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  1. Thanks for all the contributions guys - and bigjim - no need to worrying about anything - you didn't hijack and quite often on threads like these, the tangents often contain useful information as well. You guys are all great! P.S. If anyone wants to buy the RV 4k under list at 11,999, I just want to get rid now - too much hassle being in the UK! At least you'll have a self-fixable job on the roof!
  2. Thanks John, for the recommendations. My plan was to see where it looks like there's any potential for leakage, then remove all the sealant in that area, rough up the other stuff and it looks like I'll use that bond tape for the joins, right? Enjoy Hot Springs!
  3. Make sure you stay in Rusty's RV Ranch near Rodeo at AZ/NM border. Hot tub to die for and the best start gazing whilst sat in it!
  4. Any ideas on the cost of a roof reseal for a 30' Fleetwood Jamboree in the South West especially, but anywhere recently. For most jobs, if not concerned about cosmetics - would this be something you'd do yourself with a silicone gun? Cheers Rob
  5. As the tag says...reduced to 13000 for quick sale. Current location is in Dallas, Fort Worth area.
  6. Thanks Yarome! I didn't find that fuse box and I'd independtly found that 19 and 38 disabled the ECS...but the good news is journey complete without a crash - the best way not to activate the airbag! Cheers for your help! Rob
  7. Thanks Ken, for the PPL info and Pappy for the CA info. I had to head east so PPL it was! Thank you Ray, also for that insurance info too! Cheers Rob
  8. I've just been reliably informed that I'm in an E450, which makes me feel even more of a mechanical idiot... 😂
  9. Hi guys! It's still in the States, I'll have to check the glovebox this morning. It doesn't sound good though huh? Kirk, you don't have that number handy, do you? I'll check the website too... Cheers for the advice! Rob
  10. Hi guys, have a Ford Fleetwood jamboree that I need to take my baby in. As a result I need to turn off my passenger airbag, for the child seat. Anyone know how? Cheers Rob
  11. Thanks for the reassurance of PPL guys. As for Kays, I actually ran past there on my trip, but it won't be suitable for me here as I need to be by an airport... Looks like I'm narrowed down now to PPL, or any other suggestions from Vegas or Arizona. If anyone has any ideas there...
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