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  1. artywoof

    Truck/RV choices/opinions

    AL F I understand the need for a diesel and then new ones might not have the issues the older ones do. However as Bruce T and I have these issues we (likely Bruce T) just can't risk having that migraine. My prescription is only 9 pills a month. If I have more migraines than that then I'm screwed. Just going to test the idea of a diesel smelling the pipe to see if its to much is risky as I had considered that at one time just scares me to much. Also I have zero experience with a diesel, so machanically I would be at the murcy of someone, at least I can fix minor things on a gas. I thank you for your input as I know diesel is better for towing. I would prefer to either struggle up a hill or have to take the long way to avoid the potential migraine issue. Best Tim
  2. artywoof

    Truck/RV choices/opinions

    Thanks, yes I went looking this past weekend to get measurements of three RV's and confirmed with this one there is nothing under both ends of this dinette, no water/furnace/power lines of any kind. I would just have screw holes to fill in once removed.
  3. artywoof

    Truck/RV choices/opinions

    Thanks for the input. I WILL be getting a 4X4 for sure. The reason the 5th Wheeler is out is the need to haul 9 miniature golf course holes around with me. They measure 2' wide by 6' long, I have not weighed them but I would guess they are about 15-20lbs each. These are part of a business I wish to develop and take to events. So the need to store them in the truck bed is priority one. I wish to protect them with a camper shell (and use that as a camper too if I want to go very remote locations the TT will not go) I have a tent so I can use that too. The Minnie 2104RG is likely my top choice (price point if I buy new). The TV is directly across from the sofa above the dinette that I would like to remove and put in a desk area and a cheesy fake fireplace (heater). I plan to reduce my TV watching anyway by only having Direct TV Now and over the air channels. For the Imagine I don't mind not having a dinette as I eat at my sofa all the time anyways (single guy here). I like the fireplace and the big closet and two drawers in the bedroom. I had heard of the cylinder management but did not think they were part of the larger engines in the 3/4 ton trucks so I'll look into that and see what if any choices there are. If getting a 2013-2016 +/- year tuck anyone have a gripes about any of the brands during those years?
  4. artywoof

    Truck/RV choices/opinions

    I am getting closer to my FT life (September 2017) My house should get listed around July 1. So I wanted to get some opinions from you experienced people since everyone I know will likely not understand the FT life and what’s better or worse as far as choosing a truck/RV. I am thinking of two ways to go about my choices. I have definitely decided on a truck and travel trailer. Why? Because height is lower, truck bed can have a shell for storage, and I want to use the truck for my business and store the business stuff in it all the time, and with a camper shell it can be a mini camper to take to remote places the RV will not go. I cannot get a diesel as the smell gives me migraines. So gas it is. Option 1. GMC/Chevy LT 2500 6.0L, RAM SLT 2500 5.7L or 6.4L, Ford F250 XLT 6.2L sized truck. I prefer them in that order. I am looking used $30-35K. Anything bad about any of them? The GMC/Chevy seems to be the best used choices with a GVWR 9500 and a 4.10 axel. The RAM is harder to get right as most I find are 5.7L GVWR 9000 that gives a low truck payload weight. Should I make sure to go with the 6.4L for the RAM? The Ford has fewer options as the XLT trim has the least options but they all come 6.2L GVWR 10000. I choose the 2500/250 over the 1500/150 as the brakes and payload will give me all I think I want. As for the RV with these trucks I would choose: (I am looking at used but these are the new I like) A) Grand Design Imagine 2650RK [UVW 6125 Hitch 595 GVWR 7700] Winnebago Minnie 2104RG [UVW 5220 Hitch 650 GVWR 7000] C) Rockwood Ultra Lite2608WS [UVW 6270 Hitch 642 GVWR ? CCC 1372] D) Winnebago Instinct 28RBDS [UVW 6460 Hitch 800 GVWR 8800] Option 2. GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado 3.6L gas [Curb 4500, GVWR 6000, GCWR 12000, Max Trailer 7000] Based on the online calculators I think if I am doing them right this truck should not tow anything over 5600 as that the 20% safety limit. Is that right? Because that means that a UVW for an RV would likely need to be around 4000 with this smaller truck? I am quite sure this smaller truck should not tow any of the larger RVs listed above right? As for the RV with this smaller truck I was looking at: Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106DS [UVW 3705 Hitch ? GVWR 7000] Basically with option 1 I would have all the capacity I would want in a truck and trailer. But in option 2 I would be nimble and could get into the smaller parks and spaces. I could go boondock better I think with with the RV. But I worry the size is just too small to start out in as a FT traveler. So as much as I think I want to go small with option 2 I think option 1 is more practical but I want to hear from you all about the good bad and ugly of the two options. What do you think of the floor plans for a single guy and a dog? Thanks Tim
  5. artywoof

    Future fulltimers - millenial edition

    For nation wide inspectors you can got to https://rvinspection.com/
  6. artywoof

    New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    I have ATT and right now only have a 3GB plan. That's $45 Plan, $20 iPhone, $10 iPad, -$6 Govt discount = $69.00. For an unlimited plan they state $115 Plan, $20 iPhone, $20 iPad, NO Govt discount so + $155.00 I am not sure its worth it to more than double my costs just to get 22GB of "unlimited data". Seems weird how they advertise $90/mo for the plan but I can't seem to understand how mine starts at $115. The only thing I could do differently is to take the iPad off the plan and use it only on the 10GB hot spot data so i would save $20. I think I might just wait until I go FT and see how much data I use. I have the DirectTV NOW so that does not count against my data so If I only watch Netflix and Amazon Prime in WiFi I should be ok, I hope.
  7. artywoof


    Thanks for the info, I will be driving my parents to the Escapade and we will be staying at a hotel and we will just get walk up week long tickets, neither they or I have a RV yet. I will be evaluating my choices and talking to people about what I want/like for my travels starting later in the year. I hope to buy truck/RV sometime around May. My parents as mentioned on another thread will be looking too but my step father is in a wheelchair and so they will be seeking out those who travel with special accommodations/renovations to see if they can peruse some RV traveling. We plan to travel from Austin TX on Friday 17th and 18th mostly and leave Sunday as a maybe travel day. I just wanted to know how much was going on to see if we should leave earlier so we are there for the whole day or if activities were later in the day we can leave that day (Sunday) open to some light travel. We will likely stay in the hotel until the 26th so not issue with leaving.
  8. artywoof


    I was wondering what takes place on the day before the seminars 19th, and the day after 24th? There is nothing showing what takes place on those days even though they are Escapade days.
  9. artywoof

    2008 Holiday Rambler Vacationer

    Depends on how much money you are willing to put into the unit. If its like a restoration project then you should expect those kind of things. I have thought of an old Airstream and those often have floor issues in the bathrooms. That kind of thing you budget for. If your just looking for a used RV then make sure you do like Kirk suggested and get and estimate, maybe two on the fixes. And get an inspector to check out the systems before you buy. https://nrvia.org/locate
  10. artywoof

    National Indoor RV Center

    My SKP number 1450 is one that was given to me when my Mom 1448 (we had as a family) and my biological father divorced (I don't know his). She asked Escapees and they gave me my own number back then because of the divorce. Mom then married my step father who now married into the 1448, is the one in the wheelchair. So Mom and I only have about 3-4 years worth of experience back when I was kid. We lived in two different RVS, at 28' Argosy and a 35' Fifth wheel. Mom has had many back surgeries and though can do things sometimes well she often pays the price the next day if she over do's. My step father in the wheel chair can not do to many tasks as its a powered wheelchair and his arms are weakening from Post Polio Syndrome. I am trying to convince them that its better if I participate in the moving them set up / take down and they just do the living in the RV. At either campgrounds around the country or even they are considering and applying for CARE center.
  11. artywoof

    National Indoor RV Center

    The MSRP is $200,000. And the dealer wants $165,000. They said no haggling. We have found about 6 used units on RVTrader from 2013 to 2016 listed. They range from $118,000 - $155,000 My parents thought that they could take this out on their own and do everything to set it up and live in it. I think they realize that with their combined limitations that that may not be possible. I have mentioned if they get this I can take them for extended trips We will be going to Escapade and hope to see and talk to others who travel with disabilities and I hope they get an understanding of what it might take to drive, setup/take down, and live in one. They could do it but it would be quite the challenge.
  12. artywoof

    Torn Colorado/Canyon or 3/4 Ton?

    I am about 90% convinced to get a 3/4 ton. I just need to narrow it down to the exact one I like the best. I had a 2000 Chevy 3/4 Ton 4x4 extended cab long bed but I am open to all now in this now search year later. I am most considering the Open Range Light LT216RBS or the Grand Design Imagine 2650RK Or similar that is under 30' if I go used and choose something other than those two.
  13. artywoof

    Torn Colorado/Canyon or 3/4 Ton?

    I have seen lot of the 5.7 Ram out there for sale. But the problem is I do not see the axle ratio listed on the dealer websites. Do you or anyone know how to find that information out on a listing if not listed? Can I use the VIN or is the a combination of engine components that would make it easy to figure out?
  14. artywoof

    National Indoor RV Center

    Thanks, I thought they were close to a respectable price. It bothered me they said no to a negotiation. Their website does not say no haggle prices. Plus I hoped to hear from anyone who purchased from them and if they were able to haggle or not. Parents are still up in the air as the unit new is more then they wish to pay so they are considering a used one. They also did not complete the testing of transferring out of his chair to say the bed, toilet, shower, and even open the microwave. Thanks.
  15. artywoof

    National Indoor RV Center

    They were going by what the dealers website had as an MSRP of $206,000.00. Most of the ones on other dealers have listed a $200k price as MSRP. I'll keep looking.