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  1. Okay, maybe no settings to change. They probably all use the same settings. That had to be interesting though to see the different view in your screen for a bit.
  2. It was probably that your camera was on the same IP as his? I used to have wireless camera's setup at my house, so going by memory, but have you changed the default IP address and username/password it uses? I think if you did that you wouldn't have to worry about interference?
  3. Update from Technomadia on Verizon's latest video throttling to all plans (even the legacy grandfathered UDP plans) and more restrictions on their new set of not so unlimited plans that come out Wednesday. The only good part is it sounsd like the Hotspot cap will be raised from 10gb to 15gb, but you'll pay more for that new plan if you don't already have it. They are bringing back contracts too.
  4. We were supposed to be in Shoshoni, WY for the eclipse where we had space on a private farm to stay, but we got stuck in TN waiting on a motorcycle that isn't ready. We had been staying just outside Crossville, TN before the weekend thinking we'd long be on the road. Once we realized we weren't leaving town I didn't know what we were going to do as the camground we were in was booked solid and I assumed most other campsites in this area were because it was in a toltality. area. We actually lucked out and found a spot at Twin Lakes Catfish Farms in Cookville, TN and so we got to watch it in lawn chairs right behind our RV without fighting any crowds or anything. It was definitely very cool to see toltality and I have much better understanding of why even say 98% just isn't the same. It was amazing to see just how much light still came through with just a little sliver of sun left, and then bam, goes dark and then light again.
  5. We went through full toltality in Cookville, TN. It was definitely an awesome event! We were suppossed to be in WY for the eclipse, but our plans got changed unexpectedly and we had no reservations around here, so was quite amazed I actually found a spot at the Twin Lakes Catfish Farm the day before the eclipse. It's nothing special, but we have 50A, plenty of room for the HDT & trailer, and great cell service to work. I would imagine Deer Run was full for this event? We were at Davy Crocket CG up until Sat.
  6. I would be interested. I just mounted a single motorcycle carrier on my truck so I can atleast carry a bike, but a wood bed would be a bit nicer.
  7. Okay, I gotta ask, what does DM stand for in this post?
  8. Congrats, sound like you got a great truck!
  9. Yep, lots of great info although I know we are going to break a few of those rules right away, but those are our goars to adhere to. We have a few weeks of craziness, then things will settle down a bit I'm sure and we'll slow our pace down drastically. I definitely can see we will be trimming down more or finding better ways to do stuff. It becomes apparent very quickly when things don't work as you expect.
  10. Congrats on the quick sale! Wow someone actually lowballed you on that truck. That was a crazy good deal. Just curious, how many miles were on it as I didn't see that in your ad?
  11. Yeah, we definitely weren't expecting everything to fall in place so quickly, but it is great it did!
  12. Thanks and yeah I guess early 40's is still youngins although we both didn't want to let life pass us by and decided it was time to make a change. We both love to travel, although my wife really has the gypsy blood in her and was getting restless after 9 years in the same place. I was the one that suggested full time RV life, but my wife thought it was just another crazy idea of mine at first and kind of blew it off. When we actually bought the truck & trailer, she knew we were serious and the fire was lit. Then it was her pushing me to get stuff done! We have traveled by motorcycles a lot over the past years which for me included riding all lower 48 states and Alaska. We loved our MC trips, but it always felt like a huge rush to see what we wanted to see and then get back home to our jobs. We aren't ready to give up our motorcycles, but we'd rather travel to a destination and enjoy our time there and being able to move our house where ever we want to visit. We also just took up mountain biking and hope that helps with keeping us active, in better shape, and overall staying healthy. This forum has been a phenominal help and helping educate us and make informed decisions, so I can't thank you guys enough.
  13. Yep, I bought it from Joe in Simi Valley. He was a great guy to deal with and made it such a smooth transaction. The truck had a few things to get sorted as expected of its age, but it made the 2k mile trek back to GA okay. I keep seeing some other great deals pop up on here now and then too on older rigs.
  14. We are definitely considering the National rally in Oct, but we gotta see how that fits into our timeline because that could involve a lot of driving to get there and back to where we want to be.
  15. I can finally jump in on this thread. We left Peachtree City, GA yesterday on Sunday and drove around Atlanta on 285 up 75 to 24 past Chatanooga. We took Hwy 27 & hwy 127 to I-40 and are staying at Davy Crocket CG. For future reference W16 is a great spot for an HDT with plenty of room to back in. W15 is very narrow so skip that one. I haven't got a chance to walk around to look at others. In a couple days we will be headed to Shoshoni, WY to watch the Eclipse so we'll doing a long cross country repositioning. We'll be in Silverton, CO at the end af August and then Taylor Park, CO after that.