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  1. Snug as a bug in a rug is our goal. Thanks for your advice everyone.
  2. Great advice everyone. Its a tough decision for sure.
  3. Hi all, we are new full-timers. We are currently in a C class--a 24' Winnebago View towing a Subaru Crosstrek. Now I'm second guessing that decision. Has anyone gone from C class to 5th? Did you love it? Regret it? A bit of both? I like aspects of the C class: 1) Short & narrow rig (we are 46' long and 7' wide)--easy to pull into grocery stores, gas stations, and smallish campsites. 2) 2 vehicles--in case my husb and I need to go separate ways for the day. I still work. I suppose we could rent car, get a motorcycle, or get a smart car. I'm envying these aspects of 5th wheel living: 1) Bigger holding tanks 2) Enclosed and heated holding tanks--we love winter. 3) Garage for our oodles of gear. Our bikes are rusting. We love to boondock in the mountains and desert so I think a 5th would be much better for us than a Class A. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks to Linda H and Dartmouth01. Will check out Grand Designs Momentum, Dutchmen Voltage, and New Horizons. We are selling our house so cost doesn't matter so much. We will be buying a big truck to pull it...
  5. Hi, I'm searching for a winter-proof toy hauler. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are new full-timers and we love winter. During the summer our 25' Class B is fine. But now we are winter camping and we need more LP storage, insulation, and indoor room for our bikes. My wish list includes: 1. Enclosed, insulated, and heated holding tanks 2. Lots of LP (currently we have only 17# capacity (!)) 3. Separate garage for all of our gear. Bicycles, skis, SUP, kayak, paddles, etc. 4. I'd love a fiberglass roof 5. The shorter the better. I don't want to go from 25' to 45'. I still want to be as nimble as possible. 6. Durability is important So far KZ looks the best. Arctic Fox doesn't have a toy 5er--just bumper pulls. Winnebago is not very insulated. Excel wild cargo is out of business. Can anyone point me towards other good brands or models? Thanks so much!!!
  6. Hi, I use Nevada. My mail service is with Forward Nevada in Vegas. The vehicle fees are quite high. You may have special problems leaving California. California may continue to "claim" you as a resident. The burden of proof is on YOU to prove to California that you no longer live there--or they can continue to require you to pay state income tax. CA especially scrutinizes people who move to NV. Make sure that all of your CA ties are severed--property, plates, memberships, doctors, dentists, etc.
  7. We are outdoor gear junkies and we have too much to fit in our rig. We will store off-season stuff in a storage unit. This will include bikes, skis, boots, coats, seasonal clothing, etc. What is the best way to store clothes? I'm thinking of using a plastic bin but I'm not sure if things need to "breathe".
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