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  1. BlueLghtning

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    I see this threat got resurrected from 2017. @leavingsoon, it's been a year, did you make a truck purchase? It's interesting going back and reading my post that I made before we had even hit the road and I was so new to my HDT. We have been full timing for 9 months now and have been traveling out West for a lot of it. I have become so much more comfortable with my HDT and I continue to love that truck. We have been boondocking a lot since January so new we frequently keep our 110gal fresh water full and last weigh in my trailer was right at the 20k lbs mark so we are getting up there. I'm so happy we have an HDT and even with the Detroit 12.7 435hp/1650tq I'm surprised at how much you can really feel that weight going up and down mountain passes. Sometimes I even lust after bigger engines just because. The truck really does great though and I would not want anything smaller pulling this much weight. I'm curious to hear your story and what you ended up with.
  2. You do, but then it was said the price went up to $10 and you get different messages that your account is going to be deactivated at times. You can't pay early as it just resets the clock for the next month early. It was just a pain and wasn't worth it to me.
  3. I had this plan before I left on the read. Where I lived I seemed to get about 1.5mbs, maybe 2mbs at best. This is certainly better than the 600kb/s that Verizon throttles you to when you go over your 15gb hot spot. So on the 3g, it's doable to do decent internet stuff, although it won't be fast. Streaming depends, netflix is really good with low bandwidth. Keep in mind though that these hotspots can only see 3G signals and in places where that is being phased out, you may not have any signal. They don't see LTE bands. The other part I got tire of was trying to keep up with it each month. It was a game i got tired playing.
  4. Sorry, but the original poster was correct that on Verizon, the 15gb hotspot limit is per line, not per plan. I have 3 lines (2 phones, 1 hotspot). Each of them has their own 15gb per line hotspot cap before that line gets throttled and i can easily see this on my Verizon page on where each line is that month. Same for the 22gb network management for on device usage like the phone. If one phone goes over 22gb, only that line subject to network management, not all the lines on the plan.
  5. I'm another fan of the Saliuns s637's. I'm running them in the 235/80-16 size on a 20k triple axle toy hauler. I have 10k+ miles in the past year and they don't show any wear on them. I'm very happy with them. I regularly run 72mph on them also (speed rated 75mph)
  6. BlueLghtning

    Tesla battery for RVing

    Not sure what you mean there? I certainly have nothing to go on since I don't have Lithiums yet, but Lithiums are supposed to out last FLA by a long shot. That's one of their big advantages over FLA. I haven't decided if i would be keeping this rig that long to actually make that time back and I figured if I was going to kill batteries from being stupid as I learned about things, it would be better off to be FLA first time around. I really do want Lithiums though at some point. I think Technomadia who was pretty early into the Lithium is about 5-6 years in on theirs, maybe more?
  7. BlueLghtning

    Tesla battery for RVing

    John, that's actually what I have also 4 T105's at 225ah each, so 450 total. However, we can only use 225ah of that vs the Tesla that could easily use about 37ah of that and much higher discharge and charge rates.
  8. BlueLghtning

    Tesla battery for RVing

    That Tesla battery? Sure why not. If my math is correct, I think that 5.3kwh translates to around 232ah at 24v or 464ah at 12v. Those things pack way more punch then a conventional led acid battery. Most RV's get cheap 12v hybrid batteries that have maybe 80ah on them.
  9. BlueLghtning

    Wanted: Geo Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick Toad

    Haha, amazingly they actually make a base plate for the X-90 to flat tow it. Color me surprised. - https://www.etrailer.com/towbar-1996_Suzuki_X-90.htm Sorry Roamsteders, I'm hijacking your thread. Well, Jim did start it.
  10. BlueLghtning

    Wanted: Geo Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick Toad

    Haha, I haven't thought about one of those in years. They were never very popular for sure. I'm not sure if they were quite as capable as a tracker/sidekick, but they could still be fun. Do you know if it's a 5spd? I'd be curious to see what he wants for it. It's just my wife and I so we could make it work. I'll do some more looking up on them. Can you find out if it was real 4x4 with a transfer case with 4wd low / 4wd high / and N? For some reason I didn't think they were, but I don't think I've ever even drove one. Edit: The X-90 does a have a real transfer case. It is more car like though with a bit longer body, lower ground clearance and from the specs, I'm not sure at 6'4" how well I would fit in it. Still interested in hearing about it.
  11. BlueLghtning

    Tesla battery for RVing

    I think Volt batteries can be picked up quite a bit cheaper than the Tesla batteries based on the name alone, but as mentioned the Volt batteries are configured in 48v so you need a 48v to 12v step down converter vs only needing a 24v t 12v on the Tesla. If you've priced a 48v to 12v converter, they are pretty pricey compared to a 24v to 12v one. I almost wondered if you went the Volt route if it would be cheaper to keep the 12v systems on say 2 6v batteries maybe on a standard converter. Let the higher end charge controller charge the 48v batteries. I'm not sure the whole logistics though of getting both sets of batteries to charge off solar? I guess that would require 2 charge controllers. Hmm that may not work as well as it did in my head.
  12. BlueLghtning

    Wanted: Geo Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick Toad

    I certainly understand I would want to do the same. Good luck in your search. BTW, we have seen a ton of these in the South West like AZ over the winter.
  13. BlueLghtning

    Wanted: Geo Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick Toad

    Just as an FYI, I have a friend that tows a 2wd 1st gen geo tracker (manual transmission) 4 down with no issues. You see mixed reviews on this, but it seems everyone that does it has no issues. Usually you can find 2wd tracker/sidekicks much cheaper than their 4wd counterparts if not having 4wd wasn't a big deal to you.
  14. BlueLghtning

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    His name was Doug. I remember seeing the video on Gregg's channel.
  15. BlueLghtning

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    He just responded on the thread. He was double towing a motorcycle trailer so that kind of explains it more why he probably got picked out. That certainly made it easy to see he was over length. That should probably make the guys feel better that are right around 68-70ft that you most likely aren't going to get bothered with unless you really make it obvious like double towing.