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  1. You were lucky. It was my understanding that you couldn't bring in plants without having them quarantined first. It was also something we had to declare. I guess things have changed. The guard made a stupid mistake by reaching into the bag without first looking in. I doubt he'll make that mistake again. It's even more difficult than it used to be going back and forth across our northern border.
  2. We rarely travel on the interstates and when we have to it's just for a couple of miles and I never do much more than merge in, stay in the right lane, and exit. Never had a problem driving on Blue Highways with someone in my blind spot. My truck already has a split mirror and I glance at both when I check on my left and right sides for anything.
  3. Well, we made the decision to take a seasonal site. Thank you to those who provided input. Fish beware, we are coming next year.
  4. If you only parked on the incline the one night but had the problem prior to that then it wasn't the primary cause. On your RV check the vent area to make certain nothing has gotten in and is building a home. We had this happen earlier this summer and the same problem occurred and we found a few mud daubers building there and we had to clean them out. Frig worked fine after that. By the way, we had screens over the vent to keep them out but they were determined. A fatal mistake.
  5. Still haven't made the decision but we are leaning towards doing it. Just have to work out a few more details. Thanks to everyone who offered advice and suggestions. I'll keep checking for additional comments.
  6. They have a house that they rent for all seasons, including winter. We are looking to leave there in early to mid-October. Their 2018 season is May 4th through Oct. 14th. From some of the people I've spoken to online many people leave their RV's there all winter if they want to return the following year. That will not be us. We are looking at next year since we just came back from this years trip. The sites I've asked about are open to the southern sky for satellite reception. I'll have to be inside for several hours each day and reading and TV would be good options. I'd rather be fishing but hey, the fish need a break too.
  7. They aren't listed in RV Park Reviews. I know where they are. They are only open for seasonal campers unless they have an open site that didn't get bought for the season and then they open it for daily or weekly visitors. The name of the place is Niemeyers Rugged River Resort in the Brainerd Lakes region of Minnesota. While not a snowbird area they are full most years. The park may be empty during the week but there are RV's on all sites we are told. Weekends and holidays must be families and packed activities.
  8. Due to some personal changes we are looking at staying for about 5 months at a seasonal campground. Other than staying at one place for 3 months, which we paid month by month. The hiccup here is that we have to pay 1/2 now and the rest in 7 months. That isn't the problem. We have only seen a map of the campground so we tried Google Earth but can't get a good view (angle is too sharp). Anyone have any experience in this and if so...did you just jump in or did you do some checking we didn't think about? Thanks for any suggestions and/or ideas.
  9. Thank you for sharing. Was having nightmares about bananas in hospital wards struggling to hang on to their ripeness.
  10. Thanks for the info. We're nearing the end of our trip and this WiFi reception won't let me open the story.
  11. Hey, this was California...maybe it was an earthquake tremor and the tollbooth "jumped" in front of the MH. Seriously, priorities being what they are let's hope the driver and passengers and toll collector are okay.
  12. Seasonal Camping? Okay, that's an option I hadn't considered. We are centrally located and that could work if we could figure out how to take care of issues while traveling on the way to somewhere and the way home. It's still worth investigating more. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Actually, I'm looking at a lot of options and home hemodialysis is one of them. I'm not going to start it soon but as I do with most things I want to be prepared for any eventuality and I check out everything. The problem is that doing it at home or on the road requires it to be done daily for six or seven hours and doing it in a center is three times a week for about 4-41/2 hours each time. Still lots of other options and I'm looking at them all. I really don't want to give up traveling.
  14. We were going to be going on the road this year...however, health issues have snuck up and bit us and right now we've changed from full-time to half-time. We have to, for now, keep our home and travel when we can. Does anyone know if you can arrange for dialysis when you are on the road?