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  1. Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    I'm personally going to ban myself from reading any more posts here on this thread.
  2. Texas Handicap Plate

    You can get a letter from your insurance provider. I received one from Medicare and that helped me get the tag. It's a drop tag that hangs from the rearview mirror, but it still works. Hope that helps
  3. Truck Fuel Stops On US45

    I'm not sure if the book we use is the same one mentioned previously but we use the Pocket Truck Stop Guide. It lists all Interstate and major US Highway stops. I followed it all the way up US 45 from Mobile, thru Mississippi and into Tennessee. No problems finding diesel along the way.
  4. RV Security

    Check your insurance as using a locking device might give you a break on the rate. We have a TT and use a lock on the coupler when we aren't towing and our insurance gives us a break on the rate. The lower rate paid for the lock the first year and the rest is gravy. If they try and damage the coupler the insurance covers 100% of the repair. One final thing to remember is that locks only keep honest people honest. If someone is bound and determined to steal your RV they will.
  5. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    Seriously, this is an issue?
  6. Best Place to Summer

    I realize many people full-time for a variety of reasons but I'm surprised that you should ask this question. Don't you have any interests or curiosity about the area you want to visit? Did you plan on staying at the campground for the entire season? Okay, I'm speaking for my wife and I and the planning of things to do is a major part of why we go where we do. Part of it is seeing new things, doing the things we like to do and meet different people. If we experience a period of heat and humidity we try to work around it by doing something indoors or shorten our stay outdoors until the weather changes. If it doesn't we move on. Of course, that's us. If my understanding of your question is wrong please clarify it for me.
  7. Mobile Hotspots

    Thanks for all of the information. We aren't leaving for another 3 months but it may take me that long to figure out all of the information provided and make a choice. Thanks to all.
  8. Mobile Hotspots

    I need some expert suggestions. We will be looking at a mobile hotspot for a five-six month trip. The two we have looked at and are good for the area we will be in are A T & T Unite Explore or the Verizon Ellipsis Jet Pack. Either one requires the purchase of a data card that expires in 30 or 60 days. If anyone has some experience with either of those mobile hotspots and a data card or something completely different we'd appreciate the insight. It must be either A T & T or Verizon. Thanks.
  9. New to this "Realm"

    Hi and Welcome, I'm not an expert. However, I do have an opinion. Go with what you like, a floor plan that works for you. And, it fits your budget! Everything after that is just someone else's opinion. We have a Four Season TT but I wouldn't want to use it during the winter anywhere but in a warm weather climate. But that's us. You may be different. Find something you like, that fits your budget, and that you can easily tow. Then enjoy it.
  10. FMCA votes to include towables

    Somehow 13% doesn't sound like strong support to me.
  11. FMCA votes to include towables

    Here's a shocker. I apparently agree with everyone who has posted. Go figure.
  12. Bird Poop

    Just another point of view.
  13. How large a rig for young active Huskies?

    We used a 31' TT when we had a Border Collie and a Samoyed. There was plenty of room for the two of us and the two of them. We towed with a RAM 2500. Today we have a 27' TT and a different RAM 2500 for a Lab and a Beagle. The beagle thinks she is large and in charge because she came before the Lab. A shorter TT and still the four of us. They are both active but we always take them with us and let them romp away either in the off-leash area at the RV Park or at a local Dog Park. They enjoy the peace and quiet when we return, sleep the rest of the time while we head back out to do any pet-restricted activity we have planned. They both travel well and plop down when we clear the driveway. The only time they get up is when we stop for fuel and dog walks. Then when we head down the road again, they nap. Doesn't take a lot of room to keep them happy.
  14. Bird Poop

    Perhaps if you had said your second post instead of your first post you might have gotten the answers you were looking for. How about buying a cover? Of course, birds have been known to poop on vehicles while they are in motion, stopped at a stop sign, red light, or while you are in a parking lot without trees getting your pretzels and beer.
  15. Bird Poop

    Or you could be halfway human and leave the birds alone. Get a bucket of water and some soap and then some exercise.