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  1. Mr. Camper

    Social Security to increase in 2019

    While that is so true, I was also pleased to see that my Part D monthly went up a bit but my med prices will stay the same for now. It's an overall upside. That doesn't happen too often when the government is involved.
  2. Mr. Camper

    Weather where you are?

    We're in West Central Arkansas but have a trip to North Central Arkansas for early next month. We had some severe weather go through here last night but it left this morning and took the last vestiges of summer with it and we woke up this morning to great fall weather. We have day trips for the next three weeks and the weather will be great for that (usually). We do have family along the west coast of FLAUSA and are in constant contact with them and as of now, they are safe, dry and secure. Now, we have to wait for them to be able to call us with any updates. Our next concern is where HM goes after it leaves FL behind. We have friends and family in the Carolinas and they aren't going to be able to handle much more rain.
  3. Mr. Camper

    Seasonal Camping

    I did check the link docj provided and it did show up, so we will post the review shortly. Why it didn't appear earlier I have no idea. I did attempt to post it at Niemeyers Rugged River Resort and as Rugged River Resort and both times it just "froze" without further action. We had to reboot the computer to get it unfrozen. RV Park Reviews is the only place we post reviews so more than likely that will be the only place we use. I've seen RV Parky and Campendium and frankly, we weren't impressed with either one. Thanks for the information
  4. Mr. Camper

    Seasonal Camping

    Yes, this was N. RRR. We tried posting to RV P. Rev. but it wasn't listed and when we tried to add it, it wouldn't. Hence our post here.
  5. Mr. Camper

    Seasonal Camping

    I thought I'd wrap this thread up with a post-seasonal camp review. We left there two months early. First the positive news. We never lost electrical power. Now for the rest of the news. The roads are dirt and rock and hilly. They don't trim back the shrubs and/or trees along the road so lots of vehicle scratches. None of which is obvious from Google Earth. No rules for driving around. It was not unusual to be breaching a hill and have another vehicle coming at you. Thankfully, no crashes just a few near misses. It's in the Brainerd area in RainorSnowta (found on the map as Minnesota). You really don't get many other options. For the owners, this appears to be a part-time hobby. They have full-time jobs elsewhere and getting someone on the phone is only possible by leaving a message and hoping you get a callback. We know this because the place lost water pressure three different times and we had to call and wait for a response. Thankfully after the first time, we kept our water tank full. It was necessary. Apparently, the rules as stated in the agreement are not followed and enforced by unseen persons. Management as previously stated was non-existent, so others had visitors who parked all over the sites, roads and anywhere else they could, even twice on our site, once blocking us in. Nine miles to the closest grocery store and any type of commercial civilization. Barking dogs and dogs running off leash were the norm, not the rarity. We believe the positive reviews we read were from people who enjoyed the "no rule enforcement" and felt that was a good thing. What did we learn? No more seasonal camping unless we are able to make an in-person visual inspection ahead of time, and a seasonal place that you pay for monthly and can leave at any time.
  6. Mr. Camper

    Old Coots Giving Advice

    Talk is cheap. Listening is more productive.
  7. Mr. Camper

    Park pricing on the way up

    So as Paso Robles goes, so goes the nation? I think its a matter of location. Also, amenities might have something to do with pricing. If all campgrounds ever go that way regardless of location and amenities it's time for us to go back to sticks and bricks.
  8. I believe that says all that needs to be said.
  9. Mr. Camper

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    We began with a RAM 1500 gas engine, then moved to a RAM 2500 gas and finally to our current RAM 2500 Turbo Diesel. We own a 27' TT with two opposing slides. We looked at and discounted a 5er because it wouldn't work for us. Our preference is a TT. We started with a 24', then moved to a 33' TT and now have a 27' TT. For a variety of reasons, it's what we prefer. We have nothing against 5ers or long TTs. The 27' has everything we want or need and the RAM pulls it easily. You have to look at your needs and decide what they are and what will work for you after you decide on the vehicle you wish to tow it with. Just be sure that it can easily pull anything you eventually purchase.
  10. Mr. Camper

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    Yes. our coverage includes both truck and RV. We haven't had the misfortune to need both since our truck was running well, but the issue with the slides is something else again. With two adults and two dogs, staying in the RV with the one slide half in (or out) wasn't an option. Coverage covered the hotel cost and meals.
  11. Mr. Camper

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    Things can go bad regardless of what your RV is or what type of coverage you have. We had 2 issues this past summer trip and couldn't stay in the TT so it was a hotel for 3 and 1/2 days. We even had to drive the half mile from the campground to the RV dealer with one slide out. Not a fun experience. The first time this occurred a local resident living at the park was able to call someone who did help us and we were on our way the next day, with the slide retracted. It worked well for the next 3 months but the gremlins struck again and we had to leave the TT at the RV dealer and drive to a local motel. Obtaining the correct part and getting it installed took some time but the last 10 days of the trip the slide went in and out as it should. I guess if we were that concerned and unprepared we could look for another TT without slides. Stuff Happens.
  12. Mr. Camper

    Hurricane Florence

    So many hurricanes hit us our last year in FLAUSA that we started to believe it was personal. Now we are looking at buying a home on the coast, somewhere in Eastern Tennessee.
  13. Mrs. C and I have been married many decades and what we do on the road is usually the same thing we do at home. The sticks and bricks need to be maintained, the RV needs to be maintained. Groceries need to be bought in both cases, we go to the store. We have our favorites trails, places to visit at home and we do the same when we travel. We love our birding and wildlife photography at home and on the road. Instead of the usual paths to bike or hike, we get to find new ones as we travel. We have slightly different viewing habits when it comes to television, so we have a second TV both at home and in the TT. While we both like to fish I like it a bit more, especially the catching part. When she wants to kayak, I fish, usually where she plans to end her kayaking adventure so it makes it easy for us to find similar activities. A few weeks ago we visited the Truman home in Independence, MO. After that, we had planned on going to see the Truman Library and Museum, about a mile away. She was getting tired so she walked back to the truck and I walked to the Library and she picked up the truck and caught up to me in the Library parking lot. Sometimes that is reversed. Sometimes you may find yourselves with different interests and if you both have transportation you can do them at the same time. For us, that's easier to do at home where we have two vehicles. As we've grown older we have found that we like being together more often than not, so when traveling we usually plan together our trip activities. We don't full-time but we usually camp for about 4-5 months each year.
  14. Mr. Camper

    Ash Borer and CGs

    We check on this as well, but for those who don't know exactly what to look for the attached site will help you learn what to look for. https://treedoctor.msu.edu/ash/ashtree_id
  15. Mr. Camper

    Meal plan for RV park guests

    Not to be too negative about this but I think you might be facing a losing battle. If you were going to attract a sizable crowd at all you might have to offer something at a loss. We don't travel in our RV to eat at restaurants. We eat outside our RV by grilling. At a minimum 6% of Americans have Diabetes, 25% have Hypertension and over 40,000,000 people have Kidney Disease and half of them don't even know it yet. Restaurant chains provide some of this information on their websites but the information is something that usually deters folks with CKD from stopping by. Also, with your competition already established in any given area, the odds of being successful are already against you.