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  1. Summer Vacation - 2 days

    You forgot ALL about the humidity!
  2. Truckers Forum - no love there

    I've posted there a few times looking for help and was never harassed. All my posts were straight and to the point with just details related to the issue I was concerned with. As posted above. They are about business and getting back on the road asap. Sorry to hear you had issues there...
  3. Rattle can clear coat

    While, yes it technically is a catalyzed clear, it will not hold up as well as a true intermix product. Especially for UV protection
  4. Dead 1/2 on and 1/2 off of the highway

    WOW Cory! Sorry to hear you had so many issues on your first big trip. After reading all of this, I have to say that your #1 thing working against you will be your temper. You will struggle to focus and process what ever issues you have. Stop, take a breath and be happy no one is hurt. Air leaks are never ending.. ever. I had several that I ignored for the first year of owning the truck.. Never has it left me stranded, but after finding small issues due to air leaks.. I started hunting them down one at a time. I have several feet of various air lines in my truck at all times. As well as fittings and o-rings. I've found that replacing the o-rings in fittings can be a pain, but also cheaper than some fittings. There is a store called Traction located at Craig and I15. A great place for all sorts of parts and a bit cheaper than Volvo/TEC. Maybe after school gets out, I should have you stop by and we can hunt down some of the leaks and get them taken care of.. Traction 4510 Mitchell St, North Las Vegas, NV 89081 (702) 643-7278
  5. HDT's Vegas in Vegas Meeting??????

    Yes I went to the Elkhorn/Decatur location. Just a heads up.. Take it to the speedway and get it weighed and bring the weight report with you. Rebecca is the manager at that location and she requested it as per her supervisors. You will also need a Vin inspection. I'll let you know on the Lodge...
  6. HDT's Vegas in Vegas Meeting??????

    I would love to Teacher... But I am headed out that Tuesday afternoon as I am leading some customers from Mesquite to Bar10 ranch. Were you thinking sometime over the weekend? Cant wait to check out the Great Pumpkin!
  7. Summary of Trip

    Vegas: Congrats on the truck! I put General Steers on mine (regional) as we do a lot of off roading with our trucks. I believe I paid right around 950$ for front tires with an alignment from Southern Tire mart on Losse. I just did drives a month or two ago, but went through a friend of mine at Discount Tire. I got a deal that I couldnt pass up. But they cant do the install. You should be able to find someone mobile to install if that is the route you want to go. (much cheaper) Who ever you call.. explain that this is NOT for general OTR and that is personal use. Sometimes it helps the negotiation process.
  8. 780 to join soon

  9. Riding Glamis dunes

    Hero Maker: The washes arent that bad... while I agree normally a "wash" is no place to hang out...
  10. Las Vegas Volvos

    Not a bad looking rig Cory.. Not enough photos tho.. I know I chatted about getting a few people together.. but my work schedule has had me all over the place. Maybe we can get together this sunday afternoon at The Lodge on Grand Teton and Durango?
  11. Riding Glamis dunes

    Was just down there for New Years. The washes are fine as long as you take it easy. Keep an eye out for soft spots and you should be fine. By the way we were camped down at Wash 15 and had no issues
  12. Opinions wanted - Trailer length

    I'm sure I will get some heat for this, but I am just at 70' long with my setup. My new trailer tows a LOT different than my last. (New trailer is 43' and old was 41') but its more about the placement of the axles. The axles on my new trailer are a bit further back. The main reason I noticed this is due to we live at the end of a cul-de-sac and I have to spin my trailer 180deg just to get the tail swung around. My old trailer was much easier. Now that I've had it for a year, its not that bad.
  13. Bed Build - Tandem Axle 6' Stinger

    Wow! Looking awesome! Any updated pics??? I gotta ask, Why so long? What are you pulling again?
  14. Dual Sighting in Las Vegas

    Norm: Quite welcome. And as much as you try not to put your truck and trailer into that position, the trailer still rocks back and forth running down the road, in and out of parking lots, and all roads aren't flat.. All of that articulation puts a lot of stress on the pin box and front frame section. And in my opinion you will never be able to get rid of it, but minimizing is better than nothing. I plan to run the Lippert Air ride pin box to help cushion the ride for the trailer. I'm not taking anything you asked as argumentative.. Like me I am sure you dont want to spend more $ than you need to and prefer to do it once. There will always be something better, and I am only looking for something cost effective