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  1. atv_idiot

    Truck painting

    Couldnt agree more. The sub 10k jobs are basic no frills very little R&I with minimal repairs
  2. hahahaa yes, these machines are quite impressive. On your 75 day trip, call a few dealers in the area you will be and see if they have any. My buddy just purchased the same car last week and the dealer sold him a front wheel/tire (bead lock as well) for 100$. Make sure you buy a front as it will work on a rear, but not the other way around. If you are on facebook, there are tons of pages dedicated to SXS's. With over 5000 miles on my XP1K it still impresses me what it can handle with ease.
  3. atv_idiot

    Truck painting

    What is the current color of the truck? Overall condition of the paint on it now? Has it ever been repainted? Are you staying the same color? Any damage that needs repair? Panels that need replacement?
  4. atv_idiot

    Truck painting

    This is what I do for a living... (on the product side) First off.. to do it right is a LOT of work. Then add in quality materials that will last.... where does it end. Just materials alone to do a repaint (no color change) will run the shop 1500$ to 2300$ Now if you want it bc/cc add another 800$ to 1000$, especially if its a high metallic red or upper end color. Any shop doing it in the 5000$ range is cutting corners everywhere. The prep is the most important part next to quality materials. Now start with low end product... it may last you 2-3 years at best. Especially if it sits in the sun all day. If you were closer, I could at least hook you up on the high end side of materials....
  5. Call all around to your local dealers.. some sell take offs for those that upgrade before leaving the show room floor. I will say this.. the big horn tires have great traction but wear really fast. And have very soft sidewalls... Keep on top of air pressure or be ready for pinch flats. My personal suggestion.... Sell your factory wheels/tires as a set and upgrade to some better wheels/tires. I personally run an 8ply radial and have at least 2000 miles on them and they still look great. Never needed a plug or a patch yet... The desert out here in Southern Nevada is rough on tires.
  6. Havent heard anything about a roll over requirement but 15" is the correct height according to a buddy of mine who just purchased one as well. Two inches lower changes all the valving and compression which in turn changes how the car will handle and perform. What ever you do, do NOT adjust them with the car sitting on the ground. Make sure its jacked up and suspension is at full droop. As for the tracks.. I can share them via drop box or even email depending on how many tracks I have for that given area..
  7. Congrats again.... From the pics, it looks like its sitting pretty low. Check with your dealer to make sure they set it back to factory ride height. They lower them a TON for shipping. Most dealers leave them that way, but you are giving up ride quality and ground clearance with it set low. As for GPS tracks.. I have tons of tracks all over southern Utah, California, northern Arizona and now a bunch in the Black Hills of SD
  8. Mr.Cob, Do you know if you can import files/tracks into your Garmin?? I'm able to convert these files over to just about anything... (.kml .kmz .gpx etc)
  9. Congrats on the purchase! Get yourself a good GPS app for your phone (motion X GPS or LeadNav) and I can share tracks with you from all over the southwest. I have well over 10,000 miles offroad from Utah to Nevada, Arizona and Southern California.
  10. atv_idiot

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    I believe I paid 575$ for my reman box through Weller Truck. And I believe they will ship anywhere. Took me longer to get the tools together and top off fluid than it did to swap the box myself
  11. atv_idiot

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    Interesting.. Thanks for the info. Looks as if everything crosses over to Cummins... Good luck getting the bolt out. Let us know what finally works for you
  12. atv_idiot

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    Any part numbers for the DPF gaskets and doser kit that can be purchased elsewhere? Thanks in advance!
  13. atv_idiot

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Oh you are close to some old friends. Go to Coventry Collision and ask for Bruce or Steve and tell them Walter with PPG sent you. Great people and can fix just about anything. And if they cant fix it, they will know where to get a good used one and paint to match your truck
  14. atv_idiot

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Depending on how bad its damaged, it can be fixed. Depending on what part of Ct you are in, could give you suggestions on where to take it. They could give you quotes to repair or replace.
  15. atv_idiot

    Outside Door handle Issue

    Same thing happened to my buddy's 780. When we pulled the door apart the actuator rod from the outer handle to the latch was dangling. There is a plastic end busted off the rod. Super easy fix. Volvo Part # is 8143976 and my cost was 12.63 Also found this by searching the part # https://class8truckparts.com/volvo-truck-rod-8143976.html