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  1. After this weeks snow melts I will mock up your idea and give it a try if it works great if not I will have to think about this a little more sure do appreciate your help thank you.
  2. With all of the fabricators electrician's air plane builders trailer hitch builders jackilopee builders and a wide assortment of arm chair engineers You would think some body would have a cheap retro fit up grade using what is there .Without emptying the bank. I know if we put our brains together we should come up with some thing. I don't want to spend a lot of money on new landing gears because this is money that can be used on diesel and camping trips. Not every body on this forum has push button landing gears. and I bet if some thing was invented I am sure you could make some money of this . I know I would buy it.
  3. Rodger great minds think alike I to have a set of 12x12 inch pads built similar to these.
  4. Looks like we wont be making the rally this year .Work has shut down. Started out the year strong. But has dried up. I don't know if its virus related but things are getting weird around here. Going to lock down unnecessary expenses til this thing blows over. Hopefully next year .
  5. Good idea .Might just drill a 1/2 inch hole in the foot pad and use a hook to lift it with might just work. presented your other idea to wife and got that look you know the one that comes with a E No. I am living on barrowed time last night I blew up one of her pyrex pans on the stove don't need any more advice like this thankshahaha
  6. Although the big foot idea is a good one. There is got to be a cheaper solution to this I know I am not the only one with this kind of landing gear out there. Any input would be appreciated there is got to be a way to take what I have and make it better with out draining the bank. I know there is a lot of fabricators and engineer's out there it time to express your opinions. Think cheap but functional. Thanks for your help in figuring this out..
  7. I know there is a lot of guys out there that have bad knees. Question that I have is . How do you get under your trailer pull the pin on the landing gear extension lift it up buy hand till it is in the fully up position and reengage the pin .Crawl out from under trailer .Scream in pain there's got to be a better way ?.Then go over to button and finish raising the landing gear. Seems like the designer for this setup quit his job half threw the design process.Do any of you guys have an easy fix for this.
  8. Before you waste time fixing the air leaks, oil leaks, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed what gear is he talking about? Have somebody prove it. If its a air compressor have it removed. Have oil analyzed. If it comes back bad get rid of truck. Pull oil pan drain plug drain about a gallon of oil in a clean pan run a magnet threw it (the oil) If there is a gear failure the magnet will pick it up( metal shavings). I would not fix any thing else until this situation is resolved .if it come out bad sell it for parts. I know this is not what you wanted to here but until this is done you will never know
  9. and yet I own a simi to pull a fifth wheel rv with makes just as much sense.
  10. Oh what have I done? it started out with the the possibility of getting new head lights. Talked myself out of that and polished the old ones up They looked so good that when dw got home from work she ask what about the rest of the rig? All I have to remember is wax on wax off. I get it wax on wax off wax on wAXOFF wAXoN WaWoff waof onafw. Who s idea was to polish those lights anyway?i got to keep thinking Jeep Jeep Jeep( should of bought new lights) no Jeep Jeep Jeep.
  11. Well here we go . Been a change in the light idea. ( Banker aka wife) explained to me I had to make a choice ether jeep or headlights this year. Well this was a no brainer time for me to role up my sleeves and break out the wet or dry sand paper. Went from 800 grit to 3000 grit. And then went to the McGuire's head light restore kit. Hit them with a polish and buffing wheel. And about 4 hrs. latter they are not like new but they are a 100 percent better. Amazing what you can get done when you are properly motivated. My motivator (aka wife) and I are heading to the car lot to look for a jeep, the hunt is on! guess we will have to wait till next year to get those lights. I know this is a temporary fix but it will get me buy for this year . Rome wasn't built in a day. Any body have a 2 door Rubicon for sale
  12. I guess if your talking about the ones in the bumper.
  13. They have seen better days when you kick the high beams down to low it is like shutting them off. These things are way over do to be changed.
  14. Talked to sales rep at Deep space and he described to me what was going on with my lights . Before I had a chance to even tell him sounds like the projectors are degrading which is the reason for dim lighting. I wonder if these stock lights are going to quit on me when I need them the most. Is this a possibility? Sounds like it would be quite an improvement over what I have now. Because the housing is so faded and scratched up he suggested new housing's .Seeing that this was a up grade kit he would get new housing's and install the kit in them for me and all I would have to do was to install new housings and plug them in. Sounds easy enough. All of this for just under a grand. Going to have to run this past my banker A K A wife. May have to sacrifice a camping trip to afford this. We will see.May have to rent out the kids bedroom.
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