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  1. This is a very nice truck that I've driven and spent time in and seen multiple times. It's a gorgeous truck and has the same great Detroit 12.7 that I have in mine and love. It's getting harder to find these early pre-emissions trucks with lower miles on them. The buyer will not be disappointed by this truck!
  2. BTW, this is the for sale forum. You'd probably get better responses in the general RV forum.
  3. I know the standard coupes with manual trans were flat towable. I don't see why the pacemen would be any different unless it had something different engine/transmission wise? We were gonna set our 2011 Mini Cooper to flat tow, but then ended deciding we wanted a Jeep instead.
  4. Sending you a text for more info. The 678 number could be in the Atlanta area and Dacula is a city in GA.
  5. JC Refrigeration has conversion kits to convert your RV fridge to a standard compressor model. You just replace the cooling unit and keep the actual fridge. - https://jc-refrigeration.com/ I personally just installed a GE 15.5CF classic style freezer over fridge in my RV this past Dec and love it.
  6. How many batteries and what type? How big if an inverter? That seems ridiculously high.
  7. Have Garmin 660-LMT has main source when in truck. Google maps is always running for comparison too. I love the elevation profile the Garmin has for long grades and descents up a head. The 770 does this also, but the 760 does not. Just as an FYI, if you start Google Maps in an area you have service and as long as the route stays active, it's cashed in the phone/device. Even if you lose service somewhere, it will keep navigating you. However, if you close the maps or it tries a reroute and doesn't have service, then it will fail until you have service. You can manually download offline locations to google maps too. This is good if you'll be spending time in an area without reliable service.
  8. BlueLghtning

    New shoes

    I put new tires on my HDT last year after the old ones were 14 years old from the previous owner. I wanted to run the Saliuns mentioned above as I had enjoyed the S637 trailer tires but the tire shop talked me into the Sumitomo's. They claimed they were better tires for not that much more money. He said he had a much better time balancing the Sumotimo tires. I'm not sure how much of that was true, but I've been happy with them over the past 15k+ miles. I'm running the ST709SE Regional steer / all position tire on the front - http://www.sumitomotrucktires.com/Tires?linename=ST709 SE I'm running the ST908 open shoulder drive on the rear. http://www.sumitomotrucktires.com/Tires?linename=ST908 It has a continuous center section for highway driving and was a compromise to say the ST909 which is all blocks. I know my open shoulder has definitely helped me in a couple off road places. If I was doing it again I would have gone with the more aggressive ST909 and a buddy of mine did on his truck. The more aggressive ST909. http://www.sumitomotrucktires.com/Tires?linename=ST909
  9. Same here over the past 2 years. I even ran that back in Dec and no issues. There are a couple sections they are working on, but otherwise it wasn't anything crazy.
  10. They may 200w panels that are probably about the size of your 160w panel. You can get one for $185 shipped. - https://www.continuousresources.com/collections/solar-panels-and-hardware/products/200w-36-cell-12v-nominal-solar-panel-5-busbar They also have these square 200w panels too. - https://www.continuousresources.com/collections/solar-panels-and-hardware/products/square-200w-36-cell-12v-nominal-solar-panel-5-busbar
  11. This is their rig on CL in Phoenix area. - https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/rvs/d/surprise-carriage-royals-international/6830719821.html
  12. Sent you a PM. In N. Phoenix area right now and curious to check it out.
  13. That's really not much of a monitor. It only monitors voltage and voltage under use is a poor indicator of SOC (State of charge). That Victron will monitor amp hours in & out so you always know the DOD (Depth of Discharge) of your batteries and when you truly are at a 100%. The voltage will go to 13.6 or higher long before the batteries are actually fully charged so with voltage, you never truly know when you are at 100% charged. It isn't when your 4 lights light up on your current meter. Also 11.9v is a bit on the low side to be taking lead acid batteries down to. 12.1 is often consider the 50% mark. The Victron will give a lot better real time info for sure.
  14. Hi Dave, I'm glad you guys are getting to enjoy another week out there. This is our 2nd winter in the SW and we love it. We were still getting the hang of things last winter, especially the boondocking. Now we just sit back and enjoy it. We hung out in Tonopah, AZ at Saddle Mountain BLM for about 3+ weeks and then yesterday we came to North of Phoenix and New River to the Table Mesa area. I'm going to help install some solar on a friend's rig. Our next Xscapers convergence is in Moab, UT on April 5th and so looking forward to that. I couldn't imagine having to travel back to the NW this time of year.
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