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  1. atv_idiot

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    I believe I paid 575$ for my reman box through Weller Truck. And I believe they will ship anywhere. Took me longer to get the tools together and top off fluid than it did to swap the box myself
  2. atv_idiot

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    Interesting.. Thanks for the info. Looks as if everything crosses over to Cummins... Good luck getting the bolt out. Let us know what finally works for you
  3. atv_idiot

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    Any part numbers for the DPF gaskets and doser kit that can be purchased elsewhere? Thanks in advance!
  4. atv_idiot

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Oh you are close to some old friends. Go to Coventry Collision and ask for Bruce or Steve and tell them Walter with PPG sent you. Great people and can fix just about anything. And if they cant fix it, they will know where to get a good used one and paint to match your truck
  5. atv_idiot

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Depending on how bad its damaged, it can be fixed. Depending on what part of Ct you are in, could give you suggestions on where to take it. They could give you quotes to repair or replace.
  6. atv_idiot

    Outside Door handle Issue

    Same thing happened to my buddy's 780. When we pulled the door apart the actuator rod from the outer handle to the latch was dangling. There is a plastic end busted off the rod. Super easy fix. Volvo Part # is 8143976 and my cost was 12.63 Also found this by searching the part # https://class8truckparts.com/volvo-truck-rod-8143976.html
  7. atv_idiot

    New gear ratio

    My truck has 3:55's and I'm at my sweet spot at 1500rpm/68mph. As soon as I hit 1600/70mph my mileage starts dropping and the dash starts telling me to let off the throttle. I found out my truck was spec'd for pulling heavy loads in western Canada through the mountains
  8. atv_idiot

    New gear ratio

    Funny thing.. My truck has more HP and TQ than I will ever need (D16) Its my gearing that's the issue. Since I am still running both axles and they are lockers, it would take a VERY long time to recoup the cost of gearing change in fuel mileage. Majority of the time its my right foot that needs to be retrained
  9. atv_idiot

    New gear ratio

    Do you know how to adjust that nut for better mileage? I think mine was over tightened
  10. atv_idiot

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    We fear what we dont understand. I found just digging into something gets me past those fears. It's only $ so when ya F something up, it makes you learn to take your time and double check. I also do my best to research and ask LOTS of questions first
  11. atv_idiot

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    I started that way with my shocks this past weekend. I have a "GOOD" air chisel too... and once the nut was cut off... they still did not want to release from the shock eyelets. Then the air chisel was just spreading the threaded end and that wont be any better trying to push through. I was done after screwing around with the first bolt and just hit them all with a torch and pushed them out.
  12. atv_idiot

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    I only have 2. Never seen one with 4
  13. atv_idiot

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    What doesnt help is the 30 gallon play tank of race fuel that's mounted between the frame rails and below the bed... and within 10" of the bolts. I think I may try my air chisel first and work my way up to Liquid Wrench (torches) With as bad as the shocks look, I highly doubt there is even any oil left in them, so I may have to get a lil "creative" removing them
  14. atv_idiot

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Hey VT... If it makes you feel any better... I'll be torching off the cab shocks this weekend. Not only are the bolts rusted/fused together, but they are also seized in the bushings for the shocks themselves..
  15. atv_idiot

    Pahrump * IMPACT 1 INCH*

    May I suggest using Anti-Seize on everything you take apart and put back together....