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  1. Mobile Hotspots

    Thanks for all of the information. We aren't leaving for another 3 months but it may take me that long to figure out all of the information provided and make a choice. Thanks to all.
  2. Mobile Hotspots

    I need some expert suggestions. We will be looking at a mobile hotspot for a five-six month trip. The two we have looked at and are good for the area we will be in are A T & T Unite Explore or the Verizon Ellipsis Jet Pack. Either one requires the purchase of a data card that expires in 30 or 60 days. If anyone has some experience with either of those mobile hotspots and a data card or something completely different we'd appreciate the insight. It must be either A T & T or Verizon. Thanks.
  3. New to this "Realm"

    Hi and Welcome, I'm not an expert. However, I do have an opinion. Go with what you like, a floor plan that works for you. And, it fits your budget! Everything after that is just someone else's opinion. We have a Four Season TT but I wouldn't want to use it during the winter anywhere but in a warm weather climate. But that's us. You may be different. Find something you like, that fits your budget, and that you can easily tow. Then enjoy it.
  4. FMCA votes to include towables

    Somehow 13% doesn't sound like strong support to me.
  5. FMCA votes to include towables

    Here's a shocker. I apparently agree with everyone who has posted. Go figure.
  6. Bird Poop

    Just another point of view.
  7. How large a rig for young active Huskies?

    We used a 31' TT when we had a Border Collie and a Samoyed. There was plenty of room for the two of us and the two of them. We towed with a RAM 2500. Today we have a 27' TT and a different RAM 2500 for a Lab and a Beagle. The beagle thinks she is large and in charge because she came before the Lab. A shorter TT and still the four of us. They are both active but we always take them with us and let them romp away either in the off-leash area at the RV Park or at a local Dog Park. They enjoy the peace and quiet when we return, sleep the rest of the time while we head back out to do any pet-restricted activity we have planned. They both travel well and plop down when we clear the driveway. The only time they get up is when we stop for fuel and dog walks. Then when we head down the road again, they nap. Doesn't take a lot of room to keep them happy.
  8. Bird Poop

    Perhaps if you had said your second post instead of your first post you might have gotten the answers you were looking for. How about buying a cover? Of course, birds have been known to poop on vehicles while they are in motion, stopped at a stop sign, red light, or while you are in a parking lot without trees getting your pretzels and beer.
  9. Bird Poop

    Or you could be halfway human and leave the birds alone. Get a bucket of water and some soap and then some exercise.
  10. Roof Ladder Bike Racks

    We found one on ebay a couple of years ago and found ours, the same one, at a bicycle shop. Used it for two years so far and its carried two adult bikes with no problem. We keep it firmly tied down and it prevents it from bouncing. Never had an issue. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Swagman-RV-2-Bike-Ladder-Rack/272819585548?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D48739%26meid%3D6d606701e5fa4e60b3d145f48d20eb63%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D272810857666&_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850
  11. No truck campers allowed?!?

    For years now I've seen campgrounds that only allow Motorhomes. There are a couple in Florida that comes to mind and others in other places we've traveled. If they are that snobby I wouldn't want to stay there but when you are looking for a one night stop without unhooking what's their issue? Most people don't get that nuanced on the difference between campground and RV park. In fact, I'll through in another, Resort. I'm not sure those terms hold much water anymore if they once did. We've seen places call themselves a resort and while good for a laugh they weren't. We've seen campgrounds offer tent camping sites but then we have also seen many RV parks offer the same amenities. Don't even get me started on those that offer WiFi and cable TV. Getting back to truck campers, the most restricted places we've run into will allow a TT or a 5er to be unhooked and stay for short and long periods, but those with truck campers were prohibited from "dropping" their camper off and play tourist with their truck. Go figure. It pays to ask ahead of making a reservation. Probably best to always make a reservation rather than get shut out.
  12. Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    Winterize through the pump installed and open the valves until everything runs pink. To de-winterize, takes about 20 minutes, to open each valve and faucet until the water runs clear.
  13. Florida Hurricane Assistance Needed

    This isn't a competition.
  14. Solo RVers - somewhat somber post - be aware

    I don't believe that the original poster is obsessed with death. It may not be a topic you are willing or able to talk about but it is something we all have to come to term with. I applaud the idea of facing reality and saying what you want and need when the inevitable happens.
  15. Crossing from Mexico back to US 1975

    You were lucky. It was my understanding that you couldn't bring in plants without having them quarantined first. It was also something we had to declare. I guess things have changed. The guard made a stupid mistake by reaching into the bag without first looking in. I doubt he'll make that mistake again. It's even more difficult than it used to be going back and forth across our northern border.