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  1. Well I screwed up big time. I am admitting to this so I can try to keep someone else from doing this. Turned on inverter memorial day weekend to vacuum out the truck need less to say it got left on truck has been sitting since Then went to fire it up last night nothing not a light not any noise at all batteries totally dead. Thought I would hook up the old f250 and try to jump it. about 5 minutes of charging and the 780 came back to life. Was surprised the old f250 had enough in it to turn that big rig over. Hopefully I didn't ruin the batteries on the 780 we will see. The point to this story don't forget to turn those inverters off. Guess some of the newer rigs has a indicator light on dash ours doesn't.
  2. Must have happened in Washington state. Ether between Wenatchee and Quincy or Snoqualmie pass.
  3. One newer trucks you can not open spring side of air chamber even if you wanted to . BUT MAKE SURE YOU IDENTIFY THESE AIR CHAMBERS BEFORE ATEMPTING THIS.OPEN THE WRONG ONE YOU WOULD PROBABLY GET SERIOUSLY HURT. Lots of kinetic energy stored in these things.
  4. Forget the whisper .Garden hose works great cut a four foot section of hose put one end near suspected air leak put other end near your ear you will hear the air leak easily.
  5. Keep fuel tanks with in your card limit problem solved.
  6. Well lets see we just got our bed finished this spring we have 14 ft of flat deck space and 6 ft of beaver tail over all length just under 20 ft. We put a exploder on it, to long. Put a four door jeep to long by 2 inches .We are in the proses of looking for a 2 door jeep should work fine. Know keep in mind with out moving the axels back you are going to unload the front axel. We unloaded ours 1000 lbs seems to drive fine. It will drive better with the jeep on it.
  7. Garden hose has two uses 1 air leak detector and 2 Oklahoma credit card. My old chev pic up had a fuel tank switch issue . Had to syphon out of one tank and put it into the other .Not much fun .I was about 25 miles out in the bush sure glad I had it. Going to keep this one in the Volvo just in case.
  8. you can turn the volume up or down this way the closer you get the louder it gets the further away you get the quieter it gets. Buried under a pile of hoses going threw the fire wall under the air governor. Thought it was leaking on the compressor.
  9. Was chasing an air leak to day. Tried soapy water tried a devise called a whisper to no avail. Went old school a piece of garden hose bingo found it been chasing this leak seems like for ever. An old truck driver taught me this trick . Take a four foot piece of garden hose put one end in your ear then take the other end and begin checking fittings .Kind of like a doctor would do with a stethoscope works great. If there is a leak you will definitely hear it.
  10. Don't real truck drivers do this every time they hook up a trailer? Should be easy to remember. Buy tapping into the service brake line you should be able to use the Johnson bar to activate brakes buy hand.
  11. Could you tap into the service brake side of the trailer brakes then cap of the glad hands?
  12. The truck they where working on had a Cummins isx engine in it . It was in a logging truck that was a triple axle truck.
  13. Its all good that's how we learn life is a learning proses . I work as a journey man carpenter. I have had guys come up to me and tell me they are master carpenters and that they new every thing there was to learn about construction. What a bunch of bull .There is something new to learn out there every day . Hang in there you will get the backing down .One little trick I have learned .when backing to the right if you have electric mirrors keep adjusting them so you can see the back of trailer. I learned backing trailers when I was 15 backing up hay trailers into a barn . Just remember the shorter the trailer the harder they are to back up
  14. As far as backing a trailer is concerned find your self the smallest trailer like a utility trailer maybe a log splitter cement mixer learn how to back these . get good at it , you will find the bigger the trailer the easier they are to back up. Hey Teach the more you know from a legit source the more you can tell what advice is legit on this forum and what is not .Do what makes you comfortable.
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