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  1. Its all good that's how we learn life is a learning proses . I work as a journey man carpenter. I have had guys come up to me and tell me they are master carpenters and that they new every thing there was to learn about construction. What a bunch of bull .There is something new to learn out there every day . Hang in there you will get the backing down .One little trick I have learned .when backing to the right if you have electric mirrors keep adjusting them so you can see the back of trailer. I learned backing trailers when I was 15 backing up hay trailers into a barn . Just remember the shorter the trailer the harder they are to back up
  2. As far as backing a trailer is concerned find your self the smallest trailer like a utility trailer maybe a log splitter cement mixer learn how to back these . get good at it , you will find the bigger the trailer the easier they are to back up. Hey Teach the more you know from a legit source the more you can tell what advice is legit on this forum and what is not .Do what makes you comfortable.
  3. Hope I didn't offend any body it dose not hurt to get more info on these things. the more you no the better off you are.
  4. yep I understand the power stroke theory had a o ring in the plug at the end of the high pressure oil rail next to the fire wall go out .near rock creek had to have pickup towed to Penticton to get it fixed took two wreckers one for pickup other for fifth wheel .when we got it to the dealership Saturday evening there mechanic just left for the week end at that time we still did not why the motor was dumping oil out of it honestly thought we threw a rod .So we had two options one to camp out in the ford dealership lot till Monday with no power and 98 degrees or two hike down to the parts store and talk to those guys and try to figure this out. I talked to the sales man told him my problem and before I got my story told he said follow me so we went up one aisle and down the other picking up tools and a o ring. the sales man went out the front door hiked to the ford dealership with me .climbed into the truck and repaired it for me .he told me that this was a common problem with these power strokes he used to work as a mechanic up at Prudhoe bay. He had me up and running in about 15 minutes. wow talk about going beyond the call of duty .so I asked what do I owe him . he said not a thing we got to keep you American,s happy you spend a lot of money up here.so he would not take any money not even for the parts . so what I did was bought the store pizza for dinner.
  5. So where I got this from I was watching Diesel Brothers and they where installing new injectors in a cumin's engine They stated that the injectors where allowing oil to return back to the fuel tank threw the fuel return line do to a bad seal on the injector. What do you think? Are these guys full of bull or are they trying to get rating's
  6. Ok here is the question . Has any body ever took a diesel sample out of the tank to see if there is motor oil in it. Supposedly if there is oil in the fuel its a indicator of bad injectors. Fact or fiction ?
  7. I will have to remember that one now that's funny
  8. State farm is who we go threw .I had to take truck to them to prove I had removed the commercial hitch and glad hands air lines .they needed to take pictures for the underwriter . had to prove it was no longer a commercial vehicle
  9. We have a dry eras board in our trailer that we mark tally marks on how many times we where ask do you think you have a big enough truck. We start this at the beginning of the camping season. Kind of make a game of it .
  10. Hi mike where are you located at I am in Wenatchee .All I had to do was go to the department of licensing and get a description of a motor home . They will be able to tell you what's required in vehicle to me that description I believe the want 6 items they require at least 4 such as porta poti (got one don't use it)cook station fridge kitchen table microwave. Didn't have to be inspected for this .But they told me if I do get inspected and I don't have the basic requirements it would be bad
  11. Definitely interested keep on posting the up dates thanks hope it all works out.
  12. Like maybe a torn rotor cuff?
  13. In my case there is a couple of other reasons why I am putting it off . I have a little under 1800 hours left till I retire I am a concrete carpenter that deals with a lot of heavy work on a daily basis Yes the doc doesn't want to do this til I turn 60 rite now I am 58. His reasons he doesn't want to replace it again when I am 80 to risky. Is this old school thinking? Yes when I started taking cortisone shots they where about 10 months apart now they are 6 months apart the a definitely loosing there effectiveness., Main reason is Money. Now with this being said for the guys that has been paying attention to my numbers they don't ad up. Let me try to explain them. In my field we have a retirement system that goes like this. Its called the 80 and out benefit. You take the credited years of service and ad them to your age if it adds up to 80 you can retire with full benefits. You are aloud 1000 hrs a year per credit. Currently I am scheduled to retire November 2020 in the mean time we will continue on grinding along. Thank you for sharing you info on this. Shure takes a lot of gloom and doom out of it. You can be sure the day after I retire I am going to get an overhaul on it. Thanks again for the info.
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