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  1. BlueLghtning

    Couple of Questions for Experienced Boondockers

    It's interesting to see this bumped up. I've been boondocking since January pretty exclusively. We were using a Honda 2k for 98% of the time and maybe fired up the Onan 5500 now and then to exercise it. Back in April, I finally got an inverter and then while boondocking with some friends, I got to borrow a 100w solar suitcase setup. If I was running my inverter and a few computers and things, the 100w wasn't enough to keep up, but it sure did keep me from running the genny as much and if I left the inverter off, in full sun, it would bring the batteries back up. about 3 weeks ago, I installed 800w of solar, bumped up to 6 6v batteries for 690ah total, plus a hybrid 2000w inverter. I haven't had to run a generator yet since I put the solar on and in full sun with my batteries at 100%, I can run my double fridge off electric for 5-7 hrs or so and not drag myself down. A few more panels would have made a nice difference. The solar is an absolute game changer for boondocking and I hate that I waited as long as I did. Now that it's installed the boondocking is even more amazing. I have kept a closer watch on my propane use and 14-18 days per 30# propane tank seems to be pretty normal. I can extend that of course if I run the fridge off electric some.
  2. BlueLghtning

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hey Dave. They certainly are great folks and what an awesome place! Having 50amp power is just icing on the cake too! I'll surely tell them you said hey! I got one of the bikes out today and hit some FS roads around here! Lots of great riding!
  3. BlueLghtning

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    I've been hanging around Colorado for the past 5-6 weeks (Salida, South Fork, Pagossa Springs, Salida, Leadville, Silverthorne) so I decided to come stop by and see Maurice & Ginny in Yampa, CO. I've been here a couple days already and they are awesome hosts and I love their property out there. I tried to trade Maurice my Volvo for his Petrebuilt, but Ginny put her foot down.
  4. BlueLghtning

    No more shimmy

    Very nice. I had my Kingpigns changed when I had new tires put on. It got rid of a shimmy I had under hard braking and it does steer and drive so much nicer.
  5. BlueLghtning


    Here's the main thread and probably the best to ask your question - https://advrider.com/index.php?threads/help-me-improve-furkot-a-free-online-road-trip-planner.959091/ Here's another long thread - https://advrider.com/index.php?threads/furkot-the-online-trip-planning-tool.1028148/
  6. BlueLghtning


    There used to be a very involved thread on advrider.com where I believe the developer was responding to questions. Let me see if I can find it.
  7. BlueLghtning

    Nice Affordable Toad For Sale/SOLD!!

    Is this the 3.7 V6 model? Is it auto or manual trans?
  8. BlueLghtning

    1998 Volvo 610 For Sale $27,999.00

    Did you do the interior on that truck? That looks awesome!
  9. BlueLghtning

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    Yep, I got it back today. Expensive fix to pay someone to do it, but it's done. Steering feels nice and tight. I guess I'm slowly getting all the bugs worked out of my 18 year old truck.
  10. BlueLghtning

    Devils Tower, Wyoming

    I'm just up the road from Deadwood & Lead on 385N at Wild Bills Campground. I just got my truck back today, but we had booked here until Saturday.
  11. Is that 192k driving miles or does it accrue mileage when towed? Any ideas if this motor using a timing belt or timing chain?
  12. BlueLghtning

    Any advice for singles?

    Yep most of us that join the Xscapers and attend events love it. This SD one was pretty small and we really got to know everyone very well through the week plus reconnect with friends we had made at previous convergences! I do think FunSeeker will enjoy it.
  13. BlueLghtning

    Any advice for singles?

    You should look at joining the http://xscapers.com/. It's a sub group of the Escapees and they really have started to focus on convergences and community. Convergences are usually week long events with lots of fun activities and stuff planned through the week There are many single people that attend these events along with couples and it is really a great time. Many of us refer to the group as "our tribe" as we have made some great life long friends and met so many great people while traveling. Yesterday actually just wrapped up a week long convergence that was held just outside Deadwood, SD. We are actually staying here another week to hang out. My wife and I went to our first convergence at the annual bash in Quartzsite earlier this year and loved it and this was our 4th convergence. We leave here and head to the CO one next. There's a group here that is going to leave this convergence and travel together west as they head towards the Oregon convergence at the end of August.
  14. BlueLghtning

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    Well, I went with option #2. Not the best price from what some of you have found your remans, but they did a little better on price it's workable and my truck is already there at their shop. I'm an hour from Rapid City so going to pick it up and take it to a new shop adds a whole lot more time and aggravation just to save a $100-$200 dollars.
  15. BlueLghtning

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    I would have no issues paying those prices. I'm still searching.