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  1. runaway parents

    Sn@#w Chains

    Well its that time of the year for those guys that insist on driving in areas where chains are required now is the time to practice putting them on and learn how to install them correctly. Where do you do this you ask ? AT HOME IN YOUR DRIVEWAY! Spun out in the middle of the road blocking traffic is not a good place to learn. I have helped many truck drivers that don't know how to install them. It should be a requirement for a cdl license . You can tell the experienced ones from the not so experienced ones .Experienced ones have there chains hanging under there trailers the inexperienced ones still have them in the bag they came in . At home is a good place to get to know them try them on make sure they fit. If they are old chains at home is a good place to repair them. Trust me if you practice this at home on a dry sunny day it be a lot easer on you when you have to do this in a sn@%w storm on the side of the road. I know most of you guys would just stay put and wait for a better day. which is the smart thing to do. But some times life dictates what you have to do. Best thing to do is be prepared for the worst.
  2. I think I have an idea what's wrong with this welder. this welder is mounted on a trailer we move it buy hanging it buy a chain under a all terrain fork lift. while it is still running so we don't put the temp lights out and shutting down saw stations. while hanging it is not level. which I think the fuel supply line is higher than the fuel level which maybe sucking air into fuel system. let me describe this welder in detail .this welder had a issue with the stock fuel tank which was on top of the engine they could not replace with a stock tank so they mounted one underneath the engine in the frame the fuel filter and pump is still mounted on the engine in the stock position. probably need to be shutting this thing down before we move it.
  3. I guess you can call it murky. How is air getting into diesel between the tank and fuel filter?
  4. Been haveing trouble with a diesel powered generator -welder . Started to run like it was running out of fuel (which it had a full tank)went to change the fuel filter and looked at the fuel in the filter bowel and although it was dyed red it seemed to be cloudy. Is this normal for off road diesel?
  5. runaway parents

    Anti Algae

    Mr Cobb mentioned something I should be checking into . Don't think I have this problem yet. But think I should be pro active on this. What is the best product should I be using?
  6. Ok ok 75 degrees rainbows and unicorns for every body .I am really going to try harder tomorrow. I hope this gets me out of trouble. Dw dose not think its going to work she thinks I will get kicked off the forum for mentioning such awful things. Well better go for now got to get ready for wo........ oops almost did it again . I am going down to buy algae killer for the diesel tanks tomorrow. have fun in Chelan
  7. Heck if I could afford it I would give our snow blower to the first person that came along . and head south. but there is another four lettered word that stands in the way.( WARNING THE NEXT WORD YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE MAY BE OFFENSIVE AND MAY BE NOT SUITABLE FOR SINSITIVE RETIRED VEWERS THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING LOOK AWAY NOW). "work" Sorry about that back to sensitivity classes for me. Dw says stop dropping four lettered word bombs on the forum.(snow then the worst one the work one) I promise I will do better tomorrow.
  8. What a difference a day makes .I am looking at a thermo meter it is telling me that it is 60 degrees out there in the Wenatchee area the snow is definitely retreating back up in to the hills. Snow level got down to about 2500 ft last week end. It was kind of a weird year any way only had a couple days of 100 degree heat all summer long. Hardly any forest fires very little smoke. Strange. Might just head up to banks lake and do a little walleye fishing this weekend. Kayaks are still loaded on the truck. Just have to hitch up the trailer and we are off
  9. I think it was mother nature letting use know its time to get ready for winter. The snow is retreating back up into the hills.Supposed to be in the lower 60s f buy this weekend . May get another camping trip in yet.
  10. Ok which one of you guys mentioned the sn word I jus cant force myself to say it. I will describe it to you its white wet to dang cold. This stuff has surrounded the Wenatchee valley guess we are going to skip fall and go straight into winter. The leaves on the trees haven't changed colors yet. Got a freeze warning out for Tuesday night forecasters are advising to turn off outside water and drain sprinkler systems. What the heck. wanted to go camping a couple more times before we put the rig away for the winter. At least this winter I wont be building a trk bed out in the weather in the drive way not going to miss that. If we get our jeep this spring and the rivers don't rise we might make it to the west coast rally next year. We will see. Seems like the last few years every time we plan on something fun something comes up and derails our plan, So I am going to temp fait and say we are going to be there NOCK on wood.
  11. Thats for sure when we got loaded on the ferry we where parked down the middle . They loaded cars on either side of us to balance the boat. It gave use an extremely un easy feeling as they where doing the boat would list severely to one side or the other. Talk about nerve rattling
  12. Any body tried 3m rubbing compound on there old faded head lights?
  13. Stayed at black beach resort on lake curlew last week end for labor day. Had a blast had a camp site within a 100ft of the lake. Decided to come home via SR 21 the high way between republic and Wilbur. Makes for an interesting drive . Been this way a few years back this rout has a free river ferry at keller After you cross the river you have hill called keller hill this hill has about 10 extremely sharp and steep hair pin curves. Makes for an interesting drive. The only thing I didn't like was the new rumble strips they put down the middle of the road this road is a extremely narrow road with know shoulders it has fog line 2inches of dirt then ditch. DW did not like this very much so to keep piece I either had to run down the rumble strips and rattle the nuts off the trailer and beat up my back or just stratle them and run down the middle of the road if you want to test your driving skills this is the one to drive.
  14. So I am thinking of an idea . I am planning on buying a jeep .Going to haul it on truck bed . Think of a rack that will allow me to park jeep underneath kayaks. Picture this a air lift similar to a car lift .Put kayaks on a frame while on the bed tie them to the frame. Frame will slide up four posts using air cylinders. Lock in place using hitch pins .What do you all think. Any ideas?
  15. No didn't have that much time, more of a low budget one. For now . Going to build a nice one for the truck after we get the jeep.
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