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  1. First ditto everything LindaH said. I went to Dish For My RV.com and they had a portable dish inside a plastic dome that you can set on the ground and a reciever (the Hopper,) that powers the dish through a coaxial cable. I then bought 50' of coaxil cable from Amazon. In the end I had trouble with the Hopper and the Wingard tech I talked to said that the portable dishes like the 211z which Amazon and other dealers sell. My TV runs on 12v so will run off of the RVs batteries. My receiver will not hence my original question. The answer seems to be to get an inverter. That said when I get to a campsite that has power I plug in the RV and plug the receiver into a 110 outlet, set the Dish (I bought the Playmaker,) outside in a tree free area, connect to coaxial cable and connect to receiver to the TV though HDMI cable. Through onscreen graphics I tell the receiver what State I'm in and It spends about 10+ minutes searching for the satellites and then downloads the show schedule. That all said I was surprised at how many over the air HD programing I got in some places through the 12v TV and antenna. Sorry for the long sentences Jonathan
  2. I forgot to say: Thanks for the answer Lou! I will try that this fall and look at the park in Temecula which looks like a fun town.
  3. I travel about 2-3 months at a time. Last year I left my class B in Tucson for January till April 1st so didn't have to winterize. This year I'm searching for a small class C to get more storage. If I buy something at a show or dealer out West and still live in Ohio where do I register. I bought a car in Florida a few years ago and had to take it to the BMV in Ohio to have someone come out and verify the VIN before I could register it in Ohio. If I buy something out West I don't want to have to drive to OH for this verification thing. Can I register it in a state I don't live in full time? Thanks for any ideas, Jonathan
  4. Thanks! I will check it out! I'm RV shopping at the moment and that's a whole other topic
  5. Thanks again everyone for great answers!
  6. Thanks! I loved Olympia so will keep in mind for next year!
  7. Thanks for the great answers! I'll look into inverters! I saw an inexpensive 300 watt one on Amazon and I'll try that.
  8. I have a 12v TV, a 211z with hard drive and a playmaker. I pretty new to boondocking and sometimes watch movies on my laptop if I in someplace like a Walmart where there is not much to see. I sometimes stay on a friends land without hookups. I was wondering if it is possible to use the dish? No or Playmaker dish but with receiver and hard drive without running the generator? Is it a crazy idea? The laptop is fine but I'm just wondering what others do? Thanks for any thoughts?
  9. Thanks everyone for the great answers. I'm looking at the View or at least something with some outside storage and a seperate shower
  10. The Great River Road is on my bucket list.
  11. Thanks everyone for your answers! Thanks and I do drive to museums and even got to the corner of Haight Ashbury It's the living in a tiny space with no storage that it driving me a little crazy. (although it keeps me from buy too many knick knacks as there's no space.)
  12. I like it! I planned a week in Seattle and ended up finding new things to explore everyday for the next day. I like old roadside stuff. Like things that were tourist traps in the 1930s. I have heard about geocacheingm and It sounds interesting. I'd like to drive the Mississippi Great River Road and take a month to do it. My Class B is great for driving but I'd like to stay and find the breakfast place but the Class B is not as nice for that. Jonathan
  13. Thanks! I started looking in RV Trader and I'm amazed that the same model might be $89,000 at one dealer and $98,000 at another with seemingly the same options.
  14. Thanks! I know what you mean. I drive about 200 miles a day. Everywhere I go there are cool things! Pike Place, Haight-Ashbury, and Wall Drug
  15. I bought a Travato Class B motorhome last summer. I've driven almost 24,000 miles. From Cleveland to the Gulf, out I10 though the South West, up the Pacific Coast Highway and I90 from Seattle to Cleveland. I want to drive the Great River Road along the Mississippi this fall then stay in places I like and drive less. The Class B has been great for all this driving. Otherwise I'd like a bit more room and a real shower Is there a time of year that is good to buy? Are there things that will get me the best trade-in. The Travato has issues, some that I stressed myself some were never put together right in the first place and should be covered by warranty. Little stuff like cabinet latches. Do I have things fixed before trade-in? I'm wondering if I should buy a used Class C that someone else has worked the bugs out of? Any point taking a Winnebago to a Winnebago dealer and buying a Winnebago View Jonathan Smith
  16. Thanks again, good idea. I joined Thousand Trails this year to try them out. They had 2 zones for the price of one. Turns out many of the central California "rv resorts" are closed until June for repairs. There is a group on Facebook where someone posted pictures of Trailers surrounded by water where folks had to be rescued. Yickes, I would never had thought of that! Jonathan
  17. Jonathan55

    Idyllwild, CA

    Last year I drove from a Friends house in Redlands, CA up to Big Bear Lake in a 21 foot motorhome. The drive up was, for me, mostly a white knuckle experience. Tight turns and a sheer drop on one side. Like driving east from Oatman, AZ but longer. I decided to take what looked like a longer drive back down and it was easy, only a few tight turns, longs straightaways, trees and level ground on both sides and it also ended up in Redlands. Way more fun! Both routes would have been fun in my old MGB. I want to visit Idyllwild, CA this year and thought I'd ask first this time. What is the drive up like? It seems to be about the same altitude. Can I drive from Banning? Thanks for any thoughts on Idyllwild, Jonathan
  18. Thanks! I'm thinking of staying at the San Francisco RV Resort where I get a small discount: http://www.sanfranciscorvresort.com/. I want to get into the city to see some things like City Lights Bookstore and places where Jack Kerouac and friends hung out.
  19. Thanks for all the great answers everyone! I think that there is so much to see along the coast that 2 months will not be long enough! I may have to revisit when some of the damaged areas are repaired. Jonathan
  20. Jonathan55

    San Francisco

    I'm planning on driving up Highway 101 in April and May. I'd like to spend several days exploring San Francisco by public transportation like BART. Can anyone recommend an RV park that would be an easy drive or better yet bicycle ride to the bus or train? I'm driving a class B. Also sites not to be missed on 101 between San Diago and Bellingham WA. Jonathan Smith
  21. Thanks everyone for the welcome and good answers. The motorhome is a 2011 Four Winds Majestic 19g. I bought it from Cruise America. I've discovered many strange things like a set of speakers mounted above the dinette that don't seem to connect to anything and other strange things. Cruise America hasn't been much help so far. I may just buy a new battery and this one looks old. It did take a charge but didn't keep it. I'll also order a switch as I could find a cut off. Is this something that I can buy at a Sears or an auto parts store? I'll go back over to where it's stored later in the week and. Jonathan
  22. I'm a new RVer and bought a used 19 foot Class C that was a rental unit. I drove it home to Cleveland from Orlando in April but really didn't have time to use it. A month later I tried to start the generator and it wouldn't turn over. Once I got time I drove the motorhome on the freeway and the generator turned over. I ran it for about 15 minutes then turned it off. I came back the next day and it started right up again. Now 2 weeks later it barely turned over for a few seconds and then nothing. 10v 11v 12v lights don't turn come on at all when I check levels. I don't think that I'm leaving anything on to drain the battery but not sure? Should the battery run down that quickly? I know it's different from a car battery but still. Any ideas? Jonathan Smith
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