer or electrician can do it. This way nothing is outside in the elements or in view, and you plug in like normal as mentioned already. With hardwired you get in unit remote panel to see parimeter readout and errors.
  2. billr

    Franklin Furniture

    We put lazyboy in our last unit about 6 yrs ago and the leather peeled off badly. Denied warranty claim even with extended. Still have over 20 yr lazyboy in house and it’s ok. Guess they put cheep leather in now. Try Lambright furniture in Topeka Indiana. Amish owned and hand built stuff. He has all sizes and types colors etc. tables too. Matches DRV stuff well. He is well familiar selling lots to RVrs Lots of folks recommended them to us we ordered and pickup end of month We spoke with at least four others while in the showroom that we’re replacing DRV furniture or ordered without furniture like we did See link here http://rv-dreams.typepad.com/rvdreams_journal/2014/09/visit-to-lambright-comfort-chairs-goshen-in.html
  3. billr

    Lessons Learned

    Good tip Carl! I PM my batts each winter. Never had them loosen up. Looks like better test tight more often.
  4. billr

    Tampa RV show onsite parking

    We usually dry camp out in front of show every year. No res. $20 per nt.
  5. billr

    Finally Complete

    Nice job!
  6. Ordered from Amazon. Free shipping $1249. Got a Wally for now to get started. Plan to set up home acct later in fall with Hopper and set up with DPH42 switch on fifth wheel.
  7. Thanks for the comments.
  8. Any reason not to buy new traveler dish from Amazon ? Looks like best price right now. Looks like it carries full winegard warranty. Anyone use the optional mount plate on fiberglass roof? Best to use one?
  9. billr

    The end of the beginning

    Nice Job!
  10. billr

    Residential Refridgerator

    1000 watt as well PSW works well.
  11. billr

    Need some Autoshift Information

    I had rev ball sw fail too. Symptom was no rev at all.
  12. billr

    Adding second TV to Hopper3?

    Curious , when you guys refer to router to use wireless Joey do you need internet access for this or is it just a private comm network between joey and hopper? Just following and learning.
  13. billr

    Volvo VNL610 Curtain Rebuild Project

    Hey Jim I replaced a bunch of the rollers and attach. Hardware ages ago. Got at Volvo. Was missing a curtain picked up here on forum. Someone might chime in. Try Ron Sibernut in Baltimore. He has a local toy store wrecker.
  14. billr

    A Bittersweet Farewell

    All the best Mike and Christine in your next chapter! Was always a pleasure having you visit us on your way through the Soo.