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  1. Seat not strong enough??

    Check seat belts I had to add extensions to allow the sears seats to raise up. Diff mounting location to the stock nationals.
  2. Parking and trailer air valve fix for air leak

    Just bought one at Volvo in Auburndale Fl for $260. Asked for shop rate and the parts guy dropped price a bunch. He said we a bit of room on these. Lol Sometimes you just have to ask. (He knew Iโ€™m just private no shop) ๐Ÿค“
  3. Looking for a Good Samaritan in Phoenix Area

    Great news! So glad someone is close enough to get you moved. Hoping for a quick recovery for you!
  4. Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Sweet! Love the white trucks too!
  5. Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Congrats Mark! Call if you need anything! Have fun!
  6. Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Hey Mark Iโ€™m sure Rick gave you sound advice as others here. Have fun and put on those T-bird white intake coveralls and dig in! ๐Ÿ˜€ Looking forward to hearing your results! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Cheers
  7. Metric v. American

  8. 5w towing with a short 5.5' bed

    Skip the fifth wheel hitch cost and worry. Get the truck you want for the TT and have friend or pay a guy to move Fifth wheel F150 not suitable at all
  9. Winch for Smart car or utv

    I also prefer having the chocks now. 8 yrs without managed just fine but needed to have a block in place as car rolls sometimes. Getting in between car and cab with tool box I have there and bikes loaded and tight clearances was hard to reach in to tow down After changing my set up last year I really like the tie downs with ratchets on chocks. Easier for me. Sure they really donโ€™t hold the car any better than without but makes my process easier.
  10. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Randy/Charlie we are in same dry camping area each year in front by 301 main gate. Near fence along 301 Last year there were at least 8 of us together and a few more in serviced areas.
  11. Winch for Smart car or utv

    I usually tighten rear then front No real reason. With 4 chocks now they tighten up and never need adj. Im sure single straps or baskets they both do good job and car is going no where. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  12. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Carl I have used the single straps in Rogers pics since 2009 never had them slack at all. I do cinch then pretty tight though. I like them. Never used baskets.
  13. https://get.google.com/albumarchive/112516511238375316586/album/AF1QipMcQmUcKek7n0RDjiPSNumFJV3YuuU7WoCGPIEv Dave Here is a link to my Elec panel build ten yrs ago. Lol Built in the house and installed later. I did put plexiglass across any areas that had open terminals. Easy to remove. The outets and junction box is for my red neck shore power I just plug into outlets if on shore power or inverter if not remote switch in cab for inverter The extra fuse panel is for all my add on 12v users Most items are Blue Sea products recommend by Jack Mayer I also used a Hoppy to convert wiring for trailer plug as back then there were no Jackalope. Lol I still have the original Hoppy. Have a back up in the package but this thing is still solid. ๐Ÿ˜ณ Older trucks before 2004 I think.... can use a Hoppy. Newer trucks with multiplex syst with monitoring can not. Hence the creation of the Jackalope. Anyway, keeping this stuff inside has kept it problem free. Also not breaking into Anything Volvo was suggested to me by very wise men. Rick and Jack. Iโ€™m a believer. That wiring diagram is courtesy of HDT resource guide It worked perfect.
  14. Had a premature engine failure in our 2011 Smart 451 last year due to a blown head gasket. MB covered the eng replacement under the Ext warranty. Wow. Note: we winch up and drive off Ok so they asked me if I wanted the clutch replaced as it was worn out. Of course yes. Eng was out. New eng going in. Cost was like $400 for parts I think. The eng has to come out to replace it. If your paying the dealer to do it huge $ labour. At least 8-12 hrs at MB shop rate plus the parts. Like $1800 plus job. Wow. Unless you can do it yourself. Or get a mech to jump in there. Not much luck after they look at it. I have worked on our Smarts a fair bit and I can say itโ€™s terrible doing most anything. So would I drive up sure. But over time I think winching cuts my losses a bit more. Each to their own though. I have not heard anyone killing the clutch driving up. As Ralph said it should be self protective. Cost to winch not even close to one clutch job I would drive the 453 cars up though I hate the time and messing around winching
  15. If possible mount the Jackalope inside luggage storage on drivers side. You may even be able to run the OEM truck umbilical from the rear of the cab inside to connect up to the Jackalope. Keeps everything dry and clean.