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  1. Where's my gong?
  2. We rarely travel on interstates and this trip we had to in order to meet up with our daughter who is traveling east. We have run into the same problem and we solved it by one of us going inside and having them open the pumps until we fill up. This has never been an issue for us when we are off the superhighways when we pull in to fuel stations along the US/state or county roads. When this trip is over it's a return to the back roads for us.
  3. Rest in Peace Pete, James, Bubba, and George. Today and every day I'll remember serving with you guys forever.
  4. I'm just curious, but has anyone here actually answered the question from the original poster? If not, why is this still open? I had thought this forum was to help people with answers to their questions. I find it hard to believe that a campground will be found but who knows.
  5. What if the dog is deaf? Our beagle is 13 years old and has lost a lot of her hearing. She has other issues because she still thinks and always has thought she was a Great Dane.
  6. If that is what you'll do, why make the post. Just remember that what action you choose, you are also choosing the consequences. If you're okay with that, then you have answered your own question.
  7. I was trying to make a point that it's not any of anyone's business but the poster and the woman she finds that want to share the time. Try not to be a jerk about it. I wasn't attacking you, I was pointing out something you apparently just didn't think about. I wasn't being negative but you thought it necessary to do so. That is what's wrong with this forum.
  8. Perhaps that is something to share with the other person who has a basic interest in the idea. Whatever deal they chose to make is between them. My thoughts are that she was just looking for another female with a rig that didn't want to camp alone initially.
  9. Actually, the answer depends on where you are going and when you are going. For example, the Arkansas State Parks, especially the ones that have AAA sites (H20, Elec, Sewer) allow you to make reservations a year in advance. This can be helpful if you want to be in a specific place. The good news is that if your plans change you can move your dates around if the new dates are available. Our experience is that the policy varies from state to state. Since you didn't get specific about your itinerary, your best bet is to check the online websites for the states you plan on visiting and see what their policies are. National Parks can be a different issue altogether. This year is the 100th anniversary for GCNP and I had a friend tell me that they were unable to get anything for the time they wanted. He isn't flexible due to being on a schedule so if you are not, give it a try. If you haven't made plans for the holiday weeks you may have a difficult time but perhaps some of them have a waiting list and if enough people cancel you might get lucky. Best of luck.
  10. I'm shocked and really surprised. I didn't think it was such a huge problem with booking tickets to see a Madonna concert in 2019. Now if it was an Oldies Concert or Doo Wop that would be understandable. Enjoy your stay at Yosemite NP.
  11. Mr. Camper

    Estes Park

    Heading to Estes Park next month and saw I had two options for driving in. One is US 34 westbound and the other is US 36 westbound. I'm looking for the best road in with the least amount of switchbacks and climbs. If anyone is familiar with either of these roads into EP I'd appreciate knowing which one is the easier drive into town. Thanks in advance. Also, after Estes Park I'm heading to Central City, CO. How is the road south from Estes Park? The map shows most of the trip to be CO 7.
  12. I have a Kindle eReader and my suggestion is to go to the Amazon website and at the very bottom, you'll find a link to their HELP desk. Follow the links to that and you'll be able to use your computer to get online help to fix your issue. They have a chat service that is knowledgeable and should get you going again. Hope this helps.
  13. Asking how often and how far are good questions. Asking where we prefer to stay is another good example. Asking about our income, gender, race and other questions is not acceptable. Tacking the word census to the survey is another false step. If you or anyone else choose to answer those questions, go for it. We don't care if you do, but we chose not to. We are very careful about the information we put out on unsecured sites. Frankly, I don't understand why everyone else isn't. You also won't find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other "social media" location. We choose this location for the information on the RV lifestyle, but if a secured site was available we would be there. To each is own.
  14. Gee, thanks for explaining that to me. We still feel that the personal nature of some of the questions were not appropriate and as such, we didn't answer them. Knowing how we travel, where we stay, and what we like to do is valid. What our income is, race, and other personal questions is not necessary, in our opinion.
  15. In our opinion, some questions were not pertinent to RV travel. We provided the answers to the questions we deemed appropriate the rest we left blank.
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