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  1. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    Last time we crossed the border at Oroville had no problems they where very pleasant did there thing we moved on .Must have seen the box of dough nuts I left on the kitchen table. Dw pointed this out . Like bears to honey didn't actually give them any but they sure thought it was funny they where there.
  2. Mag Drill

    Mag drills are the bees knees they sure make things easier. .Drilled my bolt holes threw frame. buy hanging a drill press on its side from a engine hoist seem kind of odd but worked great .
  3. Floor joist in trk flatbed

    Wabo certified welder, certified in lite gage and structural welding , no aluminum all steel in deck yes wood was rotten planning on using mild steel diamond plating.
  4. Floor joist in trk flatbed

    Think I am going to install another xmember between existing c channel xmembers drop spred down to 12 inch centers and go to 1/4 inch thick plate should do it?
  5. Floor joist in trk flatbed

  6. Floor joist in trk flatbed

    Working on my new 30 year old truck bed have the old 2x6 t&g wood deck striped off plan on fering floor joist up so I can put diamond plating on top. I need to know how far apart do the floor joist need to be in order to support a car with out bending diamond plate ? Don't want bird baths in my bed . My existing joist are on 24inch centers is this enough or do I need to ad more?
  7. marker lights and tail lights

    You had to mention that four lettered word (snow)grrrr I think I am developing an allergy. Don't think penicillin can fix this.ha
  8. marker lights and tail lights

    Got it l e d lights with reflectors built in check. Reflex tape haven't made up my mind guess better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. DW wants it lit up that's what she will get. thanks for the advice.
  9. marker lights and tail lights

    Well a lot of good advice thanks I picked up an old flat bed last weekend and is going to repurpose it so it will look like a modern 30 year old bed . I bet when they built this thing they was not thinking about l e d lights .Hey big fiver question is conspicuous tape required on these private rvs ? Lights with reflectors that rings a bell. Thanks for reminding me. going to be a while before I need the lights. Dw wants this thing lit up so you can see it from outer space. So I have my work cut out for me better get cracking
  10. marker lights and tail lights

    Who makes the best any ideas?
  11. Wood bed

    Ok so let me describe to you all how I built my bed . laid 4x6s across frame for the deck boards laid 2x10s length wise. this bed was not designed to haul any thing heavy like a car. The corner brackets are made out of flat bar that I used my forge to bend. all of the deck boards are bolted down using 1/2x6 inch lag bolts .I also used all thread bolts to bolt it threw the 4x6s and threw the angle iron that was used to attach the commercial fifth wheel to. now I need to tell you guys this when I designed this bed the purpose for building it was to protect the trailer from flying rocks not to haul heavy loads . It was intended to get us buy and on the road till I could afford to get bed built to be able to haul a car or jeep on it. tomorrow I am headed down below Yakima to pick up my orchard bed that I am going to repurpose. Some time this weekend I will try to post some pictures of my wood bed.
  12. Wood bed

    Thanks Chad yup this is it .Now it is a little faded but can be spruced up. I found a metal bed that I am going to rebuild so I can haul a vehicle could not resist the price $350.00 bucks . Should have new bed installed buy next years west coast rally. May haul wood bed to rally with me if somebody is interested. don't want to pull it off till I have new one ready to go on
  13. Wood bed

    Just thought I would throw this out there the wood bed on our truck will be coming off next spring you newbie's that has got a truck but cant afford a bed this will get you buy till you can afford to buy a steel one I would rather put it on another truck than to cut it up for fire wood. it was at the west coast rally 2 years ago. let me know if interested.
  14. High altitude driving

    Made it over high way 20 with no problems. at a temp of 210 fan kicked in cold it down. figured I was pushing it to hard back her down a gear got my foot of the throttle a little. never got over 200 fan did not kick on .pulled over the sumit with no issues went to Everett and then back home over Stevens pass made for a good run .
  15. Engines that run off wood smoke

    Obviously I think I am suffering from to much smoke inhalation .Last night was thinking about all the permits a person would have to have to run such a motor . Lets see 1.fire wood permit check. A permit from the dept of ecology check. Emissions test check. Hot work permit check. Us forest service approved spark arrester check. ok lets don't forget dot inspection got to keep it safe check. ( Throw on another log sweet hart we are loosing steam) Don't know if I got all the permits any ideas? Better go lock up the lodge cast iron kitchen equipment before Dw sees this.