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  1. runaway parents

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    Going down a pass knowing your in control in a hdt a t the posted speed limit is a lot of fun. Going down a pass NOT in control and not knowing if your brakes are going to catch on fire. Fun not so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. runaway parents

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    OK OK I got it . It was a crummy show .So it wasn't as real as wwe wrestling (ha). But can you imagine a company gives you a truck and your told to take it out and thrash the heck out of it. just to make a show. That's a company that has money to burn.
  3. runaway parents

    Sun baked trim

    Any body know how prevent pvc trim on an rv from turning yellow from the sun?
  4. runaway parents

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    OMG next thing you guys are going to tell me wwe wrestling is fake. ha. So your are telling me they don't actually slide trucks around corners side ways launch them threw mud holes and catch air .driving so fast that parts are flying off the truck. and still keep there job. So much for that career. Guess I will stick with driving nails for a living.
  5. runaway parents

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    Hm must have hit a nerve. Insult to a real trucker? must have missed something that was insulting . I know somebody who worked for Carlile .He seemed like a" real trucker" to me.
  6. runaway parents

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    Well been anticipating the new season of Ice Road Truckers . And just found out it was canceled ? What is this world coming to . Please help me protest this and have the History Channel put it back on .Thanks for all of your help. singed IRT FAN!!!!!!!!!!
  7. runaway parents

    Private rv not for hire

    MOORE DESIGNS. That is Mooredesigns89@yahoo.com they can make any sticker that you might want. They also engrave beer mugs and coffee cups . I have a set of beer mugs with Volvo engraved on one side and a picture of our truck on the other.makes for a interesting conversation piece at the camp ground.
  8. runaway parents

    Ishift not starting out smoothly

    How many people are driving your tuck? Seems like when my dw drives it shifts differently than when I drive. It is like the computer has to adjust to different driving habits. I drive it a little more aggressively than she does.
  9. runaway parents

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Whether it is union or non union I have the utmost respect for any body who works in the construction field it is a hard carrier to take on not only physically but also mentally. Keep em straight level and plumb.
  10. runaway parents

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Problem around here is that we only have one union contractor left locally the rest come from out of town. the out of town contractors come and go . So that is where the unpredictability comes in play. Now here is the catch. because you are most likely a non union contractor you can work for any body and and not have any issues. Probably stay pretty buisy .Being a union journeyman carpenter my hands are tied the union dictate who you work for and where.in order to keep your benefits .
  11. runaway parents

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    This sounds interesting. Need more input is there any videos on how this thing works. Yet another way to skin a cat
  12. runaway parents

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Sounds like you guys and galls are having a lot of fun over there might make it next year last year could not make it because of to much (and yet I apologize for using a four lettered word again)" work" this year is the exact opposite. Company I worked for decided to retire . They sold all of there tools and equipment. And that was the end of that. They where in business for at least 40 years .I have the truck bed finished should have it on the truck buy next year. That is the problem with construction you cant predict who you will be working for from one year to the next. I have a little over 2 years left til I can retire after that I am going to find something to do that is a little more predictable. you all down there in Caldwell keep the partying down to a dull roar the neighbors up here in central Washington are starting to complain about the noise threating to call the cops ha. Wish we where there. have fun . party on.
  13. runaway parents

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    If I got this right for every 100 degrees of heat metal expands 1000s of an inch so with that being said drill a hole threw screw. and take a can off air (you know the kind that you can buy at office depot they use it to clean computers and such)turn it up side down and blow it threw the bolt freezing it . Should cause the screw to constrict enough to back it out of there with a easy out. but you have to work quick .Might use a hot air gun on outside area.
  14. runaway parents

    Off Topic: Cooling fan in the smart car

    Don't know a lot about smart cars but is it true with out a fan you have no propulsion? You know I had to ask.
  15. runaway parents

    Shock Removal

    I wonder can a person weld a piece of half inch all thread onto the head of the bolt going threw the shock, make it about 6 inches long slide a piece of pipe just big enough so head of bolt will go inside it . make pipe about 5 inches long throw a 1/2 flat washer of on top of pipe with all thread going threw it install 1/2 inch nut to all thread. Voila home made bolt puller. Don't know may have already been done. might be worth trying.