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  1. Oh yes, that would work for a regular mortgage, but not a construction or land loan...VA does issue them, but hardly any lenders do, so it's just about impossible to find someone who will do either without the 20%.
  2. yes, that would be ideal. I get VA disability now...so there's that. Hubby undoubtedly will as well, but of course that's hardly a speedy process. The timing of his retirement however does not match well with the ages of our children and full timing. They will be 14, 12, and 9 give or take a bit when he retires...a good time to get into a more "regular" home. We really just need the savings in the meantime to be able to afford the type of home we want. Not much flexibility in having to have 20% down for construction/land loans I've noticed.
  3. LAWD- I don't know what half those abbreviations mean but I'll get to reading! Is the RV consumers membership a type of national membership? I've seen it mentioned that some campgrounds or series of campgrounds offer membership which can be rather advantageous. Is the generally higher cost of diesel these days worth it for the truck?
  4. Hubby swears up and down he knows guys who have lived with their families at several bases. I'm guessing they were the "CO exceptions" you mention. I'm not sure how hard it would be to obtain that, and of course, it would vary by CO...But yes, given the water access I suppose it makes sense that spaces might be premium. Dang! On the other hand, our kids would hopefully not be homeschooled. I have my doubt about public schools, but the oldest is just starting Kinder this fall, so I will have to see how it goes. I was homeschooled until college and honestly would not pick it as a first option if I can help it. We wouldn't be moving as often as the families who are truly mobile though, so I wouldn't think staying in a local school would be a problem. I do really like the idea of teaching them that "stuff" isn't nearly as valuable as our society implies though.
  5. Oh boy, that's a lot of info! Thanks everyone! I have been also considering a park model home, as I see they tend to be a reasonable price but don't move a ton. Hubby thinks the being mobile is more important than I do. I would rather end up owning something in the end and saving $$. However, I've also seen that even annual based monthly rates for a lot can vary a lot, but would be probably at least $300-$400. I assume a loan on a park model RV would be done with a term more like a car instead of a mortgage? So...5 or 6 year repayment? That would mean a high monthly total, maybe $500-$600. Add electric and propane we'd be paying as much as for a "regular" apartment or home in some locations, and in others I assume the lot rental would go up a good bit. (San Diego for example) Also there's the costs of moving it between duty stations. We'd likely only have to do that 3 times. Once from the manufacturer, once between duty stations, and once to our own land. But....that's all pretty much billed by mileage? So San Diego to Jacksonville, Fl would be a FORTUNE....no? Budgeting 5k or so over 3 years may or may not suffice I take it? Doing a 5th wheel and larger trucks seems good but then we'd have the truck loan, trailer loan, AND lot rent...oy vey. I'm guessing this is why people save enough to outright pay for the trailer at least. I wish we could just get one and be in one spot with it...but it's not to be for now.
  6. Oh sure.....lol. No, probably not really. There maybe 1 or 2 choices and we can pick from those, but no input as to what those choices might be. I had seen the "enclosed bottom" trailers are considered more winter weather appropriate? Protection for the hoses and such...?
  7. LOL Youngest boy will arrive in September of this year. (I'm 6 months pregnant) We actually move either the very end of 2017 or first of 2018. So, he'll turn 1 in Sept 2017, so...still pretty little. Major limiting factor is having such limited time to actually go look at options and all once we're stateside.
  8. Ok so first let me say we're well aware this would be a HUGE change for us. Not only would it mean downsizing A LOT, but we've never done RVing either. I have lived in small spaces like a sailboat and teeny tiny dorm rooms, and hubby has managed in all kinds of conditions in tents in Iraq and Afghanistan, but yeah, not really what you want for your home. That being said, there are a fair number of elements that would make this a good choice for us. We'd be doing it when our kids are young and stop when they get to high school. (3 boys, will be 1, 4, and 6 when we "start out".) Hubby is set to retire in 2025. We come back from Japan most likely in 2018. So, that's the time frame we'd be doing this. Obviously there's a thousand choices and none will be made easier doing this from here. We think we can make the smaller space work, and honestly are sick of our things being broken, lost, and etc. by the military movers anyway. Base housing takes your full allowance and is often old with many maintenance issues, and several of the places we may have to move have very expensive cost of living, so we'd be stretching things financially. We have moved so many time we're not particularly attached to "stuff", and part of the draw for us is cutting down on clutter and sticking with what we actually need. The extensive costs associated with PCS moves would be cut a good bit, no thousands for deposits, paying leases through months we don't live there, or a crap ton on hotels looking for a house to rent. Not to mention throwing away all that rent money. We do not currently own a home, and have a 2014 F150 crew cab truck that will be paid for upon our return to the states. We also want to RV around to national parks and such with the boys as vacations, and having this as an option both during and after the military time would be much more helpful than paying away all that money in rent. We'd also considered using our F150 to pull a storage trailer for things we can't fit into the RV. (off season clothes and etc. ) We've done some research and it looks like our most likely option that would work best is a larger truck better suited for towing, maybe a F250? and a 5th wheel. I considered the Class As as well, but we'd need a second car for both of us to go to work. I'm a RN and shouldn't have a ton of trouble finding work as we move around, and otherwise we'll be based at or around his duty stations, living hopefully in the same place for 3+ years at a time. Those duty stations are Bethesda, MD, Jacksonville NC or FL, Portsmouth VA, Pensacola FL, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, 29 Palms CA, or Bremerton, WA. His job is very specific and pretty based only around the major Naval medicine complexes. Having gone overseas it's highly, highly unlikely we'd have to deal with that again. I've seen there are "boot camp" classes to learn how to drive these and how to operate the water lines, tanks, and etc. I haven't found yet how much these run and the requirements to attend. (i.e. you don't need to have your rig first do you?). Also where all these are offered. We could take leave for a while after returning to the states and do this as well as shop around a bit, but it would be a 30 day max time frame in which we'd have to get it all done and settled, at the next location. Also, what brands of the seemingly 50 million out there are the best for longer term use? I'm under no illusions that 3 boys and 2 adults won't put a decent amount of wear and tear on any trailer, no matter how well we care for it. Cost wise I think the $40-50k range for the trailer is reasonable from what I've seen. Ideally we want a bedroom area (bunk house?) for the boys and a bathroom for them separate from ours. Has anyone done with with similarly aged kids? Do they adjust well to the smaller spaces? We'd be spending a lot of time outside, but I know what space is "theirs" will be very limited.
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