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    No, they used to cover internet fees but not now. I get a stipend for my cell phone, but that's it. I'm a work at home employee, but I don't push the fact I'm traveling so no biggie.

    Hey Eddie. I'm a manager of a software testing team. The majority of my data for work is basically VPN'n into our network for e-mail, chat, web conferencing. I frequently do RDP (Remote Desktop) into other servers on our network. If I'm testing it's between a database and GUI connection. Now I do find myself on FB and social media quite a bit I don't hesitate to watch videos or watch a YT video. Now on a rainy day where my wife and I both stay inside all day, we both will be on FB or browsing our other favorite forums. I do leave my ATT Homebase on 24/7 and never disconnect devices from it. You are correct though that actual streaming as in Sling or similar services is basically about the heaviest usage you could have and will certainly chew through some data very quickly. I do some streaming over our AT&T connection, but if I can, I do fire up the T-mobile hotspot for that and I've used several gigs of data over the course of the month that didn't count towards my actual usage since it has the binge on feature. My wife does stream a few of her shows from her phone to her tablet, but suprisingly she hasn't been using a ton of data either. I will say my TV watching has subsided a lot since starting to RV. I used to spend a few hours a day watching TV and now I spend maybe a few hours a week at the most. Sometimes I watch over the air stuff if we are in a good reception area.

    We left full time in August and I work online for my job so internet was paramount so I could do my job Mon-Fri and not have any issues. I had considered myself a pretty techy guy, but decided to subscribe to Technomadia's "RVMobileInternet.com" about 6-8 months before we left and was so glad I did. I learned so much from them and the timing of me joining could not have been better because so many of the new unlimited plans came out during that time. At first I always figured I'd be buying one of tht GUDP Verizon plans that at the time were still going for hundreds to thousands of dollars depending if you used a broker but decided to wait until we hit the road until I even considered one of those and so glad we did because so much happened in that time frame and now I don't feel like I'd really need one of those not to mention the hoops you have to jump through to keep one in contract. The first thing I did was grab one of those 3g unlimited Verizon hot spots for $5/mo, then I think it went to $10/mo . There were a few of us on here that bought them from some guy and they were flashed to use 3G only. I usually got 1-2mbs on it and I figured at the least we would always have a basic internet connecton with that. I ended up letting it go before we even hit the road though as we ended up with so much better options and the 3g service was always going to be declining. From Technomadia's site, I had learned that Tmobile would be discontinuing their Simple Choice plans and if you wanted one, that was the time to get one. You could get a 6gb hot spot with roll over data up to 20gb for $35/mo which isn't alot, but these plans incuded the binge-on feature which allows you to stream a lot of services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc without it counting against your data. I figured when we had T-mobile service this would be a great option to stream TV which we were doing a lot of already before we left in our RV. At this time the other unlimited plans hadn't come out yet, so seemed like a good option and I still keep it because in areas where Verizon or AT&T might be congested, I can usually fall back to Tmobile with great speed as long as I have service. The next big thng I jumped on was AT&T's rural home base plan when it came out and I was one that managaged to snag one of those before thtey started really enforcing the locations they had meant for it to be used. That gave us 250gb at $60/mo. That became my main work interned even while we were still in our S&B home and it worked great. The AT&T Mobley followed not long after that and was a much cheaper plan so the home base quickly got forgotten about by many people. I was almost tempted to give up the HomeBase, but I felt it was more secure to hang on to it since the Mobley was getting abused so much. I didn't get the Mobley right away, but once they started selling out, I snagged 2 different ones. I activated one and ended up selling the other one for a during their high demand. Between the homebase & Mobley,I pay $88/mo and I pretty much have all the bandwidth I need as long as I have AT&T service. Our final step before we left was to move both myself and my wife's phones from Sprint to Verizon. I knew Sprint had the least amount of coverage and once Verizon brought back their new unlimited plans, this seemed like a great option. We would have unlimited on device usage with only the 22gb network management and the 10gb of hot sport per line. They have since bumped the hotspot to 15gb per line and we ended up taking that 3g hotspot we had and just adding it to our Verizon unlimited plan for $20/mo with full LTE service. Now we have the 45gb per 3 lines of hotspot data. So having been on the road since August, I can say I'm well setup with internet and bandwidth. I rely on the AT&T Homebase for our primary internet since we have 250gb and it can be network managed at any time, although I think that's only happened once so far. We generally run through 140-150gb a month on it. I keep the Mobley as a backup incase we get into a congested area where the homebase might get deprioritized and then I'll have 22gb of primary data on the Mobley before we get deprioritized. Our Tmobile hotspot hasn't been used a ton, but I have found a few locations where it's worked awesome and I generally use it when I get near the end of my billing cycle. It works great for streaming too and not eating through my AT&T data. Our Verizon phones have been great and my wife pretty much hotspots her phone to use her tablet and watch her shows and she's yet to hit the 15gb limit. I keep the Verizon hotspot for work incase AT&T doesn't work and I need to fall back to it and finally my phone would be the last fall back, but I rarely hotspot my phone. I also purchased a WeBoost before we left and I haven't even hooked it up yet. I'm sure as we head West though, it will come in more handy. We pay right at $250/mo for all our internet and it's been working great.
  4. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    Hi Dave, I don't remember his name on here, but I sent him a FB message to see if he can reply and maybe add some insight to his setup.
  5. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    Norman with the big Green Volvo has his Smart loaded on just 2 single channels. He didn't want a bed as he wanted to keep that clean look with those big chrome fenders he has. He used to be a car hauler so that's what he setup for his Smart with just the 2 channels. Now granted his is a 16-17 model where the wheels are at the same width so that made this a little easier. I think it looks pretty good. I just grabbed these off his FB page, but I'm sure he has better pics.
  6. Honey, I am home............

    I enjoyed watching your videos at the end of your album. Thanks for sharing.
  7. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Now that I look at a map, I guess it isn't quite West, TX, but we are supposed to me up with Jim & Teri around Bandera, TX west of San Antonio. They are spending a month there. I'm not sure yet on how long we'll stay. Big Bend was on my list of places I haven't been yet, but want to see. May have to check out that area.
  8. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Sure, it's nothing too special. Because of the size our or rig and HDT, I asked to stay on the main gravel path where one of the spaces are right inside the gate. Some of the others are just on grass.
  9. Hmm, this has me intrigued Dave. Did I miss what engine is in your Freightliner or what it's rated at? The only bad thing is that rampage lift I bought at the Rally would cover up that box on the bed, one of the main reasons you didn't want to go with it on your truck. However, you do have a bed so I could just go with ramps to load a bike up there. Of course I would need to get rid of my low mileage Volvo 610 (486k on a D60 12.7 with 10spd manual) which I'm sure there would be some interest on this forum for that too.
  10. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    We left Harrison, AR on Nov 11th and headed back to GA to visit my parents and pick up my wife's Mini Cooper we had left behind. We found this guy that has about 6-8 RV pads in his back yard just 20mins south of my parents and it's worked out great. We are going to leave Monday the 20th and head for New Orleans for Thanksgiving and then head to West TX after that. We'll probably try to catch up with Jim & Teri again in TX.
  11. Bobtail mileage

    My Volvo 610 with Detroit 60 (435/1650) is singled short with no bed 10spd manual with 3.58 gearing. I get 10-11 BT (have seen as high as 12 in the right conditions). I usually avg mid 8's to 9 towing, lowest for me is about 7.5 towing with a good headwind or lots of climbing.
  12. How do I figure tow rate on a truck??

    You won't add up those weights to get to 29k. This is just a number the manufactures come up with. I think though what should add up though is the payload and curb weight to get to the GWVR of 11,300, but it doesn't, not sure why? If you subtract GVWR they have stated from the actual weight the vehicle weighs with all your passengers, fuel, hitch, and stuff, this will give you your left over payload capacity and basically what is left for pin weight of the 5th wheel. The GCWR is the 29,000 lbs they give. This is the max weight of your truck all loaded + the 5th wheel weight. Payload weight = people + fuel + cargo + hitch + pin weight. If all this adds up more than your calculated payload capacity, you are over. When you are looking at 5th wheels, take it's GVWR (max weight it can carry) and calculated that into your GCWR to see where you are. You can also take 20% of that 5th wheel GVWR to get an aproximation pin weight. Don't pay attention to dry weights of 5th wheels. Plan your purchase around the max weight of the trailer so you know you can have capacity in reserve. - https://auto.howstuffworks.com/auto-parts/towing/towing-capacity/vehicle /gcwr.htm
  13. Found a really nice 780 for sale.

    Here's the picture Chiefton sent me
  14. Back to commercial service

    Yeah definitely hate to see someone in the community couldn't scoop that one up. Thanks for sharing with us.
  15. Changing out the Spooky old headboard

    Very nice! Iike it!