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    We are retired fulltimers who enjoy exploring the USA with our 4 parrots. We travel in a 2008 Powerhouse Coach and enclosed trailer which holds our 2016 Smart Car.

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  1. We upgraded from our 2010 to a 2016 and love the changes including the additional power it has. We were offered $2000 trade in from the dealer and it was a 2010 with 70,000 miles. We privately sold it for $4000. We were told the trade in was so low because there was not as much interest in the older models with the newer ones coming it. It did take us 4 months and alot of searching by our dealer to get the one we wanted. I would not wait to long to get yours purchased as I have heard they are going to be hard to find. We wanted the 2016 for the new body style as it is roomier inside, cruise control and updated engine. Good luck.
  2. We have a little different perspective as we are not a HDT RV Hauler but a HDT Custom RV. We own a Powerhouse Coach which is built on a Volvo HDT. We are moving fulltimers and stay in private RV parks 90 % of the time. To answer your questions... 1- For us the answer is sometimes: Most people keep their opinions to themselves or only voice positives. We do have people walk by and comment loud enough for us to hear comments such as "that is ridiculous, I can't believe they bought that and they must be rich". Fortunately I usually win people over because I am a very social person and talk to people. We always stand out not only due to our size but our color. 2- We have never been shunned by staff; however I do get a lot of "wow you are that big" when we pull in. I always have people argue with me that they do not make rv's that are 52'. I usually reply that yes they do, no I am not confused since I live in it. I do have to do a lot of research on sites. Unfortunately we have found quite a few who do not know what a HDT is or they only consider site length. They do not consider turn radius, trees or any of the other variables that effect us fitting into a site. 3- We have seen more people fascinated with our rig and we are able to talk about HDT Rv's as well as HDT RV haulers. I am always telling people about this group and the HDT Rally. The number one question we get is "How much does that cost?" DH gets alot of attention from guys wanting to see how our technology and systems work. People like to tour our home and wheels and usually I do not mind. The main compliment we get is how homey it looks. At 86' we can not just pull into a campground most the time and find a spot. I use several different sites to find big boy sites. I also always call ahead and usually email a picture. 95% of the time we can stay hooked up (RV and trailer). I have found alot of campgrounds have longer sites which they do not advertise. One campground we stayed at had 90' sites but advertised 65' as the longest. When I talked to the owners they did not think that anyone was over 65' so that is as big as they advertised even though they are longer. Both DH and I are glad we purchased our Used Powerhouse and would try to go the same route if we find ourselves needing another RV. The length is a little daunting but this is our home and we want it to be comfortable for us and our 4 parrots. I would recommend you visit a HDT Rally. If you ever see us on the road please stop and say hello.
  3. The Chicken Coop is going to be there early. The plan is to arrive Thursday, October 6, 2016. My DH is a retired broadcast engineer so he agrees with the saying "Must respect engineer!".
  4. We also use the big rig, best bets book, but the best way to find out is call. I have on numerous times done research and the RV park website say their sites are 65 feet max. Once we pull in we find out they are really 90 foot sites. I asked one owner if they had large sites why they did not advertise the long sites. I was told that since legal length was 65' and no one would drive a over length rv why would they advertise longer sites. I explained there are a few rigs out there which are longer than 65'. They have since changed their advertising to reflect the true length of their sites. On our FB group I always post pictures of the parks we stay at. If they park with accommodate us, it will accommodate most anyone.
  5. chickencoop


    When we purchased our Custom HDT motor home DH asked about the license he was told he would not want to have a CDL. Even if he was driving personally not commercially he would still have to abide by all the rules (health, time, etc) that CDL licensee have to. I do agree you should not get behind a wheel for any vehicle if you do not know how to drive it. This could apply to someone driving a smaller RV also. DH ended up getting a non commercial class B license.
  6. I really do not know the price as we are not selling it. We are asked about our Powerhouse Coach quite often and they rarely come up for sale. I do know a new custom build base price is $ 339,000 per their website, but this is a 2005 .
  7. I have a few questions and I was not sure who to direct them to..... 1- We are planning on arriving the 6th of October and leaving around the 18th of October. Do we stop at the office first or find you and park then contact the office? 2-We have recently purchased a larger Breville Smart Oven Plus and are wanting to sell our Breville Compact Smart Oven. (It is in great condition I just wanted the larger one with slow cook function). Will it be okay if I create an ad or put it by our rig on a table with a 4 Sale sign during the rally? If you are not familiar with Breville they truly cook like a big S & B oven without heating the RV. Here is the link that gives more information about it http://www.brevilleusa.com/cooking/ovens.html 3-I am not sure if I told you but we will participate in the "Show off your Camper" if anyone wants to see what a Powerhouse looks like. We are have no problem showing off our home on wheels anytime during the rally. 4-For chinese bingo do we bring one gift (couple) or two gifts as individuals. We were at Camping World and I found some great ideas. I am SO EXCICTED to attend our first rally.
  8. Not sure if anyone is interested but Doug @ Powerhouse is helping an owner sell is 2005 Powerhouse Coach. I do not know any details or am not affiliated with Powerhouse. We love our Powerhouse and have found it to be an amazing full timing coach. Used ones do not come available very often, so I thought I would share it if anyone is interested. Here is the link with contact details http://www.powerhousecoach.com/forsale.html
  9. We are in Kansas and DH had a non CDL Class B license to drive our Powerhouse Coach. When he got his license and did the driving test in our coach, a air brake endorsement was never mentioned. A fellow RVer mentioned the other day he should have one. Of course when you call the DMV you get numerous responses. Can anyone share any insight?
  10. I am not sure if it matters but on the registration page under our name it says that we have a DRV Mobile Suites and we actually have the 2008 Powerhouse Coach built on a Volvo.
  11. We are full timers who travel with 4 Parrot's. They love the RV life. I personally do not think they are any noisier than most dogs. Ours have carriers which we take them for a walk in, but personally I would never leave ours outside by themselves in a cage. There are too many predictors. A dogs saliva can kill a bird.
  12. We are so excited to be attending our first HDT rally this year. Hope you received our registration.
  13. We travel with 4 Parrot's which we lovingly refer to as our chickens. They have their own room in the cab of the rv with their cages. We do not put their cages outside but we do have a cart and carriers and we take them for walks. If you ever see us please stop by and say hello,
  14. We are so excited to be attending our first HDT rally. Can not wait to meet everybody and learn some great stuff.
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