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  1. Mr. Camper

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    I taught special needs kids for 20 years who knew how to get along better than you folks do. State your opinion and move on. Do you really want to spend your time arguing or demanding to know about someone's batteries, set up procedures, or idle time? How proud would you be to have your kids or grandkids read some of the posts in this thread?
  2. Mr. Camper

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    I keep the RAM running while I check the power at the site, then we level. That's when we unhook the truck and stabilize and hook up the utilities. Then we open the slides and Mrs. Camper takes care of the inside while I finish the outside. Having said that, it's also not what we did many years ago when we bought our first RAM diesel. I learned to do it more efficiently when other, seasoned campers explained to me how to do it more efficiently. I've since learned to pay it forward, many times over. It only takes a minute to show/explain it to someone and keeps me from ranting in a discussion forum.
  3. Mr. Camper

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    So it's better to rant than to teach someone who may be new, or not, to MH RVing? I'm glad I pull a TT, but I do pull it with a RAM Turbo Diesel. I'll be sure to look for you on the next site over as we travel.
  4. Mr. Camper

    Surprise from USPS this week

    Why not just offer thanks and enjoy the moment?
  5. Mr. Camper

    Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦

    Hopefully, they are still talking to us.
  6. We've had C2C Classic for over 16 years. We've only been retired for the last 3 years so our travel was limited but we never had an issue in getting into a particular campground. What we have noticed is that many of the C2C locations are no better than others offered by other memberships. Not sure we see the wisdom of having multiple memberships but our camping requirements are probably different from those who do. Too often we have found C2C not close to areas we wanted to be at and wound up staying elsewhere. The cost of the membership we purchased was less than $100.00 so we kept it even though we don't use it as often as we planned. Since retirement, we have more freedom to go where we like and not where we have time to go. That made a difference for us, but at the renewal price, we keep it updated.
  7. Mr. Camper

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Don't know much about the two men you mentioned but let's not leave out John Gorrie. Here's a link to share his contribution. http://www.floridainvents.org/john-gorrie/
  8. Mr. Camper

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Brainerd Lakes Area in Minnesota until October. Hope the fish get here soon.
  9. Perhaps RVPR can consider holding a contest to see which reviewer can post the best photo of a campground...Oh wait, that was previously suggested and not considered professional. Never mind.
  10. Isn't it great that we have the right to say "NO" and move on down the road! I do agree with remoandiris and that it's not up to RV Park Review to get involved at this point.
  11. Mr. Camper

    Cheap places to live...

    Some posters mentioned other things they were interested in before making a selection on a place to live. This site we found is pretty good at giving a longer look at other things like taxes, healthcare, cost of living, etc. Just an idea. http://www.bestplaces.net/find/
  12. Mr. Camper

    Tire Pressure Loss

    If you are certain that you aren't dealing with a slow leak consider switching to Nitrogen in your tires. We had all the stems replaced and then switched to Nitrogen and the problem of loss of pressure went away. Of course, many of the experts here will dispute that so all I can say is what worked for us.
  13. Mr. Camper

    Coast To Coast?

    We've been a C2C member for over 15 years. Our home park is in TN. We've been there a few times but the cost savings for the rest of the country is what keeps us in it. We haven't run into any issues with restrictions or availability but have met some that have. Whatever you choose, try it and if not happy look at a re-sale. We can do that without a heavy, expensive entry fee. Don't know if those type of membership is still available but if they are, try it.
  14. Mr. Camper

    Got a favorite photograph?

    It never fails to amaze me the number of roadblocks that folks can throw up to hamper an otherwise harmless activity. Everyone back to your corner or go stand with your tribe and let us try to begin again.
  15. Mr. Camper

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    To answer the question the OP asked. There is no difference between the dry and liquid chemicals. We've used both with no difference.