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  1. X2 The musical with live horses is spectacular.
  2. Don't hesitate...go with the 26 footer. You won't regret it.
  3. The Carlisle are great tires. I've switched to them on the last three rigs and never had a failure. You won't regret switching to them.
  4. Avoid the area. It is way past it's prime.
  5. It is usually the length of the site. A 30' fiver or pull trailer won't fit in a 25 'site. It doesn't matter what kind of rig it is.
  6. X2 on Peurto Penasco and Playa Bonita. We go there every year but you wont be alone. It's a zoo with a lot of partying and sites very close together. But you are right in the water.
  7. I have a long bed king cab and used to own a short bed. The long bed is nice when you have a lot to haul to the dump, for home remodeling supplies, etc but it's a pita to park in parking lots, most garages, even some cgs. I'd go back to a short bed in a second if I had the $$$. Same goes for 4wd. Now that I live in sunny AZ no need for it and it just jack's up the truck making it harder to get into. I am pushing 79 so that colors my needs and experience. .
  8. Even though AZ & CA are milder weather you will have a lot of 40s & 50s and maybe some 30s and some rain so you will need somewhere comfy to hang out. Just one more thing to consider.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to go with a small portable unit. The roof top system is going to be overkill and more work than I want to go to. For the few times I need it I hope it will work out. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  10. Thanks for the comments and ideas. Being I won't use it all that much I think I'll try a small mid priced solar. I wont have the noise or upkeep of a generator.
  11. Thanks. That's what I need to know.
  12. An alternative could be a small 100w solar charging system. We do our best to dry camp when it's sunny. Would you recommend solar or generator?
  13. We occasionally dry camp for three or four nights and use minimal electricity...a couple lights in the evening, water pump and once in a while, the furnace for a few minutes in the morning. I have a battery charger that has 2 and 10 amp output with 2 amp input. I would like to buy a small, lightweight generator just to run the battery charger. My idiot lights on the trailer go down approximately 1/4 or 1/3 in a day. How long would it take to charge my one Deep Cycle RV battery back to full power? Would a cheap, small generator do the trick for very occasional use? Thanks
  14. Earl1


    We, too, loved the 2x2x2 rule when we were on the road. Of course it's not a set, never break rule but thinking about it defined our goals in fulltiming... to take your time and realize the goal is the travel and not just the destination. We only reserved sites when we knew we were going to busy places that fill up months ahead of time.
  15. Have a safe journey and above all enjoy the trip. Fulltime is all about the travels and not just the destination.
  16. We live in a HOA where we can't keep the R V. We pay $40 a month for outside storage.
  17. We're 78 & 80, no longer fulltime but still leave for 3 months every summer and at least every other month all winter for several days to several weeks. We have many in our local RV club over 80 and still enjoying lifestyles similar to us. We have no plans in the near future to slow down.
  18. See my sig... we had one and loved it. Only traded it in when we got off the road for something smaller. It towed well, we had no problems, and my wife still is sad we sold it! You wont go wrong with it. Heavy frame, solid as a rock.
  19. Way too many mIles to consider. You will always be dealing with repairs no matter how many things have been repaired.
  20. I'm a big fan of the Andersen hitch. I've used it on two trailers and it's by far the easiest to hook and unhook as well as the smoothest riding. I've never read a critical comment by a user... only from arm chair anylists that don't understand how it works. No heavy bars to wrestle with. Very seldom have to use a wrench...just make sure you have an electric Jack then it's easy peasy. Wish I had the auto leveling but that came about after my trailer was made.
  21. We were OR residents when we full timed and figured out after some trial and error that we benefited staying OR residents. I don't remember any restrictions about having to return for 6 months. We sure didn't and never had a problem. We even had a major RV accident, just involving my stupidity and no other vehicles, and being on the road without ever returning to OR was not a problem. I would keep my residency there if I were you.
  22. Another vote for the Aeropress. Makes the best coffee possible. When I want a full pot I just boil A pot of water and pour it through the filter holder sitting on top of my drip coffee pot. Makes exactly the same coffee as the drip machine.
  23. I may be missing something, but when I'm done reading the site on any given day, I click on the "mark site read" in the upper right hand corner. Next time I come to the site, everything I see should have been written after my last visit. Isn't that the same as "New since last visit?"
  24. I'm not in the market for a different trailer but I'll take the dog on the bed! What an adorable fur baby. LOL
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