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  1. Now there's a sled an Elan. Never had one kind of surprised I didn't own one. Had 5 artic cats and three Yamaha ha has. And one Kawasaki. Wait a moment I got it a o8 vnl780 Elan ,Only one thing missing is the side hilling strap on the door!
  2. Donvel valves check . Shocks will do. Check cab mounts going to do that to. Looks like its going to be a busy weekend . This thing has gotten so bad that I thought I would have to drive it while standing on the out side step . Like I did riding snowmobiles. Here we go left turn every body. Now lean into the turn.
  3. Seems like I have a bad case of the cab wobbles every time I hit a bump or go around a corner. Whats the best remedy for this ? Put new air bags on it this spring to fix a air leak . Don't think that would help the wobbles Im thinking new cab shocks would help. Any other ideas?
  4. runaway parents


    I am sure I am sure this is fake . But if its real and this guy fell it means one less idiot out of the gene pool.
  5. runaway parents


    Wenatchee Washington
  6. runaway parents


    This picture really pisses me off this is premeditated this guy should of been fired on the spot and fined he new he was supposed to be tied off but tried to pull a fast one and sneak it buy the boss I have seen this on multiple jobs the old drag your lanyard on the roof and make it look like he is tied off from the ground. I noticed something else where is his high viz and where is his hard hat. This guy was not thinking of what might happen to his family and friends if he was to fall. The pain and suffering he would put his family threw. its just not worth the risk . Great Catch Rodger you may have saved this guys life. You keep on doing what you do .and if you come on my site and find I am doing something un safe I would shake your hand and thank you for keeping use safe
  7. runaway parents


    No he wasn't roped in with a harness. He went around caution tape and a caution barrier walked out on a 12inch ice covered ledge fence on one side 35 ft drop on the other. I was on the pump truck hose and had back turned to him in a snorkel lift with my son the pump truck operator told me that guy just fell.quickly took a head count of the guys on our crew .and the pump truck operator said no look-in the bottom of the canal .I was about 40 feet up it took what seemed fore ever to get my snorkel lift down to help him. As far as critical stress de briefing . they offered counseling we figured we could deal with it on our own and turned it down. looking back we should of taken it. My son had to deal with night mares and panic attacks for about 6 months after word. After all said and done it was determined it was no falt of the contractor and that it was his own bad judjment
  8. runaway parents


    So to back up what Rodger stated when you have to get off the ground be safe about it . I to work in the construction trade .We had a inspector take a header off the face of the dam I was working on. Fell 35 ft .Buy the time I got to him there was nothing I could do . this happened the day before xmas and they pulled the plug on him the day after. He went threw two safety barriers just to take pictures. Bad judgment call on his behalf. It takes a split second to change your life for ever. My xmas holiday will never be same again . I think about what happened every year. When you get off the ground please be safe about it .
  9. runaway parents


    If you have a shop point nose into door stand on roof of shop.
  10. Thanks for the info . When I saw this gage it got me thinking. This might be useful to know.
  11. While looking a my gage cluster in the dash I noticed a rear air bag pressure indicator . Noticed it fluctuates up and down depend on load and road conditions. Question is. Is there a way of using this info to calculate how much weight I am carrying?
  12. Apply parking brake when stopped. To start moving apply a little throttle till you feel it start to grab release parking brake and you are off.
  13. I carry a set off three rail chains a trucking company gave me all I had to do was repair them . I have enough iron to chain up eight tires. hopefully I will never have use them . I was told that they where used on a logging truck. . Ok not meaning to change the subject but has any body have any stories of engine brake and or automatic transmissions down shifting and throwing the truck into a slide on ice?
  14. yep we here liven in central warshington are a little slow next thing yer goin to tell me trump will become presedent and wrastlin is fake. ha.
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