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  1. Hauling our motorcycle

    I would use a Swivel wheel or Idaho Tote before I hauled a motorcycle any distance with one of those. http://www.cruiserlift.com/swivelwheel http://www.idahotote.com/
  2. Shifter just for Jack

    I like that. So is there a manual mode override option or any kind of button to manually change gears or hold a gear?

    I wasn't to the end of the thread yet when I made my post.
  4. 1st Volvo Dealer Service Experience - Tucson

    I took my truck to W.W. Williams in Tuscon back in January and I thought they did a good job. I had a bunch of stuff done and they even cut me a break on some of the labor. They specialized in Detroit motors although most of my work was just big truck work. They had a little of everything in their shop, so they didn't seem picky about what they worked on. I stayed at Synder Hill a few days there myself. Did you enter the BLM Land on the first entrance right off S. San Joaquin Rd after you leave hwy 86? That seemed to be the best way to get in with the HDT and large 5th wheel.
  5. Replacing Steer Tires

    I ordered my Sailun S637's from simple tire and had a great experience and got tires less than 6 months old for a very fair price, but that was 16" tires vs 22.5. Discount tire mounted those for me no issues. I found some great deals on the truck tires I want to order for my truck, but being on the road, I'm struggling on where to have them shipped and who can put them on. I don't know how tire places would handle that. I was hoping to find a small mom & pop shop to ship them to and put them on.
  6. Xantrex RS 2000 Free to good home

    Hi fly2low, I'll pm you my info.

    I'm glad you shared this and it gives me goose bumps watching it full screen and seeing how quick that trailer came around and flipped on the right. Once things started going south, I think she did a good job just keeping the truck in line and of course the big truck probably made all the difference in staying in control vs going along for a ride in a LDT truck. Just curious, is your truck tandem and did you have a smart car on back? Do you mind if I share this on some of the HDT Facebook pages just as reference to how well the HDT handled a trailer flipping over behind it?
  8. TurboTax and a two-state return

    I used to have to file a 2 states and one thing that Turbo Tax always screwed up was that if it didn't think you had enough deductions to be more than the standard deduction, it would try to default to the standard, but in my case that meant I lost credit for all the taxes I needed to claim that I had paid in the other state. So even though it might make your federal return look better, it will make what you owe the states much higher. Another thing I learned that even if you didn't have enough medical to meet the minimum, even just entering in what you have always made the state look better.
  9. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    LOL, not at all. Sarah was loving the heat this morning! Color me impressed also.
  10. 2005 Volvo VNL670

    okay true it was only one ride for me, but I regularly chat with a group of friends and a couple of them have air ride front ends and others don't. We've had lots of conversations about this. One of the guys was shopping for a truck and he drove one of the friend's truck with the air ride front end a good distance to see what he thought. He got used to the air ride front end, but chose to purchase a truck without. The guys that have the air ride front end have made comments that maybe next time they wouldn't go with it. I've chatted with PSBoyce on FB also and was just letting him know my feelings, no harm meant. He's brand new to these trucks and just wanted to let him know that not having an air ride front end shouldn't be a deal breaker. There is nothing wrong with either and I'm sure the air ride end in the end probably does ride nicer, but that doesn't mean the spring front end beats you up or anything.
  11. Xantrex RS 2000 Free to good home

    Is the RS 2000 a pure sine inverter? I'd be interested if mr Chips backs out. I'm currently around Phoenix area.
  12. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Today marks 1 month that Sarah and I have been consistently boondocking and staying out of campgrounds with hookups (except the one night above at Holts RV to dump/fill) since we left Tuscon on Jan 12th. We dove head first into boondocking finally and we love it. We are now north of Phoenix about 3.5 miles off the paved road and Roger (HeWhoKnowsLittle) just came and joined us tonight. Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary since we left for full time back in August and we have learned so much in that time!
  13. IH 4700 Air Dump

    I have a 1st gen Volvo that I can air down when the truck is running and yes I've used this to get under the trailer when it was lower. It actually saved me recently when I bent a jack and had to air down to get under the trailer. Also unlike the 2nd gen volvo's it stays aired down when you shut the truck off which I really like. I would imagine on the IH, it's wired in such a way with a relay that the switch doesn't get power until the truck is off. So maybe the relay is "off" when powered but when it's not you can then activate the switch.
  14. 2005 Volvo VNL670

    Only some of the trucks have air ride front suspension and it seems to be more of an acquired taste as the truck tends to feel like it's "floating more". I've driven one with it and I didn't care for it as much. Between the air ride cab, seats, and rear suspension, you will have a nice ride. I would prefer the spring front myself.
  15. 2005 Volvo VNL670

    I just sent someone your way yesterday? Did they contact you?