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  1. Thank you for the help. We will be towing with Chevy 3500, crew cab, long bed, diesel, SRW. We are not opposed to used but we have heard horror stories about used with leaks, twisted frames (not visible to the naked eye), and so on. Will it be better to buy a used "High end" or "full time" coach vs a new "lower end?" There are so many options and I am finding it hard to determine what is high quality and what is not.
  2. The family and I are looking at hitting the road full time and we are trying to figure out what 5th wheel to go with. Here is our situation... Family of 4, mom and dad (32), son (8), daughter (6) and 1 chocolate lab. We have looked at many options and have decided that for full time a 5th wheel is the way to go for us. We would like to keep the price around $40k so this limits our options. Our main concerns are floor plan and durability. We are not worried about many luxuries as long as we have the basic amenities. It seems that some sort of bunk house is the way to go as we would like the kids to have their own space and a permanent bed that does not need to be assembled and disassembled daily. We really like the floor plan in the Jayco Eagle HT 29.5FBDS and it seems to be a solid unit. The concerns I have is that it is listed as a "half ton" model, and I have also heard these referred to as "camping" or "weekend" models and not "full time." My questions are as follows. -Am I getting less quality/durability going with the 1/2 ton model vs a standard 5th wheel? Is it manufactured the same with fewer luxuries to keep the weight down? Or do they use lighter duty construction? -Is this a decent unit for full time? Should it hold up to the daily use? I would love to hear some opinions on this model or some suggestions for other models. Thank you for the help, Matt
  3. We have been looking into domicile in other states and are currently undecided. I like the idea of this, but because our income while on the road will be coming from rental properties in California our accountant states that we will be paying California income tax regardless. There is definitely a registration benefit in other states vs the very expensive California, but we are also looking into schooling regulations. We have a 6 year old (1st grade) and an 8 year old (3rd grade) that we will be "road schooling" and we need to consider state rules and regulations on that as well. As far as an address goes is it okay to use a family members address? We will likely set up a mail forwarding service but was wondering how to do the physical address. Thank you again for all the help and support! I love the RV community already!
  4. PERFECT! Thank you again for all the help. I look forward to spending some more time here and then hitting the road.
  5. Thank you for all the great information, sounds like 1 ton is the way to go. My original concern with the 1 ton was having a GVW of over 10k lbs. In California having a GVW of over 10k lbs changes the registration and it is no longer considered a pick up truck, I believe that you are supposed to stop at weigh stations and follow the commercial rules... Does anybody have information on this? Will it be a problem having a GVW of over 10k in other states? Thank you again for the support.
  6. The family and I have decided to sell the house and hit the road full time until we can find our ideal location to settle back in. We have narrowed our new home down to the Jayco 29.5 FBDS 5th wheel as it seems to be a great balance of durability and function. This RV is classified as a half ton model but I would not consider a half ton for this size RV. The dealer claims that a 3/4 ton will tow this no problem but looking at the Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4x4 with the 6.7 diesel or the Chevy 2500 Crew Cab 4x4 short bed with the Duramax, that leaves very little room for payload. Both trucks have a payload capacity of approximately 2,000 lbs and the RV has a tongue weight of 1,600 lbs, from what I understand this leaves me with only 400 lbs of payload capacity. That leads me to believe that I should be looking at the 1 ton instead of the 3/4 ton but I have a hard time believing that I need to go with a 1 ton for a 1/2 ton series 5th wheel. Any suggestions on 3/4 ton vs 1 ton? Thank you for any help on this.
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